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Is it possible to make $100 a day? Money-making has changed completely to take a different dimension. With the aid of various innovative solutions, you can make more than $100 a day. But before you can earn more money, you must develop a creative solution to achieve this milestone.

So what are the creative ways to make $100 a day? In this article, you will learn how to make money using 77 creative methods.

How can you make $100 a day?

Making $100 a day can be achievable when you deploy creative approaches. You should never be in a rush to grab any opportunity that comes your way. There are ways to carefully analyze opportunities and make the go for the right investment option.

How can you make $100 a day? The choice of jobs and investments matters, especially when hoping to make $100 per day. With the information provided below, you can see the best 77 ways to make money and become successful in the future.

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77 Creative Ways To Make $100 A Day (How to Make Money)

There are millions of ways to make money in recent times. However, you need to choose the income-generating methods to earn decently from your effort. 77 creative ways to make $100 a day consist of the following;

Create handwritten cards

You cannot compare the uniqueness of handwritten cards with computer-generated cards. Platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and other online marketplace enable you to sell your creative cards for a profit. If you are creative enough, you can venture into this business to make $100 a day.


Set up a laundry service

People cannot stay without wearing clean clothes. You can satisfy this need to make over $100 a day. However, you require initial capital investment to profit from this business.

But if you notice a few laundry service providers in your location, you may consider setting up the business to enjoy the numerous profits that come with it.

Clean people’s windows

Aside from cleaning homes, you can venture into cleaning windows only. Some people live in skyscrapers, and they often display their phobia for height. If you do not have a phobia of height, you can render this service to people in exchange for cash.

You should have the skill of climbing a greater height before people can entrust you to this business. You can hire equipment to commence on this project. Since there are only a few people and companies rendering this particular service to customers, you can make a fortune from it.

Teach Children for profit

VIPKid is a platform that pays you to teach children. If you are skillful enough in impacting children with creative skills, you may consider signing up with the platform to earn from teaching children.

Become a professional digital marketer

Digital marketing is a broad course that has several branches. However, if you want to succeed on the internet, focus on learning digital marketing.

Learning this course will enable you to understand how Search Engine Optimization works, become a professional internet marketer, and other opportunities that await you. With your creative skills, you should know your way around the internet and make $100 a day.

Build and design websites


Millions of people create great business ideas per day. Hence, the need for creating websites increases. You can easily find clients in need of website-related services at every corner of the internet.

When you make yourself available as a professional web developer, you can easily earn up to #100 a day. Find your clients on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and more.

Become a personal chef

When your food has a special taste, you may consider becoming a personal chef to people around you. Most families want to eat special foods prepared by a special chef.

If your client is wealthy, you can make more than $100 a day.

Write children’s storybooks

Children love to read storybooks. Even the increasing distractions from the internet do not change their mindset from reading.

If you are creative in writing children’s storybooks, proceed to do so. You can sell them inform of ebooks or hardcopies for profits. Amazon, Shopify, and other platforms are the best place to sell your creative books.

Earn from your Instagram

Millions of people with over 10,000 followers are earning from every post they make on Instagram. The platform is actually bigger than people are seeing it.

If you have more followers on Instagram, you may consider monetizing your profile and make money from taking such a wise decision.


Sell on Tiktok

If you are innovative enough to showcase your skills with Tiktok short videos, you may consider selling on Tiktok. The platform enables creators to showcase their unique skills and earn from them.

However, your ability to monetize TikTok highly depends on your location. If you must sell on Tiktok, you should get ready to explain to the people how a particular product works. Put the product link in your bio, and wait for a positive response from fans.

Save from every little way

You can make an extra $100 a day from saving. For example, if you have been spending all your income on things that do not actually matter to you. When you think of saving, you can keep an extra $100 from your previous style of spending money.

Rent your backyard

If you have enough space in your backyard, you may sample it on Airbnb to earn from it. Some customers need space to keep their boats, trucks, and other properties. You can take advantage of this opportunity to make $100 a day.

Become a yoga coach

People love participating in yoga practice because of the numerous health benefits associated with taking such an action. If you become a yoga coach, you can connect better with people in need of this service and still earn from it.

Create a website and use social media to promote your business.

Sell Crafts on Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is a platform that has similar features to Etsy. You can sell your creative crafts on the platform to earn $100 a day.

Teach music online


Unlike most online courses, music can enable you to make a fortune per day. If you are good at the art of music, you may consider teaching people music online. Udemy is a platform that allows you to showcase and teach your people your music skills.

Make $100 from making a list

WeGoShop is a platform that pays you to make a grocery list for clients. If you can create a good list, you may consider checking out the platform.

How to Make $100 a Day from Magic Ears

Unlike most apps, Magic Ears allow you to earn up to $26 per hour from teaching children online. Visit the platform to see how to get started with your teaching career.

Make $100 a day from running Errands

TaskRabbit is a platform that pays you $100 a day to perform certain tasks for the client. The tasks can include shopping for clients, paying bills, and more.

How to Make $100 a day from Playing Games

Mistplay is a platform that pays you to play games. However, this platform is not made available in every country. So if you cannot find it useful in your country, consider going for another creative way to make $100 a day.

Write articles for Listverse

Listverse is a platform that pays you to write an article for them. However, your articles must be engaging and interesting before anyone will consider paying for such articles. Once your article is reviewed and published by the platform, you can receive your payment.

Examine the website for money

Respondent is a platform that pays you to examine the website for people. You may consider checking out the unique services rendered on the platform.

Make money from reviewing music

SlicethePie is a platform that pays you to review music for upcoming musicians. Another platform you may consider is Genius.

This platform gives you the opportunity of earning money from listening to and reviewing new music.

Become a Facebook ads expert

Many small businesses have realized that Facebook ad experts help to push their ads in front of prospective clients. You can learn the requirement of becoming a Facebook ad expert and earn from your new career.

Mow lawns

During the summer season, many people often request mowing services. You can mow lawns and grow your bank.

Organize homes

Most clients living in big homes usually request the services of home organizers to ensure that each household item makes it to an appropriate spot. You can focus on organizing people’s homes to earn over $100 a day.

Rent your parking space

If you have a spare parking space, you should rent it out on a platform like Airbnb for money.

Help people set up their dating profiles

In dating platforms, like Bumble or Tinder, you will find people in need of a soulmate. But they cannot create an engaging profile to attract a spouse. You can offer this service and create an engaging profile for them.

Do Makeup and Style people’s hair for profit


You can style people’s hair to earn a profit. You have to be creative enough to attract high-paying clients to your business.

Sell your old properties

If you have properties that are no longer needed, you may consider listing them on various online platforms to attract buyers. Craigslist is a great platform to check out.

Car wash

You can clean people’s cars for profit. Some people charge as high as $50 per car wash. You can also render services such as cleaning only the car window, tire cleaning, and more, to earn extra cash.

Receive cash back from shopping

If you are consistently shopping online, you can receive cash back from your daily expenses. Ibotta is a platform that offers you cashback for the items you purchase from online stores.

Earn from watching videos

If you have a strong desire to watch videos online, you may consider earning from your daily habit. Inboxdollars is a platform that pays people to watch videos online. Sign up with the platform and earn.

Get paid to stay healthy

If you love to participate in regular exercises, you may receive a payment for doing what you love most. HealthyWage is built as an app that pays you to lose weight and stay healthy.

If you practice weight loss regularly, you can always stand the chance to earn from this platform.

Become a virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will receive payment for executing a particular task for a client. You can make over $100 per day from this routine.

Develop the needed skills and find a virtual assistant job on online platforms such as guru, people per hour, and more.

Earn from Uber

You can drive around under Uber services and earn over $100 per day. You can take this job role as a side hustle and still engage in other activities.

Test products for profits

If you are a professional product tester, you can earn a living from your skills. ProductTestingUSA is one of the platforms that pay you to test products for them.

Become a copywriter

Copywriting is one of the numerous ways of earning $100 a day from your writing skills. Many businesses are willing to pay you to write email copies, sales letters and execute more for time.

You can upskill yourself and get ready for this creative job. You can find copywriting jobs on platforms like Upwork, Guru, People Per Hour, and more.

Set up Ghostwriting service

Rendering Ghostwriting services will enable you to write books, blog posts, articles, and execute tasks for people. You have to be creative to create this unique writing service.

You can run it as a company or personal business. Find ghostwriting jobs from Fiverr, Guru, and more.

Start your blog

You don’t have to wait any longer to set up your blog. Billions of people visit Google per day in search of information. You can create a website where millions of people visit to read your content.

Through this creative approach, you can earn over $100 per day from Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Become an Affiliate Marketer


If you are searching for the best ways to make $100 a day, Affiliate marketing is a great option to consider. You can partner with agencies such as Amazon Affiliate marketing Program, Clickbank, and more.

Sell your ideas

If you have great ideas but you are not capable of bringing them to reality, you may consider selling these ideas to companies. You can pitch your ideas to companies like Henkel, Sharp Image, and more to earn from your creativity.

Write an ebook

Another means of earning $100 a day is by writing a creative ebook for sale. After writing, you can publish with Kindle Self Publishing and earn continuously from taking this action.

Save with Trim

Instead of using your skills to earn a living, you can save up your daily expenses using an App called Trim. This app allows you to save more money from your online services.

Sell your photos

If you have a passion for photography, you may consider converting this passion as a source of income. Platforms like iStock, Alamy, and more are willing to sell your photos to millions of people using their platforms per day.

Hence, you can sell your beautiful photos and still earn from taking such an action.

Sell arts online

If you are great at making arts, you can easily convert your passion into an income source. Platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and more help artists in selling their creative arts for profit.

Deliver food to earn

You can earn from delivering food to people around your location. Doordash is a unique free app that pays $20 to deliver food across your neighborhood. But you must be efficient in your job to earn up to $100 a day from this platform.

Walk dogs for profit

If you are a professional pet handler, you can execute this job and earn up to $40 per hour or more. Your current location is essential for the success of this job.

If you have a lot of fog owners within your area, you can work with them and even make more than $100 a day. You can find your clients using dog walker apps like Wag or Rover.

This option can serve as the painful means of making $100 a day. If you are fit for this job, you can donate plasma to the hospital for $50 per donation.

However, you need to speak to your doctor to know if you are fit before considering taking up the responsibilities associated with this.

Become a flipper

You can earn decently from flipping. In fact, people that understand how to flip are making over $100,000 per annum from the market.

This is one of the best side hustle to consider as you will have enough time to execute your regular job. Before you can succeed in flipping other people’s products, you must clearly understand how things work. Hence, learn from the professionals to get started with your career.

Be a professional trainer

If you are talented in training people in any area of sporting activities, you may consider rendering training services for a fee.

Most professional trainers earn more than $100 per day from doing what they love most. Create a website and search for clients to train.

Proofread for money


Proofreading is a great way to earn $100 per month. But you should have a strong passion to read the information before qualifying for the opportunity.

You can find proofreading jobs from freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, UpWork, and more.

Create an Online Course

You can convert your profession into a genuine source of income. There are many platforms where you can teach people your expertise and earn from it. Platforms like Coursera, Teachable, and more are great places to start.

Manage social media accounts for businesses

When you understand how social media works, you can manage accounts for clients for cash. There are several businesses in need of Professional social media managers to regulate their platforms.

You can take up this job role and enjoy the benefits associated with it. Visit LinkedIn, or freelancing platforms, to find social media management jobs.

Clean homes for money

Due to the strict engagement of most people, they tend to hire people to clean up their homes for them. You can take up this role and earn $100 a day.

However, you can charge your clients depending on the size of their homes and the exact job they want from you.

Render professional advice to businesses

Many businesses are struggling to stay afloat and avoid bankruptcy. If you know tips to make businesses succeed, you should open a consulting firm where struggling business owners will seek great ideas from you.

You can charge each business depending on the exact service they want from you. However, appear professional to land high-paying clients.

Act as a life Coach

At the beginning of your career as a life coach, you may not make up to $100 a day. But if people get to know you, your business will skyrocket to reach a greater milestone. Acting as a life coach is the easiest way to reach your financial goals of making $100 a day.

Rent your car

Turo is a great app that rents out your car to people in need of similar services. Once you open the app, you can sign up and connect with prospective customers.

Rent your spare room

If you own a spare room, you can make more than $100 per night by listing it on platforms like Airbnb, Booking, and more. There are thousands of customers willing to take the offer as it will help them save more money.

Become a Transcriptionist

If you are skillful in transcribing audios, you may consider working as transcriptions. Professional Transcriptionists earn more than $100 a day.

However, you need to train yourself to become a professional in this field. You can find your clients in People Per Hour, UpWork, and more.

Convert your lawn to a farm

You can make money by converting your lawns to small farms. On this farm, you can plant fruits and vegetables. When they are mature enough, you can sell them off to local groceries or your neighbors. From this approach, you can earn up to $100 a day.

Be an influencer

Working as an online brand influencer will set you on the trip towards gaining financial freedom within a short time. However, grow your followings before brands will pick an interest in working with you. Brands can pay you more than $100 a day for you to promote their products on your platform.

Create videos for YouTube


Another great way to earn is by becoming a YouTuber. There are millions of people searching for specific videos to watch. You can channel all your effort in creating videos under a particular niche to stand a chance of gaining more audience with time.

Become a Search Engine Analyst

If you clearly understand how to search engine algorithms works, you can earn enough income with this knowledge. Clients are searching for experts in analyzing search engines to handle several tasks for them. You can fit into this position and earn with your creative skills.

Promote brands with your car

You can promote brands using your car. Sign up with platforms like Wrapify and Carvertise to get started.

Earn from your Graphics skills

If you are a professional graphics designer, you can earn up to $100 a day if you find the right opportunity. But you know how to give your clients professional services to stand the chance of earning more profit. You can find your clients from LinkedIn and freelancing platforms.

Sell print-on-demand products

Printify is a platform that allows you to sell print-on-demand products to your customers. You can ask the client to send you a specific design. Go ahead and replicate the unique design in the client’s choice. You can make more than $100 a day from this.

Become a drop shipper

Dropshipping is a creative way to earn up to $100 a day. You need to create your website and partner with a particular online marketplace.

You don’t need to touch the product before it gets delivered to your client. Whenever an order is placed, the manufacturer or wholesaler will make a direct delivery without disturbing you.

Test website for profit

You can test websites to earn extra money. UserTesting is a platform that pays you to test people’s websites to give reviews about their user-friendly features and detect any error.

Earn from Decluttr

You can earn from Decluttr when you trade your old phone for a profit. You have friends willing to do the same, then you can build a business around trading phones for cash.

Earn from Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a platform that pays you to survey them. But your earnings highly depend on the volume of tasks you accomplish a day. You develop the habit of working consistently to earn massively from the platform.

Consider selling on OfferUp

If you are searching for a competitive platform to sell your products, you may consider selling on OfferUp. This unique platform helps people to sell products locally and reach their financial goals within a short period.

Sell on Facebook Marketplace

There are billions of people using Facebook. Finding users that will buy your products will not be a challenging task as the platform will help in sampling your products before reputable buyers.

Sell on Craigslist

Selling on Craigslist is another great alternative you should consider. The platform offers a lot of benefits to its users. Hence, you can easily reach your market goals, if you are focused on succeeding via this platform. Sell mostly products such as clothes, footwear, and many others.

Consider setting up garage sales

yard sales.jpg

You don’t necessarily have to sell online to make $100 a day. You can set up yard sales and sell to people within your neighborhood. If you don’t have competitors around, you can make up to $100 a day from garage sales.

Build your brand on Postmark

If you are a genuine fan of fashion, you may consider building your brand on a platform like a postmark. This platform enables you to make more profits by selling clothes and other fashion items.

Join a focus group to conduct research

When you join a focus group you can earn up to $150 per hour. Most companies are always looking out for people to participate in research. You can grab this opportunity and earn from it. UserInterview is a great platform to check out.

Shop for others

Instacart is a platform that allows you to work as an independent contractor to deliver supplies to clients. You can take advantage of this platform and earn over $100 a day.


Thank you for reading this article up to this length. The desire to make money and live comfortably is the primary goal of everyone. So if you want to succeed, you must be willing to face competition and see how you can survive in the future.

Endeavor deploying the 77 creative ways to make $100 a day listed above to make money. You may not be able to use all the steps. However, there are still side hustles listed above that will help you achieve financial freedom if you are dedicated to achieving success.


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