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If walking dogs sounds like the perfect job, several apps have popped up to make finding customers easier. Here are ten great options:


DogVacay is a pet-sitting app that allows you to create an account and list your credentials. Then, when people search for a dog sitter in their area, your profile will appear. If they like what they see, they’ll contact you to arrange the details of the stay.

DogVacay also provides housesitting services for owners who want their pets taken care of while they’re out of town for business or vacation.

To get started with DogVacay as an owner:

  • Go to www.dogvacay.com and create a profile outlining your experience and rates (this will cost $25). You should include photos of yourself so clients can see that someone responsible is coming into their homes!
  • Once everything is set up, wait for enough demand in your area to start doing walks/sits/housesits. This can take anywhere from a few days to several months, depending on where in the world it’s located—so patience may be needed here!



If you’ve got a knack for dogs and want to make some money on the side, Rover.com can be a great place to start. The platform connects dog owners with dog walkers, including those who are new to the industry.

As a Rover walker, you’ll get access to an online marketplace where you can set your rates, meaning you’re in complete control over how much money you make per hour.

Rover’s website offers plenty of information about what it takes to become a successful walker, from how much money people make on average per week (around $2,000) to tips on attracting more clients. It also has an extensive FAQ section and training modules for new walkers who want help getting started.

To encourage new users onto their platform, Rover offers all new pet sitters $100 when they refer someone who signs up using their code link!

This is great if you know anyone looking into becoming a pet sitter themselves because they’ll be able to join without paying anything upfront—and will receive $100 just by signing up through yours!


Care.com is a website that connects pet parents with pet sitters, dog walkers, and housekeepers. If you want to find someone to walk your dog or take care of your pets when you’re out of town, this app is for you!

It’s also great for finding an occasional babysitter if you need help watching your pooch while at work or traveling on business.

Dog Walker World

You can make money walking dogs with Dog Walker World, a dog-walking app. The app pays dog walkers to walk dogs in their neighborhoods. The app is free to download and use and is available on Android and iOS.


Wag! is a dog-walking app that pays you to walk dogs. In fact, it’s the only dog-walking app that pays you to walk dogs in your neighborhood. You can earn cash for every trip, which is pretty awesome, considering most people don’t make money doing what they love.

Walk for a Dog

Walk for a Dog is a great way to make money walking dogs. You set your own rates, availability, and specialties.

You tell Walk for a Dog your schedule and price range. Then they’ll match you with the right owners. They’ll also help you get started by giving you leads and support along the way.

Barkly Pets

barkly pets

Barkly Pets is a pet care marketplace that connects pet care professionals with pet owners. The platform allows you to search for and book dog walks, cat visits, and other services in your area.

If you’re looking for extra income on the side or even full-time work as a dog walker, it’s worth checking out Barkly Pets.


PetBacker is a crowdfunding platform for pet owners. It allows you to raise money for your pet’s medical expenses and share updates with friends and family.

After all, many of us have been in that situation where we have to make a tough decision about whether or not we can afford the care our pet needs.

PetBacker has been featured in The New York Times, ABC News, Forbes, and other publications. It has over 900 five-star ratings on the App Store and Google Play.


Petsitter.com is a free membership site for pet sitters, dog walkers, and pet sitters. Simply create an account, fill out the appropriate information about yourself and your services (including any location preferences), and wait for clients to knock on your door.

You don’t even have to look for work actively—clients can search for “dog walkers” within any given radius of their address, so if you’re in the same area as someone looking for a walker or sitter, they’ll find you instantly.

Petsitter.com offers an easy-to-navigate interface that makes it simple for clients and professionals to take advantage of this free service.

For example: If your client has specific instructions about what kind of food should be fed to their dog during its stay at your house (or perhaps even specific instructions about how often this food should be administered), then Petsitter will make sure that those instructions are clearly outlined in its contracts, so everyone is on the same page before leaving home.

Clients can also review ratings from prior customers and view pictures of each professional’s house beforehand; if they have any concerns about safety or cleanliness issues with these houses/petsitters, then it may save them time later by contacting them directly instead.


Vetted is a platform for pet sitters and dog walkers to find jobs. Signing up as a pet sitter or dog walker and getting your profile approved is free.

Still, you can only access the Vetted community once you’ve provided proof that you’re an active member of the professional animal care industry.

If you want in on this network, be sure to provide references from previous clients—and don’t worry if those are people who hired another dog walker or pet sitter. Any experience in animal care will work.

Vetted has two rating systems: one for pet owners and one for dog walkers/pet sitters themselves. The owner rating system allows customers to rate their satisfaction with services performed by their chosen provider.

Similarly, the provider rating system allows professionals themselves to give feedback on any issues they had during each job so that other professionals will know what kinds of challenges might arise when working with them.

Both sides of this equation benefit greatly from being honest—you get good recommendations from past clients (who are likely very similar) while also giving yourself some peace of mind about whether potential new clients will be happy working with you during your next gig together.

Best dog walking apps

The best dog-walking apps are the easiest way to find clients. These free tools simplify advertising your services, getting paid for gigs, and managing your bookings.

Dog walking apps are secure. Most of these tools require that you upload a photo of yourself, which is then shared with prospective customers, who can use it to ensure that the person they hire is trustworthy and competent.

Dog walking apps are easy to use. They often allow you to accept payment through PayPal or Venmo, so there’s no need for cash or checks when meeting up with clients in person (though cash is always a good practice).

How to become a dog walker

  • Get a license.
  • Start by checking with your local government to see if they require dog walkers to have a permit or license of any kind.
  • If you live in the United States, you can check out this map of states that require dog walking permits. It includes information on how much it costs and whether or not there are exemptions for people who walk dogs for charity or nonprofit organizations.
  • Get insurance.
  • Insurance will protect you from any legal liability should something go wrong while you’re working as a dog walker—like if your client’s pet injures someone else’s pet when off-leash at the park (which happens more often than you might think). In some cases, insurance companies may cover damage caused by dogs when they escape from their houses during walks—but only if the homeowner has purchased an additional rider on top of their standard homeowner policy (or had specifically requested such coverage).

Frequently Asked Questions

Which dog-walking app pays the most?

Rover is a great way for you to find dog walkers in your area, and it’s also a great way for dog walkers to find clients—the app allows members to set their own rates, so they can charge what they want. The prices vary widely depending on where you live and how much experience you have as a walker.

Which pays better, Wag or Rover?

Wag pays a higher percentage than Rover, and you can earn more money by walking with Wag. But if you’re looking to walk dogs at night or on weekends, Rover might be your best bet.

Wag has a base rate of $14/walk, while Rover has a base rate of $13/walk.

Rover pays more than Wag for each successful booking: $4.50 for their standard dog-sitting service and $7 for their pet-sitting service (which includes house visits).

Wag pays cash through PayPal or Venmo; Rover only offers gift cards as payment options. If you prefer to get paid with cash rather than through a flexible spending account or debit card like Venmo or PayPal (both are great options), then Wag is better for you.

How much does Rover take from your pay?

Rover takes a 20% cut of your earnings. If you do not have an account on Rover, then Rover will take 10% of your earnings. If you are in the United States or Canada and only walk one dog daily, Rover will take 15% of your earnings.

Otherwise, if you walk more than one dog daily or live in the United Kingdom or Australia and earn over $5,000 USD annually from Rover (or its equivalent), they will take 5%.

How much should I charge on Rover?

The amount you charge on Rover is determined by your hourly rate. If you’re just starting out as a dog walker and don’t have any experience yet, it’s best to find a competitive rate with other dog walkers who are just starting the business. Once you’ve established yourself, then it’s okay to charge more.

If you have experience as a dog walker and have built up some goodwill among clients (as well as reputation) in the community, then feel free to increase your rates.

Is Rover a rip-off?

Rover is not a rip-off. Rover is a great place to find dog walker jobs and dog sitter jobs. It’s also one of the best places for you to find clients who need your services.

Rover has been around for many years and has built up quite a reputation in its industry, so it’s safe to say it’s legit. The site hasn’t really had any problems since it was founded in 2007; they’re very trustworthy and are known for connecting people with their needs more effectively than other websites like this one can do on their own (or without help). If you want something done right, go with someone who knows what they’re doing.

Is Rover a good side job?

Rover is a good side job because it pays well, has great customer service, and is easy to use. Rover allows you to set your own schedule and walk dogs at the best times. If you want to make extra money while working from home, Rover could be just what you’re looking for.


Pet services are an expanding field.

Pet services are an expanding field. With the rise of pet-friendly workplaces and apartment buildings, people want to spend more time with their pets. They want to go on walks, play fetch or just hang out with their four-legged friends while they work or relax at home during their free time.

Pet services provide a service to pet owners that makes it easier for them to enjoy their companionship without worrying about going out in bad weather or having enough time in their schedule for this fun activity.

Pet services also allow you to get out more often and meet new people with similar interests as you do – dogs. We hope that this list of apps has helped you find the right one for your needs.

If you want to make money walking dogs, check out our top three picks: Wag, Rover.com, and DogVacay.

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