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Last updated Jan. 3, 2023 by Favour Chinaza

Do you know that some apps are created to make you rich? Most people never realized the power of some mobile apps in achieving financial success. When you clearly understand how some of these apps work, you may never think of going broke again.

Money-making apps offer a variety of services to people. But people are meant to obey certain rules and regulations before they can earn from these mobile apps. So how can you earn money from apps?

In this article, you will see various ways to make money from these 50+ Best Money Making Apps of 2022.

How is it possible to make money from Apps?

Recently, you don’t have to work extra hard to meet your financial goals. You have to work smartly and take advantage of numerous opportunities lying on your doorsteps.

Numerous apps were created to help people gain financial freedom with time. So how can you make money from apps? You have to find a specific app before you begin to work towards making money from such an app.

There are criteria you must meet before qualifying to earn from any mobile app. You are about to find out every possible way to earn from apps.

50+ Best Money Making Apps of 2022

Considering the vast nature of the internet, smart companies have emerged to enable almost everyone to earn from doing what they love most.

All you have to do is to install the app on your phone and follow the provided guideline to earn. 56 best money making apps right now consist of the following;

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is one of the fastest apps that pay you. On this platform, you can shop for goods to earn extra points. These points are often redeemed in the form of gift cards and other payment options.

If you use this platform more actively, you can earn decently and attain your financial goal fast.


Swagbucks is a platform that pays you $5 for signing up. You will be required to execute certain tasks on the platform to earn more money. Swagbucks often give its users surveys.

When you complete each survey, the platform pay from $0.25 and $0.50. However, some surveys can fetch you more points. You can only withdraw when your accumulated point reaches 1000 points, which is equivalent to $10.

Prize Rebel

Another great app you should consider is Prize Rebel. This platform gives you surveys and provides you with points.

You can use the points to purchase gift cards from iTunes, Amazon, and more. But you can request a direct payout to your PayPal account or your bank.


Mistplay is a platform that allows you to earn from playing games. If you are an Android user, you may consider changing your financial story with this app.

As you enjoy your favorite games, your account can be smiling at you as well. One challenge with this platform is that your payout always comes as gift cards.

However, you can sell the gift cards for money and still enjoy the same benefit. The creators of this platform are yet to add the PayPal payment option. But earning from gift cards is a smart way to get started.



Banatic is a great platform that rewards game lovers. You cannot only enjoy playing games to earn money. The platform will also allow you to task games to earn.

Unlike most platforms, Banatic has its own unique virtual currency called “Bananas.” You can easily install this app on your mobile phone and earn from having fun.


Sweatcoin is created as a fitness tracker app that helps you earn extra cash while staying fit. However, you need to earn enough Sweatcoin before the platform will pay you your earnings.

The app is smart enough to detect when you participate in outdoor sporting activities and when you participate in indoor activities. You can earn up to $1,000 when you make 200 million steps around your neighborhoods. Hence, you must find a secure neighborhood to enjoy this beneficial app.


StickK is an app created to enable you to earn from exercising activities. When you are more focused on losing weight, stickK is a great app to consider.

However, you have to fill out their Commitment Contract and work to lose about 1 pound every week for the next few weeks before you can be qualified to earn from this app.


Earny is created to allow you to earn from your frequent purchasing activities. However, you have to pay about 2$ every month to access the platform.

The good news is that you can make up to $75 a month from using this app. Average user have reportedly made more than this amount from using the platform.


Fluz is a platform created to enable people to earn from engaging in several shopping activities. Whenever you shop with the Fluz app, you can earn up to 1-35% cashback. Hence, this is an amazing offer you should consider.


Honey is a platform created as a Chrome extension to enable people to shop conveniently online. When you use this service, you will earn a free $10 Amazon gift card for every 1,000 points you made. You can reward yourself by shopping with this app.


InboxDollar is another app that pays you to watch videos online. Upon registration, you can win a $5 signup bonus. Unlike other platforms, the InboxDollar app pays you real money.

Fetch Reward

Fetch Reward is a platform that pays you to make a purchase online. As you buy from any store, the platform will reward you in points.

The only downside with this platform is that you can only receive your reward in the form of gift cards. However, you can still convert the gift card to real cash.


ShopKick pays you to visit stores. You don’t have to purchase before the platform will reward you. When you scan some genuine items in the store, you can also make extra points. Check out the platform to see how to earn from visiting online stores.


If you have a vacant room to rent out, you can list the item on Airbnb. The platform was created to help connect house owners to clients in need of vacant apartments. You can earn up to $750 per month from this platform.


Foap is a platform that allows you to make money by selling your photos online. A particular photo can be sold several times to different clients. Hence, you can earn passively from this platform.


pexels-photo-8279999 (1).jpeg

DoorDash allows you to earn from delivering restaurant orders to clients’ homes. If you want to make more money, you will need a car to meet all your demands before any specific deadline.

Capital One Shopping

With the Capital One Shopping platform, you can earn more shopping credit to buy more items and save more money whenever you are shopping online.

You can add this platform to your Google Chrome extension and stand the chance to generate more shopping credit for yourself.

Google Opinion Reward

Google Opinion Reward is a platform that pays you to execute short surveys. With 10 minutes, you can run the tasks involved in the survey and earn. The maximum payout from this platform is $1.


Bookscouter is a great app that enables you to earn from selling used books online. You have to scan the book’s ISBN to find companies willing to purchase such a book from you.


Evidation is a famous app that allows you to earn from fitness activities and conducting a survey. The app has the potential of syncing other fitness apps on your smartphone. If you love sporting activities, you may consider Evidation.

Field Agent

FieldAgent is an app that enables you to earn from performing random tasks such as Shopping, capturing products, and more tasks.


Uber is an app that enables you to earn from driving people around the city. If you own a car, you may consider registering with Uber and earn passively from taking such an action.


Lyft is another great app to consider if you want to earn from freelance driving. You can do this as a side hustle and still stick to your main hustle.


S’more is a platform that allows you to monetize your lock screen. This platform allows you to earn by placing ads on your screen.


Cashyy is an Android-based app specifically designed to help people to earn from playing games. Once you accomplish a mission, the app tends to pay you for the achievement. You can redeem your earrings in the form of gift cards and other payment options.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie enables you to partner with brands and works as an influencer. You will execute tasks such as rendering survey tasks to earn a profit.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a survey app that allows you to earn and receive your payment via Amazon gift cards or PayPal. You can cash out when your money reaches $5.


Robinhood is an investment app that pays users free stock whenever they sign up.


This platform has similar features to the field agent app. It pays you for executing a particular task within a given time.

Amazon Seller App

This platform allows you to access FBA which means fulfillment by Amazon. You can use the Amazon seller app to scan the barcodes of products and see their actual worths. You can make hundreds of dollars per month from this platform.


Mercari app enables you to earn from selling items for profit. its mode of operation is similar to Poshmark. You can check out the platform to see how to get started.

My points

My points is one of the best platforms to consider while hoping to make money online. The platform allows you to earn by completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, and shopping online. You can transfer your payout to gift cards or directly to your PayPal account. You can access the platform on your Android and iOS devices.

Blackout Blitz


Blackout Blitz is a unique iOS-based app that converts classic games into real money. When you play each game, you can earn up to $20 before almost every weekend. If you are searching for the best ways to make money every week, Blackout Blitz should always be on your mind.


Respondent is a platform that pays you for answering surveys. On this platform, you can make up to $100 per hour if you work consistently. You can receive your payout via PayPal when due. Respondent is one of the best sites to consider, as you can make fast cash from it.


On Jobs2Shop, you can be a mystery shopper and earn from playing games, shopping, and performing other tasks. You can also get other incentives with coupons on the platform. You can get a lot of fun from using this platform.

Toluna Influencers

Toluna is a platform to make money while having fun. You will perform tasks such as responding to surveys and earning up to $15. You can receive your payout in the form of gift cards and PayPal.


StepBet is built as a pedometer app to enable people to reach their fitness walking goals and earn from this activity. Once you visit the platform, you will have to set up your account using your real information.

Once you adhere to various instructions issued on the platform, you should get ready to start earning. You may not earn enough from StepBet, but the platform will inspire you to participate in more regular exercises.


Lympo is created as a free app for Android and iOS users. The platform enables its users to participate in regular healthy habits and earn from doing so. Lympo provides its users with daily exercising activities to earn upon completion.

Unlike most platforms, exercising challenges on Lympo can be executed both indoors and outdoors. Once you love to participate in exercise activities, you may consider signing up on Lympo to earn.


Pei is an app that enables you to earn from purchases at restaurants and stores. You can receive your payment from any available payment option. Before you consider signing up on the platform, keep in mind that you will be adding your credit card to it. Ensure you add the card with end-to-end encryption to guarantee your safety as you use the platform.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a platform that converts your receipts into money. Hence, as you upload more receipts on the platform, you can increase your chances of earning from the platform.

Receipt Hog rewards you in coins. You have to consider the app as it’s classified as one of the top-rated apps to earn from. By making your regular purchases, you can earn extra coins and attain greater financial freedom.


GetUpside is a platform that gives you incomparable deals on gas. You can earn some cash back whenever you purchase gas from a gas station. If you love to drive, you can use this app to save money from gas.



Shipt is a platform that renders grocery-related services including shopping and delivery services. The platform mostly works on a membership basis. Hence, customers tend to pay you for the services provided.

According to the platform, drivers can make up to $22 per hour. Sometimes, they can earn more money. You can check out the platform and see how to get started to earn from shopping for others.


KashKick is a platform that pays you to run surveys using your smartphone. Apart from completing surveys, you can also execute other tasks to earn more from the platform.

KashKick is one of the best platforms to consider signing up for as the platform gives you access to a specific number of survey tasks that you may not find in other survey apps. However, you have to render the tasks fast enough, as you may compete for survey tasks with other users.


Groundfloor is an app that renders real estate crowdfunding services. Hence, you can get started with real estate investment using this platform. Groundfloor allows you to start investing with a minimum of $10. You can use this amount to invest in renovations, house floors, and other real estate services.


Handy is a platform that offers home cleaning services. If you are good at rendering home cleaning services, you may consider creating a profile on this platform to earn extra money.

To build better trust between clients and service providers, the platform may demand your personal information. Handy is a platform to entrust and you can make this hustle a full paying income with time.


Bambino is an app created to help connect parents to babysitters within a particular location. If you have a skill in looking after children, you may consider signing up with this platform to earn from your professional.

You have to create your account with your real information to enable the platform to match you faster with suitable jobs. When the platform recognizes your profile as a genuine one, you will be connected to a client for the job.


Topcashback is a great app that allows you to earn 105 percent cash-backs whenever you complete a certain transaction. With the services provided by this platform, you will get paid to purchase an item online.

This is one of the best cash-back apps you should consider if you are hoping to save money during shopping.


Drop is created as a simple intuition app to enable people to earn from their daily expenses. Once you download and install the app on your device, you have to connect your credit card to your profile to shop without stress on the platform.

As you make your daily expenses, your points will be accumulating on the platform until they are due for cashout.


This list will not be complete if Fiverr is excluded. In fact, Fiverr is one of the best platforms to make thousands of dollars per month. The platform is created to connect professionals with high-paying clients across the world.

You can literally sell any skill on Fiverr. But the most purchased services on Fiverr include writing jobs, video editing, graphic designs, web design, and more. Once you sign up, you have to prepare your profile to land your first high-paying client.



Upwork is another Marketplace for freelancers. The platform has similar features as Fiverr, and you can make a fortune on the platform depending on the skills you are selling.

Customers are willing to buy from you once you provide professional services to them. You can sign up on the platform and get ready to earn from your skills.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is another top freelancing Marketplace to consider. But before you will land your first client on this platform, you need to prepare your portfolio to prove your expertise in a particular field. Your payment highly depends on the skills you provide for clients.


Truebill is a platform created to help people save some money regularly. The platform enables you to save money using unique smart saving goals. It also has automatic transfers to increase your chances of reaching your financial goals with time.


Yelp is a review site that allows you to earn cashback whenever you purchase at a restaurant. When you prefer to eat out, you may consider signing up with the platform to earn from your regular expenses.


AppNana is a platform that rewards you to download and use different apps. Once you install the app, follow the onscreen instructions to earn from downloading and playing games.


Whaff is built as an Android app to allow people to earn from taking maths quizzes, playing games, and performing other tasks. The app is available on Google Play Store. You can see various ways to earn from doing what you love most.


Facebook is a big platform that will help you gain financial freedom with time. The platform has a Marketplace that allows you to sample items for people to buy. With Facebook Marketplace, you can earn from selling everyday household items. You can also work as an influencer on the platform to earn more money.


Thank you for reading this article up to this length. Among all the best mobile apps that pay people regularly, the 56 apps listed above should be considered as the best choice to make.

With these apps, you can earn income and walk your way towards gaining financial freedom.

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