17 Legit Online Surveys That Pays (How to make money with survey)

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Do you know that you can make money by answering surveys? At the birth of the internet, people began to create a realistic way for people to earn a living. One of the innovative solutions developed to help people make some money is through legit online surveys.

But before you can make money from a survey, you must learn how to answer survey questions accurately to earn money. How can you make money with surveys? In this article, you will learn 17 legit online surveys that pay.

How can you make money with surveys?

Participating in various online surveys has been officially recognized as one of the fastest ways to make money online. Provide your basic information and stand a chance to earn. But, most platforms that pay people to participate in surveys often have terms and conditions that their users are expected to obey.

Hence, if you really want to make money with surveys, you must get ready to abide by various rules and regulations created by each platform. To make money with surveys, you must comply with the following.

Find legit survey platforms

Your primary aim should focus on finding legit survey platforms online. You should note that not all platforms can pay you for participating in surveys. Hence, you find a means of avoiding getting scammed by all means. You will see legit platforms to work with below.

Understand the task

Before participating in a survey, you should understand what the survey is all about. As you intend to earn from it, endeavor to take the task required more seriously.

Every task assigned by the survey platform is always unique and different. Hence, you must understand the platform before hoping to earn from it.

Work with time

Meeting deadlines is one of the best ways to earn from online surveys. Sometimes, you may be expected to accomplish a task within a specific period.

Failure to meet deadlines may lower your chances of getting paid on the platform. Hence, endeavor to learn to work extra hard to finish your tasks within a given period.

17 Legit Online Surveys That Pays

When considering making money through an online survey, the first thing you are supposed to note is scams. Just like in every other money-making platform, you may likely be faced with various scam platforms.

To avoid getting scammed, you must work only with legit platforms. So what are the best platforms to work with? As you hope to make money from online surveys, you should consider the following 17 legit online surveys that pay.



Swagbucks is a company that has been in operation for almost 15 years now. As a result of its high standard of rendering professional services, Swagbucks has been given an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Unlike most platforms, Swagbucks allows people to participate in a more profitable online survey and stand the chance of earning afterward. So what tasks can you execute on Swagbucks? Providing answers to survey questions is one of the best ways to make money from Swagbucks.

But aside from participating in online surveys, the platform can also allow you to earn from playing games, shopping online, referring a friend, watching videos, and performing other tasks. Because of the genuine trust, people have for Swagbucks, millions of people have joined the platform to complete various tasks for extra cash.

Swagbucks has paid over $150 million to its members. Some members of this platform that participate in executing several tasks often earn more than $300 per month. So you can join and stand the chance of making money from an online survey.

So how can you join Swagbucks? Signing up with Swagbucks is not as complex as people think. You have to visit the website and create a free account. You can also sign up using your Facebook account or email address. You can either access the platform via a web-based browser or download it to your smartphone to use.

Once you complete the signup process, you will be rewarded with free $5 to begin your exploration on the platform. You can redeem your payment via PayPal or gift cards, or you can use it to shop online.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is an online survey platform that has been in operation for more than two decades. The website is operated by the Nielsen Company, a genuine firm rendering professional online survey services.

Throughout its 21 years in business, the company has gained people’s trust and interest. As a result of professional services rendered by the platform, Pinecone Research holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The basic object of Pinecone Research is to help in improving future products and services rendered by companies.

Hence, members of Pinecone Research can improve future services using the creative answers which they provide during the online survey. Upon completing each survey, the platform will pay you about 300 points, which is equivalent to $3. Before your account will be credited with these points, it may take some minutes.

Hence, endeavor to learn how to exercise patience while using Pinecone Research. Once you are an active member of the platform, you can also be allowed to test new products. Pinecone Research will pay you about $3 and $5 for creating a short report on all products.

Sometimes, you may be permitted to keep the product after testing. The limitation here is that not everyone is qualified to participate in Pinecone Research. Hence, you must check if your country is permitted to join before participating in this program.

Panda Research


Since Panda Research began operation in 2005, it has paid more than $2.2 million to its members. But unlike Swagbucks and Pinecone Research, Panda Research has a B+ rating in BBB. The platform is owned and managed by A&A Marketing Inc, and they focus on paying people to answer surveys for them.

If you want to earn from this platform, you must register as a member and verify your email. You also need a valid phone number to complete the registration process. Once you complete the signup process, you will become a full member and take surveys.

What’s so special about Panda Research? Unlike most platforms, Panda Research can pay up to $50 per survey answered. When you read paid emails, you can also earn up to $25 from the platform.

If your payout is not up to $50, you may not be allowed to receive your payment. This implies that you must work hard to earn up the payout amount before withdrawal. Panda Research pays its members via PayPal. You can check out their other terms and conditions.

Survey Junkie

When considering one of the best paying online survey sites, Survey Junkie should make it to your list. The platform allows you to earn from $12 to $18 every working hour. However, you have to secure a high-paying survey to stand the chance of making such an amount.

Since the pay is good, people can easily compete for this opportunity. If you find it challenging to land high-paying survey gigs, you can still go for cheaper ones and earn a decent amount from the platform. As you cannot make much money from low-paying surveys, you may consider sticking with high-paying surveys to boost your chances of making more money on the platform.

Survey Junkie retains great reputations when it comes to ranking it among other survey websites. To make the services they render appear more professional, Survey Junkie always tells its members how much they will make before allowing them to participate in a survey.

The platform verifies if you are qualified for a survey before enabling you to participate in one. So when you are not qualified to partake in a survey, you will be notified on time to avoid wasting your time. After signing up, you will be rewarded with 25 points as a welcome bonus. Once you complete your assigned tasks, you can redeem your payment from PayPal, gift cards, and other options.


MySoapBox is a platform created to reward people for executing surveys. After registration, you will receive a $2 registration bonus. Once you complete a survey, you will make points and convert them to gift cards from different companies.

Before withdrawing your earnings from the platform, you must have earned up to $25 worth of gift cards. But after redeeming your points for the first time, you can easily withdraw a minimum of $1 during your next withdrawal.

Before you proceed to earn from this platform, endeavor to review their terms and conditions to be on the right side with them.



Another legit online survey platform you should consider is LifePoints. The platform is known as one of the best paid online survey sites. After signing up, the platform will reward you with 10 points as a registration bonus. Once you begin to execute an online survey, it will take an average of 10 minutes for you to complete a specific task.

However, when you are not qualified to answer a particular survey, the platform will automatically notify you about the denial access. If you are great at convincing others to try out new opportunities, LifePoints is a great platform to earn from your unique marketing skills.

When you refer a friend to sign up with the platform, you will receive 20% of your friend’s entire earnings. Once you are ready to redeem your payment, you can do so through PayPal, or gift card, or any other payment option of choice. Unlike most platforms, you will likely have fun rendering your tasks on LifePoints.


When you are searching for one of the best ways to earn passively from your online survey, MobileXpression is a great platform to consider. The platform offers you a $5 Amazon gift card as a registration bonus. However, you will receive this registration bonus 2 weeks after joining MobileXpression.

Once you sign up on the platform, begin by filling out the given survey tasks about your phone usage. When you complete the survey, you should relax and allow the app to reward you for allowing the app to run on your phone. MobileXpression is a platform built as a market research company to help people conduct market surveys about a particular product.

So why should the platform pay you in the first place? MobileXpression allows you to earn as they are collecting data about your phone usage. They also record data on applications installed on your phone, your call duration, your phone model, and more.

Should you be worried about your privacy? MobileXpression understands how much people value privacy. Hence, they try to keep your collected data anonymous so that you will be safe from tracking and monitoring.


Toluna is created as an online market research company. Since 1994, Toluna has been rendering professional services to clients. As a result of the services rendered so far, Toluna is rated at A+ in Better Business Bureau (BBB). So what makes Toluna special? Unlike most survey platforms, Toluna offers 500 points as a registration bonus.

So, once you sign up, you will automatically earn some points, to begin with. If you begin to execute tasks on Toluna, you will earn massively from each task. To be exact, each completed survey on Toluna has a payment reward within the range of 15 to 50,000 points. The number of points you will earn highly depends on the length of time you spent on the survey.

If you are not qualified to answer a survey and complete the tasks involved, your disqualification points will be received in sweepstakes mode instead. Once your points reach 10,000 points, then you will redeem your earnings. You can use it to plant a tree in Uganda, Peru, or Thailand. In Toluna, 30,000 points is equivalent to $10.



PrizeRebel was founded in 2007 to enable people to earn from participating in online surveys. Since the platform came into existence, it has paid its 9 million members over $19 million. Unlike most platforms, the sign-up process of PrizeRebel is easy and less complicated.

All you need is your email address, and name. After registration, you will have to verify your email address before executing tasks sampled on the platform. The first survey that you may answer on the platform may relate to your demographic information worth up to 10 points.

Once you earn up to 500 points, you will be allowed to cash out. Keep in mind that 500 points on PrizeRebel are equivalent to $5. You will earn about 40 to 60 points per survey. You will require about 15 minutes to complete this survey.

Global Test Market

Global Test Market was created in 1999 as a paid online survey. In 2016 alone, the platform paid more than $30 million to its members. When you are hoping to earn massively from completing an online survey, Global Test Market is a platform to check out.

The platform allows you to have a feel of what global market test and analysis actually look like. Once you complete a survey, keep in mind that you have automatically earned yourself $5. However, you will receive your payment in the form of points which can be redeemed from PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards. You don’t have to pay any money to join this platform as it is completely free to sign up.

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is a Paris-based online survey website that allows people to participate in a paid survey. Because of the professional services rendered by the platform, it has an A+ rating with BBB. You can join the Ipsos i-Say by signing up with your email address or using your Facebook account.

After registration, proceed to answer most of the demographic questions to enable the company to link you up with various opportunities. On this platform, you can stand the chance of earning up to 45 to 90 points upon completing each survey.

When you are not qualified to participate in a particular survey, you can earn up to 5 points. Your withdrawal limit is 500 points which are equivalent to $5. You can redeem your payment like PayPal, or gift cards. Preferably, you can donate your money to charity organizations on this platform.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another great platform to consider. However, you must be up to 18+ to access the platform. The average time required to complete a survey in inbox Dollars is between 5 to 25 minutes. Within this time, you can earn up to $0.50 to $5.00.

Unlike some platforms, InboxDollars allows you to cash out when your earnings reach $10. Surveys available on this platform mostly consist of demographics and other topics. The earning process in Inboxdollars is quite transparent and simple. Visit the platform, sign up and answer surveys to start earning.



Before signing up with SurveySavvy, you need to be at least 13+. The platform allows you to earn by completing surveys given to you regularly. The investment time required to complete a particular survey ranges from 10 to 30 minutes.

The duration highly depends on the length of the survey. But once you complete a given survey, you will earn $0.15 to $0.50. Your payment per survey also depends on its length and requirements. Before you can consider making a withdrawal, your payout must begin with a minimum of $1.

Although, you cannot find a survey that pays up to $1, executing more surveys will enable you to earn up to the payout amount. If you are consistent on this platform, you can earn at least $10 at the end of each month. You can make more money depending on the number of surveys you answered for that month. Upon making a withdrawal, you will receive your payout via gift cards, PayPal, and other platforms.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is closely related to Inboxdollars. The platform legitimately shows you how much money is involved in completing each survey. Unlike most platforms, Vindale prefers to pay its users in dollars. In this platform, you can see a complex survey that can pay you up to $75 when you answer the questions correctly.

However, you need some qualifications, with a high level of expertise in a particular field to qualify for this amazing offer. The average Investment time required to complete a survey is from 5 to 25 minutes. You will also earn an average payout for each survey ranging from $0.50 to $2.00.

Once you sign up, you will receive a registration bonus of $1. The minimum payout on this platform is $50. You will receive your payment through PayPal. Hence, once you are knowledgeable in a particular field, you may consider checking out Vindale Research to see how to start earning from your profession.


YouGov was founded as a market research company based in Britain. People residing in the US or UK are mostly welcomed on the platform to earn from participating in online surveys. However, you have to be up to 16 years and older before signing up with the platform.

Once you sign up, you can earn up to $1, as a registration bonus. The investment time required to complete a survey ranges from 20 to 30 minutes. You may spend extra time depending on the length of the survey. The average payout per survey ranges from 40 to 400 points.

When converted to USD, about 40 points on this platform will give you $0.20. The minimum cashout in YouGov is 5,000 points, which is equivalent to $25. You can redeem your reward via gift cards, PayPal, and other platforms.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a platform created to help in testing people’s products. You can participate in a survey and earn passively once you are through with the assigned task.

The investment time required to complete a survey ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. The average reward for each completed reward ranges from 5 to 15 points.

Keep in mind that 5 points on this platform are equivalent to $0.50. However, you must be up to 17 years and above before signing up with Opinion Outpost.



Unlike most platforms, the signup process in OneOpinion is unique and different. A virtual bot named Emily will request your personal information. After registration, you can stand the chance of answering the survey in exchange for points that can be converted to cash.

The time required to complete a survey ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. You can likely spend more time depending on its length. The average payout for each survey ranges from 50 points to 2,500 points. Note that 50 points on OneOpinion are equivalent to $0.05.

But you are 13 years of age and above to partake in answering the survey on this platform.


Thank you for reading this article up to this length. If you are still reading, it implies that you are determined to make extra cash by answering online surveys. You need to have dedication and focus on making extra money.

When you work extra hard, you can take advantage of these 17 online surveys that pay to make extra money. As you choose to make extra cash from one of these legit platforms, endeavor to read their terms of service to abide by their rules and regulations.

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