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10 best survey apps to make extra money in 2022

To generate money online, surveys are one of the simplest and most effective ways to do it, and these 10 and the most popular.

However, if you’re a member of many survey websites, you may find it cumbersome to keep checking in to complete their questions.

As a result, surveys have become very popular. Surveys may be downloaded and completed on the go as soon as they’re released, and you’ll be notified whenever a new one is available. You may use this when you have a few minutes to kill, such as while waiting in line or for the bus.

Try out a couple of the survey applications on our list that look intriguing to you.

1. Money in your inbox

It doesn’t take long to generate money with InboxDollars because they give you $5 simply for joining up! It’s also one of the most popular survey applications, having paid out more than $56 million to its users. However, a few surveys may earn you as much as $10.

 Surveys are the primary emphasis, but you may also get money by viewing movies or playing games. Use the app to print coupons or earn cashback.

 Visa or gift cards can be used as a form of payment once you have accrued enough points.

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Swagbucks is another well-known brand in the field of survey applications. A browser plug-in and a website are the primary modes of operation, although a mobile app is also available.

Many surveys are accessible, but you may fill out the first few questions just to be told that you are not qualified and will not receive any compensation – this can be irritating, but you will become used to the procedure with time.

‘Swagbucks’ can also be earned through a variety of different activities. As easy as signing up for a newsletter or completing an offer, more typical methods include playing games or viewing movies. ‘

There’s a $20 sign-up incentive if you collect enough points in your first few months on the site, but you can start cashing out once your balance reaches $3.

You can also earn a portion of the earnings of the people you refer to the service. Why not get a piece of the $241 million that Swagbucks has already given out?

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3. A Compulsive Surveyor

Potential monthly earnings of $200Survey Junkie is another of the most popular survey apps on the market. Responding to their survey questions regarding customer perceptions of various businesses and goods will allegedly make you an ‘influencer. 

There’s a $10 minimum requirement before you can cash out your points, but it shouldn’t take you too long to get there. Most polls provide between 10 and 200 points so that you may earn up to $2 for each online survey you complete.

By introducing your family and friends, you may win even more rewards. I like that Survey Junkie rewards you for doing surveys even if your answers don’t match what they were searching for.

It’s common for surveys to deny any compensation if you don’t qualify, which frustrates people.

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4. Points of View

LifePoints, a survey app, claims to award users for doing nothing more than existing.

This may not be entirely accurate if your everyday routine includes product testing and polling; still, it is a terrific method to get some money for doing very little work.

You may join in their activities using the app or your PC. It’s available to everyone. When you sign up, you’ll get 10 points for free.

This isn’t as much as many other sites, but it’s better than nothing.

5.  The National Customer Panel (Nielson)

The National Consumer Panel is a joint effort between Nielson and IRI, two companies specializing in consumer insights.

It’s easy to make money by letting the firm track your online activities across several devices and completing survey questions once you’ve signed up.

Every month, users may win up to $10,000 in cash prizes, and there’s also a sweepstake where you can win even more. The only way to earn money is through ‘gifts,’ and that’s all.

You may use the app to get cashback as long as you provide information about the retailer where you purchased the item and the price.

There are also special studies that give you the chance to make additional money using this survey site.

6. Research on Pine Cones

Pinecone Research has only a few reviews in the Apple store as an app. Because many users choose to use the app rather than the PC version, you can still do so if you like.

You may be eligible for freebies if you participate in a product testing survey. The minimum cash-out amount is a mere $1, significantly less than the average for similar online survey services.

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7. Opinion Forum

OpinionOutpost does research for both public and private sector clients. You may earn up to $5 for each survey that takes 10-30 minutes to complete, which is a respectable wage for an online survey.

Only $5 worth of points are required before you can cash out, and you may use PayPal or a gift card to do so.

8. The i-Say System

The i-Say app’s quickness is critical. When a new survey is up, you’ll receive immediate notification and have a limited amount of time to participate before the cap is reached.

In specific surveys, participants are asked to try out new goods to qualify for freebies. A computer or laptop is required to conduct some online surveys, even if the app is downloaded.

 You’ll receive pennies for every survey in most cases, but it doesn’t take long to pile up, especially when you consider how often you’ll be asked to participate. It’s possible to withdraw the money to PayPal cash or get gift cards after you reach the point equivalent of $5 in your account.

9. MyPoints

MyPoints is another software that combines a variety of features and activities.

A key selling feature is that you may get up to 40% back at several merchants through cashback. Completing surveys and even viewing videos may earn you money.

If you spend $20 or more through the MyPoints shopping gateway within a month, you’ll earn a $10 welcome bonus. This should be easy as you only have to buy something online.

10. Shopkick

Although Shopkick isn’t precisely a survey site, questions based on your buying habits will be asked to earn you points.

Scan barcodes and answer questions about your shopping journey to earn Shopkick points whenever you shop. Compared to other applications, this provides a more engaging and thrilling experience.

Additionally, you may earn points by watching videos, writing product reviews, and participating in polls.

Gift cards for large merchants like Amazon and Target are given away by Shopkick, even if they don’t accept cash.

Thank you for reading up, and do let me know if there are others I didn’t add here.

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