24 Best Social Media Management Tools, Apps, and, Software

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Last updated Jun. 23, 2022 by Jessica Green

Everyone now depends on social media for their marketing. And since this is so, they run several social media activities on different social platforms.

The question is, “how do they manage to stay on top of all these activities?” Social media management tools is the answer.

This tool simplifies their social media marketing tasks and enables them to get the most out of their social media campaigns.

But since there are tons of social media management software in the market, choosing the right one becomes difficult.

This article reviews the 24 best social media management tools in order to guide you as you make a decision.

The Importance of Using Social Media Management Tools, Apps, And Software

Utilizing the right tools to organize your social media presence will assist you in:

  • Developing better content
  • Getting more followers
  • Getting a deeper understanding of your target audience to obtain more conversions.

List of the Best 24 Social Media Management Tools, Apps, and Software

Enlisted below are the leading tools, apps, and software that I have selected based on their positive feedback from users.


Brandwatch is a social media management software that enables you to publish, advertise, measure, and manage your customers’ data on social media.

Home to Unilever and Nestle, Brandwatch enables you to do the following:

  • Manage channels, workflows, and campaigns.
  • Collaborate on data-driven content
  • Monitor threats. It alerts you when there is a problem with your social media activities.
  • Simplifies your customer engagement process
  • Enables you to gain insight into your social media campaign and progress

Brandwatch’s pricing starts at $129 per month with a 14-day free trial.

Key Features of BrandWatch

  • Storing assets for repurposing.
  • Arrangements of multiple feeds to create an inbox that suits the user.
  • Mapping, briefing, rolling out, and teaming on end-to-end campaigns.


In the last few years, AgoraPulse has not only built a name for itself but has also been able to become a powerful social media management tool for social media experts and beginners.

Its “Inbox Zero” feature makes the collection, organization, and management of messages and comments so easy.

AgoraPulse is also a suitable social media tool for businesses of all sizes, and its pricing ranges from $39 to $239 per month.

Key Features of AgoraPulse

  1. Easy integration with Facebook marketing API for you to see and regulate the comments that people leave alongside the other messages.
  2. Intuitive Publishing: Enables you to schedule, collaborate, and plan your social media content.
  3. Social Listening: Enables you to identify social trends, customer behavior, and competitors’ activities.
  4. Reports and Analytics: Gives you insight into your social media campaign performance. You can also create actionable reports.


Loomly is a software that allows you to publish, measure, collaborate, and operate all your social media content (organic posts and ads) from one platform.

It’s your go-to app for storing, organizing, and utilizing your photos, videos, notes, links, and post templates in a primary library.

Loomly offers a 15-day free trial while its pricing starts from $25 per month.

Key Features of Loomly

1. Generating post ideas based on the latest trends, RSS feeds, events, and the best practices of social media.

2. Offering guidance to users on how to make posts and ads.

3. Automated generation of posts and ad previews.

4. List view, calendar view, and notifications.

5. Post Scheduling.

6. Commenting system, post & ad history, and collaborative review.


Sendible is a social media management tool that works perfectly with more than 20 social networks and it supports multiple integrations.

It enables you to grow your social media followings and engage with old and new customers.

This tool also allows you to adjust the publication times for your unique content.

Sendible offers a 14-day free trial while its pricing begins at $24 per month.

Key Features of Sendible

  • Enables customization and previewing of posts on all social platforms.
  • An interactive calendar to help you plan and review your social media campaigns.
  • Enables you to manage all your social media activities from one place.

Other features include Autopost RSS feed, bulk scheduling, content suggestions, smart queues, content library, and more.


Iconosquare is a social media management tool that makes it easy to regulate, publish, and examine your social content.

It comes with a dashboard that’s very stylish, navigable, and intuitive.

Iconosquare can assist you in planning Facebook statuses, single-image and video posts, Instagram stories, and more.

In addition, Iconosquare offers a categorization feature that enables you to categorize your content based on certain factors. This feature enables you to easily retrieve images, videos, and social content.

Pricing for Iconosquare starts at $29 per month.

Key features of Iconosqaure

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Multi-profile management from one dashboard
  • Strong security and post validation to keep your brand in safety.
  • Powerful Scheduler
  • Helps you save captions for future use
  • Enables you to monitor competitors
  • Enables sharing of your social media campaign performance

GoDaddy Studio

GoDaddy Studio is a social media management software that enables you to design beautiful, intriguing, and eye-catching social media content.

This platform has multiple built-in customizable templates that can be used to brand your social media content.

GoDaddy has a free forever plan. Its paid plan has a starting price of $69.99 per year.

Key Features of GoDaddy

  • Rich library of trending videos, graphics, and fonts.
  • Easy upload of logos, fonts, and the saving of custom color palette
  • Logo Maker
  • Customizable Link in Bio
  • Email Marketing tools.


Foursixty is the best social media management tool for e-commerce businesses.

It provides you with tools that let you display your products in nice-looking galleries and stores.

In addition, it enables you to customize and display your content on product pages, email newsletters, and other sites.

Foursixty has a 21-day free trial with pricing starting from $50 per month.

Key Features of Foursixty

  • It allows you to customize your Instagram galleries
  • Enables easy integration of fully customizable Instagram shops and UGC galleries.
  • Enables the showcasing of product-specific Instagram galleries on your product detail pages.

Sprout Social

This social management software comes with a well-packed feature that makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

It has a clean interface and a centralized dashboard that enables you to manage your social media activities from one place.

Sprout Social provides a 30-day free trial while its pricing starts at $99 per month.

Key Features of Sprout Social

  • Social Listening
  • Collaborative tools
  • Advanced reporting
  • Automation Tools
  • Multiple Reporting Templates
  • Helpdesk Integration
  • Engagement Reporting
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Automated Conversational Workflow

Other features include collaborative content calendar, advanced post scheduler, custom inbox views, bulk scheduling, custom URL tracking, and more.


BuzzSumo is a cloud-based SEO platform that offers multiple products. One of its products is the social media management tool.

This tool monitors your social media account reputation and tracks customer trends and updates.

With BuzzSumo, you can monitor your competitor’s activities.

In addition, BuzzSumo gives you a detailed report of how your content performs on social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

BuzzSumo has a pricing plan that starts at $79 per month. This pricing plan is suitable for social media experts who are working on a strict budget but want an advanced management tool.

Key Features of BuzzSumo

  • It effortlessly carries out content strategy research to help you understand the kind of content that your online community will resonate with.
  • It has an inbuilt influencer search feature that helps your content to reach a much wider audience

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an all-rounder social media management tool that assists you in creating social graphics, web pages, and short videos in minutes.

This software also comes with multiple customizable templates that enable you to create beautiful and impressive social media posts.

Adobe Spark has a limited free plan. However, pricing starts at $9.99 per month (including 1-year loyalty) for its paid plan.

Key Features of Adobe Spark

  • The abundance of free professionally designed fonts
  • It has a wide array of layouts and colors
  • It allows you to share your content through social media and emails.


Buffer is one of the prominent social media management tools that is often used by influencers, solopreneurs, and business owners.

Buffer’s Publish tool has a simple and easy-to-use interface that helps you to plan posts across social media platforms.

Hence, the planning and publishing of content for any of your social media platforms can be done from just one platform.

In addition, Buffer enables you to measure your social media performance and create visually alluring reports.

The advanced analytics reporting feature gives you insight that enables you to grow your audience, increase sales, and engage customers.

The publishing tool offers pricing that starts at $12 per month while the analyzing tool offers pricing that starts at $28 per month.

Buffer allows you to do the following:

  • Make a preset publishing plan for each social media account
  • Customize your posts for each social network
  • Specifies how frequently you should post the most engaging content.

Key Features of Buffer

1. Scheduling tools

2. Customization

3. Collaboration tools

4. Instant Publishing

5. Calender and Queue view

6. Analytics and Reporting tool


Coshedule is a social media management software that is designed with calendar features that makes it easy for you to organize and schedule your social media posts.

It offers a social media inbox feature that enables the prompt response to customers’ inquiries. It also offers features that enable you to build a strong online presence.

With this software, you can identify trending content, measure your campaigns, and view the progress of all your social profiles.

Its pricing starts at $9 per month.

Key Features of Coshedule

1. Marketing Calendar: This feature enables you to view the status of your marketing campaigns in one place.

2. Marketing Suite: This feature comes with marketing tools that manage marketing requests, eliminate content bottlenecks, and enable an effective marketing plan.

3. Headline Studio: This feature enables you to create better social media headlines. It also suggests high converting headlines.

4. Marketing Institute Feature: This feature improves your marketing skills, and simplifies your social media marketing activities.


Canva is a very popular social media management tool that provides a broad range of templates and images that can be easily customized to make your posts stand out.

It provides a free plan for all social media gurus. It also offers a paid plan that starts at $10.99 per month.

Key Features of Canva

  • A variety of stock photos and graphics that you can choose from
  • Has a wide range of templates to suit your kinds of content
  • Has more than a 100 design types, such as social media posts, presentations, letters, and more


Later is one of the top marketing platforms for all your social media content.

It does more than schedule your social posts. Later enables you to generate content that targets the right audience. It also drives and tracks all your traffic.

It offers reporting features that give you insight into all your social media campaigns.

It has a free plan while the paid plan starts at $9 per month.

The key features of Later include:

  • Planning out your content with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Enables the easy access to import media
  • It can find and share user-generated content
  • It enhances the easy creation of a shoppable Instagram feed


SOCi is one of the best social media management tools suitable for multi-location marketers.

This platform helps you to supervise your local presence. It also enables you to create, host, and share libraries of branded content across various locations.

Additionally, SOCi provides location grouping, planning, and approvals to assist you in sharing your content to various pages simultaneously.

With SOCi, you can easily manage all your social media comments, reviews, and notification from one platform.

SOCi offers a quotation-based pricing system.

Key Features of SOCi

  • Retaining accurate and consistent information across business listings and platforms
  • It helps you to instantly deploy conversational chatbots across all local Facebook Messenger accounts.
  • Asset Management
  • Smart Scheduler

Other features include escalation, competitive analysis, customer engagement tools, engagement tracking, social sharing, multi-channel campaign, email alerts, sentiment analysis, trend tracking, audience targeting, and more.


This social media management software comes with various features that enable you to stay consistent with the messages you put out on social media.

It comes with different tools that is designed for individuals and teams.

SocialOomph allows for post queues, RSS feeds, webhooks, and post tags.

SocialOomph offers a limited free plan while its pricing starts at $15 per month.

It also offers a 30-day free trial period.

SocialOomph’s Primary Features

  • It allows teams to work on chosen social profiles and blogs
  • Bulk Uploading
  • Enables Self destructive posts
  • It automatically creates social and blog posts from RSS feed.
  • Enables Precise Scheduling

Revive Old Post

This social media management app keeps your old content alive. It enables your old content to drive traffic to your site.

It simplifies the process of sharing content on different social accounts and platforms. It also enables you to decide whether to share just titles, hashtags, or links.

With Revive Old Post, you can get total control over your social shares.

The pricing starts at $75

Key Features of Revive Old Posts

  • Sharing posts, pages, media, and customized post types
  • Automatically adds customized hashtags
  • Click Tracking Tool
  • It helps repost your posts over and over again
  • Addition of multiple custom messages and hashtags
  • Tag Filtering tools


Wistia is a social media management software with features that enables your videos and podcasts to meet your target audience.

It’s often used by experts to keep their videos and playlists organized. It also comes with a recording and video editing tool known as Soapbox.

Wistia offers a free forever plan that comes with limited features. The paid plan starts at $99 per month.

Main features of Wistia

  • Video Player Customization
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Retargeting existing users with ads on Facebook and Instagram, and Google
  • Its ad-free
  • Enables you to create videos and podcasts from one dashboard.
  • Automatically send engagement CRM and marketing team.


SEMrush is a search engine optimization tool that houses more than 30 features, one of which includes a social media tool kit that enables you to discover the social media strategies used by your competitors.

In addition, SEMrush enables you to identify the best-performing content, and it also allows you to easily manage your social media activities.

With SEMrush, you can easily identify which social media platform will gives the best results and how your competitors generate their content.

SEMrush also shows you the best time to post and the best hashtags to use.

SEMrush’s paid plan starts at $83.28 per month.

Major features of SEMrush Social Media Management tools

  • Built-in Image editor, link reducer, and UTM builders
  • Tools for monitoring competitors’ social media activities and performance.
  • Content Idea Generation tool
  • Advanced Analytics Reporting
  • Automatic Email Reporting

Google’s Campaign URL Builder

Google’s Campaign URL builder is the best social media management tool to use if you are an influencer who teams up with creators on social media.

This software is free and doesn’t offer paid plans.

It focuses mainly on the generation of custom campaign parameters for any advertising URLs. In other words, Google Campaign URL builder enables you to know the source of all your traffic.

Features of Google’s Campaign URL Builder

  • Organizes your campaign data frequently
  • Tracks and reports the performance of your social media campaigns
  • Enables you to gain insight into your best-performing social media marketing campaigns.


eClincher simplifies your social media management process. It enables you to schedule and publish your posts to multiple social channels and profiles.

It also comes with a visual calendar, auto post with smart queues, bulk scheduling, bulk uploading, reputation management tools, and collaboration tools.

One of the unique features it offers is the link shortener and tracking tool. This feature shortens your links automatically with Google UTM.

Key Features of eClincher

  • Seamless integration of all your social media accounts and third-party tools.
  • Organizing your posts to various social networks, profiles, and pages
  • Publishing of posts automatically via smart queue
  • It has a social inbox that enables you to manage all your social interactions in one place
  • Advanced Analytics Reporting
  • Content Suggestion
  • Pinterest Integration
  • Media Library and cloud storage
  • Local SEO tools


Snaplytics is a popular social media management tool amongst brands. This is because it offers a centralized platform for the management, scheduling, and publishing of snaps and Instagram stories.

Snaplytics offers a quotation-based pricing system. Contact the Snaplytics team to get a price quotation.

Snaplytics Key Features

  • Easy tracking of your stories along with your followers count to know which of your post has the most effect
  • Creation of an archive to save all your stories from disappearing
  • Has listening features that help you to monitor your competitors’ social media account


Hootsuite is your go-to social media management app for planning, creating, and organizing scheduled posts across all your social media platforms.

Its paid plan starts at $29 per month.

Hootsuite’s main features

  • Easy integration with over 35 social networks
  • Delegates tasks and approves workflows to keep your teams collaborating
  • Easy managing and sharing of social media content

Sked Social

Sked Social is one of the best social media management tools available today that allows you to plan, schedule, and examine Instagram posts and stories to boost engagement with your followers and turn them into loyal customers.

Sked Social offers users a 7-day free trial while its pricing starts at $21 per month.

Sked Social’s main features

  • Numerous accounts and unlimited users
  • It has more than 60 filters, cropping tools, stickers, texts, and overlays
  • Instant scheduling tools


Despite how great and useful these tools, apps, or software are, it is important that you identify the one that solves all your brand problems.

I trust that the social media management tools listed above have given you an interesting insight into the importance of using them.

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