Best Live TV Streaming Services

Last updated Aug. 31, 2022 by Jessica Green

A live streaming service erases the need for a cable provider. It offers the best channels for sports, entertainment, news, and more.

With an internet connection, you can stream your favorite channel on Live TV streaming service with a mobile phone, game console, web browser, and more.

Here are the three best Live TV streaming services

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu Plus Live TV is one of the most reputable and popular Live TV streaming services due to its smooth media files and transmission.

This Live TV offers a variety of content. With more than 39 million subscribers, and over 65 channels, Hulu TV has solidified itself in the world of Live TV streaming services.

Hulu Plus Live TV also provides on-demand service, sports and news channels, and 50 hours of cloud services.

Sling TV

Another great streaming option for households is Sling TV Blue. This Live TV service has one of the biggest ratings in the history of Live TV.

The Sling TV Blue offers a wide range of integration making it possible for you to play on FireTV and Android TV

Sling TV comes with various features like 50 channels and integration with a maximum of three devices.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a popular TV streaming service with over 5 million subscribers from all over the world.

This streaming service can be accessed on-demand and is available for 85 different television networks. It also features a family package.

Best Live TV Streaming Apps

The top best live TV streaming apps are designed to compete with streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus. They also provide recent episodes of popular TV shows, movies, and content.

The best Live TV streaming apps include:

  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu Plus Live TV
  • FuboTV
  • Sling TV
  • Direct TV Stream

Live TV Streaming Services With Local Channels

Most Live TV streaming services do not provide their users with local channels that show local content.

The below Live TV streaming services provide local and regional channels like ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS.

  • Hulu + Live TV
  • YouTube TV
  • FuboTV
Live streaming service

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Live TV streaming is Best?

The best live TV streaming service is Hulu and Prime Video from Amazon. They are the two largest streaming services. Other large streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and Disney +

What is the best streaming TV service with local channels?

The best streaming TV service with a local channel are DIRECTV Stream, Nexflix + Live TV, and YouTube TV. They offer regional streaming content like ABC, Fox, and CBS. They also provide a way to live stream local television broadcasts.

Which is better Sling TV or FUBO TV?

When it comes to the cloud DVR, FuboTV is by far the best, providing 30 hours of space with a Standard subscription. You will get a total of 1,000 storage hours if you upgrade with Cloud DVR add-ons. Sling TV on the other hand only offers10 hours of backup in its plans.

Is There a Better Streaming Service than Hulu?

YouTube TV is a better streaming service option than Hulu Live TV. YouTube TV is $5 less expensive even with the inclusion of a competitive DVR.

Does Amazon Prime have Live TV?

The Prime Video site & Prime Video apps broadcast live events. As you scroll on Prime Video and Channels homepages, you will see a list of all live events in the “Live & Coming” sections.

Does Netflix Have Live TV?

No! Netflix does not offer a Live TV streaming service on its platform.

Is FUBO or YouTube TV better?

While fuboTV provides a wide range of channel bundle plans, YouTube TV only offers one price tier for its basic subscription. Since FuboTV just discontinued its most affordable subscription (the “Starter” bundle), you will have to choose between three more pricey packages.

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