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If you’re in need of quick cash to fill up your tank or pay your cell phone subscriptions, you should visit the below sites and complete tasks.

The internet has made it possible to earn cash by doing random but simple things. Here are five sites that will pay you to take surveys, view movies, and perform other activities.

These sites compensate their users with gift cards that can be used in well-known stores like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, iTunes, and more. You can also choose to receive cash payments.

The below sites won’t make you a fortune. But they’re enough to settle some of your bills.

Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper is one of the top survey sites out there. You can money on this platform by completing some offers and tasks.

TreasureTrooper will pay you for doing the following activities:

  • Filling out paperwork
  • Browsing online
  • Completing surveys

Treasure Troopers pay between $0.50 to $50. The amount you make depends on the number of tasks you take on.

Each time you complete a task on Treasure Trooper, points will be added to your account dashboard. Whenever you decide to redraw the points, Treasure Trooper will verify each point before approving your withdrawal.

To withdraw from the Treasure Trooper site, you must accumulate over $20. Treasure Trooper rewards money to users who refer people to their platform.


When you complete offers on CashCrate, you will get paid. Here are some tasks on CashCrate that comes with a reward.

  • Product Review: CashCrate will send you free product samples in exchange for your honest review. When you receive a product sample from CashCrate, you are expected to write a review of it.
  • Surveys: If you participate in surveys on CashCrate, you will earn points that can be converted to gift cards or cash.
  • CashBacks: If you make a purchase via the CashCrate platform, you will be eligible for cashback. CashCrate offers 20% to 50% cash back services.
  • Referrals: If you refer your friends to CashCrate, you will earn 20% of their income when they create an account and complete tasks.
Site that pay you to complete offers www.paypant.com


Swagbucks is a well-known and reputable online site that pays people for participating in various activities.

This site has given out millions of dollars in rewards to its users. To make money on Swagbucks, you can participate in surveys, watch movies, browse the internet, and buy things.

Swagbucks pays its members with gift cards. However, you can decide to redeem your points for cash.


InboxDollars is another reputable site that is known for paying its users for completing online tasks.

Registration on InboxDollars is free. To start earning, simply create an account on InboxDollars and fill out your profile with your personal information like demographic information, age, gender, and more.

The information you provide on your profile determines the kind of surveys you will be selected to participate in.

When you sign up on InboxDollars, you will be rewarded with $5.


SendEarnings is a site that pays you to read emails, complete surveys, subscribe to a service, and plays games.

There are lots of tasks on SendEarnings that can earn you extra cash.

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