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If you are looking for ways to earn passive income and have no problems sharing your internet data, try HoneyGain.

This article reviews everything to know about HoneyGain. It covers the pros and cons of HoneyGain, how it works, how safe it is, and more.

What is HoneyGain?

Honeygain is a platform that allows you to share unlimited data, thereby allowing businesses to use your internet connection.

Once your internet data are tapped, you will receive credits that are convertible to dollars or cryptocurrency.

Honeygain Review: How To Make More More

Aside from offering payments for your unused data, HoneyGain also pays its users for other services. Here are a few ways you can increase your earnings on the HoneyGain app;

  1. Sign Up: HoneyGain offers a $5 reward to its new users. Once you sign up on the platform, your HoneyGain account will be funded; however, this money can only be withdrawn once you earn points equivalent to $20.
  2. Share Unused Data: Once you download the app and sign up, specify the level of data you would love to share with the app. HoneyGain will pay you once the data shared has been utilized.
  3. Referrals: Inviting a friend to HoneyGain can earn you 5,000 points, approximately $5. You’ll be eligible for the bonus once they use your referral link to sign up on the platform. In addition, you will receive 10% of all their earnings. If they earn $10, you’ll be funded with $1.

To increase your earning potential, you can sign up on other platforms that offer similar services as HoneyGain. Some of these include Pawns, Peer2Profit, and PacketStream.

Honeygain Review

HoneyGain Review www.paypant.com

HoneyGain is a platform that offers money-making opportunities to its users. It allows you to earn money once you sell the access to your internet connection.

If you have tons of data and are willing to share it to earn money, install the HoneyGain app. The HoneyGain provides a straightforward and simple way to earn passive income.

Experts from e-commerce, advertising, and web intelligence organizations use the HoneyGain network. Once you provide access to the HoneyGain app, the app runs in the background and collects data and information that could benefit businesses. These businesses use the information to provide services like travel fare aggregation, SEO monitoring, pricing intelligence, brand protection, and market research.

In addition, HoneyGain enables proxy services for third parties, like data analysts, Fortune 500 corporations, and other reliable businesses.

How Does Honeygain Work?

To start with HoneyGain, install the mobile application on your phone and sign up for an account.

Once the registration process is completed, permit the app to utilize your internet data. Upon receiving permission, HoneyGain will access up to 10% of your network’s bandwidth – this bandwidth is used to help businesses in their market research and decision-making.

HoneyGain safeguards its users’ private information through encryption during the data collection process. The more data collected, the more you will earn on the platform.

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Is HoneyGain Safe and Secure?

HoneyGain is a safe for sharing data and earning money. The app only collects the level of data that you permit from it.

Some of the data collected by HoneyGain includes your email address, IP address, and preferred payout methods. These data are sold to a reliable third party for market research. HoneyGain is subject to the GDPR and CCPA privacy regulation policy; hence, it only collects what is needed.

The HoneyGain app respects the privacy and safety of its users. It offers you control over the level of data to be collected from you. In addition, the app does not harm your data.

To prevent stealing its user’s data, HobeyGain uses Anti-Cheat (HAC) system to monitor any attempt to steal your data. The data collected by HoneyGain is completely encrypted and inaccessible to outsiders.

Honey Gain: Is it Real or Fake?

Is HoneyGain real? Does it pay users who provide access to their data? Is it fake?

HoneyGain is a crowdsourced web intelligence network founded in 2018. However, it launched its mobile application in 2019, allowing registered users to earn money from sharing their mobile internet connection.

HoneyGain has over a hundred thousand downloads on Google PlayStore and a 4.5-star rating on TrustPilot – a reliable site that rates applications and businesses. So Yes! It is a real site that offers money-making opportunities.

According to HoneyGain, its application only saves your IP address, email address, and the amount of traffic your IP has generated during the previous months. The app only uses 10% of your bandwidth; hence, there’s a low chance of experiencing a sluggish internet connection.

How Much Can You Make From HoneyGain?

How to make money with HoneyGain www.paypant.com

HoneyGain offers its users the opportunity to earn as much as they want. The amount you earn on HoneyGain depends on the level of data you’re willing to share and your participation in the programs carried out by the app.

According to HoneyGain, active users can earn an average of $55 per month if they participate in the Content Delivery program and share more data.

Each KB of data you share will earn you a certain amount. If you connect more devices and share high gigabytes of data, you will be eligible to earn more.

The app rewards users with three credits for 10MB (0.01GB) of data shared. Thus, if you share 10MB of data up to 7000 times, you’ll receive 20,000 credits, equivalent to $20.

To boost your chances of earning more, connect the app to multiple devices and allow the app to operate in the background.

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How Long Does it Take to Make 20 Dollars on Honeygain?

How long it takes to make over $20 on HoneyGain depends on your country, number of devices you use, IP address, network connectivity, availability of CDs, and more.

The HoneyGain application allows you to track your daily earnings and trends; hence, you can estimate your monthly earnings.

However, it takes about 48 days for the average HobeyGain user to earn $20.

Why Is My Honeygain Not Earning?

The amount of time you spend using the internet or engaging in other network activities does not impact your HoneyGain earnings. HoneyGain earnings are completely based on the demand for data and traffic in your country and the number of concurrent HoneyGain users in your area.

Accessing the web or constantly using your internet data does not impact your earnings. In other words, if you’re not making any earnings with HoneyGain, it could be that there is no demand for internet data in your area.

How Can I Increase My Honey Gain Income?

HoneyGain allows its users to earn money through the following ways:

Sharing your Data

You’ll receive rewards for each used data once you download the app and permit access to your internet data. However, you will be required to select the level of data to be used.

To monitor your earnings, navigate to the app’s main screen.

Daily Login Bonus

You can also use the daily bonus to claim up to 100 daily credits. Just log in to the Honeygain Dashboard to claim the daily bonus.

To claim your daily bonus, please wait a while (or switch pages if necessary) to see the notification on the bottom right.

Content Delivery

Participating in the HoneyGain content delivery program is one of the ways to boost your earnings. This program is only available in select countries and can only be used on Windows and macOS devices with ISP or MOB usage type IP addresses.

HoneyGain offers up to 6 credits per hour to its active Content Delivery users.

Enable JumpTask To Earn 50% More For Crypto Users.

If you are interested in earning crypto coins, consider using JumpTask. JumpTask is a cryptocurrency token built on the Binancs Smart Chain. The token concentrates on creating an ecosystem where workers are compensated with JMPT tokens.

HoneyGain partners with JumpTask; thus, users can convert their credits into crypto coins. Your profit will increase by 50% if the JumpTask app is active on your HoneyGain account.

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Place and Time

The country/region you reside in can influence your earning potential on HoneyGain.

HoneyGain uses the rule of demand and supply. If a large number of people from a single location use HoneyGain, it means the supply is high, and the demand is low. As a result, users from that location will make less money.

HoneyGain users earn less during the day when the network is busiest. Using HoneyGain at night when many other users are asleep will earn you more.

Desktop versus mobile

Most desktop users make more money than mobile phone users. Desktop users’ use of a wired or wireless connection to a router enables a steady connection.

However, mobile phone users may find it difficult to transmit steady traffic due to their erratic connections – this reduces the level of credits they earn.

Disable Battery Optimization (for Android Users)

To increase your earning potential on HoneyGain, turn off battery optimization in your Android phone settings.

Android phones feature an integrated power management system that disables inactive apps from utilizing a phone’s battery – this implies that you could stop receiving credits from HoneyGain if you turn on your phone’s battery optimization.

Internet Latency and Speed

A steady internet connection and speed increase your earning potential on HoneyGain.

HoneyGain requires a speed of at least 1 Mbps for users who use the default network sharing to earn money. However, if you intend to earn through content delivery, at least 10 Mbps is required since materials like films and graphics travel across your network and need a faster speed.

HoneyGain can only support 100 Mbps of bandwidth, so anything less will earn you money. However, having a good internet bandwidth isn’t the most important factor that affects your income.

It is important to have a low latency or quick ping time – the amount of time needed to convey information between two points. HoneyGain researchers visit numerous sites for their research. So, moving your device closer to a WiFi router or connecting it to the network via a LAN connection makes it easier to tap data from your device.

Utilize the Referral Network

HoneyGain offers a referral program that lets its users earn credits for inviting a friend to the app. You will earn 5,000 credits ($5) for each new user you invite to the application – this credit can only be claimed when the person registers through your referral link or enters your referral code during the registration process.

HoneyGain Review www.paypant.com

Honeygain Review: Pros

Some of the benefits associated with HoneyGain include:

Simple Installation

The HoneyGain app is simple to download on Android and IOS devices. It does not require payments or commitment. Additionally, it allows you to connect with different gadgets if you intend to boost your earnings.

User – friendly

The HoneyGain software is simple to use for beginners due to its straightforward layout and clean designs. Users can easily navigate the site on the first download.

Effective customer service

HoneyGain is well-known for its quick response habit and excellent customer care. You can contact its customer service at any time of the day to ask questions on payments and other in-app issues.

Useful and Safe

Most money-making applications do not prioritize the safety and privacy of their users. However, HoneyGain uses encryption to secure your data, and it often requires the user’s permission to carry out its activities.

HoneyGain Review: Cons

Here are some of the downsides users are likely to experience with HoneyGain:

It Does Not Operate With Inactive Connections or Device

HoneyGain does not pay users who install its app on devices not frequently used. To earn money, you must install the HoneyGain app on a device used at least once daily.

HoneyGain also deletes the rewards of users who uninstall its app. If you fail to stay active on the app for up to six months, your accumulated rewards will also be deleted.

A High Threshold For Minimum Payouts

To withdraw on HoneyGain, you must accumulate up to $20 from sharing internet data. This is a high threshold to set since it takes time to accumulate up to $1. Users could get tired of waiting to accumulate $20.

Low Payout

HoneyGain offers its users $1 to $2 for the large GB of data it consumes. You’re likely to earn less if you don’t reside in the US or some European countries.

Reduced Battery Life

Most HoneyGain users have complained of reduced phone battery life due to the HoneyGain activities operating in the background of their devices. The app may also consume up to 8% to 10% of your daily battery life when used on an outdated device.


HoneyGain is not a scam. If you’re earning less or not earning on the site, it could be that the demand for data in your area is low. With HoneyGain, you can only earn passive income. Thus, do not set high expectations when installing the application.

Frequently Asked Questions On HoneyGain

Is Honeygain a Crypto?

No! Honeygain is not a cryptocurrency and does not mine crypto. However, you can redeem your credits on HoneyGain for Bitcoin and JumpToken. Recently, HoneyGain signed a partnership with JumpToken, allowing users to receive HoneyGain payout in crypto.

Is Honeygain Legit?

Yes! HoneyGain is a legit application that rewards users for sharing internet data. The app has over a hundred thousand downloads on Google PlayStore, with good ratings on Trustpilot – a review site.

How Much Does Honeygain Pay For 1GB?

On average, HoneyGain pays $0.10 per 1GB. However, its compensation varies by area and country. If your area’s internet data demand is high, you’re likely to earn more.

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