Pet sitting jobs near you

To find pet sitting jobs near you, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge about all kinds of animals.

You need to be able to conduct animal CPR, and you must have communication and problem-solving skills.

If you are with these skills, then check out these nine sites that offers pet sitting jobs near you.

Founded in 1999 by Pet Sitters International, is a jobbing site with a good reputation among dog owners who are seeking someone to look for their pets.

Individuals searching for a job on this platform will present a thoroughly checked application document.


Petsitting jobs description are listed on DogVacay. Hence, this gives job seekers an opportunity to know what is expected of them as a pet sitter.

This platform, in addition to posting job offers, also streams videos of pets.


Rover is a basic and easy-to-use platform that helps pet owners to discover local pet care providers.

It also has a system of ornamental badges and customer evaluations.

A full-time pet sitters is capable of making roughly $3,300 per month on this platform.

According to a business spokeswoman, part-timers, on the other hand, make around $900 per month from Rover.

Those who work only a few assignments a month can earn an average income of $250 to $300 a month.

Petsitting Jobs

The HoliDog

Dog walking, dog boarding, or pet visits are all available on Holidog.

This platform provides more job opportunities than its rivals. On this platform, a pet owners can locate pet sitters near them.

HoliDog provides an online chat solution that enable pet owners to contact and chat with potential pet sitters.

When you make a reservation with Holidog, they take responsibility for the transaction, charging you just what you agree to pay and taking payment cards directly on the site. This is an automatic service charge.

Dog Buddy

Dogbuddy can be of help to you if you’re in Western Europe.

When it was first formed in the United Kingdom, it offered a petsitting services under the brand name Bible.

Dogbuddy, the firm’s new name, offers services in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy. And it has over ten thousand franchises in each of its locations.

Dogbuddy pairs pet sitters with pet owners. This site also takes care of bookings and payments.

You’ll have to partake in an interview before you get matched with pet owners.

If you verify your Facebook and bank details on Dogbuddy, a badge that sets you apart from other pet sitters will be given to you. is an internet agency for those seeking pet sitting jobs.

It offers babysitting and geriatric care service. It is a suitable platform for looking for pet sitting jobs.

The NAPPS, or the National Organization of Professional Pet Sitters, maintains this website.

Aside from providing job offers, this website provides information on how to become a certified pet sitter.


Craigslist is a site that offers different job listings. This site allows you to advertise your job qualification.


Fetch is one of the biggest and most trusted suppliers of pet care and dog walking services.

The organization has been in business since 2002, and qualified pet sitters are usually hired to meet the high demands of pet owners.

How much do pet sitters earn?

As a skilled pet sitter, you should be prepared to work flexible hours. It is estimated that the average income for pet-sitting positions is about $38,000 per year.

You can earn more than this if your region pays more for pet sitting services.

The Pet Sitters International study from 2010 indicated that their 7000+ members made over $50,000 in profit per year.

Is pet sitting a worthwhile career?

Pet sitting is a worthwhile career to consider if you love taking care of animals.

If you’re not a fan of animals or find certain canines unsettling, you may want to look for another way to earn a living.


If you want to be a pet owner in your local area, Rover is the go-to app and website.

Rover consumers may browse for care professionals, read reviews, and choose a sitter that best meets their requirements.

To work with Rover, you must be at least eighteen years old and have no criminal.

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