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Last updated Oct. 7, 2022 by Benedict Osas

Swagbucks is a reliable site that allows you to earn money from completing surveys. However, if you understand the site well, you will realize that there are several you can boost your earnings apart from answering surveys.

Other sites like Swagbucks provide the opportunity to earn extra money from completing online tasks.

Suppose you enjoy rewards from popular sites and are looking for similar sites to earn a little on the side. In that case, you should continue reading because this article will provide you with the 18 best sites, like Swagbucks, which you can sign up for and participate in exciting activities to earn extra cash.

Is Swagbucks Safe?

Swagbucks is an incredibly legitimate and safe way to get paid to take surveys online. Swagbucks is also entirely safe for you to use.

Which Is Better, Swagbucks Or MyPoints?

Image description of Swagbucks Vs my points survey sites

Swagbucks allows you to redeem rewards for lesser points than MyPoints, and it also helps that Swagbucks have a better customer service reputation. But if you want to earn points towards airline miles, the better option is MyPoints.

How Can I Get 10000 Swagbucks? 

You can get 10000 Swagbucks points if you complete up to 7 surveys daily, invite friends, complete daily polls and earning goals, discover offers, and complete free deals. If you do all this consistently, you will quickly accumulate the survey points in no time and with less stress. 

What App Is Better Than Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a great app that allows you to make money by completing surveys. But there are other great alternatives to the app. These great alternatives include Prolific surveys, LifePoints, InstaGC, and PointsPrizes.

What Survey Site Pays The Most?

Image description showing a lot of money from sites like swagbucks

The highest-paying survey sites include Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys, InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and Prolific Surveys. You can sign up for any one or more to get started with making money by taking surveys.

Does Swagbucks Pay Instantly? 

Swagbucks doesn’t pay instantly. Instead, it takes a few days to send your payment and the payment period is usually faster if you stick to their stipulations.

One essential requirement is that your first and last name must match your PayPal account information. And also, the PayPal account must have the exact email with which you registered for Swagbucks.

Top 18 Best Sites Like Swagbucks

There are several sites similar to Swagbucks, all of which allow you to earn rewards for taking your time to complete their paid offers and tasks. These sites include:

  1. Prolific Surveys
Image description of survey ponts

One of the best sites, like Swagbucks, is Prolific surveys. Prolific connects researchers to study participants like you to earn money by completing surveys. You just need to sign up on the site and fill in the necessary information to get started with any of the numerous studies available. You’ll, however, need to wait for your answers to be approved before you can receive payments.

All the studies on the website pay up to $6.50 per hour. An essential thing to note is that only the study you’re qualified for appears on your dashboard. So you don’t have to worry about getting screened out.

Each study has a description so you can know and understand what you’re getting into, how long it takes, and how much it pays. PayPal is its only payout option.

  1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another site like Swagbucks that allows you to earn for taking surveys. The survey site also has Prodege LLC as its parent company, which also heads Swagbucks.

Aside from taking surveys on the site, you can also earn more by redeeming cashback offers, printing and redeeming coupons, reading promotional emails, watching sponsored videos, playing games, and doing other small tasks.

Immediately you create an account with InboxDollars and confirm your email; you earn a $5 bonus. Then, just fill out a questionnaire survey about your demographics for about 5 to 10 minutes, which also earns you a bonus.

Completing a survey on this site can earn you anything from $0.01 to $5 and take about 5 to 20 minutes.

InboxDollars offers many bonus streaks for when you complete your daily to-do list and daily earning goals. The survey platform also has a high minimum limit of $15 to redeem your rewards.

  1. Opinion Outposts

Another site similar to Swagbucks is Opinion Outpost. Once you sign up on this website, you can access multiple surveys and numerous emails sent to you through your dashboard every day. 

You should know that before taking a survey on this site, you’re required to answer a short set of multiple-choice questions. After which, you get connected to the survey and get the overall description of how long it will take and how many points you earn.

One thing you will love about Opinion Outpost is that there are several ways for you to redeem your points. You can either opt for cash, Amazing points, Mileage Plus miles, or iTunes.

  1. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is another popular paid survey site like Swagbucks. This market research complex pays you for your opinions by completing surveys on their user-friendly website.

If you complete a random survey in about 5 to 20 minutes, you can earn up to 300 points. You can also earn up to 10 points by completing polls on the site and earn bonus points for survey and poll streaks. You also get to earn points for inviting other people to use the website.

One branded survey point equals 1 cent, and the minimum amount you can redeem is 500 points which are equal to $5. You can get your rewards through PayPal cash or Branded Pay. You can also redeem your points for a gift card from different restaurants and popular retailers around you. 

  1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the oldest and most popular survey sites. They’re very upfront with time and point estimation to ensure you’re getting the most reward for your time. The platform has got over 10 million members sharing their opinions by completing surveys online and providing data and analytics to the market research industry.

You can create an account on their website online and redeem a 25-point sign-up bonus. Another great feature is that you can access an unlimited number of surveys through the survey tabs. Usually, completing surveys can earn you from 10 to 200 points and can take you from a few minutes to about 30 minutes. 

You can also earn extra points by sharing your online activity with different brands using the SJ Pulse site add-on program. This add-on program allows the site to learn more about your browsing habits and bring surveys that are targeted to your activity.

Once you hit the 500 points mark, you’ve reached the threshold for payout, which is $5. And you can get it through PayPal cash or bank transfer. But, if you prefer gift cards, you can get gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Target, Sephora, and many others.

  1. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is another online paid survey website where you can earn extra cash. After logging on to the website, you can click on the earn tab and pick up the surveys and offers displayed to start earning.

PrizeRebel is one of the highest-paying online survey sites.

The site gives you a time estimate for completing any survey you select and the reward you will get before starting the survey. You can also earn rewards by completing offers and small tasks.

If you love games, PrizeRebel also allows you to earn rewards by playing its inbuilt games. You can watch sponsored videos to boost your earnings and also get a bonus for completing daily challenges. You can redeem your reward as PayPal cash and gift cards to popular retailers.

  1. MyPoints
One site like swagbucks; mypoints image description

MyPoints is one of the best survey sites like Swagbucks, and it’s recently been acquired by Swagbucks. The platform’s been around for many decades now, rewarding users for their active participation.

The sign-up process is relatively fast and allows you to start earning reward points easily by engaging in different activities on the site. For example, you can earn rewards by taking online surveys, watching online videos, playing video games, and using the MyPoints search engine.

You can also shop through any of the participating retailers and print and use in-store coupons to earn rewards. You can redeem your points once you get to 700 points, equating to a $5 gift card. You can also redeem your points for PayPal cash or convert the points to airline miles with United MileagePlus accounts.

  1. LifePoints

LifePoints is a survey website where you can share your views and opinions and also help with market research while making extra money. In addition, the site allows you to earn rewards by living your life and sharing your experience. You can do this by doing simple tasks like going to the movies, shopping, enjoying any local service, and stating your opinions and experience with the products and services.

You get ten free points immediately after becoming a member, and you can cash out as gift card rewards the moment you’ve got 550 LifePoints in your account, which is equivalent to $5. But you need up to 1200 LifePoints to get PayPal cash of $10. You can also donate your rewards to your favorite charities.

  1. Zoombucks

Zoombucks is another reward site similar to Swagbucks that pays you for completing surveys, watching videos, and completing offers. You can earn anywhere from 20 to more than 1,500 points. You can cash out when you reach 3000 points. 1000 points on Zoombucks equals $1, and you can earn up to $10 worth of points by taking a survey.

You can also earn points by taking quizzes and playing games in the offers section to increase your rewards. You get up to 250 points for inviting a friend, so invite as many as possible to boost your earnings. You can get your reward through PayPal, Bitcoin, and gift cards.

  1. InboxPays

One of the best sites, like Swagbucks, is InboxPays. This reward site allows you to earn by taking surveys, clipping coupons, reading emails, and doing some other small tasks.

You can sign up in no time to access an extensive database of paid offers and also get a $5 sign-up bonus. Most surveys on this site pay from $0.5 to $1 and take just a few minutes.

One amazing feature of this platform is the ability to boost your earnings by using the spins you get to complete a survey to play the “spin wheel.” Who k knows, you just might get lucky and win some extra money. InboxDollars only offers PayPal cash. However, you should know that this site has a pretty high payout threshold of $50.

  1. InstaGC

InstaGC is another site that rewards you for taking surveys. Although you have to complete surveys to earn the most rewards per task, there are also other ways to make money on the site.

You can watch videos, use the built-in internet search engine, and test different games, budgeting, and shopping apps. You can also try out products and digital services to earn rewards.

InstaGC gives bonuses for signing up, referring a friend, and completing specific tasks repetitively.

The most flexible way to redeem your reward is by purchasing gift cards, which only require a minimum of $1. You can also opt for cash rewards if you hit the 500 points mark for $5 via PayPal or direct bank deposit.

  1. Valued Opinions

In Valued Opinions, you get rewards for taking surveys which usually take up to 10 or 20 minutes to complete, and earn from $0.5 to $5 per survey. The survey topics vary and are pretty interesting and appealing to all demographics.

This survey platform allows you to assist companies and organizations by providing experience and opinions about different products and services. You can quickly sign up on their website and get a confirmation mail to get started with completing surveys.

You can access the available surveys on your dashboards and receive survey invitations through your email. Valued Opinions have a minimum payout threshold of $5. Once you reach that amount, it is possible to redeem your earnings for gift cards and vouchers with other partner companies.

  1. PointsPrizes
One site like swagbucks: pointprize image description

PointsPrize is another site similar to Swagbucks, where you can engage in a wide variety of tasks to earn money on this site. On PointPrizes, you can either complete surveys, play games, or watch videos.

There are various offers available on the site, although you get lower-paying surveys at first. But over time, you start getting higher-paying surveys.

The minimum payout threshold is 3000 points which are equivalent to $20. You can redeem your points for cash through PayPal, request gift cards, or Bitcoin payment if that’s what you prefer.

  1. PaidPoints

With PaidPoints, you get to earn extra money by answering surveys and playing games, so if you’re an avid gamer, it’s the perfect chance to play and earn. All you do is find a variety of paid offers on their offer walls. The paid offers could be answering surveys, watching videos, answering quizzes, downloading and playing a mobile game, signing up for websites, and the like.

Asides from completing tasks, its also possible to earn money through their referral program. You get points for every paid offer and task you complete, and these points can be converted to cash at a rate of 100 points for $1 to withdraw it.

Once you’ve earned at least $5, you can request a payout through Skrill or convert it into cryptocurrency.

  1. Toluna
Toluna survey site image description

Toluna is a popular site similar to Swagbucks, with which you get to choose surveys in categories that you’re interested in, be it electronics, travel, lifestyle, and many others.

Toluna features profiles and longer surveys. With profile surveys, the sites get to know more about you and send relevant surveys your way. It takes a minute or two for you to earn over 100 points.

Longer surveys are from various categories, and you just need to click on your desired category on the “survey center” page to access numerous online surveys.

You also receive email notifications on new surveys so that you can maximize your earnings. You need to earn at least 30,000 points on this site to get a reward. You can receive a PayPal payment or an Amazon gift card to access your rewards.

  1. American Consumer Opinion 

The American Consumer Opinion is a research powerhouse that allows you to earn extra money by taking surveys. Asides from getting paid to take surveys, you can also participate in product tests and focus groups.

Every survey on the site shows the number of points you will earn upon completion. In addition, you can check for new survey opportunities on the site from time to time or check your emails, as you will also receive email notifications about the latest surveys.

Once you’ve accrued up to 1000 points worth $10, you can redeem your points for a cash reward or gift card. You can also choose to donate your earnings to charities.

  1. ySense

Known initially as ClixSense, ySense is arguably one of the best sites like Swagbucks. It was also owned by the same parent company as Swagbucks; Prodege LLC. This get-paid-to site allows you to earn extra money by completing surveys and other small online tasks.

You earn cash rewards for surveys and any tasks you participate in. It’s pretty easy to sign up on the website. On the site, you get access to different surveys on your dashboard and click on the ones you’re interested in. However, you should also know that each survey has qualifying questions, and you can get disqualified before finishing a survey sometimes.

ySense also features a lot of get-to-paid offers ranging from product testing, watching videos, service testing, and many others. You can also boost your earnings by completing micro-tasks on the site.

  1. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy is a paid survey site like Swagbucks that’s owned by Luth Research LLC. This market research company has been around for over a decade and pays you about $1 to $3 to give complete feedback through surveys.

Immediately you go to the site; you will see several available surveys. You can pick anyone to start earning.

You can also use SavvyConnect, a software from SurveySavvy you can install to qualify for more surveys and also earn you an extra $5 monthly. Installing the software allows instant access to different VIP surveys to increase your earnings.

Another means you can make some extra money from this site is by inviting your friends. You also get to earn when the friends you invite refer others too. SurveySavvy pays only in cash, and you can request your payment if you have the minimum amount of $1. But there’s only a paper check payout option. So, there is no PayPal or any other payout option.

Frequently Asked Questions On Top Sites Like Swagbucks

Swagbucks survey site image description

Outlined below are FAQs and answers to getting the best sites like Swagbucks with which to earn extra money. 

What is the highest-paid online survey? 

Swagbucks is one of the highest-paid online surveys. Prolific surveys, SurveySavvy, and Branded surveys also pay well.

What app can you really earn money from? 

You can indeed earn money with Swagbucks, Toluna, and all the survey sites mentioned above. Although you can’t make huge money to become rich off survey sites, you will earn extra money on the side and gift cards.

Final Thoughts

There are more than a thousand ways to earn some cash with your smartphone and a good internet connection. And survey sites happen to be one of them. 

Swagbucks is a great paid survey site, although there are other sites like Swagbucks you can also sign up for to earn extra money on the side during your leisure time. The money you earn isn’t huge, but it’s still enough to take care of a few things.

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