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120 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs For Every Niche (Top Picks For Beginners)

Looking for affiliate revenue streams? Finding the best affiliate programs to join can be difficult. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of high-paying affiliate programs worth your time.

As a blogger, influencer, or expert in your field, promoting a product that pays a $100 commission takes roughly the same time and effort as promoting one that pays $10, so why not follow the money?

However, with thousands of niches (and tens of thousands of affiliate marketing programs) to choose from, locating those that provide the best returns is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

What to Look for in Affiliate Income Opportunities?

The products you promote must be useful and relevant to your audience to generate conversions and earn commissions. Therefore, always choose quality products that you are confident in supporting yourself.

Most successful marketers believe that choosing the right product to promote and pitching it to the right audience accounts for more than 70% of your success as an affiliate marketer.

The same is true for your choice of affiliate program or vendor. Highest-income Bloggers say affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable aspects of their blogs.

If you are a new blogger who has done the following:

  • getting started with affiliate marketing, 
  • an established blogger who wants to increase blog revenue.

Then, you have probably consumed a lot of content about affiliate marketing and related topics, leaving you drowning in the sea of affiliate program options available.

How Affiliate Programs Work

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs For Every Niche

Companies recruit affiliates to promote their products and are given a unique link to use. This link redirects visitors from affiliate websites to the company that owns the link.

When a site visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the affiliate receives a commission.

An affiliate link is a one-of-a-kind URL that includes the affiliate’s ID or username. Advertisers use this to track visitors who have been directed to their website.

As the affiliate, you must have content on your website that attracts web traffic. For example, you could write an article about the web hosting services you want to promote.

By including an affiliate link in the post, you can earn money from site visitors who use it to purchase a product.

You can also offer discounts and run advertising campaigns to attract the attention of your target audience.

So, if a visitor clicks on the links and recommendations on your site and purchases a web hosting service, you will receive a commission for the sale.

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How Did We Choose the Best Affiliate Programs?

There are numerous affiliate programs online.

We researched over 500+ affiliate programs in different niches, including:

  • website builders
  • web hosting
  • VPNs
  • fashion
  • travel
  • fitness
  • beauty
  • finance etc.

We did this research to get their most profitable in their respective niches.

Best And Highest Affiliate Programs

1. Fiverr

Fiverr Affiliate program

Commission: $15-150 per referral; or $10 + 10% recurring for 12 months. Alternatively, another commission option depending on the product.

Cookie Life: 30 Days

Minimum Sales Threshold before Payout: $100

Fiverr is similar to Amazon in terms of digital services. Fiverr has a few products that you could promote on your own website or blog, such as:

  • Fiverr (the freelance marketplace with digital services ranging from marketing to technology)
  • Fiverr Pro (access to hand-vetted talent trusted by major brands)
  • Fiverr Learn (courses for freelancers and businesses looking to expand their skills)

Affiliates are provided with creative assets to help promote their services, and your affiliate dashboard allows you to monitor and track your marketing campaign effort and earnings.

You have a reliable lifeline through their dedicated support team, available 24/7 to assist you with any marketing or technical issues.

You can promote the world’s largest marketplace for online services by joining the Fiverr affiliate program.

The possibilities are limitless, from logo design and writing to programming, WordPress gigs, and business services.

Why Choose Fiverr Affiliate Program

After promoting these services, affiliates can earn up to $150 CPA for each first-time buyer or up to $1,000 per sale with their hybrid $10 CPA/10% rev share model (service prices can reach $10,000).

They also allow affiliates to promote individual gigs directly on their blog posts through Fiverr Gig Ads:

With over 250+ categories and over 3 million digital services to promote, Fiverr is my overall favorite affiliate program. For content creators, Fiverr is the best option.

2. Sendiblue

Commission: 5€ per referral + 100€ per subscription purchased by the referral

Cookie Shelf Life: 90 Days

Sendiblue’s affiliate program provides partners with more than just earnings opportunities. You will also be able to collaborate and interact with over 180,000 other affiliates in their service partner directory.

Numerous learning resources are available to help you broaden your knowledge of the product and service offerings, allowing you to pitch the product to your target audience better.

You are paid 5€ for all referrals, even if your referral does not upgrade to a premium version.

When a referral signs up for a subscription plan, you will receive an additional 100€ recurring commission as long as the referral uses the product.

You can track your marketing engagements in real-time and monitor your earnings through their accurate tracking system.

Affiliates also get free access to premium product features like Slack workspace as a reward for actively promoting their product.

Their customer service team can assist you with any technical or marketing issues.

Payment can be requested via direct bank transfer or PayPal.

Although the payout is in euros, the program is available to Americans, and your commission will be converted based on currency rates at the time of payment.

3. BlueHost

BlueHost Affiliate Program

Commission: $65 – $130 per sale

Cookie life: 45 days

As a web hosting service, Bluehost’s affiliate program is extremely popular. The cost barrier and commissions are low, with plans starting at $2.95/month and one-time payouts beginning at $65+.

Bluehost has been in the web hosting business for over a decade and currently powers over 2 million websites.

Payments are made between 16th and the end of each month, and you must have at least $100 to be released.

Why is BlueHost a Good Affiliate Program?

You will enjoy high conversion rates and have access to text links and banners to assist them quickly if you promote Bluehost.

Their affiliate managers provide excellent customer service, and they are my top choice and receive my highest recommendation.

The web host allows users to create a fast and responsive website at an affordable price. In addition, users receive a free SSI certificate, CDN, and domain name.

Their affiliate program has one of the highest commissions in the industry, with over $5 million in commissions paid to affiliates.

Bluehost offers numerous incentives to high-performing affiliates, including the opportunity to earn more commission for high monthly conversions.

There is no earning limit, but withdrawals can only be processed after a 45-60 day waiting period, and the $100 earning threshold has been met.

Bluehost’s affiliate account managers, 24/7 email support, and a wealth of marketing resources are also available to affiliates.

There is a dependable monitoring system that provides you with a real-time bird’s-eye view of your marketing activities. You will also be notified of new discounts and promotions to share with your audience.

The Bluehost affiliate program is free to join, and the entry requirements are relaxed.

4. Thinkific

Commission: 30%

Cookie Life: 90 Days

Thinkific affiliate program has an excellent affiliate program through which you can earn money by promoting their platform.

Every year, you can earn up to $1,700 per referral.

Thinkific is another excellent online course platform worth mentioning. The platform provides regular 30% price discounts on its services to its users.

It enables you to easily create, manage, and sell membership pages and online courses without writing a single line of code. As a result, it is a holy grail for most digital marketers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and bloggers.

Their affiliate program has a massive earning potential—up to $1,100 per sale annually. In addition, for premium referrals, you will be paid a recurring commission of 30% on annual and monthly subscriptions.

Being an affiliate also gives you advantages, artistic privileges, and benefits.

5. Content A Sale

Commission: 15% Recurring

One of the best content automation platforms is ContentASale.

It was created to eliminate the need for businesses to hire a large team of writers while reducing the cost, time, and operational inefficiencies associated with outsourcing content creation.

This incredibly efficient platform also provides users with a fantastic affiliate program.

Referrals that come through the ContentASale affiliate program earn up to 15% recurring commission on all products.

You can earn monthly commissions ranging from $75 to $300 simply by referring new customers.

6. Hubspot

Hubspot Affiliate program

Commission: 15% recurring for 1 year or 100% of the first month’s revenue

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Your preferred method

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sign-up

HubSpot is one of the best CRM software we know, and its mission is to help millions of businesses grow more effectively. HubSpot’s award-winning CRM platform, which includes:

  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub
  • CMS Hub
  • Operations Hub
  • powerful free CRM

Hubspot provides thousands of businesses with the tools to manage the customer experience, from awareness to advocacy.

As a HubSpot affiliate, you can choose between a regular rate of 15% for up to one year or a flat rate of 100% of the first month’s revenue.

HubSpot’s monthly plans range from $50 to $3,000 or more. In addition, customers frequently purchase multiple products at the same time. As a result, these payouts could quickly add up.

When you join HubSpot’s affiliate program, you gain access to a large creative inventory, including demo videos, banners, and copy examples, all designed to help you earn the most commission possible.

Plus, you can cultivate a one-on-one relationship with the HubSpot affiliate team, whose members are all dedicated to helping you succeed.

7. Aweber

Commission: Up to 50% lifetime recurring

Cookie life: One year

Payment Options: PayPal

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $30

Since 1998, AWeber has been the autoresponder of choice for over one million businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition, it’s an excellent resource for newsletter and email drip campaigns.

AWeber has a multi-tiered affiliate program. The more you sell, the more money you will make. You will earn a 30% commission if you refer up to ten accounts in one year.

You will earn 40% if you refer 10 or more customers. You’ll also get 50% off if you refer 50 or more customers. Isn’t it awesome?

AWeber affiliates can earn a lot of money through two different channels:

The Aweber affiliate program provides a lifetime 30% commission. Plans typically range from $20 to $150 monthly, so the payout can be substantial.

CJ Affiliate, on the other hand, allows you to earn up to $300 per account. However, the cookie life with this option is only 45 days instead of a year.

This Affiliate Program is Ideal for Bloggers, Publishers, and Content Creators who Share Email Marketing and Automation Content.

8. Elementor

Elementor  Affiliate program

Commission: 50% per sale

Cookie life: 45 days

Payout Methods: PayPal or your preferred method

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $200

Elementor is a dynamic drag-and-drop website builder used to create more than 7% of all websites worldwide.

Elementor users can customize and scale their WordPress website-building process without writing a single line of code thanks to hundreds of widgets, integrations, website templates, and design tools.

Elementor is unique among WordPress website builders in that it now includes cloud hosting features.

Elementor is more than just software; it has a 100k-member online community where web designers share advice, host meetups, and push each other to professional growth.

Affiliates for Elementor earn 50% of each sale. In addition, the Elementor software is available in five different pricing packages, ranging from $49 to $999 per year.

This wide range of pricing tiers makes it easier for affiliates to market different plans to specific audiences.

Elementor is an appealing option to consider, with notable affiliates earning more than $10,000 per month from the Elementor affiliate program.

9. Tailor Bands

Tailor Brands is trusted by those who need to launch a business quickly while ensuring their brand’s quality.

A high-quality logo is essential for success, and Tailor Brands provides various logo design options for businesses of all sizes.

Their AI tool can also assist businesses in creating social media content, publishing digital business cards, and anything else they require to get started.

They can also assist businesses in forming an LLC to ensure that the proper legal protocol for their business type is followed.

When it comes to the affiliate side of things, you can start earning in three ways based on what you promote:

  • logo maker
  • LLC services
  • their one-stop-shop.

You can cater your messaging based on your audience and what you think will resonate most with them.

For each referral you make, you can earn up to $500.

They also offer professional assistance to get you started and answer any questions you may have.

10. Wix

Wix Affiliate program

Commission: $100 per Premium sale

Cookie life: 30 days

Payout Methods: Wire transfer

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $300

If you want to make unlimited money with little effort, Wix might be for you. The web development company is one of the most popular web hosting platforms.

It offers $100 per Premium referral with no limit on the number of people you can refer (which means you’ve already made $1,000 if you refer 10 people).

Wix also provides links and creatives in all languages, such as banners and landing pages, to make it simple to include their link on your site.

However, it is important to note that you must meet a minimum sales target to be paid — $300 per month (if you make less than that, your earnings will stay in your account until you reach that benchmark).

If you believe your website, blog, or social channel is regularly visited by prospects interested in creating their website on a hosting platform, this could be a good program for you.

However, if you are unsure if you can meet the minimum sales target for a while, you should reconsider.

The Wix Affiliate Program Is ideal for bloggers, content creators, and review website owners with an audience who wants to start their own website.

It’s an especially good fit if your target audience considers themselves beginners. Wix is a great place to start for new website owners because of its code-free builder.

Gold And Precious Metal Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Gold and Precious metals bring in a lot of money. This is because the rich invest and trade it, and even the poor can make money selling scrap metals.

So people are always looking for new ways to invest their money, and one of the most popular is to buy gold and other precious metals.

You can promote affiliate programs if you have a website or blog about investing, personal finance, or even general interest topics.

Those looking to invest in gold to protect their wealth have many reasons to do so, and with the current economic conditions, now is a good time to do so.

Yellow metal has always been regarded as a haven investment, and you can make money with gold and precious metals affiliate programs through your website.

1. GoldCo

GoldCo Affiliate program

Commission rate: $165+ per qualified lead, 8%+ on sales

Cookie duration: 30 days

Goldco’s affiliate program pays more than $150,000 in monthly commissions thanks to generous terms, including a $165 bounty on qualified leads and an 8% sales commission, which can be increased to 10% for high-volume affiliates.

However, unlike the other gold companies mentioned in this article, Goldco is only interested in working with experienced affiliate marketers. It specifically requires that all new Goldco affiliates:

  • Have proven affiliate experience in a financial niche.
  • Prepare to adhere to its stringent promotional policies.
  • Websites, landing pages, and other marketing materials should be submitted for review.

The company provides various services for precious metals investors, including storage and shipping options.

They also have a team of experts who can answer any investment questions.

Goldco can provide you with the best precious metals options for your investment needs, whether you want to open a precious metals IRA or invest with your savings.

You can get their free gold IRA Kit to learn more about starting a gold IRA.

2. Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious metals Affiliate program

Commission rate: $200 per qualified lead plus revenue share

Cookie life: 90 days

Augusta Precious Metals was founded for investors who want to buy gold and silver without making the same mistakes that many do.

The company provides various investment options, including coins, bars, and rounds.

They offer personal assistance to those considering their first purchase and those looking to expand their portfolio.

They also assist with the majority of IRA processing, making it simple for those who want to invest in precious metals with their retirement account.

Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program pays $165-$200 per qualified lead, allowing you to earn while assisting others in making wise investments.

Signups for the affiliate program are handled through an onsite form, which is managed in-house.

It offers a 90-day cookie window and lifetime commissions on qualified leads’ transactions, with average high-dollar trades, because customers trust the company’s integrity.

You will receive a commission if a customer you referred refers their partner to Augusta Precious Metals. Commission payments can be made via ACH or PayPal.

3. BirchGold

BirchGold Affiliate program

Commission rate: $25 per qualified lead, 2% – 5% on transactions

Cookie duration: Unknown

Protecting your retirement savings is what Birch Gold is all about.

The company offers many gold investing services, including IRA rollovers and transfers.

As with a lot of the other affiliate programs on this list, BirchGold Affiliate Program pays a wide range of commissions, as follows:

  • 2% on sales under $10,000
  • 3% on sales of $10,000 – $50,000
  • 4% on sales of $50,000 – $250,000
  • 5% on sales over $250,000

It also offers a $25 bounty payment for each qualified lead, defined as someone who lives in the US, has been contacted by a Birch Gold representative and confirmed their interest in its services, and has at least $10,000 in investment equity.

Investing in gold with Birch Gold can be a good option to diversify your savings and safeguard your future.

They also offer an information kit that gives you insider information on using gold and silver to protect your retirement.

4. American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold Affiliate program

Commission rate: $25 per qualified lead, 2% – 5% on transactions

Cookie duration: Unknown

American Hartford Gold is the #1 gold company on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies, and it has a five-star rating on Trustpilot from over 1,100 reviews.

Because of endorsements from people like Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and Rudy Giuliani, the company has strong brand awareness.

Affiliate marketers can generate far more referrals and sales if their target audience is already familiar with the brand they’re promoting.

The American Hartford Gold affiliate program pays a 3% commission per sale and a 1% commission on revenue generated by affiliates referred to the program.

Affiliate partners can access brand assets, creative banner templates, and promotional videos.

You can also incorporate real-time market data on platinum, gold, and silver bullion prices into your messaging.

5. GoldBroker

GoldBroker Affiliate program

Commission rate: 0.1% – 0.4% lifetime commission

Cookie duration: One year

GoldBroker, as the name suggests, is a gold broker. It was founded in 2011 by French entrepreneur and investor Fabrice Drouin Ristori.

It allows customers to buy physical gold and silver (as well as other precious metals) and provide secure storage.

The company generated a consolidated turnover of €60 million in 2020 and managed hundreds of millions of euros in precious metals, which is legitimate.

Affiliate marketers receive a commission on purchase transactions from referred customers and storage services through GoldBroker’s affiliate program.

The commission percentage varies depending on the amount of bullion purchased and stored:

  • $500,000: 0.2% on purchase, 0.1% on storage
  • $500,000 – $1 million: 0.25% on purchase, 0.15% on storage
  • $1 million – $5 million: 0.3% on purchase, 0.17% on storage
  • $5 million+: 0.4% on purchase, 0.2% on storage
  • For example, say someone hits your affiliate link and buys $500,000 of bullion, then opts for safe storage in Zurich.

You earn $1,000 from the initial transaction plus $500 per year for the life of the bullion.

GoldBroker offers many marketing tools to help you out, including an investment simulation widget and gold price widgets to add to your site.

6. Gold Republic

Gold Republic Affiliate program

Commission rate: 25% of all transaction fees

Cookie lifespan: two years

GoldRepublic enables investors to purchase physical gold and silver bullion with complete ownership and no hassle.

Customers can buy precious metals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, manage their portfolios online, and sell gold (and withdraw funds) whenever they want.

The company also provides storage services, allowing buyers to store their bullion in a high-security vault or ship it directly to their homes.

Customers can even select their preferred vault location: Germany, the Netherlands, or Switzerland.

GoldRepublic Affiliate Program pays a 25% commission on all transaction fees. In addition, with a generous two-year cookie window, you can earn multiple commissions from each customer who purchases through your affiliate link.

VPN Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

The VPN market is extremely profitable and competitive. It is currently valued at $44.6 billion and has enormous growth potential, with the market expected to exceed $77 billion by 2026.

However, that is not the only reason we enjoy VPN affiliate programs. Here are three more examples:

  • VPN prices are low, making it easier to promote the products. This means increased sales.
  • The commission rates are relatively high. That translates to more money per sale.
  • Recurring commissions are available in many programs, and top-performing affiliate marketers can sometimes negotiate their commission rates.

1. IPVanish: Overall Best VPN Affiliate Program

IP Vanish Affiliate program

Commissions: 100% on referral + 35% on all subscription renewals.

Cookie life: Unknown

IPVanish Affiliate Program is recommended by 84% of the VPN websites, and most affiliate marketers claim it has the most competitive rate and bonuses. Hence our number one highest-paying VPN Affiliate Program.

Its affiliate program offers a 50% commission on monthly, quarterly, and annual plan sales. There is also a private commission and a consumer offer available.

It has a monthly plan, but its most popular option is an annual subscription, currently $47.89 for the first year. This equates to a $24 commission.

The commissions are not recurring, unlike some VPN affiliate programs. However, the program allows for an unlimited number of occurrences.

So, if you refer a customer who purchases multiple products within the 45-day cookie period, you will receive a commission on each sale.

IPVanish manages its affiliate network using the “Affiliate Grove” platform, which gives affiliates a real-time view of their stats, marketing engagements, and returns.

Because IPVanish provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on new yearly plans, commissions are approved on the 31st day following the signup date.

Payouts can be made via ACH (for affiliate marketers in the United States) or PayPal (for US and international payments).

You also get access to free IPVanish accounts as part of their affiliate incentives.

IPVanish’s affiliate support system includes resources, training, and a team of professionals who can assist their affiliate marketers with technical and marketing assistance.

  • U.S.-based affiliates have the option to request for their payment to be paid via direct deposit or PayPal.
  • Non-U.S-based affiliates are limited to PayPal. While there’s no cap on the amount you can withdraw, you must reach a $100 threshold before processing a withdrawal request.

2. Surfshark

SurfShark Affiliate program

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie life: 30 days

Payment methods: wire transfer, PayPal, and cryptocurrency.

CNET and TechRadar, two major online VPN authority figures, rank Surfshark as the second-best VPN service provider.

Affiliates earn a 40%+ revenue share on new sales, though Surfshark claims an average commission of 60%. It also offers performance-based bonuses.

Prices for its most popular 24-month package currently starts at $2.49 per month, which works out to a commission of around $36 over the contract’s life.

Surfshark affiliate programs are available on various affiliate platforms, including Avant, Impact Radius, and Tunes. Alternatively, you can sign up via the Surfshark site.

In either case, you’ll have access to a personal affiliate manager. You don’t have to own a website to participate in the program, though Surfshark recommends it.ppp

Commissions are credited to your account within 30 days of a purchase’s completion, and payouts are made upon request.

If you’re a consistent earner, Surfshark will send your invoice at the beginning of each month without requiring you to contact them first.

The VPN provider is popular as a great option for a beginner looking for essential features and functionality at a pocket-friendly price.

They offer users a variety of server options. They have over 3200 servers in 65+ countries and are still working on expanding their network.

The Surfshark VPN Affiliate program also provides affiliate marketers additional opportunities to collaborate with industry experts to gain marketing assets and professional support.

Wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, or cryptocurrency can pay affiliates. Please remember that you can only process a payment request once you’ve reached the $100 withdrawal limit.

3. PureVPN

Pure VPN Affiliate program

Commission: 100% for the first month and 40% on longer plans.

Cookie Life: 90 days

Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer

The Pure VPN provider has a large server network with over 6500 servers across 78+ countries.

The VPN provider provides excellent customer service via their 24/7 live chat widget and useful FAQs.

Affiliates on the Pure VPN Affiliate Program can earn two types of commissions. PureVPN affiliates earn a 100% flat commission on monthly plan sales, while longer-term plans earn a 40% bounty payment plus a 35% recurring commission for the customer’s lifetime.

High performers are rewarded with special commissions and bonuses. In addition, as an affiliate, you will have access to a dedicated team of experts who can assist you with technical and marketing issues.

To ensure complete transparency, several integrations and S2S options have been implemented. They also notify their affiliates of their marketing activities when a new sale is made.

You need to fill out the form on PureVPN’s affiliate landing page to apply for its affiliate program.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager once you’ve been approved, who will keep you updated on the latest deals and coupons.

4. FastestVPN

Commission: 60-100% Commission and 35% upon renewal

Cookie Life: Unknown

Fastest VPN has over 350 network server locations in 40 countries. Their strong encryption, leak-proof protocols, and privacy-friendly policies make it an excellent choice for a VPN service provider.

The FastestVPN affiliate program is as good as its services. They have great commission rates, low return rates, and high affiliate conversion rates. Hence, so many have decided to affiliate with them.

Their affiliate network is hosted on “Post Affiliate Pro,” a platform that provides affiliates with real-time performance analytics.

Affiliates are paid instantly on the 15th of each month; however, you must reach the $100 threshold before being eligible for payment.

Your payments can be received via wire transfer or PayPal.

The affiliate support package includes a personal account manager, online resources, and useful marketing materials.

You can contact their support team via a live chat option on their affiliate website if you have a complaint.

5. Nord VPN

Nord VPN Affiliate program

Commission: from 40% to 100% per new signup & 30% renewal

Cookie Life: 30 days

Payment Methods: Cryptocurrency, Wire Transfer, PayPal

NordVPN is the second most widely used VPN service. NordVPN was recommended by 96% of the sites that were examined.

According to site owners, this program had lower conversion rates than ExpressVPN.

NordVPN commission rates begin at 100% revenue share for one-month plans, 40% for one-year and two-year plans, and 30% for all recurring sales.

  • 1-month offer – New Signup 100% / Renewal 30%
  • 6-month offer – New Signup 40% / Renewal 30%
  • 1-year offer – New Signup 40% / Renewal 30%
  • 2-year offer – New Signup 40% / Renewal 30%

Monthly subscription costs between $8.00 and $13.00, annual plans cost between $59.88 and $86.28, and two-year plans cost between $83.43 and $142.83.

Affiliates on NordVpN affiliate program who recommend the most expensive 2-year plan can earn up to $57. In addition, a 30% renewal commission is an additional bonus.

Affiliates can access the program through most affiliate networks, including CJ, Impact, Awin, Tradedoubler, and others, and sign up directly through the site.

Account managers assist affiliates with account setup, promotional materials, conversions, and other inquiries.

VPN site owners revealed that commissions could be negotiated and increased based on sales referrals.

Affiliates have access to useful tools and resources that can help your marketing campaign succeed. As a result, you can be confident that you will receive prompt responses to problems and requests.

Email tickets, live chat, and phone support are available only to US residents. Customized router troubleshooting and remote assistance are also available.

6. Cyber Ghost VPN

CyberGhost Affiliate program

Commission: Up to 100% on monthly sales; 45% on annual subscriptions

Payment Methods: Unlisted

Cookie duration: 45 days

Cyber Ghost VPN is owned by Kape Technologies, which also owns ExpressVPN and PIA, which made our top 10.

CyberGhost VPN Affiliate Program offers up to 100% commission on monthly sales and 45% commission on annual subscriptions referred within a 45-day cookie window.

According to CyberGhost, it has the “most competitive earnings in the industry.” In addition, high-performing affiliates are eligible for special commissions.

CyberGhost’s prices vary according to subscription length, as with most VPN solutions. Its most popular plan lasts three years and three months and costs $89.31 right now. That equates to a commission of around $40 per sale.

CyberGhost has a dedicated team of experienced affiliate account managers to assist you in effectively promoting VPN services.

Affiliates can also access customized graphics, landing pages, real-time performance statistics, and notifications about upcoming promotions.

7. Proton VPN

Proton VPN Affiliate program

Commission: 40% – 100% on new plans, 30% on renewals

Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, PayPal

Cookie Life: 30 days

Proton VPN is listed as “recommended” on roughly two-thirds of the VPN websites in our analysis. Its VPN affiliate program has a commission structure that rewards affiliates for both new sales and renewals, with the following commissions paid:

  • New monthly plan sales: 100%
  • New one- and two-year plan sales: 40%
  • 30% off renewals

It’s worth noting that joining the Proton VPN affiliate program entitles you to a 20% commission on any ProtonMail sales you refer.

Proton provides free VPN service. However, you will not receive a commission for promoting them.

Its most popular paid product is the two-year plan, which currently costs $4.99 per month. If you sell that package, you’ll make about $48 in commission over the life of the contract.

Commissions are paid by bank transfer on the 30th of the following calendar month if the balance exceeds $100.

If not, the commissions will be carried over to the next month. For earnings of more than $1,000, PayPal payments are available.

You must complete an on-site form to join Proton’s VPN affiliate program. Once approved, you’ll have access to a slew of marketing assets in your affiliate dashboard and dedicated affiliate support.

8. Hotspot Shield

HubSpot Shield Affiliate program

Commission: 50%

Payment Methods: Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, PayPal

Cookie Life: Unlisted

Hotspot Shield Affiliate Program is recommended by 48% of the VPN and news websites and most VPN Affiliate marketers.

There’s no complex commission structure here. Affiliates earn a flat 50% commission on every sale they refer, whether monthly, yearly, Premium, or Premium Family subscription.

At current pricing levels, the most popular option is the yearly Premium package, which pays a commission of approximately $48.

Affiliates have various payment options, including checks, wire transfers, direct deposit, and PayPal. The program has a $25 payment threshold. If you earn less in a month, your commissions will roll over.

Affiliates are invited to use Hotspot Shield’s marketing resources, which include high-quality promotional videos.

Its affiliate hub offers a wide range of branded badges and banners, and affiliates can also request custom coupon codes to share with their audience.

9. ExpressVPN

Commission: $13 – $36

Cookie Life: 90 days

The ExpressVPN affiliate program is run internally, and site owners have told us that their affiliate team is fantastic to work with.

Application reviews are expected to take one to two business days. In addition, affiliates must have an active website with VPN-related content.

Affiliates can earn money with the VPN service provider’s flexible commission structure and quick payout.

There is no cap on the commission rate here; your earnings are determined by the monthly sales you generate.

One of the incredible incentives offered by the program is the ability for affiliates to use ExpressVPN for free for 30 days per sale.

How Does ExpressVPN manage its affiliate program?

ExpressVPN runs and manages its affiliate program with Post Affiliate Pro. You can track your conversions and clicks with their dependable in-house affiliate performance tracking system.

Payments are made via PayPal and wire transfer; however, there is a $100 withdrawal limit for PayPal payments and a $1000 threshold limit for wire transfer requests.

You can earn 100% commissions on sales you refer, starting at $12.95 monthly. The most popular package (6 months) earns a commission of 45%. These, however, are not recurring.

Affiliates receive assistance with SEO, UX, design, content, affiliate materials, and customized landing pages from dedicated affiliate account managers.

Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal (before the 15th of each month), with a minimum payout of US$100. However, wire transfers are available for commissions exceeding US$1,000 per month.

10. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN Affiliate program

Commission: Up to 100%

Payment Methods: Unlisted

Cookie duration: Unlisted

Four of the sites we looked at recommended Ivacy VPN. The VPN service provider operates over 5,700 servers in over 100 locations and simultaneously supports up to ten devices.

All of its plans enable access to a variety of streaming services, including BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, and 16 major Netflix regions.

Ivacy VPN offers up to 100% commission on new sales and 35% commission on subscription renewals.

Affiliates of Ivacy VPN Affiliate Program benefit from the brand’s high conversion and retention rates. Top-performing affiliates, according to Ivacy, have conversion rates ranging from 7% to 10% and churn rates of less than 10%.

This implies that nine out of ten customers renew their accounts after the subscription period expires.

Ivacy provides its partners with the following:

  • a dedicated account manager
  • large selection of marketing materials
  • reporting tools that provide real-time insights into clicks, sales
  • commissions to help them optimize performance.

A dedicated support team that consists of webmasters is available at your beck and call to provide the technical and marketing support you need for a successful marketing campaign.

There is no cap on how much you can earn. However, you’ll need to pass a withdrawal threshold of $100 before withdrawing your money.

Highest Paying Webhosting Affiliate Programs

Web hosting affiliate programs are among the highest-paying in the industry, allowing you to earn a substantial income per sale.

Because these affiliate programs have been around for a while, they are less risky and can provide a stable platform for use.

However, you should proceed cautiously when selecting the best web hosting affiliate programs. High payouts are desirable, but not all web hosting companies are created equal.

SiteGround, for example, is a reliable host with a robust affiliate program, but they have been known to kick affiliates out when it suits them.

1. Hostgator

HostGator Affiliate program

Commission: $65 to $125 per signup

Cookie Life: 60 days

Hostgator is one of the best web hosting platforms for beginners. Anyone can join the HostGator affiliate program; it’s free, and you can start earning passive income immediately by working alongside webmasters.

Affiliates are paid on the 11th of every month but have a 2-month and 10-day waiting period. This is because of the 45-day money-back guarantee on all their services.

Payment can be requested via PayPal, Payoneer, Ach, or check.

Affiliate support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you don’t have to worry about high return rates because Hostgator has a strong brand image that you can rely on at any time, from anywhere.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger  Affiliate program

Commission: 60%

Cookie Life: 45 Days

Hostinger operates an affiliate program that pays bloggers and affiliate marketers attractive commissions on sales.

Earnings on Hostinger Affiliate Program start at $60 and can reach $150, depending on your marketing performance. However, the commission structure does not support recurring earnings; sales only pay you once.

Affiliates can request payment via PayPal, but there is a $100 withdrawal threshold, as with any other program.

The scheme has no upper limit on how much you can earn; you earn as much as you can refer.

Partners receive excellent support through promotional resources, screenshots, logos, infographics, banners, and personalized account management.

You also have access to a control panel to accurately track your marketing efforts, allowing you to optimize your marketing campaign.

3. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Affiliate program

Commission: $50 for one sale and up to $ 100 for six sales

Cookie Life: 60 days

Branded as an eco-friendly website hosting company (300% green), GreenGeeks is a commitment to the cause of providing safe, environment-friendly web hosting services.

The web hosting company has powered over 500,000 websites and many hops on their wagon daily.

GreenGeeks Affiliate Program earnings are tiered and strictly performance-based.

You will be paid $50 even if you only refer to one successful monthly sale.

In contrast to other hosts, who expect you to refer dozens of sales per month, you earn more with each additional sale, up to a cap of $100 per sale.

That’s most likely why this host’s affiliate program has 15,000 affiliates. Affiliates can also use custom trackers, targeted landing pages, and real-time statistics.

GreenGeeks is willing to negotiate special incentives and bonuses if you refer to an even higher sales volume. Yes, the standard cookie duration is 60 days.

Due to their 30-day money-back policy, your affiliate account would be credited 30 days after a sale. Payouts are processed on the 15th of each month, and you can request payment by check, wire transfer, or PayPal.

Additionally, the company helps partners improve conversion rates by providing banners, content, and other creative marketing resources.

4. Cloudways

CloudWays Affiliate program

Cloudways Affiliate Commission: $125 (one-time payment) or $30 + 7% recurring commission

Cookie Life: 90 Days

Cloudways Affiliate Program is extremely rewarding for promoters with an audience that fits Cloudways’ offerings well.

The program provides its partners three flexible incentive models, recurring commissions, and attractive payouts.

You can choose the most appropriate commission payout option from the Slab plan and Hybrid plan.

  • Slab Plan: In this plan, you earn a one-time payment that varies according to your effort. The starting point is $50, but you can earn up to $125 per transaction if you complete more transactions.

This plan is better suited for promoters who can regularly refer customers.

  • Hybrid Plan: With this plan, an affiliate can earn recurring income. The initial commission is $30, followed by a lifetime recurring commission of 7% as long as the customer uses their services.

Partners can choose to opt out of a payout plan for another. Payments are processed on the 15th of each month, but you must meet a $250 withdrawal threshold to be eligible.

You qualify for their monthly bonus if you reach the $250 threshold before the 15th of each month.

Signing up for the program is simple; you need to provide some basic information. Then, as an affiliate, you will receive a real-time tracking device that will display your conversions and clicks.

Blog posts, monthly information brochures, promotional banners, seasonal campaigns, exclusive deals, manuals, helpful tools, and professional account managers are also available.

5. Liquid Web

Liquid Web Affiliate program

Commission: 150%

Cookie Life: 90 Days

If your target audience is interested in managed, shared, or corporate hosting, the Liquid Web Affiliate program is an excellent affiliate program to join.

The brand can be trusted, and its reputation over two decades in the hosting industry demonstrates that they know what they’re doing and is doing it well.

The web hosting provider runs and manages its affiliate network, open to anyone willing to work hard as a promoter.

Promoting their web hosting services can earn you massive commissions (up to 150% per referral).

You also earn small commissions on the marketing efforts of other affiliate marketers you refer.

This scheme is appealing because affiliates can earn up to $7000 per sale—it almost seems too good to be true, but it is.

However, that amount is only realistic if the conversion is made while promoting their dedicated or cloud hosting services—you can still earn a decent amount with WordPress hosting sales.

A referral who enrolls in any pre-paid plan will also receive a 50% bonus.

Due to their money-back policy, payments are charged to your affiliate account after 60 days. You can request payments via PayPal direct transfer.

6. Wp Engine

WP Engine  Affiliate program

Commission: One-time payment for every new purchase

Cookie Life: 180 days.

WP Engine Affiliate Program offers amazing payouts, so it’s one of the highest-paying affiliate programs.

Their commissions are paid as one-time payments for each new purchase, with a minimum of $200 or the first month’s payment, whichever is greater.

To calculate the equivalent monthly rate for an annual purchase, divide the total price by 12.

Remember that new referrals must remain uncancelled for at least 62 days before any commission is considered final.

Affiliate payments are made on the 20th of each month, but plan upgrades and add-ons do not qualify for commissions.

There is also an additional bonus commission structure. If you refer more than five but fewer than ten customers to WP Engine each month, you will receive an additional $100 on top of your existing commission.

This extra commission increases to $1,500 for more than 60 referrals.

WP Engine has a fantastic 180-day cookie duration, which means your visitors can help you earn your commission for up to six months. That’s one of the longest cookie durations you’ll find in the web hosting affiliate space.

7. GoDaddy

GoDaddy Affiliate program

Commission: 10% revenue share

EPC: $57.31

Cookie lifespan: 45 days

Anyone can join the GoDaddy affiliate program; it’s free, and you can start earning passive income immediately by collaborating with webmasters.

Affiliates are paid on the 11th of each month, but there is a 2-month and 10-day waiting period. This is due to their 45-day money-back guarantee.

Payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, Ach, and check.

Affiliate support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you don’t need to be concerned about high return rates because Hostgator has a strong brand image on which you can rely at any time, from anywhere.

Highest Paying Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

1. ConvertKit

Convertkit Affiliate program

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie Life: 30 days

ConvertKit is a newcomer to the email marketing industry but among the best email service provider for small businesses. It has already assisted many clients in growing and managing their audience base through landing pages, email drip campaigns, and forms.

Existing ConvertKit users can join the ConvertKit affiliate program to help spread the word about the tool to their target audience—signing up for the program is free.

Every premium user or webinar subscriber earns affiliates a lifetime 30% recurring fee.

The earning potential with the ConvertKit affiliate program is enormous, with the product stacking up to $2,000 monthly.

Conversely, affiliates are not given incentives or special discounts for any product they promote.

This ConvertKit Affiliate Program is ideal for writers, bloggers, and content creators with an audience interested in starting their own newsletter or side business.

ConvertKit’s free and low-cost subscriptions make it an excellent choice for anyone just starting with email marketing.

2. Leadpages

LeadPages Affiliate program

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie life: 30 days

When it comes to creating high-converting landing pages from customizable, professionally pre-made templates, many people prefer Leadpages.

This online platform’s landing pages are optimized to increase conversion rates and collect audience contact information.

Leadpages Affiliate Program is a user-only program; you must be a customer to be eligible to participate.

The program pays partners a 30% commission on all sales. Because the premium fee for the tool ranges from $25 to $200, you can earn a substantial recurring income from the scheme.

Leadpages also hosts performance-based challenges regularly; for example, marketers who reach a specific target on a specific day can win up to $5,000.

Like most affiliate programs, affiliates have access to helpful links, sidebar images, and social media-friendly banners to increase conversion.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse Affiliate program

Commission: 33% recurring and 100% on-account referral.

Cookie Life: 120 days (Internal Program), 30 Days (External Program).

GetResponse is a multi-purpose solution that offers users other marketing tools such as a CRM app, webinar hosting, subscription forms, landing pages, and many more in addition to email marketing.

GetResponse’s Affiliate Program is self-hosted. Although the program structure is similar to AWeber’s, two partnership programs are available to affiliates—you can choose both.

Affiliates are paid a 100% commission per referral and a 33% recurring fee for repeat customers.

The scheme is suitable for affiliates who want to earn a substantial passive income stream with plans costing between $15 to $1,200 monthly subscription fee.

If you’re referring through CJ Affiliate (external program), you get paid a one-time payment of $135.

The shelf life of the cookies here is 30 days—a massive drop from the 120 days offered by the internal program.

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact Affiliate program

Commission: $5 for each referral that signs up for a free trial and $105 when your referrals pay for a new account.

Cookie life: 120 days

The Constant Contact Affiliate Program allows you to earn $5 for all qualified leads and $105 when the referral becomes a customer.

You’ll also get marketing materials, a tracking dashboard, and personalized support to help you succeed with the affiliate program.

Major brands such as Facebook, WordPress, and Shopify use Constant Contact.

If you believe your clients or prospects could benefit from email marketing tools, this is a good partnership to consider.

Its excellent stack of email marketing tools is very useful for scheduling follow-up emails, targeting new eCommerce customers, automating email marketing campaigns, and creating Facebook and Instagram ads, to mention a few.

As an affiliate, you can access personalized support from in-house experts, a reliable real-time monitoring dashboard, and promotional offers to boost conversions.

This Affiliate Program is Ideal for Bloggers and Content Creators with a Small-to-Medium Business Audience.

Constant Contact has no free plans, so it’s best if your audience is willing to commit to a paid purchase.

5. Pabbly

Pabbly Affiliate program

Commission: 30% recurring commissions on every sale

Cookie Life: 30 Days

The Pabbly Affiliate Program allows active promoters to earn a lot of money. The program is free to join, and the sign-up process is simple.

After a 30-day waiting period, you are paid a 30% recurring fee on any sale. In addition, you will receive a flat 20% commission if you promote their Life-Time Deal (LTD).

You can promote any or all of their products and earn a 30% commission on the sale within 40 days.

They use a single cookie to track all of their product sales.

So, whatever product you promote, you will earn a commission on all purchases made through your affiliate link. This will also save you from referring to each product individually to your audience.

A single Pabbly product sale can earn you a minimum commission of $183.

Payouts are processed on a specific date, and you can receive your payment via bank transfer or PayPal. There is, however, a $50 minimum before a withdrawal can be processed.

The affiliate dashboard includes tracking and information about your marketing efforts, commissions, and payment history.

This Affiliate Program is Ideal for Bloggers, Website Owners, or Social Media Experts whose audience is interested in experimenting with email marketing.

Pabbly is especially useful if your audience wants to start a subscription service or newsletter because of its subscription billing tool.

6. Moosend

Introducing the Moosend Affiliate Program

The Moosend Affiliate Program presents a mutually beneficial opportunity for you and your audience. By introducing them to a cost-cutting, engagement-boosting tool, you can earn a passive income through lifetime commissions.

Key Details of the Moosend Affiliate Program:

  • Tiered commission structure based on the number of paid accounts:
  • Bronze Group (0-5 paid accounts) with 30% recurring commission
  • Silver Group (6-10 paid accounts) with 33% recurring commission
  • Gold Group (11-25 paid accounts) with 35% recurring commission
  • Platinum Group (26-35 paid accounts) with 37% recurring commission
  • Diamond Group (36 or more accounts) with 40% recurring commissions
  • 90-day cookie duration
  • Payout methods: PayPal, Stripe & Wire Transfer
  • First-touch attribution model
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Access to promotional resources in the Affiliate Resource Center
  • $5 minimum threshold

Join the Moosend Affiliate Program today to start earning.

Moosend – Empowering Email Marketing, Automation, and Lead Generation

Experience the power of Moosend, an all-in-one platform for email marketing, automation, and lead generation. Here’s a glimpse of what Moosend offers:

Campaign Options: Choose from a variety of campaign options, including regular campaigns, A/B split test campaigns, repeatable HTML campaigns, RSS campaigns, and automation campaigns.

Email Templates: Explore our extensive library of pre-designed email templates that you can easily customize to match your unique brand and campaign requirements.

Email Editor: Craft stunning emails effortlessly using our intuitive email editor, even if you lack extensive design or coding skills.

Automation Features: Simplify your workflow with our ready-made automation recipes, allowing you to set up automated email sequences and workflows seamlessly.

Landing Pages & Forms: Capture leads and expand your email lists with our user-friendly tools for creating captivating landing pages and forms.

Email List Management: Effectively manage your email lists with advanced segmentation and list maintenance features, ensuring targeted and personalized communication.

Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into the performance of your email campaigns through our comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Integrations: Seamlessly connect Moosend with other tools and platforms, integrating your email marketing efforts with various aspects of your business operations.

Customer Support: Count on our dedicated customer support team to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while utilizing the Moosend platform.

Join the Moosend Affiliate Program today and unlock the potential of email marketing, automation, and lead generation.

7. MailerLite

Mailerlite Affiliate program

Commission Rate: 30% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie lifespan: 30 days

Payout Method: PayPal

MailerLite affiliate partners can earn a 30% lifetime recurring commission for each successful sale.

This affiliate email marketing program is ideal for bloggers, marketers, and businesses of all sizes. However, you must first reach the $50 minimum threshold to cash out commissions.

Affiliates who meet this requirement will receive payment 45 days after claiming payment. The only available payment method is PayPal, which will suffice for most users.

MailerLite provides its affiliate partners with a custom partner dashboard where they can track their earnings in real time and optimize their performance using referral statistics.

Furthermore, you will have free access to promotional materials, such as the company’s professional branding and marketing assets.

However, there are some limitations to the Mailerlite Affiliate program. Unfortunately, the company does not permit affiliate partners to promote MailerLite through online advertising services such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.

Highest Paying E-Learning Affiliate Programs

1. Udemy

Udemy Affiliate program

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 7 days

Udemy is rightfully known as the Amazon of online courses, with over 200K courses and 741M course enrollments.

It offers beginner to intermediate-level courses in coding, marketing, design, business, project management, and various other subjects, including music and photography.

Udemy’s wide range of courses and low prices make it an ideal e-learning platform for affiliate marketers. You can find relevant and high-quality courses to promote as an affiliate in any niche you choose.

Udemy Affiliate program base commission rate is only 10%, but it runs regular affiliate-exclusive promotions with additional commission offers.

Also, it rewards you for any number of courses your referral purchases within the first seven days of clicking your affiliate link.

You can obtain course-specific, category-specific, and site-wide affiliate links, appealing banners, and promotional materials as an affiliate.

You can negotiate exclusive affiliate rates with Udemy if you have a large email list and consistently drive sales.

2. Coursera

Coursera Affiliate program

Commission: 20-45%

Cookie life: 30 days

Hosting more than 1,000 courses, Coursera also operates one of the most well-known education affiliate programs.

And by “popular,” we mean “highly paid.” Its affiliate program offers commissions ranging from 10% to 45% on all eligible purchases made within 30 days of clicking your referral link, as well as bonuses for exceptional performance.

Coursera Affiliate Program, unlike many other affiliate programs, allows you to earn commissions on sales to existing members. This gives you an excellent opportunity to generate multiple sales from the same customer.

If we were overly critical, we might suggest that the commissions be recurring rather than a one-time payment.

Lifetime commissions aren’t common in education affiliate programs, so it’s a bit of a letdown.

Coursera runs and manages its affiliate network on Linkshare. The program pays affiliates between 20%-45% commission based on marketing performance.

There are also incredible incentives and bonuses for good results. You can easily earn a decent income from the scheme, as premium courses on Coursera sell from $29 to $99.

Affiliates receive customized content suggestions through a monthly newsletter and professionally crafted banners as a marketing aid.

3. Teachable

Teachable Affiliate program

Commission: 30% recurring

Cookie life: 90 days

Teachable is one of the best online course platforms for learning and teaching. It is an established online course platform where you can easily create and market your expertise or knowledge about almost anything.

The platform is a haven for over 18 million avid learners and hosts over 180,000 active courses.

The company runs its Teachable affiliate network and pays marketers a 30% recurring commission from the referral’s subscription fee.

The amount you earn in commission can stack up to a massive income; subscription plans range from $29 to $499 a month, and you can earn up to $150 per referral.

4. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning Affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to $40 per subscription

Cookie duration: 30 days

LinkedIn has excellent brand awareness and a large professional audience, making this affiliate program particularly appealing.

LinkedIn Learning’s appeal stems partly from its personalized recommendations, which analyze the skills people want to possess to help them find the appropriate course.

When they do, they can learn at their own pace. Simple!

The LinkedIn Learning affiliate program, like Pluralsight, pays a small commission — in this case, $10 — for each referral who signs up for a free trial.

However, driving sales is where the real money is made: affiliate marketers earn 35% on individual course purchases and up to $40 for each monthly subscription.

LinkedIn provides you with all the banners, text links, and free trial offers you’ll need to convert visitors to your affiliate website into full-fledged LinkedIn Learning customers.

5. Udacity

Udacity Affiliate program

Commission: $25 per signup

Cookie duration: 30 days

Udacity began as an online learning experiment when Stanford instructors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig opened up their Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course to anyone, anywhere, for free.

Their offer was well received, with over 160,000 students from over 190 countries signing up.

In keeping with Thrun and Norvig’s areas of expertise, Udacity is heavily focused on assisting learners in acquiring skills in high demand by many leading tech companies — think cloud computing, data science, AI, and more.

Udacity’s so-called nano degree programs start at $399 per month, making this far from the most affordable option in the market.

It is, however, popular among several government agencies and enterprise clients, including Accenture, Shell, and the United States Air Force.

Regarding Udacity affiliate program, its affiliate commissions, you’ll receive $25 for each person you refer to Udacity through your affiliate website.

6. Kajabi

Kajabi Affiliate program

Commission: 30% recurrent

Cookie Life: 30 days

Kajabi offers an all-rounded solution for online entrepreneurs who want to sell their knowledge online.

It provides everything you need to create the ideal website, course, landing pages, and marketing campaign.

Kajabi’s Affiliate Program is exclusively only for their users—you have to have an account with them to join the network.

The program pays the affiliate a 30% recurring commission for every premium referral who continues to use the service after the free trial period. In addition, there are also special incentives and exclusive benefits available to reward Kajabi partners.

7. SkillShare

Skillshare Affiliate program

Commission rate: $7 per free trial signup

Cookie duration: 30 days

Skillshare is an online education website that helps everyone from high school students to retirees gain valuable skills in creative fields such as illustration, design, and photography.

The platform has over 42,000 online classes and video lessons, so if your audience is interested in anything creative, they can find something that suits them.

The Skillshare affiliate program does not usually pay affiliates for full-fledged customer accounts. Instead, its affiliate program is focused solely on generating free trials.

You’ll earn $7 for each signup you refer. So we’re not talking about huge earnings here, but on the plus side, your referrals don’t have to pay anything, and you’ll still get paid.

Affiliate payments are made on the 16th of each month for referrals received through the Impact Radius network the previous month.

8. Pluralsight

PluralInsight Affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to 15% on annual subscriptions

Cookie lifetime: 60 days

Pluralsight courses focus on technology, such as web development, data, security, and cloud computing.

Individual subscriptions start at $29 per month or $299 per year, while team subscriptions begin at $399 per year.

Pluralsight’s affiliate program pays $5 for free trial referrals, so you don’t have to sell anything to earn a commission.

Unsurprisingly, the rewards for driving actual sales are much higher. You’ll earn 50% on one-time (monthly) purchases and a solid 15% on annual subscriptions.

So make sure your affiliate marketing strategy promotes those long-term plans.

If that wasn’t enough, you could access Pluralsight’s monthly newsletter, which is jam-packed with sales-boosting tips and insights.

Highest Paying E-commerce Affiliate Programs

1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce Affiliate program

Commission: 200% or $1,500 per business customer

Cookie life: 90 days

BigCommerce has been a top-rated e-commerce platform and store builder since 2009. The platform is home to thousands of online stores with owners from all over the world.

You can earn much money by partnering with one of the world’s largest e-commerce stores.

Within a year, BigCommerce claims to have paid its affiliates over $1.5 million in commissions.

BigCommerce affiliate program pays the highest commission in the industry: 200% of your referral’s first monthly payment, up to $1,500 per business customer.

There is no limit to the number of referrals or earnings you can earn; you are compensated for each successful transaction.

Adding BigCommerce banners or affiliate links to your blog posts, website, or social media platforms is an excellent way to promote them.

2. SEMrush

Commission rate: Up to €75

Cookie duration: 60 days

If you’re familiar with digital marketing, you’ve probably heard of Semrush. It is a suite of over 40 digital marketing tools used by over seven million marketers worldwide.

They range from keyword research, competitor analysis, and social media management and content distribution.

Semrush products are used by one out of every four Fortune 500 companies, which is impressive. With that kind of pull, it’s no surprise that the SEMrush affiliate program commissions are so appealing. Affiliates profit:

  • Every new subscription costs $200.
  • Every new lead is worth $10.
  • Each new signup costs $0.01.
  • Commissions are paid out 27 days after the month has ended.

3. Shopify

Shopify Affiliate program

Commission: 200%

Cookie life: 30 days

Shopify is a leading brand in the drop-shipping and e-commerce industries, hosting over 500 thousand stores with customers worldwide.

Payment processing tools, store management software, shopping carts, web hosting, website builders, analytics, and other tools are available through the platform.

Shopify affiliate program pays out a 200% commission on premium referrals. When you consider their annual subscription, which can cost up to $2,400, this adds up quickly.

You will also receive a $2,000 bonus for each referral who signs up for a Shopify Plus plan. In addition to your affiliate earnings, you will receive priority support for your own Shopify store.

If you want to learn how to make money with Shopify, their affiliate program is one of the best places to start.

4. Shift4Shop

Shift4Shop Affiliate program

Commission: up to $100 for any Shift4Shop plan

Cookie life: 120 days

Shift4Shop, formerly 3dcart, is an SEO-focused e-commerce platform that provides online entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build, promote, and grow their businesses.

Users can easily create a professional online store from scratch or migrate from another platform.

For a monthly fee of $19, the software supports over 100 payment gateways, 200 built-in features, and 50+ free themes.

The resulting e-commerce store is SEO optimized and preferred by search engines in search results, resulting in more leads and increased sales.

ShareASale is used by Shift4Shop Affiliate Program to run and manage its affiliate network.

This partnership ensures complete program transparency with monthly commission checks, real-time reporting, and tracking.

Shift4Shop affiliates have limitless earning potential; there is no limit to how many people you can refer and earn money from.

You get $100 for every referral, even if they don’t sign up for the premium plans. There is also a two-tier commission to be earned.

Affiliates who perform well receive bonuses and incentives regularly. You will also have access to marketing materials to help you with your marketing campaign.

5. Volusion

Volusion Affiliate program

Commission: 200%

Cookie life: 45 days

Volusion’s target audience consists of small businesses and startups looking for the best platform to establish an online presence for their company.

It provides users with vital tools that aid in the online marketing of their product, such as security, SEO, cart integration, web design, and domain purchase.

If most of your audience consists of small business owners or online entrepreneurs, Volusion’s affiliate program could be a great way to earn a substantial additional income online.

The Volusion Affiliate program pays a 200% commission on the first monthly payment of referred clients, ranging from $29 to $299, and even higher if the referral subscribes to their custom prime plan.

Like any other program, affiliates are provided with creatives and marketing resources to help boost conversions.

6. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Affiliate program

Commission: 1-10% (depending on the product category)

Cookie Life: 24 hours

Amazon is, without a doubt, the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace, with an extensive product category where you can shop for almost anything online.

You can collaborate with them via their affiliate program, “Amazon Associates.” Affiliate commissions range from 1% to 10%, depending on the category and type of product promoted.

Because the brand is well-established and well-known, you don’t have to be concerned about low conversion rates.

Amazon items are easy to sell. Promoting cosmetics and high-end clothing with 10% discounts is a tried-and-true strategy for increasing your earnings.

You can also take advantage of e-commerce holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. when conversion rates are extremely high.

One significant benefit of partnering with Amazon is the wide range of available affiliate products supporting most niches.

For example, promoting dog toys or cat treats on an animal care blog would be ideal. Likewise, if you write about vehicles, you can also recommend jumper cables to your readers.

Furthermore, you are compensated for every purchase made through your affiliate link, even if it is not what you promoted.

7. Rakuten

Rakuten Affiliate program

Commission rate: Varies depending on the individual merchant’s commission rates.

Payment method: Direct deposit or check.

Cookie duration: Varies by the merchant.

Rakuten is a cashback website that rewards customers for making purchases on its website.

It’s quickly becoming a popular shopping site, with revenue of $3.4 billion in Q2 2021, up 15.8% yearly, and it’s only getting started.

With a 7.85% market share, it is the third-largest affiliate network.

Like  Amazon Affiliates, Rakuten’s affiliate publisher program is linked to over 2,500 different retailers selling a wide range of products. You can easily find a brand to affiliate with and promote its products through Rakuten.

To earn more sales for your influence, Rakuten’s affiliate program offers three types of commission:

Dynamic commissioning provides information about advertisers’ goals and payouts for scaled revenue.

Coupon commissioning is used to manage and monitor coupon code rules.

Multi-touch commissioning allows you to receive credit for contributions at any point along the customer journey.

The commission rate varies according to the commission rates of the individual merchants.

Getting paid: Rakuten only pays out after the merchants have paid Rakuten, usually after 90 days.

For Rakuten to send you your payment, you must also have a minimum of $50 in commissions.

8. Sellfy

Sellfy Affiliate program

Commission: 25%

Cookie Shelf Life: 90 Days

Sellfy is another great e-commerce tool for creators and bloggers who need a platform to sell physical goods, subscriptions, and digital products.

With the Sellfy affiliate program, you can earn a flat fee of 25% for referring the services to a customer who ends up subscribing to any of their paid plans.

Your monthly performance determines your commission. For example, making 1-10 sales in a month will earn you a 25% commission.

If you can make 10-20 sales per month, the commission will increase to 30%, and the commission can increase to 40%.

You can work with their experts as an affiliate to generate sales and content ideas.

They can also help you improve your marketing campaign and provide technical support.

9. eBay

eBay Affiliate program

Commission: 50-70% of auction fees (depending on product category)

Cookie lifespan: 24 hours for “buy now” items and 10 days for auction items.

Unlike Amazon Associates, eBay’s affiliate program offers similar benefits because of the brand’s popularity and a wide variety of product options to promote.

They have over a billion listings available, so you enjoy high conversion and retention rates.

The network pays affiliates a 50% to 70% commission on the auction fee instead of Amazon Associates, which pays a commission on the selling price.

eBay charges an auction fee for each item sold by vendors who sell their products on their platform. Therefore, the commission percentage you receive is determined by the product type and auction price.

High-ticket items such as luxury goods and accessories are the most recommended types of products to promote.

The fashion category is the most profitable niche for affiliates. The complete rate sheet is available here.

10. Spocket

Spocket Affiliate program

Commission: 20%-30%

Cookie Shelf Life: 90 Days

Spocket is a well-known e-commerce platform that offers entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers various products to promote from thousands of dropshipping suppliers worldwide.

With the Spocket affiliate program, you can earn up to $450 per referral, plus a 30% recurring commission as your referral renews its subscription.

Spocket operates its affiliate network in collaboration with PartnerStack, which provides affiliates with tracking tools on their dashboard and marketing resources and tools for better promotion of Spocket’s services.

11. Schlemmer Hammacher

Best Affiliate program

Commission: 8% on any sale

Cookie life: 30 days

Hammacher Schlemmer is one of the oldest e-commerce stores—the country’s longest-running catalog.

With a 150-year history of selling everything from outdoor living to travel to gadgets. The company operates a massive affiliate network that pays generous commissions to partners.

Every sale you make as an affiliate earns you an 8% commission. This rate may appear low, but considering the prices of the high-ticket items they sell, a small percentage can result in a large income after closing deals.

This Hammacher schlemmer Affiliate program suits established affiliate marketers and e-commerce businesses looking to diversify their offerings.

Highest Paying Web Builder Software Affiliate Programs

1. Kinsta

Highest paying website builder Affiliate program

Commission: Up to $500 per referral + 10% recurring

Cookie Life: 60 days

Kinsta was founded in 2013 by a group of experienced WordPress developers to create the world’s best WordPress hosting platform. They strive to provide WordPress hosting that is fast, stable, and dependable.

The Kinsta affiliate program provides a one-time and 10% monthly commission.

Affiliates can earn up to $500 at first, depending on the type of plan the referral purchases.

While 10% may not seem like much, thanks to Kinsta’s high customer retention rate of 95%, your referrals are likely to have a high lifetime value.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace Affiliate program

Squarespace is one of the best website builders and bills itself as a one-stop content management system. A single Squarespace subscription grants access to a plethora of features, including website creation, domain registration, and content hosting.

Impact Radius powers the Squarespace affiliate program. Within the 45-day cookie window, affiliate marketers earn $100 to $200 per paid subscription referred.

Only new Squarespace customer sales are commissionable.

Affiliates worldwide are welcome to participate in this website builder affiliate program if Impact Radius supports their country.

On the other hand, commission payments are currently only available in US dollars via bank transfer or PayPal.

Squarespace promises to regularly share new affiliate marketing tools, such as banner ads and special offers, to help you drive sales.

3. Weebly

Weebly Affiliate program

Commission: 30%

Cookie Life: 120 Days

With 40 million users, Weebly is a simple website builder. However, Weebly is a fairly advanced service with a drag-and-drop interface that lets you quickly and easily create a website.

You can join their affiliate program and earn a 30% commission by supporting the world’s leading website-building platform.

The Weebly affiliate program is hosted by ShareASale, a third-party affiliate marketing network. You’ll receive real-time monitoring, tracking, and commission checks every month.

It is completely free to join their affiliate program. You will be paid on the 20th of each month by check, direct deposit, or Payoneer.

However, you must meet the $50 minimum withdrawal cap for payouts.

Because the Affiliate cookie life of the program is 120 days, you will be paid even if your referral takes longer to convert.

4. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels Affiliate program

Commission: 40%

Cookie Lifespan: Indefinite

ClickFunnels is a well-known landing page builder that offers a 40% commission on all purchases on its ClickFunnels Affiliate program.

The company offers a variety of promotions and advertising courses, and its user-friendly dashboard with several affiliate links makes the job easy and enjoyable.

Because consumers pay each month for an extended period, monthly subscriptions have a much higher customer cost (LTV) than one-time sales.

Furthermore, the products are slightly more expensive than the alternatives.

This allows the advertising company to pay the affiliate in one of two ways: a one-time commission on top of the monthly fee or a recurring rate over the customer’s billing cycle.

5. Elegant Themes

Elegant themes Affiliate program

Commission: 50%

Cookie Life: 180 Days

With over 700,000 web designers and business owners using it, Elegant Themes is the most popular WordPress page builder. One of the most well-known is their Divi WordPress theme.

They are a global organization with over 100 employees in 20 countries. They’ve been in business for twelve years and have consistently done well.

Elegant Themes Affiliate Program earns a 50% annual commission on purchases. You must promote and market your favorite themes by utilizing the dashboard’s numerous banners and text links.

6. Flywheel

Flywheel Affiliate program

Commission: 300%, up to $ 500 per referral

Cookie Life: 90 days

Flywheel is yet another dedicated WordPress hosting solution that aims to remove all of the complexity associated with web hosting so that users can focus on what they do best: creating and designing websites.

Flywheel affiliates can earn up to $500 per referral. In addition, you’ll have access to a plethora of innovative properties, including banners, co-branded landing page pages, and trendy social photos.

In addition, the Flywheel affiliate program team will work with you to create custom photos that will help you increase your commissions.

The best part about this scheme is that there is no minimum payment requirement—you can request your earnings whenever you want.


Ionos Affiliate program

Commission Rate: Unlisted

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment Options: Unlisted

Ionos is Europe’s largest web hosting company, with over eight million customers and over 12 million domains hosted through its European and US data centers. It is, of course, a website builder. For the first year, paid plans start at $1 per month.

You can add country-specific offers for eight different international marketers as an Ionos affiliate marketer. As a result, affiliates outside the United States should consider joining this affiliate program.

Commissions from the Ionos affiliate marketing program are paid on all purchases of Ionos services, provided the customer pays in full and remains “in good standing” for at least 60 days after the activation date. In addition, the program has a 30-day cookie duration.

8. Unbounce

Unbounce Affiliate program

Commission: 20% of recurring revenue for every customer you refer

Cookie Life: 90 days

People who have previously used Unbounce can attest to its incredible ability to assist users in creating high-converting landing pages suitable for agencies and e-commerce sites.

Many marketers on the Unbounce Affiliate marketing program also value the affiliate program. If they continue to use Unbounce, you will receive a 20% recurring commission.

Signing up for the program is free, and your referral link is generated once your application has been reviewed and approved.

If you believe your target audience would be interested in Unbounce, this program may be for you. You will also receive certain benefits, such as premium access to some of their promotional platforms.

9. Site123

Site123 Affiliate program

Commission: 20%

Cookie Life: 30 Days

Site123 is another well-known website builder that allows you to create mobile sites with a simple user interface by utilizing many templates.

The Site123 affiliate program offers payouts of up to $182, but you can only receive your funds after earning a $300 commission.

The software lets you easily track your conversions, referrals, and earnings. In addition, there is a fixed price commission for all subscribers brought to them.

A variety of useful banners and advertisements can be used to increase conversions. Signing up and joining them is completely free, and they have a reliable affiliate site where your data is constantly updated.

They have also committed affiliate assistance to help you at any stage of the process.

You can receive your commissions through PayPal if you reach the $300 minimum withdrawal limit.

Their payment process is completely transparent. The cookie life of the Affiliate program is 30 days.

10. Typeform

Typeform Affiliate program

Commission: 10% off subscription; referral discounts are unlimited.

Cookie Life: Unknown

Typeform affiliate program does not pay referral fees but deducts 10% from your account if one of your referrals signs up for a paid plan.

If you get ten referrals, your Typeform bill will be $0.

It is also worth noting that your discount will not expire. You’ll get a 10% discount on your subscription if the referral keeps their Typeform account active.

Highest Paying Travel Affiliate Programs


Highest Paying travel Affiliate program

Commission: 4%

Cookie Shelf Life: 7 Days

The Affiliate Partner Program offers affiliate partners a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect their businesses to the world’s most well-known online lodging booking network.

An affiliate can incorporate their customer-facing goods into his website as a partner in exchange for a generous commission on any bookings made.

They are constantly improving and innovating our products to ensure they provide a consistent experience and achieve their goal of increasing bookings. has over 12,500 affiliates who benefit from having their brand associated with the world leader in online hotel reservations. products are adaptable and simple to use, allowing affiliate partners to work whenever and wherever they want.

They have a dedicated support team available to help affiliates with any problems they may encounter while using the service.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, in our opinion. However, because of the extensive customization options available, the company’s items will naturally blend with the affiliates’ brands and websites.

Affiliates have control over which properties appear on their website. Affiliates can track and understand their earnings. Affiliate partners can optimize their efforts to maximize their earnings by thoroughly analyzing their performance.

2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor Affiliate program

Commission: 50%

Cookie lifespan: Session

TripAdvisor, the “world’s largest travel platform,” uses tourist experience to help travelers decide where to stay, how to drive, what to do, and where to eat.

You can use the platform to compare rates from over 200 hotel booking sites to find the best deal on the hotel of your choice. With TripAdvisor, you can get some cheap alternatives to hotels while traveling.

TripAdvisor’s affiliate program, managed by Commission Junction, pays a 50% commission on revenue generated by users who click links or advertisements directing them to a TripAdvisor partner site.

Unlike most other affiliate programs, you do not have to wait for your referral to complete a transaction before being paid.

You are compensated when someone visits your website and clicks on one of the links, ads, or links on the TripAdvisor website.

On average, affiliates -+can earn between $0.15 and $0.75 per click-out.

While it may not appear much at first, it can quickly add up because your income is based solely on clicks (rather than purchases).

3. Expedia

Expedia Affiliate program

Commission: 1-12% and 3-11%

Cookie Life: 30 Days for Single Cookies and 1-7 Days for Recurring Cookies

Expedia is a well-known global travel company. Partners can promote over 260,000 bookable properties across 150 websites in over 70 countries.

You get paid whenever someone books a reservation through your website or app.

We’ll help you maximize your content and conversions by providing travel tips, personalized software, and 24/7 support.

Make it simple for your customers to save money on plane tickets, hotels, rental cars, and activities at well-known global destinations.

Expedia travel agent affiliate program commissions range from 3% to 11% higher than Expedia affiliate program commissions.

Suppose your travel agency is accepted into the program. In that case, you can access Expedia’s custom booking system and a dedicated call center to help you with cancellations and other issues.

4. Agodia

Agodia Affiliate program

Commission: Up to 7%

Cookie duration: 30 days

With over two million vacation rentals and hotel bookings, Agoda is one of the world’s largest online travel accommodation platforms.

Rather than focusing on a single travel niche, it provides discounts for business, leisure, solo, and family travelers, from the largest resorts to the smallest hidden gems.

That means there will be more audiences to target for travel bloggers.

Because Agodia Affiliate Program is only open to people with a website, Agoda’s travel affiliate program is heavily focused on travel bloggers. In other words, there are no social influencers.

If you qualify, you can earn up to 7% commissions on each successful referral, higher than the commissions the other major booking portals offer.

Hotel power ads, text links, and other tools are also available to help you increase your affiliate marketing commissions.

5. Kayak

Kayak Affiliate program

Commission: 50%

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

In terms of affiliate networks, consider Kayak.

Kayak effectively runs its own Kayak travel affiliate network because it owns several brands, including HotelsCombined, Momondo, and, uh, Kayak.

These brands generate over six billion travel searches yearly, work with over two million properties, and pay out more than $76 million in affiliate earnings.

Access to multiple travel affiliate programs with a single signup is a pretty good deal. It gets even better when you consider Kayak’s 50% commission rate.

The only real drawback is the payment threshold — you won’t see any commissions until you earn $500.

6. Travelpayouts

TravelPayouts Affiliate program

Commission: 80%

Cookie Shelf Life: 30 Days

Travelpayouts affiliate program is an excellent program for monetizing your travel website. They provide various services and integrate with other travel platforms such as, Airbnb,, etc.

The company’s affiliate marketing platform offers up to 80% commission on sales generated by your traffic but only 1.6% on flights and 6% on hotel reservations.

They connect travel brands and bloggers with a global network of potential affiliate partners to help them monetize their websites.

They have seen a significant increase in sales with over 200 thousand employees and brands worldwide. You could become a member of their affiliate program and make a lot of money.

They pay 60% to 70% of their affiliates’ earnings. They do not handle reservations, and the booking website decides the payment method.

Travelpayouts is a large affiliate network with over $20 million in payouts to its partners. They allow him to withdraw funds via PayPal. Webmoney and Epayments are payment methods.

7. Momondo

Momondo Affiliate program

Commission: Flat rate – up to $0.65 per click-out

Cookie Life: Session

Momondo is a travel website that provides low-cost package holidays, car rentals, hotels, and flights to travelers.

You can promote their service with the Momondo Affiliate Program and be compensated per click.

When a mobile user clicks on a flight through your link, you get paid $0.45; when a desktop user clicks, you get paid $0.65 per click.

You can also choose an alternative commission structure in which you receive 75% of your referral’s Momondo purchases.

This program is better suited for travel blog owners because you get paid to provide your audience with the best flight deals.

Momondo has no hidden fees or scenarios of inflated prices, which your audience will appreciate.

8. Cheapflights

Cheapflights Affiliate program

Commission: Flat rate – up to $0.45 per click-out

Cookie Life: Session

Cheapflights is a travel information and comparison platform that helps users find the cheapest airline tickets.

Cheapflights is another company that compensates its affiliates for traffic rather than bringing in paying customers through the Cheapflights affiliate program.

Affiliates are charged a flat rate of $0.45 per click-out for desktops and tablets and $0.25 for phones when users click through.

As an affiliate, you’ll have access to various innovative assets, such as banners, search boxes, and travel widgets, which allow your website visitors to search and have the results displayed on the Cheapflights page.

This is their most well-known travel affiliate tool, as well as the one that generates the most revenue per visit.

9. Travelocity

Commission: 1.6% of the ticket price

Cookie Life: 30 days

If you want to target travelers who want to buy all their travel-related services in one place, the Travelocity Affiliate Program is worth looking into.

Because of how this platform operates, travelers can get the best deals when booking multiple travel services as a package deal.

This means you’ll earn commission on multiple services at once, while your readers will save money on their travel.

If your readers only want to book a flight, car rental, or hotel, they are more likely to book with a competitor offering better deals.

Travelocity’s cookie duration is also quite short, at 7 days, which means you’ll need to drive a significant number of clicks and conversions in that time frame to earn a significant cash flow.

With this in mind, Travelocity can be a great travel affiliate program if your readers are looking for great deals on multiple services at the same time while staying within their budget.

However, before you commit to this program, ensure it is a good fit for your readers; otherwise, you could lose money with other travel affiliate partners.

10. Airbnb

Airbnb Affiliate program

Commission: $20 for accommodations, $10 for experiences

Cookie Duration: TBC

Airbnb rents out homes and apartments and provides unique experiences and online experiences.

They have an Airbnb affiliate program, but it is not open to most affiliates because they require at least 1 million monthly visits. So instead, I wanted to discuss their referral program.

By sharing your referral link, your referrals can save up to $35 off their first trip, and you can earn $20 for each qualifying stay and $10 for each qualifying experience booked.

Money earned is given in the form of Airbnb credit, so it’s a great way to get Airbnb discounts and travel more frequently without breaking the bank.

11. Boatbookings

Boatbookings Affiliate program

Commission: 20% + 10% for returning customers

Cookie Shelf Life: 30 Days

If you believe your website visitors might be interested in yacht charters, you can join the Boatbookings affiliate program.

Boatbookings specializes in luxury yacht charter, boat charter, and sailing and motor yacht vacations.

Boatbookings earn a commission on the net freight value of a boat’s freight (this does not include APA or any extra items requested).

Boatbookings Affiliates would be paid a standard rate of 20% on this commission, with the possibility of higher rates if they referred multiple clients.

When customers return to Boatbookings for a second order, affiliates earn an additional 10% commission.

12. Sandals Resorts

Sandal Resorts Affiliate program

If your target audience is interested in luxury resort stays, the Sandals Resort affiliate program could be ideal for your blog.

The resort network spans the Caribbean islands, providing luxurious romantic getaways for honeymooners and an excellent wedding choice.

You can join their affiliate program primarily through CJ Affiliates, but it is also available via AWIN, Skimlinks, and Flex Offers.

Sandals Resorts pays their affiliate a flat rate of 4% per sale. This percentage may appear insignificant, but the commissions add up quickly when considering the meals, activities, packages, and lodging charges.

The best part about this program is that you can promote more than just their lodging, which expands your earning potential.

Other services include massage treatments, scuba diving excursions, golf rounds, and meals.

Furthermore, after reaching certain milestones, affiliates are paid bonuses and incentives, including free trips.

13. Priceline

Priceline Affiliate program

Commission: 3-7%

Cookie Shelf Life: 30 Days

Priceline is well-known for offering low-cost hotels, flights, and other services. In addition, they have a dedicated partner support team and real-time reporting to help you grow your business.

Priceline provides hotel, rental car, flight, trip insurance, and attractions.

Their claim to fame is discounted travel, which saves customers up to 60% on over 70,000 properties and 263 airlines worldwide.

You’ll earn 3% commissions on hotels, flights, vacation packages, and car rentals as an affiliate.

You can power your website with an API integration or a private label eCommerce template, and there is a dedicated affiliate support team.

The Priceline Affiliate program is interesting because you will typically offer better prices to your audience, but you will earn less commission.

If I were talking about hotels, I wouldn’t use Priceline because Expedia’s commissions are nearly double.o

14. Hilton

Hilton Affiliate program

Commission: 4%

Cookie Shelf Life: 7 Days

Hilton is a global hotel brand that provides luxury hotel accommodations and various hotel amenities.

Affiliates on the Hilton Affiliate program receive 4% commissions (with a 7-day cookie) on each hotel booking if the audience consists of ordinary travelers or business professionals.

The Hilton service is available in 104 countries and offers deals worldwide.

Affiliate travel niche bloggers and marketers can access premium monitoring and reporting resources.

To start with hotel affiliate deals, seek advice from the Hilton global and local support teams. Booking platform that is simple to use

High payouts are possible depending on the venue and booking. In addition, they have global and local support, reporting, and a dedicated affiliate team.

Because of Hilton’s brand protection, the extent to which you can use affiliate promotions is limited. However, this isn’t a major disadvantage because almost every major city has hundreds of available rooms.

Best Affiliate Networks For Beginners

An affiliate network is a service that connects publishers (also known as affiliate marketers) to brands.

The network serves as a “middleman,” allowing publishers and brands offering programs to find one another easily.

Brands can quickly find and hire affiliates to promote their products and create a new sales channel.

1. ShareASale

Best Affiliate program

Payment method: Paper check, direct deposit, or Payoneer.

ShareASale is an affiliate platform that was purchased by AWIN Group in 2017.

With dozens of service provider awards, ShareASale assisted the AWIN Group in generating $1 billion in revenue for publishers (and $14 billion for advertisers).

It’s ideal if you’re starting in affiliate marketing because joining the network and applying for programs is free.

There are over 16,000 merchants to choose from on the platform. So, regardless of your niche, there will be a product category or affiliate product for you.

With such a diverse range of merchants comes a diverse range of commission rates. Some programs offer 1% commission all the way up to high-ticket affiliate programs with 300% commission rates, and real CPA rates are easy to find.

What’s the best part about the ShareASell Affiliate Network? First, signing up is free and simple. You can sign up using your website or a social media account, making it an excellent choice for new bloggers or influencers.

Payment is made on the 20th (or the next business day) of each month for commissions earned the previous month.

2. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate program

Payment method: Direct deposit or Payoneer.

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) is also one of the largest affiliate networks on the market, with an 8.15% market share.

It is simple to open an account with CJ Affiliate program. To become an active member, you must fill out your contact information and add your “promotional property,” such as your website or social media accounts.

While CJ is great for beginners, it is best for advanced affiliates or developers because it has an open developer portal for API access.

CJ Affiliate Commissions for the current month are typically paid on the 20th or 28th of the following month.


AWIN Affiliate program

Payment method: BACS, international wire transfer, or ACH.

AWIN (formerly known as Affiliate Window) owned ShareASale and was named North America’s best CPS (cost per sale) network for 2022.

With over 21,000 brands in the AWIN affiliate network, you’ll have no trouble finding the right merchant.

ShareASale site is easy to navigate, creating product feeds and custom links is super easy, and they feature many top advertisers worldwide.

You can sign up with a website or social media handle, similar to ShareASale, but you must pay a small $5 deposit to join the network. When you reach your first payment threshold, you receive your deposit back.

Payment for the previous month’s commissions is made on the first and fifteenth of each month; a $20 minimum payment threshold applies.

4. Clickbank

Clickbank Affiliate program

Payment method: Check, direct deposit, wire transfer, or Payoneer.

ClickBank, one of the oldest and most dependable affiliate marketing networks, has paid over $5 billion in commissions since 1999.

Signing up and verifying with the ClickBank affiliate network is easier than with the other networks on this list. You are not required to supply a website or social media handle.

You enter your contact information, and you can immediately browse the affiliate marketplace and generate links.

It’s worth noting that ClickBank sells far more digital products than physical products.

So, if you’re an influencer (particularly in the health and fitness space) looking to monetize your content through referrals, ClickBank is an obvious choice.

5. Impact Radius

Impact Affiliate program

Payment method: Direct Deposit, BACS, or PayPal.

Impact Radius is one of the newest networks on the market, founded in 2008.

However, in that short time (compared to Rakuten, for example), it has partnered with an impressive array of brands from which affiliates can choose. As a result, it now offers over nine million products.

You can find collaborations with SaaS and SEO companies like Semrush and opportunities with companies like Airbnb and Adidas.

Impact Radius is well-liked for its clean, modern user interface, marketing tools, and excellent customer service.

Another advantage of the Impact affiliate network is its Mobile App Partner Marketplace, unavailable elsewhere. It also provides a set of automation tools to help you manage your partnerships.

As a result, if you want to be an affiliate partner for popular mobile apps, is your best bet. It’s also a good choice for UK-based affiliates because it accepts BACS payments.

Payment is made when you reach the minimum or custom payment threshold or on the first or fifteenth of the month.

6. FlexOffers

FlexOffers Affiliate program

Payment method: Bank transfer, Wire transfer, Check, or PayPal.

FlexOffers is another large affiliate network to consider, with over 12,000 advertisers (including household names like Samsung, Sephora, and Wayfair).

While the platform’s color scheme could be improved, it is user-friendly and simple to navigate.

What makes FlexOffers even more appealing is that it accepts traffic from free blogging websites such as WordPress, Wix, Blogger, and BlogSpot. Furthermore, it has a cookie duration of 30 days.

FlexOffers affiliate Network is a good option for those who want to promote big brands but also for those who want to get started with affiliate marketing without spending any money.

Concerning getting paid on the FlexOffer affiliate network, unless you qualify for advanced payments as a top affiliate, standard payouts are net 60. (e.g., commissions earned during March 1–31 are processed 60 days later, on May 31).

7. Avangate Affiliate Network

AvanGate Affiliate program

Payment method: Wire transfer, Check, PayPal, or Avangate MasterCard (in partnership with Payoneer).

Avangate Affiliate Network is one of the newer platforms on this list, having been founded in 2006.

Avangate Affiliate Network can help you build a passive income by promoting software or digital products if you’re in a niche that focuses on them.

What distinguishes Avangate Affiliate Network from others is the ability to use a geo-targeted shopping cart.

You can deep-link to a localized cart if you want to reach a specific market location.

Avangate is the network for you if you’re a tech-savvy blogger (you’ll need a dedicated website) and want high commissions on digital products and online courses.

Payment is made 20 days after the end of the month in which the commission is due.

Average commission rate varies depending on the merchant, but commissions include cost-per-action and percentage structures.

8. PartnerStack

PartnerStack Affiliate program

Average commission rate: Depends on the specific merchant you sign up with, but commissions include CPA and percentage structures.

Cookie lifetime: Up to 90 days, depending on the merchant you sign up with.

Minimum payout: $5

If you’re unfamiliar with B2B affiliate marketing, it works similarly to B2C affiliate marketing—except the commissions are usually higher and paid out for longer.

Consider recurring revenue of 20-50% of a sale for the life of the customer you assisted in creating (this depends on the brand – some offer 12 months or one-off commissions only).

You can easily monitor your performance across all of the programs you are currently a part of using the in-app dashboard.

In-app partner engagement features such as challenges, in-app messaging, learning materials, and so on enable greater connectivity and engagement with partner program managers.

You must apply to each PartnerStack partner program separately, as with other affiliate networks. Still, you will be paid out monthly via Paypal or Stripe once you reach the network’s $5 payout threshold.

Suppose you want to work with top-tier B2B companies that offer higher commission and conversion rates. In that case, the PartnerStack Network should be your first stop when looking for affiliate marketing programs.

Highest Paying Banks and Credit Cards Affiliate Programs

Credit card affiliate programs can lead to some of the most lucrative commissions ever.

This is a competitive niche with many rules, but as you can see, many highly-regarded networks have their own methods of assisting you.

It is simple to test and find the best credit card affiliate network with your current information.

1. Luxury Card

Highest paying bank and credit card Affiliate program

Commission: $405 per sale

Cookie lifespan: 30 days

As the name implies, the Luxury Card is not your typical credit card. Instead, this is the highest-paying credit card affiliate program on this list.

Luxury Card Affiliate Program is aimed at the premium credit card market, as evidenced by the fact that it’s made of a combination of stainless steel and carbon.

In addition, a 24-karat gold version is available.

So, this card is intended for a very specific market and income bracket, namely wealthy individuals.

Your visitors will receive a premium card with 2% cashback and 2% air miles redemption, but no blackout dates or seat restrictions.

Access to airport lounges in various locations is also an added benefit.

You also get a 24-hour concierge service via phone, email, or live chat, which you can use for anything from making a hotel reservation to finding the perfect gift for a loved one.

So, you’re wondering how much money you can make as a Luxury Card credit card affiliate. One affiliate referral gives you $405 in total.

Commission rates at this level don’t come along very often, so why not make the most of it while the sun shines?

Remember that these offers require a separate application process on Flexoffers—like it’s a sub-credit card network within the main network.

2. Credit Assistance Network

CreditNetwork Affiiliate program

Commission rate: $110 per sale

Cookie Lifespan: 365 days

Here’s another that isn’t strictly speaking a credit card affiliate program.

Rather than offering credit cards, the Credit Assistance Network has been a pioneer in the credit repair industry since 2004.

Here’s another that isn’t strictly speaking a credit card affiliate program.

Rather than offering credit cards, the Credit Assistance Network has been a pioneer in the credit repair industry since 2004.

3. Scotiabank

ScotiaBank Affiliate program

Commission: CA$99 per accepted card

Cookie Lifetime: 30 days

Scotiabank has been in operation since 1831, when a group of businessmen established their own public bank to compete with the private bank serving Halifax’s people.

They now have branches in 55 countries and over 19 million customers thanks to international expansion and acquisitions.

In addition to banking services, they provide their customers in Canada and North America with the following credit cards:

  • travel Rewards
  • Cashback
  • Low APR, and
  • Student cards.

So there are plenty of affiliate programs to choose from in various niches.

Scotiabank’s affiliate program members will receive a CA$99 flat commission for each approved referral who clicks on their affiliate link.

This translates to around US$70, which is still quite reasonable for any affiliate program.

The irony is that most newbie affiliates avoid high-payout offers because they believe there will be too much competition.

4. Upgrade Credit Card

Upgrade card Affiliate program

Commission: $60 per referral

Cookie Lifetime: 30 days

The Upgrade credit card introduces a new product to the market.

Your visitors can obtain a recognized Visa credit card with a credit limit of up to US$20,000.

But without the crippling interest rates that come with most other credit cards.

Instead, you pay an interest rate similar to a personal loan, allowing you to pay off your credit card balance faster.

In their example, this means being able to pay off $14,000 in two years rather than 28 years.

Encourage your audience to exercise caution when signing up for any financial product or service.

The Upgrade credit card affiliate program pays a flat fee of $60 for each visitor approved for an Upgrade card.

However, remember that a person’s credit score determines the amount of credit available with this card.

5. Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card

Avianca Lifemiles Affiliate program

Commission: Up to $200 per referral

Cookie Lifetime: 30 days

The Avianca LifeMiles credit card is aimed at international travelers and digital nomads.

Avianca has one of the best deals on the market if you frequently travel to South America and want to maximize your air miles.

First, you will receive 0% APR for the first 12 months, followed by a variable rate.

There are no foreign transaction fees; you get protection against unauthorized charges, car collision coverage, and travel accident insurance.

Plus, as previously stated, all those lovely air miles.

And now, we return to the higher end of Avianca Lifemiles credit card affiliate program payouts because promoting this card can put up to $200 in your pocket per referral.

You’d target a specific demographic, but 15 “sales” monthly would net you an extra $36,000 annually.

This is the second highest-paying affiliate program on this list.

6. Affiliate program

Commission: Set by each advertiser. Depending on the offer.

Cookie Duration: Set by each advertiser. Depending on the offer.

Payment methods: Check, Bank Wire, Direct Deposit

Minimum payment amount: $100 operates an affiliate and reseller program centered on personal finance and credit card offers.

Publishers can access personal loan products, credit cards, and even financial consulting services. They are a well-known credit card provider.

They have attracted affiliate marketers from the world’s largest credit cards companies, such as Mastercard, American Express, and Chase. affiliate program help publishers with a proprietary platform. We had access to advanced account management tools, tracking tools (with customized alerts), and educational materials on the platform.

This can help you project more expertise. We also liked their well-known Visa credit card.

7. Capital Bank

openSky Affiliate program

Commission: $25 per funded account

Cookie duration: 30 days

Payment methods: Set by the advertiser. Depending on the offer.

Minimum payment amount: Set by advertiser. Depending on the offer.

OpenSky is a secured credit card offered by Capital Bank.

While Capital Bank does not manage its own network, the Capital Bank affiliate program for this credit card is available on various platforms, including the network we previously discussed.

The card’s program is straightforward. Publishers are paid a flat fee of $25 for each open and funded account.

This compensation scheme has the potential to make it one of the best programs for people new to the credit card industry.

Because the USAA card is available to nearly everyone in the United States, there is a high likelihood of conversion. In addition, this card is open to people with bad credit or no credit at all.

A library of creative materials, including banners and copy, is available to publishers.

8. Experian

Experian Affiliate program

Commission: Earn up to 20% of the revenue generated by your users

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Payment methods: Check, Wire, Direct Deposit

Minimum payment amount: Varies depending on the offer.

Experian is a well-known provider of financial information and loan offers.

Credit reports, debt reduction plans, personal finance, tailored credit card offers, car loans, and personal loans are among their services.

The Experian credit card affiliate program is hosted on the CJ Affiliate network.

Publishers with financial sites can use Experian’s credit scores and reports to help their readers. In addition, it can be an excellent supplement to other financial services-related content.

This program pays a variable percentage for each customer referred.

This could be one of your best affiliate programs if you’ve established enough trust to direct your traffic to various services and card offers.

Publishers can benefit from the trust that Experian has built. They can also benefit from some free marketing content.

9. Transunion

TransUNION Affiliate program

Commission: $20 per $1 7-day trial, $45 per paid product

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Payment Options: Direct Deposit/Wire Transfer

Minimum payment amount: Varies depending on the offer

Transunion provides customers with various credit protection services, including credit reports, protection, and instant security alerts. So, this is ideal if anyone needs to improve their credit score.

You can use the TransUnion affiliate program to direct traffic to either trials or paid financial products. There are also several credit card offers available.

You may be able to collect both the trial and purchase commissions for some offers as the customer progresses, from trying out a service to subscribing.

Publishers are provided with custom tracking tools to help them manage their affiliate program participation. They are also given access to a large library of pre-generated content and advertising materials.

10. American Express

American Express Affiliate program

Commission: Up to $200/lead

Cookie Duration: 7 days

Payment Options: Direct Debit

Minimum payment amount: Network-dependent

The AMEX referral program is one of the world’s largest direct credit card affiliate programs.

You’ll work directly with the American Express card network to encourage individual and merchant signups.

The program is available in the United States and Canada. Canada is pushing to expand the program, which may result in higher rates for certain products.

Publishers are helped by well-developed resources such as sample code, APIs, and technical support. American Express provides official support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Customers can be directed to that support, eliminating the need for them to contact you.

11. Credible

Credible Affiliate program

Commission: up to $240 when the offer is accepted

Cookie Shelf Life: 45 Days

This website is only for students looking for a good loan program to help them study.

They also help other students refinance their loans for the best possible terms.

The company has worked hard to make the loan debt processing and refinancing process clearer and simpler.

They also have a Credible affiliate program through which partners can earn money by spreading the word about the company’s target audience.

Fill out the contact form on their affiliate page to easily sign up for the program and enjoy a highly competitive payout and unrivaled conversions.

Affiliates are paid a commission after the referral accepts the loan offer. Credible provides marketing assistance to their partners to help them succeed—a win-win situation.

This program is better suited for marketers seeking a passive income stream.

12. Bankrate Credit Cards

Bankrate Credit Card Affiliate program

Commission: (Contact the Affiliates team)

Cookie Life: (Contact the Affiliates team)

The success of the Bankrate Credit Card affiliate program is due to its deep commitment to developing long-term and fulfilling partnerships.

They are committed to providing you with the best credit card offers and services possible, resulting in an unrivaled overall affiliate experience.

Affiliates have access to more technology tools than any other network. In addition, they provide easy-to-use in-site tools, co-branding solutions, and data feeds to affiliates.

Affiliates will have full access to Bankrate’s award-winning editorial content. In addition, they collaborate with the affiliates to help them achieve their business goals.

They claim to have the best because of Bankrate’s dedication to partners and affiliates and the availability of high-demand goods and high-tech solutions.

13. Credit Karma

CreditKarma Affiliate program

Commission: $0.25 per sign up

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Payment Options: Network-dependent (CreditKarma has been hosted on multiple networks)

Minimum payment amount: Network-dependent

Credit Karma is one of the best credit monitoring services that provide customers with a comprehensive view of their financial health.

The platform does not sell any goods. Instead, it makes recommendations and offers advice on third-party services.

The affiliate program (available on CJ) pays a flat commission for each person you refer who opens a Credit Karma account.

The Credit Karma affiliate program’s commission rate is $.25 per signup, but the returns can be significant with high volume. In addition, because of the useful, free features, there is a high conversion potential.

Materials, tracking tools, and even a weekly newsletter focused on where and how other publishers have succeeded are provided to publishers.

14. USAA

USSA Affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to $20 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

Since 1922, USAA has provided financial services to active and retired United States, military community members.

Beginning as an auto insurance provider, they expanded to provide their customers with banking, mortgage, investment, real estate, and retirement products and services.

However, they are also one of the leading credit card providers, offering Visa and American Express credit cards.

And your potential audience for these cards is any of the United States’ 24+ million military personnel.

So, suppose your target audience includes active or retired military personnel looking for a mainstream credit card with various benefits. In that case, this USAA affiliate program is the perfect affiliate program to consider adding to your portfolio.

The bad news is that you’ll only make $20 per approved credit card. Other credit card affiliate programs we’ve seen pay significantly more.

As a result, this is far down the list of payout offers of this type.

However, because you will appeal to a specific market, there will be less competition than with more mainstream credit cards.

Furthermore, top-performing affiliates can always request a higher commission rate.

And if you’re going to enter the credit card niche, you’re only interested in one thing: money.

15. CommissionSoup

Commision soup Affiliate program

Commission: $10-$40, depending on the offer

Cookie duration: 30 days

Methods of payment: check

Minimum payment amount: $100

You’ve probably heard of all the major affiliate networks, such as CJ, ShareASale, Linkshare, and others.

Commission Soup has been in the performance marketing game for 20 years, focusing on financial services offers.

They’re essentially a seasoned CPA network specializing in credit card offers, so they’re not mainstream.

Unless you want to promote those types of products, in which case Commission Soup ranks alongside and in terms of what they offer.

CommissionSoup affiliate network is a large CPA network that offers some of the most well-known online credit card programs.

Some consider it the best credit card affiliate program because it offers some of the best credit programs.

The network is now 18 years old and has earned the trust of some of the biggest names in credit card management.

It hosts credit card offers from various well-known companies, including AMEX, Mastercard, Visa Credit, and Credit One.

Many other affiliate offers are available to publishers. If you want to try something different than credit card affiliate offers after joining, this can provide some variety.

Publishers are also provided with proprietary tracking technology and marketing materials.

Highest Paying Gaming Affiliate Programs

1. Alienware

Highest paying gaming Affiliate program

Commission rate: 1% – 6%

Cookie lifespan: 3 days

Alienware creates the gaming PCs that every gamer desires. With their cutting-edge laptops, they were also one of the first companies to take portable gaming seriously.

What made their products stand out from the crowd? They were (and still are) incredibly powerful.

That name change also included a logo change to the now-immediately recognizable alien head that adorns their PCs.

Because Dell acquired Alienware in 2006, you’ll need to join the Dell affiliate program.

Remember that Alienware desktops and laptops are on every PC gamer’s Christmas wish list.

These gaming PCs are not cheap. Their entry-level models start at $899 and range from $3,000 to $8,500.

6% of $899 equals $53.94, 6% of $3000 equals $180, and 6% of $8,500 equals $510.

As a result, there is money to be made here. However, the 3-day cookie is nasty, so only send warm traffic to these offers.

2. Zygor Guides

Zygor Guides Affiliate program

Commission rate: 50%

Cookie lifetime: 60 days

Zygor Guides are in-game guides for World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft Classic.

They work for all existing races and classes in all zones and do not violate the game’s terms of service.

In-game guides mean exactly that – this is a World of Warcraft add-on that allows you to level up quickly while still enjoying the storyline of whatever game flavor you prefer.

Simple features like the 3D arrow that shows you which way to go on a map help you make the most of your gaming time.

So you can now jump into Azeroth for a quick quest and get more bang for your buck in less time.

We highlighted the Zygor Guides affiliate program due to its ‘Power Rank’ score (a top performer) and the possibility of repeat sales.

Because it is a monthly subscription, you can earn recurring commissions from this program.

So you get 50% upfront and the possibility of backend sales.

3. Logitech

Logitech Affiliate program

Commission: 4% to 10%

Cookie Shelf Life: 30 Days

Logitech is a well-known manufacturer of computer peripherals and software.

The company has received numerous awards for its beautiful and dependable products.

Their products are nearly universally available. A multinational corporation creates products that unite people through music, gaming, video, and computers.

Join the Logitech partner network to gain access to a vast catalog of Logitech family and brand items, as well as attractive commissions on higher-value orders and exceptional customer service.

You can earn a standard commission of 4% to 10% on sales with an average order value of 125$. In addition, your order will be monitored by the Impact affiliate monitoring system.

The Affiliate cookie has a 30-day expiration date. Logitech brands such as Astro, Blue, and Ultimate Ears may have minor commission differences.

You will be charged 90 days after the sale is completed.

4. Bose

Bose  Afffiliate program

Commission rate: 2% – 3% per sale

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Bose isn’t the only company that makes high-quality headphones and speakers worldwide, but they are one of the best.

So, we could have featured Skullcandy or Steel Series headsets here, but not only are Bose products (in my opinion) superior, but so is their affiliate program (based on the numbers).

Gamers adore noise-canceling headphones because they allow them to immerse themselves in their preferred gaming world.

People who live with gamers prefer noise-canceling headphones because the alternative is a subwoofer+speaker combo that rattles the walls.

The commission rate for Bose Affiliate program is quite low in this case, but it is typical for consumer electronic products.

However, you must consider the high price tag associated with Bose products – a good pair of Bose wireless headphones costs around $300.

This equates to a $10 commission for each pair of headphones your visitor purchases.

5. Twitch

Twtch Affiliate program

Commission: 50% on subscriptions and 5% on game sales.

Cookie Life: Unknown

Twitch is the world’s largest live video streaming website, run by Twitch Interactive.

It is very popular among gamers, allows you to communicate with millions of people worldwide, and is one of the ways to make money streaming videos online. Twitch Interactive is a subsidiary of Amazon.

You can join their partner program and earn a 5% commission on sales through their channel sites.

Affiliates on the Twitch Affiliate program can earn money by accepting subscriptions from their viewers. You can access all subscription options, including $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and Prime free.

On Twitch, you can also make money by selling Bits, virtual items that viewers can purchase to cheer you on in chat.

They’ll even show you other ways to make money using their monetization tools.

It may not be easy to join them because you must have at least 500 broadcast minutes and 50 followers in the last 30 days.

There were three or more concurrent viewers on each of the seven broadcast days.

6. Razer

Razer Affiliate program

Commission rate: 1% – 20% per sale

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Razer creates products for every type of gamer, from PC games to console players and mobile gamers.

They even make an energy drink for gamers called Respawn, with just a hint of cheese.

They describe themselves as the leading lifestyle brand for gamers, which we can’t argue with.

Because if you ask most gamers to name five items on their gaming wish list, a Razer product will be among them.

Razer products are not cheap, but because they are so popular, people are willing to pay for them.

Considering they produce a range of gaming laptops starting at US$1,500.

Computer hardware has always had slim profit margins.

As a result, commissions for the Razer affiliate program range from 1% to 20%, depending on the products you sell.

Gamers are familiar with the Razer brand and expect to see it mentioned on a gaming blog.

7. Game fly

Gamefly Affiliate program

Commission: $15 for trial registration and 5% for new games.

Cookie Life: 30 days.

Gamefly is a popular online video game rental subscription service founded by a private company in 2002. Gamefly allows you to buy and rent video games for your gaming systems.

Video game rentals can be delivered quickly and for free. Rent or buy games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, GameCube, and other systems.

You will become an affiliate and be paid each time a visitor signs up for a membership or a free trial.

If you refer more than 500 people per month, you will earn $15, plus a 10% commission on used games and a 5% commission on new games.

Gamefly affiliate program will provide the tools you need to increase your conversion rates and income, such as text links, banners, and copy. Wire transfers are used to pay monthly partners.

8. ASTRO Gaming

AstrpGaming Affiliate program

Commission: 5%.

Cookie Shelf Life: 180 Days

ASTRO Gaming is a leading gaming headphone, controllers, and accessories manufacturer for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

The company has been developing a wide range of video game products since its inception in 2008. ASTRO Gaming is part of Logitech’s multi-brand business.

You can join the ASTRO Gaming partner program and earn a 5% commission on all headset, audio system, and accessory purchases.

As an affiliate, you will continue to have the opportunity to work with an organization that is at the forefront of today’s gaming landscape. You will receive new content and creatives regularly.

A dedicated team of partner managers is always available to answer your questions.

9. GT Omega

GT Omega Affiliate program

Commission rate: 2% – 17%

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

A few years ago, the idea of a company solely dedicated to manufacturing and selling gaming chairs would have seemed absurd.

However, it has since become one of the hottest niches in the gaming industry, with sales expected to increase by a whopping $95 million between 2020 and 2024.

GT Omega, which was founded in 2009, is one of the most well-known names in the gaming chair industry, and it also sells entire cockpits, wheel stands, and accessories.

As you might expect, its products aren’t cheap, with a high-end chair costing $650.

It offers more earning potential than most video game affiliate programs, with commissions of up to 17% available if you reach tier four of the GT Omega gaming affiliate program.

10. SCDKey

SCDKry Affiliate program

Commission rate: 8% – 20%

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

SCDKey has been selling video game codes and keys for over a decade, making it a well-known and respected name in the industry.

You can get codes and keys for all the hottest games from various stores and platforms, such as Steam, Origin, Uplay, and PlayStation.

In other words, if you’re looking for an affiliate program that effectively pays you to promote games, SCDKey is an excellent choice.

SCDKey affiliate program, on the other hand, has a lot to offer. For starters, commission rates of up to 20% make this one of the best gaming affiliate programs in terms of earning potential that we’ve seen.

As if that wasn’t enough, SCDKey also pays top-performing affiliate marketers bonus commissions. If you complete 80 orders per month, you will receive an additional $100 in addition to your regular commissions.

Highest Paying Banks and Finance Affiliate Programs


Highest paying banks anf finance Affiliate program

Commission rate: $85 per lead

Cookie lifespan: TBD

BBVA is a brand, but the company has been around since 1964. They’ve also changed their name several times over the years, from Central Bank to Compass, then to Compass Bancshares, then to Compass BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria), and finally to just BBVA.

As you’d expect from a bank, they offer their US customers checking and savings accounts, personal and business loans, mortgages, credit cards, and various investment options.

Interestingly, the BBVA Affiliate program pays $85 for each qualified lead you send their way. And as shown in the screenshot above, they have an EPC of $436.13.

Also, remember that if you send enough pre-qualified traffic to a program like this, you can later negotiate a separate commission rate.

And the great thing about a program like this is that you can promote it to almost any audience — from mom bloggers to home decor sites or even people learning about personal finance.

2. eToro

eToro Affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to $250

Cookie duration: Lifetime

eToro is a trading platform that allows members to trade stocks and ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs from a single platform. Just don’t ask me to define an ETF or a CFD. I

It’s a hugely popular site, with over 16 million users worldwide and nearly 350 million trades open at the time of writing.

And it’s easy to see why, with its 50 most-copied traders profiting an average of 83.7% per year in 2020.

So, how about the eToro affiliate program? It pays a CPA of up to $250, so it’s pretty impressive.

You’ll also have access to converting promotional tools, user-friendly tracking systems, and the ongoing support of eToro’s dedicated affiliate managers to help you along the way.

3. The Six-Figure Mentors

Commissions: up to $8000 for each sale

Cookie Life: Indefinite

The Six Figure Mentors is an online platform for everyday people who want to make passive income through affiliate marketing.

The platform teaches people how to run successful online businesses with little or no money invested.

The Six Figures Affiliate Network gives you the best commissions ever. The network is exclusive, and the requirements for joining are stringent.

If your application is accepted, you will almost certainly be exposed to life-changing ideas.

4. Personal Capital

Personal capital Affiliate program

Commission rate: $100 per qualified lead

Cookie Lifetime: 30 days

Personal Capital is one of the best apps for saving money. According to the company’s website, its goal is to provide “a better, more logical, and personal way to invest and manage your money.”

To that end, it provides users with many personal finance tools, such as a net worth calculator, a retirement planner, and a fee analyzer designed to uncover hidden fees in mutual funds, investing, and retirement accounts.

It’s obviously good at what it does because more than three million people use its various features, and it manages more than $20 billion in assets as of July 2021.

You can get some of that money by joining the Personal Capital affiliate program.

The affiliate program pays $100 for each qualified lead, and the company claims that its top affiliates can earn up to $50,000 per month.

5. Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez Affiliate program

Commission: 50% to 70%. In addition, they will receive $250 for their SMMA program.

Cookie Shelf Life: Unknown

Tai Lopez founded The 67 Steps, a finance website dedicated to educating people about various small business startups.

If your target audience is interested in this or other related products from Tai Lopez, you can promote the service on your blog with the Tai Lopez affiliate program.

Affiliates earn EPCs ranging from $1.50 to $40.00, plus up to 50% commission on premium referrals.

You can also rely on marketing assistance such as a dedicated affiliate support team, low refund rates, and optimized marketing resources such as demographic insights, testimonials, email swipes, and banners.

Everything you need for an easier marketing experience.

The program allows for up to two upsells, with affiliates earning between $50 and $250 per sale.

6. Colmex Pro

Colmex Pro Affiliate program

Commission: up to $1,000 per funded account in the CPA model.

Cookie Life: Unknown

Comlex Pro affiliates will be your best option for earning affiliate revenue online if you have any financial knowledge.

Colmex Pro essentially provides a trading platform through which people can trade on capital markets.

Some examples include Forex, CFDs, and futures.

The Colmex Pro affiliate program pays up to 25% commissions to its affiliate partners when a trader purchases and sells 10,000 shares of any of Colmex’s live equity.

The software pays $.01 per share on both purchasing and selling operations, resulting in an average profit of $50 on these increased transactions.

Colmex Pro service partners will also earn a 3% commission on deposits made by their referrals.

A CPA incentive is also listed in the program, with potential earnings of around $1,000.

7. Capitalist Exploits

Commission: 50%

Cookie lifespan: 365 days

Capitalist Exploits subscribers receive trading recommendations for investors and anyone looking to outperform the market by receiving only the best low-risk/high-reward prospects and opportunities.

This software may be for you if your target audience includes investors, high-net-worth individuals, investing enthusiasts, financial advisors, or wealth managers.

Capitalist Exploits pays a 50% commission on any transaction referred to them, with no restrictions. Their products range in price from $1,575 to $3,499.

This means that each referral is worth at least $787.50 to you.

Affiliates on the Capitalist Exploits Affiliate Program also get the first crack at paid membership trials for their target audience.

8. Kabbage

Kabbage Affiliate program

Commission: $250 per qualified lead

Cookie lifespan: unknown

Kabbage is a platform that connects small businesses with capital. Small business owners can apply for up to $250,000 in funding.

Affiliates receive $ 250 for each customer they refer who applies for a loan, plus an additional $ 50 if the loan is approved.

Each business owner you recommend with the Kabbage Affiliate program will receive a $50 gift card once they have been certified by Kabbage.

There are no restrictions on the number of referrals or the amount of money you can earn.

9. Questrade

Questtrade Affiliate program

Commission rate: $70 CPA or 7.5% revenue share

Cookie lifetime: 60 days

Questrade is a Canadian online brokerage and wealth management firm. Indeed, it is the country’s fastest-growing online brokerage.

Over 200,000 accounts are opened yearly, and $25 billion in assets are under management. It specializes in charging low commissions to customers, with wealth management fees as low as 0.25% (or 0.2% for those investing more than $100,000).

Fortunately, those low commissions do not apply to Questrade’s affiliate program—quite the contrary.

The company provides a CPA or revenue share model, with the former paying $70 per acquisition and the latter taking a 7.5% cut.

Furthermore, when you refer new affiliates, you will earn $10 or 1.5% of commissions generated for each new account your sub-affiliates refer, depending on your chosen plan. Consider all of that passive income!

Highest Paying Bitcoin and Crypto Affiliate Programs

1. Binance

Highest paying bitcoin and crypto Affiliate program

Commission: 40% of the referral’s trading commissions, 50% if you reach 1000 BNB or more.

Cookie Shelf Life: 90 Days

Binance is a good app to make money investing in cryptocurrency. In addition, the Binance Affiliate Program is a great way for cryptocurrency bloggers to monetize their sites and earn passive income online.

After you join the program, you will be given a unique referral link to share on your website, social media handles, and email.

Users who sign up using your link are automatically added as one of your referrals, and you are paid a commission whenever they make a transaction on the platform.

The program is divided into Spot Affiliate and Futures Affiliate—you can participate in both.

The Spot affiliate program offers a 41% commission rate, which is significantly higher than the standard 20% commission rate for regular affiliates.

Furthermore, affiliates who have referred over a thousand users will receive a 50% commission increase for life.

Regardless of the cryptocurrency sub-niche your blog covers, there is a Binance product that will meet your audience’s needs—start earning through the Binance Affiliate Program.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase Affiliate program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Life: Following each session

Coinbase affiliate program is yet another fantastic affiliate marketing program worth joining.

Impact manages the Coinbase affiliate program, and affiliates are provided with accurate monitoring tools and promotional assets immediately available after your signup request has been approved.

The best way to promote Coinbase on your website is to create new content, such as product reviews, and embed your affiliate link in the blog post.

You are compensated when new Coinbase users sign up through your link.

Coinbase will pay you 50% of your referral’s transaction fees for the first three months after signup, followed by a recurring 10% of their future transactions for as long as they use their services.

Payments can be requested directly into your bank account or through PayPal.

Most importantly, Coinbase employs Impact to manage its affiliate program.

You’re in for a treat if you’ve never been set up on Impact before. This is one of the most straightforward ways to gain an overview of your affiliate marketing efforts.

3. Coinmama

Coinmama Affiliate program

Commission rate: 15% on all referral purchases for the rest of your life.

Affiliate payment method: Fiat

Coinmama began in 2013 as a brokerage for people looking to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum but has since expanded to include Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, and other cryptocurrencies.

Coinmama is also happy to assist you if you want to sell your Bitcoin.

The disadvantage is that brokers must charge a fee, so you usually pay slightly more than you would with private trade. This equates to an additional 5.9% brokerage fee in dollars and cents.

The Coinmama affiliate program rewards you with 15% of all purchases your referrals make for the life of their accounts. Not bad at all!

They also track your affiliate marketing efforts using the affiliate tracking software cellxpert.

4. Localbitcoin

Local Bitcoins Affiliate program

Commission: 20% of the user’s trading fee for each trade

Cookie lifespan: one year from the date of registration.

Localbitcoin is another bitcoin trading platform that pays affiliates a high commission on every transaction your referral makes.

Affiliates on the LocalBitcoins Affiliate program are paid in bitcoin, which makes your earnings volatile—a rise in bitcoin price means more money and a drop is bad.

Payments are made daily, with no waiting period before they are processed. You are paid once your referral’s transaction has been successfully confirmed.

Signing up for the program is simple; go to their affiliate page and enter your information and Bitcoin wallet address.

Affiliates are paid 20% of all trading fees for each trade made by a referral. In addition, if you refer a buyer and a seller to Local Bitcoins, you will receive a 40% commission.

Commissions are paid for a period of 12 months, beginning with the date your referral becomes active on the platform.

5. Trezor

Trezor Affiliate program

Commission rate: 12% – 15% of each sale

Affiliate payment method: Bitcoin or bank transfer

Trezor does one thing very well: they create hardware wallets for your cryptocurrency.

One of the most significant advantages of cryptocurrencies is that they have enabled us to decentralize our finances by storing our money on the blockchain rather than in a bank account.

However, in one of the most ironic twists, the last place you want to store your cryptos is online.

The main reason for this is the risk of a security breach or a personal error resulting in losing your entire wallet contents.

So, the two most secure options are keeping your private key on paper or in a hardware wallet, such as Trezor.

Affiliates earn 12% – 15% commission on Trezor wallet sales, and with high-end wallets costing over €600, there’s money to be made.

Hardware Trezor is one of the bolt-on crypto affiliate programs for your authority site because cryptocurrency wallets are typically one-time purchases.

6. Ledger

Ledger Affiliate program

Commission: 10%

Cookie Shelf Life: Indefinite

You only need your email address, and a Bitcoin (BTC) address to join the Ledger Affiliate Program.

When you register and refer users by placing your affiliate tracking link on your website, Twitter, or Facebook, you will begin earning Bitcoins (BTC) when a user clicks on your affiliate link and purchases something.

You will receive a 10% referral fee on each transaction (net sale amount, excluding VAT and shipping). Bitcoin payments are made every month (BTC).

Their affiliate team is ready to assist you in creating a successful campaign by providing the necessary tools and answers.

You will have 24/7 online access to your affiliate account to monitor your promotions. In addition, you can use banner creatives, links, and videos as part of our affiliate program.

If you require additional properties, you can track traffic sources and conversions for optimization purposes.


CEX.IO Affiliate program

Commission rate: 30%

CEX.IO, founded in 2013, is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows customers to buy cryptocurrency. You can trade crypto in minutes using a debit or credit card and withdraw it to a card or bank account in a few clicks.

It has a user base of around four million people, largely thanks to its solid reputation, as evidenced by Trustpilot ratings of 4.7 and BitDegree ratings of 8.4.

While CEX.IO is constantly looking to expand the number of cryptocurrencies it works with, it is a stickler for due diligence.

Every coin on the exchange must go through a rigorous verification process, which is reassuring in a world where meme coins appear, take off, and then vanish overnight.

Existing CEX.IO customers and any blogger, influencer, publisher, or content creator with a qualifying app or website are eligible for the CEX.IO crypto affiliate program.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a 30% commission on all qualifying trades and purchases made by customers you refer to CEX.IO within a 30-day cookie window.

Payments can be withdrawn by debit or credit card, bank transfer, or Skrill wallet and are added to your balance 14 days after the original transaction.

8. Coin Ledger

CoinLedger   Affiliate program

Commission rate: 25% Commission regularly

Affiliate payment method: Fiat Currency (Paypal)

Let’s be honest: dealing with taxes is a chore. But, add in the complexities of cryptocurrency, and you’ve got yourself an intriguing situation.

That being said, there is numerous cryptocurrency tax software available to help you simplify your accounting experience.

CoinLedger allows you to upload trading documents and automatically calculate how much you owe you.

They have a profitable recurring affiliate program that pays a 25% commission. In addition, the Coinledger affiliate program is hosted on its own website.

9. Paxful

CoinLedger Affiliate program

Commission: 50% of the escrow fee when people you invite buy Bitcoin on Paxful, and 10% when your friends invite buy Bitcoin on Paxful.

Paxful is a popular peer-to-peer exchange originally known as EasyBitz with over 10 million users.

Despite having a global presence, Paxful is particularly popular in India.

Concerned about safety? Don’t be that way. Paxful accounts include 2FA and OTP and feature such as escrow accounts and security deposits to ensure safe, dependable P2P trading.

Though the exchange only supports three cryptocurrencies for purchase and sale, it is an excellent choice for a secure exchange for beginners.

If this is your target audience, Paxful’s cryptocurrency affiliate program may be just what you want.

Paxful affiliates earn 50% of the escrow fee when people you invite buy Bitcoin on Paxful and 10% when people your friends invite buy Bitcoin on Paxful.

Paxful pays out in Bitcoin, making it an excellent way to increase your holdings of the market-leading cryptocurrency.

Highest Paying Insurance Affiliate Programs

Global insurance is a massive industry. And it’s still expanding. From 2021 to 2025, the industry is expected to grow at a compound rate of 6%, reaching a massive $6.4 trillion value.

That is more than any other country’s GDP except the United States and China.

When it comes to the United States, it is well known that Americans spend a significant portion of their earnings on insurance products.

According to one study, the average American spends more than $10,000 on insurance annually, about 14% of their income.

Health insurance is by far the most expensive type of insurance, accounting for 59% of an individual’s insurance costs.

1. Lemonade

Lemonade Affiliate program

Commission rate: $15 per lead

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Products/Services sold: Insurance for personal belongings

Payment methods: SEPA, BACS, ACH, domestic payments, international wire transfer

Market(s): US only

Lemonade Insurance sells contents insurance. Its policies are entirely digital, with its AI bot, Maya, handling the entire sales process.

Every 60 seconds, the company sells a new policy to one of its 1.5 million customers.

Lemonade, dedicated to social good, charges a flat fee and donates any leftover funds to charitable organizations. It intends to pay out the vast majority of claims “almost instantly.”

Awin hosts the Lemonade Insurance affiliate program. It has a cookie window of 30 days and pays a flat commission of $15 per lead.

To assist affiliates in driving sales and traffic, the company provides access to a large content library and a variety of pre-designed assets.

2. Ethos

Ethos Affiliate program

Commission rate: $20 – $55 per lead

Cookie duration: 7 days

Products/Services sold: Life insurance

Payment methods: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, ACH transfer

Market(s): Only in the United States

Ethos Life is an online life insurance company that offers policies starting at $7 per month and does not require medical exams or blood tests.

Instead, they simply answer a few health-related questions, meaning that most customers can get same-day coverage.

Legal & General America, Ameritas Life Insurance, and TruStage are among the major insurance brands offered by the company.

Impact Radius offers the Ethos Life Insurance affiliate program. It provides custom payouts to meet agreed-upon return-on-ad-spend targets and pays commissions ranging from $20 to $55 per lead.

The Ethos affiliate program has a 30-day EPC of $2.79 and a cookie window of seven days.

Ethos affiliates receive one-on-one support from an affiliate manager and have access to various marketing tools, such as creative assets, case studies, and a sample sales funnel.


USAA Affiliate program

Cookie duration: 30 days

Commission rate: $4 – $20 per lead

Products/Services sold: Auto, life, home, renters, valuable property, and umbrella insurance policies

Payment Options: Check, direct deposit Payoneer Market(s): Only in the United States

USAA provides insurance, banking, and retirement solutions to military personnel, veterans, and eligible family members, including:

  • Service members on active duty
  • Reservists and National Guardsmen
  • Military wives
  • Children of USAA members who have been appointed to the Service Academy

Customers can save up to 10% by combining their auto and home insurance policies with USAA.

In addition to selling insurance, the company strives to support its communities by investing time and money in various military programs.

The USAA insurance affiliate program is only available through the CJ Affiliate network. It has a 30-day cookie window and a sliding commission scale, with the following payouts:

  • Umbrella insurance quotes start at $4.
  • Renters’ insurance quotes start at $5.

Each homeowners insurance quote costs $10. Quotes for valuable property protection start at $20.

According to CJ Affiliate, the program has a three-month EPC of $277.61.

4. RoamRight

RoamRight Affiliate program

Commission rate: 15% per sale

Cookie lifetime: 365 days

Products/Services sold: Travel protection insurance

Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer, Payoneer

Market(s): US only

RoamRight is one of the best travel insurance companies that cover trip cancellation, baggage delays, and overseas medical care, among other things.

Arch Insurance owns McNeil & Co, Ventus Risk Management, Somers Re, and Somerset Bridge Group, among other companies.

Customers can access premium features such as travel and security alerts, travel document storage, and detailed destination information through the free RoamRight app.

Only ShareASale offers RoamRight’s travel insurance affiliate program. The program has a generous 365-day cookie window and pays a 15% commission on your first sale, plus a $10 bonus.

The program has an average sale of $201.66, an EPC of $80.26, and a solid 2.65% conversion rate, according to ShareASale’s 30-day figures.

RoamRight provides several affiliate tools and resources, such as creatives and dedicated affiliate management.

However, it has a rigorous application process that excludes coupon and discount sites, publishers who duplicate content, and affiliates who do not own their domain.


NEXT Affiliate program

Commission rate: $25 per sale

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Products/Services sold: Small business insurance products

Payment methods: PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, ACH transfer

Market(s): Only in the United States

NEXT Insurance sells small business insurance. Its policies, which range from general liability and workers’ compensation to tools and equipment and commercial auto insurance, are tailored to thousands of professions.

Small business owners can pick the policies that are most important to them.

Customers can save up to 10% by bundling two or more policies with NEXT.

It has a customer support team based in the United States and an AM Best rating of “A- Excellent,” the industry standard for insurance company ratings.

Impact Radius manages the NEXT Insurance affiliate program, which pays $25 per sale and has a 30-day cookie window. It has a 30-day EPC of $10.48, according to Impact.

Affiliates have access to various tools that can help them drive traffic and sales, such as unique promo code tracking and deep linking.

6. Hiscox

Hiscox Affiliate program

Commission rate: $25 per quote

Cookie lifespan: 7 days

Products/Services sold: Insurance for small businesses

Payment methods: direct deposit, check, Payoneer

Market(s): only in the United States

Hiscox provides business insurance to professional service firms such as marketing agencies, consultancies, and IT/technology firms.

Hiscox has sold policies to over 400,000 small businesses, demonstrating its strong brand recognition. On the review platform Feefo, the company has a 4.8/5 rating.

CJ Affiliate can help you join the Hiscox insurance affiliate program. The program has a seven-day cookie duration and pays a fixed commission of $25 per quote, though top performers receive special incentives.

The program has a three-month EPC of $50.74, according to CJ.

With 33% of referred visitors requesting an insurance quote, Hiscox has an excellent conversion rate. As a result, it is in your best interest to refer as many qualified visitors as possible.

Hiscox provides high-quality banners, links, promotions, and an in-house affiliate management team to assist you.

7. World Nomads

World Nomads Affiliate program

Commission rate: From $0.83 per quote

Cookie lifetime: 60 days

Products/Services sold: Travel protection insurance

Payment methods: Direct deposit, check, Payoneer\sMarket(s): Global

World Nomads provides travel insurance for independent travelers as well as adventurous families. Customers can purchase policies before or while traveling and make claims from anywhere in the world.

The company offers 150+ adventure activities and provides 24-hour emergency assistance with the help of a multilingual team. Its policies are available to visitors from more than 100 countries.

CJ Affiliate is the sole provider of the World Nomads travel insurance affiliate program.

It has a cookie window of 60 days and pays a flat commission for each quote you refer, with rates based on your reach, audience size, and lead quality. Quote commissions begin at $0.83.

Affiliates of World Nomads can participate in co-branding campaigns with other travel industry partners and receive regional support from the company’s affiliate management team.

8. Allianz Care

Allianz Care Affiliate program

Commission rate: €10 – €30 per action

Cookie lifespan: 45 days

Products/Services sold: Health insurance

Payment methods: Direct deposit, check, Payoneer

Market(s): Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, US

Allianz Care is one of the world’s largest international health insurance providers. Its policies are aimed at high-net-worth expats and human resource managers at multinational corporations or governmental organizations.

Based on nearly 2,000 verified reviews, Allianz has a Feefo rating of 4.8/5.

CJ Affiliate is solely in charge of the Allianz Insurance affiliate program. The program pays commissions ranging from €10 to €45 per completed application.

Even if the lead does not convert into a customer, commissions are paid on all saved or completed quotes, call-back requests, and emails to Allianz’s sales team. The program has a cookie window of 45 days.

Allianz welcomes most types of affiliates, but due to a manual review process, expect to wait a day or two for approval.

9. Bestow

Commission : $25

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Individuals and families can get life insurance through Bestow.

In addition to selling directly to consumers, Bestow offers solutions to assist insurance brokers, businesses, and websites in offering insurance products to their audiences.

The Better Business Bureau has given the company an A+ rating. Bestow is all on ease of use.

Customers can obtain a free insurance quote in seconds by completing five simple questions, and the entire online application procedure takes only five minutes.

Join Bestow’s insurance affiliate program through the Impact Radius or FlexOffers networks. Impact has a little higher commission rate ($25 vs. $20 for each application), making it the most likely pick.

Bestow affiliates may access personalized landing pages, marketing messaging, and personalized suggestions to enhance performance in each case.

Highest Paying Investment and Stock Trading Affiliate Programs

That’s a lot of money; affiliate marketers can profit from it by participating in stock trading affiliate programs.

For more ideas on what to offer your audience, look into investing, precious metals, or Forex affiliate schemes.

1. Plus500 Affiliates

Commission rate: Up to $800 in commission per referral

Plus500 Affiliates is an affiliate program for the Plus500 trading platform, which is traded on the main market of the London Stock Exchange.

Plus500 affiliate network is one of the largest financial affiliate programs in the world, with approximately 100,000 affiliates currently signed up.

The firm employs 32 languages, operates on six platforms, and has approximately 2,000 trading tools.

Plus500 will pay you a commission for referrals that result in new trading clients. Depending on their location, affiliates can earn between $200 and $800 for each new client.

Plus500 allows new clients to start trading for as little as $100, which could be a conversion factor for newcomers or traders in certain parts of the world.

2. Ally Invest

Commission rate: $25 – $50

EPC: $787.72

Cookie lifespan: 45 days

Ally Invest offers two basic investment options to investors:

  • A well-managed portfolio
  • Self-directed trading

You pay them, and they invest your money in carefully selected bonds and mutual funds.

You can begin using their investment services for just $100. However, if you’re more of a Warren Buffet type, you can create your own investment portfolio.

Ally Invest is happy to assist you in your decision. This Ally Invest affiliate program can work especially well if you have a personal finance, investing, or side hustle blog.

Affiliates can earn money in two ways here. The first is $25 for each successful lead generated, which means they filled out a query form.

Alternatively, you can earn $50 for each new direct trading account that is opened.

And, with an EPC of nearly $800, they appear to convert traffic in bulk.

3. Mastermind Traders

Commission: Up to 50%\sCookie

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Another stock trading training organization is Mastermind Traders. This company’s website is appealing because it is well-organized and simple to use.

This makes trading less terrifying and more realistic for newcomers, which may inspire confidence in joining the program.

Mastermind Traders offers a three-month training program divided into 12 modules. It’s an expensive program, but if there’s a guarantee, it’s well worth it.

If Mastermind Traders Affiliate program participants do not triple their investment, the corporation will reimburse them.

This company also provides IntraDay Coaching, a mentorship program, and trade alerts.

Why Should Mastermind Traders Be Promoted? First, affiliates can earn a good living because the compensation rate is attractive and the products are reasonably priced.

The organization’s information is straightforward to understand, which may aid in customer conversion.

4. Zacks Trade

Commission rate: $70

EPC: $16.76

Cookie lifespan: 7 days

Zacks Trade is an international online broker.

You can trade on over 90 exchanges in 19 different countries, giving you more options than you can shake a stick at.

Don’t worry that Zacks Trade is too advanced for your target audience.

They have tools for all levels of experience and ability and an Android and iOS trading app.

Are there any other benefits? They do everything possible to keep your costs low; for example, stock trades cost only $0.01 per share, and the minimum trade is $3.

You only get paid with the Zacks Trade affiliate program when a new customer opens an account with Zacks. You will not be compensated for generating leads.

Affiliates are paid $70 for each new customer account created, making this a very profitable program if you work hard enough.

Because earning money through any affiliate program requires effort. Regardless of the commission or conversion rates stated.

5. The Motley Fool

Commission rate: TBC

EPC: $112

Cookie lifetime: 60 days

The Motley Fool has been around since the early days of the Internet in 1993 and is one of the best stock market simulators.

Tom and David Gardner set out to remove the mystery and fear from financial management and investment.

In a world of stuffed shirts, the Motley Fool was perfectly content not to take itself seriously.

They were willing to take the risk of telling people the whole truth about investments, savings, and personal finance, even when others would not.

After over two decades, The Motley Fool has become one of the most well-known brands in their industry.

That can greatly simplify your job as an affiliate.

Promoting a company with a 30-year track record of success is always easier than promoting a relative newcomer.

Now, information on their affiliate program is scarce, especially since Awin manages it.

However, when your audience signs up for their products or services through the Motley Fool Affiliate program, you can expect to earn around $100 in commissions (per sale).

6. The Wall Street Journal

Commission rate: $30

EPC: $146.39

Cookie lifespan: 7 days

The Wall Street Journal began as a series of daily news bulletins distributed to New York stock exchange traders.

After several years of this, the first printed edition of The Wall Street Journal was released in July 1889.

This newspaper has since grown to become one of the largest in the United States.

Its primary audience consists of businesspeople and investors. So we’re not just sucking affiliate programs from our asses.

For example, a Wall Street Journal reader has an average household income of $191,000.

These people have no problem with their content being behind a paywall or requiring a subscription to read it.

And you can sell their subscription service through their affiliate program.

Each Wall Street Journal Affiliate Program referral is worth $30 if you sell an online or print subscription.

The best thing about this affiliate offer is that it pre-qualifies your audience.

People who want it will happily click the link to subscribe, while everyone else will not.

7. SpeedTrader

Commission: $100 for each referral.

SpeedTrader specializes in Internet trading, providing trading services at the most affordable prices possible. They offer online trading for equity, stocks, and options.

They place a premium on technology, platform features, and trader support.

SpeedTrader provides cutting-edge trading solutions that give traders access to new trading routes and trading software.

This is combined with exceptional customer service to ensure that all of their customers’ needs are met.

Their affiliate program pays a referral fee of $100 for each funded account referred. In addition, affiliates can create links, track signups, and manage campaigns from a single dashboard.

To increase the chances of success, a team will also be assembled.

Speed Trader Affiliate Program offers low-cost stock and option trades. Their direct market access allows traders to route orders directly to the market, allowing faster executions and better fills.

8. Trading View

Commission: 30 %

Trading View is a fantastic platform. The investment firm deals in stocks, bonds, currencies, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, indices, and futures. One of its strongest points is its set of financial visualization features.

The site is easy to navigate and contains a wealth of useful information in the form of charts and graphs.

It also functions as a social networking platform, allowing traders to communicate with other investors worldwide, share information and learn from one another, and even place orders from their iPads.

Affiliates on Tradingview Affiliate program a 30% commission on any payments made through their recommendations, regardless of the referral length.

Highest Paying Health And Fitness Affiliate Programs

1. PHEN 375

PHEN 375 Affiliate program

Commission: 45% commission fee plus up to $ 90 per sale

Cookie Life: Earn money for each sale (lifelong)

PHEN 375 products have a strong market presence. By signing up as an affiliate to market this product, you will become an active super affiliate who has set the standard for all other affiliates with outstanding results.

PHEN’s physical products are available on their website and are all about successful weight loss.

Weight loss and dietary supplements are among the most lucrative niche markets in the world, with sales expected to reach $361 billion by 2017.

Also, with obesity rising, the demand for people looking for a safe phentermine substitute is at an all-time high! Since 2009, Phen375 has dominated the weight loss industry, raking in massive partner commissions.

PHEN 375 affiliate program converts one out of every four referrals and can earn up to $90 per transaction.

It has over 219,857 customers worldwide. However, they only make weight loss products such as weight loss pills that aid in fat loss.

2. JumpSport

JumpSport Affiliate program

Commission rate: 4% per sale

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

JumpSport has been around for a long time, so much so that I used to promote them on my trampoline niche website. But, folks, this is a true story.

JumpSport has been around since 1995 and was responsible for developing a wide range of trampoline safety enclosures.

They then expanded into the fitness trampoline market in 2008, which is why they’re included in this roundup.

If you have doubts about trampolines being an effective way to exercise your entire body, try a 30-minute workout on one.

Their fitness trampolines also have numerous positive TrustPilot reviews, so you know you’re promoting a high-quality product.

With the JumpSport affiliate program, you can earn a 4% commission on sales, but with an average order size of $491, you’ll make about $20 per sale.

Several trampoline companies have come and gone over the years, but JumpSport has weathered the storms that have driven other companies out of business.

3. Ace Fitness

Ace Fitness Affiliate program

Commission: 8%

Cookie Life: 90 Days

Ace has certifications in Medical Exercise, Group Fitness, Health Coaching, and Personal Training and is well-known and respected in the fitness industry.

They have trained approximately 90,000 health and fitness practitioners. In addition, Ace Fitness offers a wide range of programs and online training courses to help you improve your knowledge and expertise.

They provide a variety of health and wellness services.

The company pays its partners an 8% commission on any sale through banners or text links on your website, social media, blog, or newsletter.

Because the Ace Fitness affiliate program is managed by the Rakuten Marketing affiliate network, your affiliate will receive consistent monitoring and reporting.

The Impact affiliate network’s ACE affiliate marketing program pays you a commission on course sign-ups within a 90-day cookie window.

Sales are locked two months and two days after the end of the month, in which they are tracked and invoiced on the fourth of the following month.

ACE offers a variety of appealing banners and text links to assist you in increasing sales.

4. Bowflex

Bowflex Affiliate program

Commission: 7% of sales, Average Order Value exceeds $2,000

Cookie Shelf Life: 30 Days

Bowflex is another name for a line of exercise and fitness equipment manufactured by Nautilus.

Max’s trainers, indoor cycling bikes, treadmills, home gyms, adjustable dumbbells, and other products are available.

The brand’s main goal is to make you more resilient and stronger.

When you join the Bowflex affiliate program, you will receive a 7% commission on all orders placed. In addition, you’ll reap the benefits of being associated with the leading home fitness equipment manufacturer.

Their commission for order-based transactions starts at 3%. The Affiliate program’s cookie life is 30 days.

They have a consumer incentive and a personal commission for high-performing affiliates. In addition, a comprehensive product catalog is available for easy selection.

5. All Volleyball

All Volleyball Affiliate program

Commission rate: 5% per sale

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

As the name suggests, All Volleyball is an online retailer of volleyball equipment, clothing, and accessories.

Although this sport may not immediately come to mind when considering the fitness niche, it burns at least 300 calories per hour.

Then there’s the fact that it’s one of the most popular sports in the world, with 800 million people participating.

Any baby boomers reading this will immediately make a mental, cultural reference to Top Gun.

So, now that we’ve established a ready market for volleyball equipment and accessories, how much money can you make promoting them?

All Volleyball fitness affiliate program offers a 5% commission on all sales up to $250, followed by a flat rate of $30 per transaction.

They also have a 10% conversion rate, 22k products, and a 30-day window for your referral traffic to convert to sales.

6. Horizon Fitness

Horizon Fitness Affiliate program

Commission rate: 8% per sale

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Johnson Health Tech, the company behind Horizon Fitness, has produced long-lasting exercise equipment for over 35 years.

You may have unknowingly used their treadmills, rowers, exercise bikes, or elliptical striders in your local gym.

However, not everyone can or wants to use a local gym, which is why the home exercise equipment market is so profitable.

People are willing to pay whatever it takes to exercise in their own homes.

As a result, the Horizon Fitness affiliate program enables you to connect that home fitness enthusiast audience with various products that are ideal for their requirements.

And the fact that their average order size is typically at least $800 means that if you can gain traction in this market, you stand to make a lot of money.

In essence, you stand to earn approximately $64 per referral, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

7. Affiliate program

Commission: 15% for all new customers and for returning customers 5%

Cookie Shelf Life: 9 Days is one of the most well-known fitness websites in the world. is another good sports and wellness retailer and a large online fitness store.

The websites contain over 19,000 papers, 17,000 recipes, and 3000 fitness videos. They are well-known in the fitness and health industry, particularly in bodybuilding.

The first of their two partner programs is the online shop, where affiliates must promote their sports and nutritional products.

While the All Access Affiliate service program compensates you when you refer someone to their premium fitness subscription.

If you join the affiliate network, you will receive a 5% commission on orders placed by your referred customer and a 3% commission on orders placed by returning customers.

Impact manages its affiliate program and handles payments. Commissions are charged 45 days after the sale is completed.

8. National Academy for Sports Medicine

NASM Affiliate program

Commission rate: $25 per sale

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

The National Academy of Sports Medicine isn’t your run-of-the-mill fitness affiliate program.

In fact, it is geared toward people who are already physically fit and want to teach others how to reach their full fitness potential.

We are aware that the term “coaching” is frequently used. Still, in this case, the NASM provides recognized qualifications in fitness training rather than membership in some arbitrary association that no one accredits.

They provide the following credentials:

  • Personal Trainer Certification
  • Specialist in Corrective Exercise
  • Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
  • Specialist in Performance Enhancement

You can earn $25 for every prospective student you refer.

The personal trainer industry alone is expected to grow by at least 10% by 2026, necessitating the hiring of an additional 30,000 trainers during that period.

Another thing we like about the NASM  affiliate program is that most affiliates will simply say, “Nah…not my thing,” which means more opportunities for you.

9. Life Fitness

Life Fitness Affiliate program

Commission rate: 8%

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Life Fitness has been a household name in the home gym equipment industry for more than four decades, selling more treadmills, rowing machines, and exercise bikes than you can shake a stick at.

Every day, millions of exercisers worldwide, from elite athletes to total newcomers and everyone in between, use its products.

This provides affiliate marketers with a large audience to target with their content.

It’s also worthwhile to target because the Life Fitness affiliate program is one of the best fitness affiliate programs we’ve seen.

Sure, an 8% commission may not sound all that appealing. However, when the average order value exceeds $3,000, the earning potential of this fitness affiliate program becomes clear.

If math isn’t your forte, 8% of $3,000 equals a $240 commission per sale.

If that isn’t enough, Life Fitness also provides top-performing affiliates with bonuses, incentives, and support from a dedicated affiliate manager.

10. ProForm

ProForm Affiliate program

Commission rate: 7%

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

ProForm bills itself as the world’s leading home fitness brand. They actually have a line of innovative home workout equipment.

This includes a fitness mirror that allows you to stream fitness classes while checking your form; looks impressive.

In addition to fancy mirrors, ProForm sells more traditional workout equipment such as treadmills, bikes, and ellipticals.

It targets the premium end of the home fitness market, as evidenced by its average order value of over $1,000.

All of this makes ProForm’s fitness affiliate program appear to be quite appealing. Sign up, and you’ll get a 7% cut of every sale you drive if they convert within 30 days.

11. Rebook

Reebok Affiliate program

Commission rate: 7% per sale

Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Rebook doesn’t need an introduction, do they?

It may surprise you that they have been in business since 1895, beginning in a bedroom workshop in Bolton, UK.

Their first products were spiked running shoes sold to Olympic runners, one of whom was an Olympic champion, and they grew their business from there.

Reebok is an Afrikaans word that means “Grey Antelope,” The brand has come to be associated with high-quality athletic footwear and clothing.

That means you won’t have to explain how great Reebok products are to your audience. Your only real job here is to match your audience with Reebok sportswear.

Or you could do comparison reviews on a variety of their products – you have many options here.

The Reebok affiliate program pays a 7% commission on all sales, with an average order value of around $80.

Because of the 30-day cookie, you should send pre-qualified traffic to their US site – these visitors must be in a buyer mindset before they arrive.

Other High paying Affiliate Programs Worth Mentioning

Promo Republic

Commission: 30%

Cookie Life: 120 Days

PromoRepublic is a social media management platform with built-in tools for personalizing and generating content.

With the aid of editable content, you can link different brands with specific friends and family on social media.

The Promo Republic Affiliate Program offers up to 30% sales rewards and an average monthly income per active partner of $40- $1,500.

There are also bonuses for the most successful partners and coupons to increase sales. You can use their intelligence product to stay on top of their performance.

This social media management tool is certainly worth a shot. You can become a PromoRepublic affiliate and receive a 30% commission on any sale you make.

With their intuitive dashboard, you can keep track of your success. If you are a productive affiliate and perform well, you can easily receive $40 – $1500 per month.

A personal affiliate manager will be assigned to you to assist you in growing your customers and business.


Commission: 25% commission on each sale

Cookie life: 30 days

MasterClass is an online streaming platform that offers users the opportunity learns from highly skilled professional in different categories, including writing, sports & gaming, design & style, business, arts & entertainment, and more.

The platform also provides anyone interested a partnership offers through MasterClass affiliate program where partners earn 25% commission for referring the website to someone that ends up subscribing to one of their plans.

Promoting the platform is very easy as affiliates are granted unrestricted access to all banners, logos, and links used by MasterClass.

The affiliate program also offers partners milestone bonuses when they reach certain amounts of sales in a month.

The incentive structure rewards affiliate with a $100 bonus for a total monthly sale of $1,500; the bonus increases to a peak of $300 if you reach a total monthly sale of $12,000.


Commission: 7-10%

Cookie Life: 60 day

Sam Ash is apparently the biggest family-owned musical instrument store in the US, specializing in pro audio, guitars, drums, basses, bands, and orchestral instruments.

The company offers free delivery on most orders and a 45-day money-back guarantee if you complain that you are unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason.

You may enter SamAsh affiliate program and be rewarded with a commission of 1o% on all eligible purchases.

You will become a member of the world’s largest online collection of musical gears and instruments’ affiliate programs.

They are in partnership with LinkShare, an e-commerce marketing industry pioneer that offers services including third-party monitoring, real-time reporting, and adequate commission reviews every month, among others.

If you send higher traffic to them, you will earn more commission.

Due to local tax laws, they are not accepting affiliates based in North Carolina, Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Connecticut


Commission: 6% + bonus

Cookie Life: 45 days.

You can become part of Zzounds partner program and receive a considerable payout depending on your loyalty.

When you’re not exclusive to the company, you’ll get a 20% bonus on net revenue above $5000 per month and a 50% bonus on net revenue above $10,000 per month if you’re not exclusive.

If you join their unique Zzounds program, you can earn a bonus of 20% on net revenue every month for more than $1000, 40% on net revenue every month for more than $5,000, and 80% on net revenue every month for more than $10,000.

They also have unique asset sets, tracking, and reporting, as well as personalized service.


Commission: $10 per Cloud subscription sale, $7 for all other sales, $5 for a free trial

Cookie Life: 30 days

Sage Financials is a Salesforce-based cloud accounting service that offers accounting, analytics, and reporting solutions for small and mid-sized companies.

They have a robust partner network that includes a dedicated support team, commissions paid directly into your bank account (in your preferred currency), and accurate reporting on your success and earnings.

Even free sign-ups Sage gets from your website, or blog will earn you a fee.

This could be a good collaboration to discuss if your blog readers or website visitors are interested in accounting resources.

Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs

1. Send Owl  

SendOwl Affiliate Program costs $15 a month with a free trial. There are no hidden costs, and you keep 100% of your earnings.

SendOwl does not take a percentage of your earnings. SendOwl Commission is 20%, and Cookie Life is 14-90 Days.

2. Buzzsprout

This well-known podcast host provides a 20% recurring payout and even gives new users a $20 Amazon gift card to help increase conversion rates.

We recommend Buzzsprout for podcast hosting reviews because they have an excellent marketing manager who can assist with content ideas and promotions.

The best part of the program is that you still get compensated even if your referral doesn’t upgrade to the paid plan for years, as their affiliate cookie doesn’t expire

3. ClickMeter

ClickMeter is a website link conversion tracking service that pays up to 90% sales commission when you promote their tool.

Their program is in Shareasale, they have a dedicated affiliate team, and you can earn up to $891 per sale!

I added them high on this list because of their high commission percentage and helpful affiliate team to help you promote the service.

4. Loom

Loom is a well-known screen recording and video messaging application.

Their tool allows you to send expressive videos that can be instantly recorded, shared, and viewed from anywhere.

They have a strong affiliate team and offer a 15% recurring commission in their PartnerStack affiliate program.

5. LiveChat

While a recurring lifetime commission of 20% is lower than many of the other recurring affiliate programs on this list, LiveChat has a relatively generous 120-day cookie window, allowing you to maximize the value of the traffic you refer.

Furthermore, LiveChat affiliates can provide their audience custom discount codes and longer product trials, making it easier to close the deal.

LiveChat Affiliate Commission rate is 20% lifetime recurring commissions, and the Cookie duration is 120 days

6. Upwork

The company runs and manages its affiliate network and pays its partners 70% of the first transaction of your referral on Upwork.

This can rise as high as $150 per referral. In addition, marketing resources such as banners, ads, and regularly rebranded logos are available to affiliates to optimize conversions.

You can also work with Upwork’s dedicated affiliate team whenever you need help. Upwork Commission is up to $150 per premium referral, and cookie life is 30 days.

7. Calendly

Calendly is the most popular scheduling tool, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails when scheduling meetings.

If you want to work with Calendly, their affiliate program allows you to earn 25% recurring commissions.

8. Wordable

Wordable is a SaaS tool that allows creators to publish content from Google Docs to their CMS in real-time (WordPress, HubSpot, Medium, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more).

They offer a 30% recurring commission on every sale, and enterprise companies can pay up to $1,000 monthly.

9. SEO Clerks

Joining the program is easy, and you just need to submit your details on their affiliate signup page, with no prior programming knowledge required.

You get paid whenever your referral buys any SEO services, and their lifetime cookie shelf life ensures steady recurring earnings.

SEO Clerks affiliate program Commission is  10%, and Cookie Life is a lifetime.

10. ActiveCampaign 

ActiveCampaign is my preferred email marketing software, and its affiliate program pays out regularly.

They offer commission tiers of up to 30% based on the number of sales you generate.

They have over 6,000 affiliate partners, a partner portal with useful affiliate resources, and an excellent affiliate manager.

11. Netpeak Software 

Netpeak Software creates professional search engine marketing tools such as Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker.

They provide up to a 30% recurring rate and an average monthly income of $100-$2000 per active affiliate. They also offer dedicated support and shareable promo codes to assist in lead generation.


amoCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software on Messenger.

Their program immediately offers a 35% recurring commission (and it never expires). Furthermore, once you reach $10,000 as a partner, that figure is increased to 50%.

13. Leadpages

Leadpages is a well-known landing page builder that allows users to create dedicated web pages complete with forms and calls to action. Their affiliate program offers a recurring 30% commission.

14. Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an online retailer of prescription lenses and sunglasses. They have eyewear for both men and women at reasonable prices.

The objective of the company is to offer eyewear to designers at an innovative cost. The brand is famous in the eyewear industry.

By joining their affiliate network, you will receive a commission of 20%. The honored affiliate management team of Acceleration Partners is responsible for their software.

You will receive a newsletter each week with competitions, promos, and sales information. You also earn $0.50 for every free personal try-on.

15. Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutreach is a one-stop shop for influencer marketing.

It assists you in performing outreach, locating influencer email addresses, building email lists, and expanding your content promotion efforts.

They used to offer 50% recurring, but now they only provide 20%.

16. SpyFu

SpyFu is another SEO tool that focuses on competitive intelligence.

Using their tool, you can download data on a competitor’s top organic and paid keywords. In addition, they offer a 40% recurring payment.

What is the Highest Paying Fashion Affiliate Program?


The company provides an incredible commission rate of up to 11%. However, as an Amazon Associate, promoting Nike products will only earn you a 7% commission.

You will receive a 4% higher commission rate if you direct traffic to Nike’s official website through the Nike affiliate program.

The 11% commission rate varies by product, but promoting Nike through its affiliate network will always get you a better rate.

Commission: up to 10%

Cookie Shelf Life: 30 Days Cookie Period

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss products also appeal to a specific market: those who are willing to pay $100 for a t-shirt or $220 for a pair of jogging pants.

As a result, this affiliate program is ideal for a fashion blog looking to generate a substantial income.

The standard affiliate commission rate is 8%, but they’re willing to increase it to 12% per sale if your blog drives a lot of traffic to their offers.

Even if affiliate marketers earn an 8% commission per sale, a pair of Boss jogging pants will net them $16 in commission.

Commission: up to 12% on each sale


Cookie duration: 30 days

Pretty Little Thing

Their products combine current trends with those inspired and worn by celebrities and social media influencers.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn up to 10% commission on each sale, plus 5% on sales to existing customers.

There’s a lot of potential for recurring income here, and this particular brand is having a good time right now.

Commission: up to 8% on each sale


Cookie duration: 30 days


SHEIN has carved out a niche in the fashion market where affordable does not imply unappealingly.

Surprisingly, their commission rate and EPC are among the highest of the featured fashion affiliate programs.

So, from an affiliate’s perspective, there’s a lot to be said about affordable fashion.

Commission: 10-20% per sale

EPC: $35.23

Cookie duration: 30 days

New Chic

For every $100 in referrals, an affiliate will receive $10 to $16. They’ve devoted their lives to it.

They provide quick and dependable delivery options. You will receive $10 to $16 for every $100 referral.

A minimum withdrawal of $20 is permitted. To avoid refund issues, the received referral commissions will be frozen for 45 days.

Commission: up to 18% on each sale

Cookie Shelf Life: 60 Days

Eddie Bauer

The corporation is a limited liability company based in Washington, D.C. Their products are long-lasting, and offer free shipping on all of their products.

As a member of their affiliate program, you are entitled to and receive a 5% commission on all successful transactions.

The affiliate cookie in the program is valid for 7 days. After that, customize your displays to match the style of your website.

Commission: 5%

Cookie Time frame: 7 days


ASOS caters to a younger demographic, offering clothing and accessories for a designer, sports, and everyday wear.

Commission: 5%

Cookie duration: 30 days


Zappos began by selling shoes and then expanded to sell all types of clothing, carrying 1,500 different brands.

Commission: 7%

Cookie duration: 14 days

Urban Outfitters

With a 5% commission and a one-day cookie, this is one of the less appealing affiliate programs, but it is a big brand with over 200 stores worldwide.

Commission: 5%

Cookie duration: 1 day

Old Navy

This affiliate program is even less generous than the one for Urban Outfitters; however, it is a popular and low-cost fashion brand with a high volume of sales.

Commission: 4%

Cookie duration: 1 day


The insurance affiliate program at Fabric is available through three networks: FlexOffers, Impact Radius, and ShareASale.

Unless you have a compelling reason to use FlexOffers or ShareASale, Impact is the better option due to its larger commission rate and significantly longer cookie duration. The program has a 30-day EPC of $8.27, according to Impact.

Affiliates can use pre-built landing pages to convert traffic into clicks and sales.

Commission: 7%

Cookie duration: 30 days

True Religion

This brand has one of the shortest cookies in just seven days, and the commission isn’t great compared to the other programs, but they offer an exclusive bonus on higher-ticket sales, and it’s a unique fashion brand.

Commission: 7%

Cookie duration: 7 days

River Island

River Island usually has its finger on the pulse of the latest fashion trends, so you can expect good fashion products to be promoted.

Cookie commission: 5%

Cookie duration: 30 days


Nordstrom is a top fashion retailer with locations from New York to Miami that sells all major brand products. It’s one of your best bets for Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton affiliate programs.

Commission: 2–20%

Cookie duration: 14 days


This large online brand has grown in popularity in recent years. It is well-known for its fast fashion, which is both affordable and fashionable.

Commission: 7%

Cookie Lifetime: Unknown


When you join their partner program, remember that there is a 5% commission on loyalty and content sales and a 2% commission on coupons and offers.

The ModCloth Affiliate Program is managed by the affiliate management team Acceleration Partners.


Cookie Shelf Life: 45 Days


Commission: 7.4%

Cookie Life: 30 days

H&M is home to fashionable clothes. They have fashionable, high-quality, yet affordable items for men, women, infants, and teens.

H&M was established in 1947, and it is operational in different countries(74) with more than 5000 stores. The H&M company abbreviated its name from Hennes and Mauritz.

You will enter H&M affiliate program and receive a 7.4 percent commission on purchases.

The DCMnetwork publishing team will review and approve your profile before you can be a full-fledged JNCO affiliate. The deal can be tracked for sales on links, and coupon attribution is possible.

Take a look at the graphs and be aware of how your results and conversions are doing. The Affiliate program’s cookie life is 30 days.

MVMT Watches


Cookie Life: 15 days

MVMT Watches is a widely-known watch manufacturer having its headquarters located in Los Angeles. MVMT has to purchase their Quartz watches, sunglasses, together with other accessories.

Although MVMT was established in 2013, Movado bought it over in August 2018. All goods come with free delivery and a 24-month warranty.

The commission for MVMT affiliate program is 10% when you enter. They have a partnership with Impact; hence, they promise to bring you the most effective value ad campaign possible.

You can use promo codes, posters, product catalogs, and media source monitoring to improve your marketing campaign.

You can make your payments monthly. The affiliate cookie life is 15 days. If you are new to affiliate marketing, they are always of help with their tutorials.

What is an Affiliate Program?

What is Affiliate marketing

Affiliate or partner programs provide a third-party platform for individuals and brands to find and collaborate.

Both parties join the platform, discuss a collaboration, and begin working together.

However, these affiliate programs are complex behemoths that do far more than assist merchants and affiliate companies. They also offer some very important services to both parties.

What’s the Difference Between an Affiliate Network and an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate marketing network collects products from various brands and collaborates with affiliate marketers.

In other words, it manages affiliate marketing programs for various brands and liaises between the brand and the affiliate.

AWIN, CJ Affiliate, and ShareASale are examples of well-known affiliate marketing networks.

The brand manages and oversees the entire process with an affiliate program. Instead, brands frequently manage the program on their own using affiliate marketing software such as ReferralCandy or Refersion.

They can also designate dedicated affiliate managers to communicate with the affiliates.

One advantage of running your affiliate program directly is that you avoid paying affiliate network fees.

How do I Join High Paying Affiliate Programs?

Highest paying Affiliate program for every niche

Before you sign up for any affiliate program, remember that there are two types: self-hosted and affiliate network affiliate programs.

According to the name, the company creates and manages self-hosted programs internally using affiliate development tools.

A “Brand + Affiliate Program” search would take you to their affiliate program page.

Enter the page, fill out any required information, submit, and wait for a response from the company—you’ll be notified if your application is successful.

Getting into Affiliate network programs is a completely different ballgame; you must understand how these networks operate.

Affiliate network programs include a listing of various vendors (companies, businesses, and brands) and their affiliate programs and links on a single platform.

The network allows you to access various neo-affiliate programs, download affiliate links, monitor your commissions, and view reporting, among other things.

While most affiliate programs will receive your application through the partner network program and review it before accepting it, most sign-up requests are automatically accepted.

Check out the following affiliate network programs:

  • ShareASale
  • Awin (formerly Affiliate Window)
  • CJ Affiliate Amazon Associates (formerly Commission Junction)
  • Rakuten Advertising (formerly LinkShare)
  • Avangate Affiliate Program
  • ClickBank
  • FlexOffers

Factors to Consider When Picking an Affiliate Program

How to choose the best Affiliate program

Some of the standout features to look for and strongly consider when selecting an affiliate program are.

This will aid you in searching for the best-paying affiliate programs for your company and niche.

1. Niche compatibility

This point is worth emphasizing, even if it appears obvious to you.

Finding the right products that fit into the category of your blog, niche, or target audience is the best way to increase your chances of converting leads (your audience) into sales.

However, don’t limit yourself to your field; there’s always room for innovation and thinking outside the box.

Assume your blogging niche is car care; other related products you can promote include car events, driving vacations, car insurance, etc.

The goal is to promote products that are relevant to your target audience’s needs.

2. Product Quality

Whatever product you’re promoting, ensure it’s exactly as described and of high quality. Then, allow it to be a good utility for their worth.

There is no amount of money worth risking your loyal audience and reputation. So before promoting a product on your blog, try to determine the return rate.

If it’s high, it clearly indicates that the product is probably bad and should be avoided.

Before listing your products, do extensive research on them. Do not list it simply because it has a high-interest rate.

A high-interest rate and a high return rate will send you back to the trenches and cause your readers to lose faith in you.

Promoting good products to your audience will increase their trust in your recommendations, paving the way for long-term affiliate success.

3. Affiliate Program Reputation

All major affiliate vendors today started small, but as an affiliate marketer, it is safer to consider the vendor’s reputation before jumping on their wagon.

There is less chance of the jolly ride turning into a nightmare.

You’ve probably seen a lot of small affiliate programs that offer great products with a high commission rate. If you think the offer is too good to be true, chances are it is.

To avoid future headaches, stick with long-established affiliate programs that have been tested and trusted by many.

4. Affiliate Program Support

The peace of mind from knowing that your vendor has your back when things go wrong is priceless.

Things always take unexpected turns, but a good affiliate program support team can improve a bad sales experience, leaving your customers happier than when they arrived.

Check to see if the prospective affiliate program provides support for their marketers; however, the level of support varies depending on the vendor’s size.

Some affiliate programs may provide as much as a dedicated account manager and basic email or live chat support.

Consider the availability of marketing resources, a high-quality knowledge base, and two other types of support a vendor can provide.

The cookie life of an affiliate program is important. Cookies are embedded in unique affiliate links provided by affiliate programs to measure and track your marketing engagement.

The expiration date of these cookies varies depending on the vendor. After the cookies expire, they no longer record your marketing activities.

Any sales or engagements are no longer valid, and an update is required.

Determine the shelf life of the cookies a vendor provides; the ideal cookie life span ranges from 30 to 90 days.

Keep in mind that the longer the cookie life, the better. This saves you a lot of time, which you can use better.

6. Earnings Per Click and Commission Levels

Now that you’ve identified your ideal type of affiliate, it’s time to start looking for programs that pay well.

The commission rate is a good place to start, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Therefore, it is critical to consider both the product price and the commission rate.

Vendors typically offer high commission rates for low-selling products and low commission rates for high-selling products.

Your average order value (AOV) is determined by the number of products you sell, so a high AOV with a lower commission rate earns you more than a low AOV with a higher commission rate.

Assume you’re promoting two products at the same time, for example.

The commission rate for product A is 1%, while the commission rate for product B is 10%. For example, assume you can sell 60 of product A but only 3 of product B.

Perform the calculations! Which product generates the most revenue for you? You see the big picture, right?

Affiliating Marketing Tips

Affiliate program tips

●     Take Control of your Audience.

Avoid relying on bridge pages or external sites to drive traffic to your site, build your email list, or grow your social following. The quality of your audience is more important than its size.

Paying other sites or people to drive unrealistic amounts of traffic to your site in a short period of time is risky.

Building an audience takes time, but it is well worth it. Provide value to your audience, and you will gain their trust and support over time.

●   Do not Promote Products that you do not Understand or Care About.

Fake reviews are easy to spot on the internet these days. People can tell whether you’ve used a product before and recommend it to them or if you’re just trying to sell them random items.

You can benefit from having actual experience with the product you’re promoting.

The information you gain from using the product will allow you to write an honest and detailed review about the product.

The audience will appreciate and trust your recommendations more if you do so.

●   Follow up on your Targeted Products on a Regular Basis.

According to statistics, only about 2% of all sales required only one pitch of the product.

This clearly indicates that the majority of sales occurred after the buyer made several attempts to sell the item.

You must constantly pitch the product to your target audience; most people require time before making a purchasing decision.

●     Allow your Audience to Recognize and Identify with you.

When people see your faces, they are more likely to trust you. Having a simple picture of your face on your platform helps you stand out and leave a lasting impression on the minds of your audience.

Your followers would like to get to know you and relate to you more personally, and a real face would help them do so.

●   Keep an Eye out for Untapped Profitable Product Categories.

While the majority of affiliate marketers promote wellness and sports, health, fashion, and other popular listings.

There are many upcoming promising affiliate markets you can tap into, including relationship and dating, wearable technology, cryptocurrency, 3D printing, digital marketing, virtual reality, and so on.

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Bottom Line

Each of the affiliate programs mentioned here is worth a shot. They are not only the best affiliate programs for bloggers but also have a fantastic selection of products your target audience will enjoy.

There are many different high-ticket categories to match your unique interests, no matter which of the best affiliate programs you want to join.

To begin, when selecting a program, keep the commission rates, average order values (AOV), average earnings per click (EPC), and cookie durations in mind. Second, consider whether the affiliate program is recurring or offers one-time payments.

Finally, select a niche that corresponds to your interests and that you can passionately promote. Whatever industry you are in, you can use the list above to find a few affiliate programs to start generating passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is An Average Affiliate Commission?

The average affiliate commission ranges between 5% and 30% of the order value. Alternatively, some affiliate programs will pay you a set amount (or a bounty payment) for each sale or lead you refer. Naturally, the amount will vary depending on the cost of the product or service.

Q: What Are The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs?

Rather than physical products, the highest-paying affiliate programs are typically for software services or digital courses.

For example, brands such as Fiverr and HubSpot pay up to $1,000 for a single sale, while BigCommerce and Shopify pay even more. Of course, those products are also expensive, so you’re unlikely to refer to multiple sales per day.

Q: Can I join more than one affiliate program?

Yes, you can sign up for and use multiple affiliate programs on the same website. You can promote multiple affiliates offers on a single webpage, even if they are from your competition.

Q: What is the highest-paying affiliate product?

Which affiliate programs pay the most? Rather than physical products, the highest-paying affiliate programs are typically for software services or digital courses. For example, brands such as Fiverr and HubSpot pay up to $1,000 for a single sale, while BigCommerce and Shopify pay even more.

Q: Which Niche Is Best for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

The most straightforward path for new affiliate marketers will be to enter more mainstream or evergreen niches. We recommend starting with familiar brands in the fashion, food, or beauty industries.

These niches have a diverse target audience with diverse demographics and interests. However, you must also consider the level of competition. To begin, choose a smaller sub-niche within one of the popular affiliate marketing niches.

Q: How Much Do Beginner Affiliate Marketers Earn?

Affiliate marketing allows you to profit on a small budget, but keep in mind that it takes time and effort to maximize your earnings. A beginner in affiliate marketing could earn up to $1000 per month. However, your sales, marketing, and content strategy will also affect this figure.

Q: What is the fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing?

The fastest way to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

  • Create a Content-Rich Website.
  • Get Targeted Traffic From Google.
  • Promote Products That People Are Actively Searching To Buy.
  • Promote Products That Sell.
  • Promote Products That Offer High Affiliate Commissions.
  • Optimize Your Affiliate Links To Get More Clicks.

Q: How many followers do you need to get affiliates?

Because of the rise of micro-influencers, even accounts with fewer than 2,000 followers can be valuable affiliates. However, 5,000 to 15,000 followers is a good number to expect a significant sale from affiliate marketing. Finally, look for a high engagement rate in relation to the number of followers.

Q: Which affiliate program is the best?

These are the top affiliate programs to join to earn money:

1. Refersion

2. Canva

3. Fiverr

4. SEMrush

5. GetResponse

6. ConvertKit

7. HubSpot

8. Hostinger

9. WP Engine

10. Weebly

Q: Who is the richest affiliate marketer?

Pat Flynn is one of the most successful names in affiliate marketing. More than 80% of his income comes from affiliate marketing.

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