27 Best Webinar Software ( Best Webinar Platforms )

The world has finally gone digital on all sides. Companies back then used to hold conferences and seminars face-to-face with their team seated in a hall or room.

All thanks to technology that has brought an immense change to the world of meetings where meetings can now be conducted conveniently with thousands of people connecting virtually. Webinar software can also be used to pitch sales without having to sit physically with your client.

A webinar is the new normal as a replacement for physical meetings. Webinar as it sounds is a seminar held on the internet using an application or web page. People from different places at the same time can connect through the same webinar app to have a meeting.

Webinar applications or software are needed for webinars to run. Millions of organizations now have their meetings held online with these applications and software.

There are lots of good webinar software that can help create professional-looking online seminars that are convenient for both the organizers and all other participants

The coming of COVID-19 brought a paradigm shift to the world at large.

People having to work from home made the use of webinar applications and software a necessity.

Knowing the best webinar software to use depends a lot on the nature of what one wants to achieve. There is no “one cap fits all” when it comes to picking software for a webinar.

Based on usage, exposure and research, we have handpicked these best 27 webinar software with amazing features and benefits. The software is also reliable and affordable while some are even free, though with their terms and conditions. Before that,

Webinar as it sounds is a coinage from two root words, “web” and “seminar”. It simply means a seminar done on the web.

A webinar can be broadcast live or on-demand.

Depending on the solution used, a webinar can bring together several people, even close to hundreds and thousands of participants from all over the globe.

A webinar is primarily intended to convey a message or communication from a limited number of stakeholders to a large audience.

Let’s take a tour of our stream of carefully chosen webinar software for you.

  1. EverWebinar
  2. GotoWebinar
  3. WebinarJam
  4. LiveWebinar
  5. BigMarker
  6. WebinarNinja
  7. GetResponse
  8. Systeme.io
  9. ClickMeeting
  10. Demio
  11. Zoom
  12. MyOwnConference
  13. Webinar OnAir
  14. WPWebinar
  15. On24
  16. Livestorm
  17. Google Meet
  18. Skype
  19. WebEx
  20. Adobe Connect
  21. Join Me
  22. iLinc
  23. AnyMeeting
  24. Zoho Meeting
  25. EasyWebinar
  26. ezTalks
  27. GlobalMeet Webcast

Everwebinar is the Best Webinar Software For Every Business: Evergreen  Webinars Work | Webinar, Webinar hosting, Growth marketing


  • Repeat Mode: EverWebinar is that webinar software that can let you have your meetings scheduled at intervals as you want. This, in a lot of ways, can help the participants connect irrespective of their busy schedules.
  • Autopilot: EverWebinar lets you do your meetings on autopilot even when you are not available. You can have your meetings configured and planned at a go so they can be played in different time zones.
  • Video Editing: EverWebinar allows you to edit your recorded videos when needed.
  • Follow up: EverWebinar lets you follow up with emails and messages. It also gives a detailed report on each webinar campaign to let you know those who register and those who attend.

Additional Features

  • EverWebinar comes with free training on purchase.
  • It has a chatbox.
  • It is affordable and comes with an amazing offer of 30 days trial period.
  • It is also good for online sales.
  • It provides you with videos, pages, and analytics.


EverWebinar Pricing 2020: How Much Does EverWebinar Cost?

EverWebinar has three plans.

Installment Plan: the Installment plan allows you to pay $199 three times a year ($597).

Annual Plan: This costs $499 a year and saves you $98 off the installment plan.

Biennial Plan: This costs $799 to cover for two years.

This plan saves you $199 in two years off the annual plan and saves $395 off the installment plan.

Who should use EverWebinar?

Those who need pre-recorded webinar sessions. Check it out here.

  1. GoToWebinar

10+ Best Webinar Services & Plugins for WordPress - WPExplorer

GoToWebinar has always proven itself to be an affordable webinar software over time.

It is a well-known option unlike WebinarJam, which allows you to stream webinars in real-time and send recorded meetings to attendees as soon as it’s done.

More than 45,000 satisfied customers can testify to this. GoToWebinar is one of the best webinar platforms. It has a track record of over two million webinars every year and has other products such as GoToMeeting, GoToRoom, and GoToConnect.

GoToWebinar has amazing features that allow its users have great reasons not to look elsewhere.


  • Affordable: Good for low-cost lead generation webinars. You can enjoy monthly pay-as-you-go features if you cannot afford a yearly plan.

You can equally subscribe for the trial period without having to use your credit card details.

  • Flexible scheduling: GoToWebinar allows you to create a one-time live event, a series of events as well as provide your clients with on-demand access.
  • Webinar Templates: It has webinar templates that can let you leverage your previous webinars to conduct new ones.
  • Branding: You can edit and adjust your landing page by adding your company logo, brand colors, and images to tweak your webinar interface to give an attractive look.
  • Customization: You can create questions and personal registration forms for participants to make your webinar sessions more interactive and engaging.
  • GoToStage: This feature gives you a platform to been seen and to attract more crowds.
  • Channel Pages: You can create channel pages and use the source tracking feature to know the most effective page.
  • Email alerts: This helps to create a reminder on your upcoming webinars.
  • Engagement Tools: GoToWebinar has hand raising, screen-sharing, live visits, polls and sends documents, etc. to make webinar sessions interactive.
  • Analytics: This helps to let you know how your webinar goes.
  • Attendees Report: GoToWebinar provides you a graphical chart of your attendees’ participation.


C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616162152718.jpg

There are four different pricing plans to choose from, and you can save a good percentage for yourself if you opt for an annual subscription.

You can also test the software during a trial period of 7 days. Please note that the prices shown above are only monthly payments.

There are different sides to purchasing GoTo products. This page only sticks to GoToWebinar, not the other sides like GotMeting, GoToRoom, GoToConnect, etc.

There are limitations especially when you go for the starter package which gives you access to just 100 participants at a goal.

Below is a further breakdown of the pricing plans.

  • Free plan: This is a 7-day free trial period of the GoToWebinar software without the use of a credit card or any long-term commitment.

This is fair enough in a sense because lots of buyers do not like to give out their credit card details especially when they are not sure of buying the software in the long run.

  • Lite

$59 monthly if paid every month.

$49 monthly if paid yearly (saves $120 compared to paying every month).

The Lite plan is for small webinars of about 100 attendees or more. It includes all the major features like screen sharing, video, drawing tools, full-service signup, reporting, and analytics.

  • Standard

This is next to the lite plan.

$129 monthly if paid every month.

$99 monthly if paid yearly (saves $360 compared to paying monthly).

Not just that it admits over 250 members, the Standard plan differs from the Lite plan in the presence of video embedding options and a separate channel page.

  • Pro

$249 monthly if paid every month.

$199 monthly if paid yearly (saves $600 compared to paying monthly).

The Pro plan offers the best value for money and it is the plan that is most popular on GoToWebinar. This plan allows an audience of up to 500 and has some advanced features such as a video editor, recorded events, source tracking, and transcripts.

  • Enterprise

$499 monthly if paid every month.

$399 monthly if paid yearly (saves $1200 compared to paying monthly).

Enterprise comes with a full suite of features along with five-channel pages. It is the best for massive webinars, as it allows over 3,000 people as attendees.

Who should get GoToWebinar?

People with small crowds who need hosting alongside their webinars. Install yours now!

  1. WebinarJam

WebinarJam - Best Webinar Software


  • WebinarJam can take a large number of participants up to about 5000 for a meeting.
  • It also allows up to six presenters at a time.
  • It is compatible with all devices.
  • It allows live chats, questions, and answers, private comments, and sticky announcements.
  • It gives room for automated recordings especially for the sake of those who might miss a meeting.
  • It allows flexible scheduling.
  • It can let you do meetings on auto-pilot.
  • It allows passwords for rooms.
  • It also allows attendees to share screens and broadcast using their webcams.
  • There is a drawing board for illustrations and also permits file sharing.
  • A page builder, full email, and SMS support for reminders are part of the features.
  • It has ready-made visually captivating offers.
  • There is a panic button that can immediately open a fresh meeting page in case there is a problem during a particular meeting. This panic button moves everyone to the next page.


WebinarJam Review [2021] - Everything You Need to Know

It has 3 plans.

Basic Plan:

  • It costs $499 per year.
  • Only 2 presenters.
  • Up to 500 attendees.
  • A webinar on webinarjam can only last for a maximum of 2 hours.

Professional Plan:

  • It costs $699 per year.
  • It allows about 4 presenters.
  • It can take about 2000 attendees.
  • A webinar in this plan lasts for 3 hours at maximum.
  • It has the panic button.
  • It has the “always online” button.

Enterprise Plan:

  • It costs $999 per year.
  • It allows up to 6 presenters.
  • It can take around 5000 attendees.
  • A webinar in this plan lasts for 4 hours at maximum.
  • It has the panic button.
  • It has the control center feature.
  • It has the “always online” button.

Who should get WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is suitable for presentations, coaching programs, sales, etc. Why not join the Webinarjam family to start enjoying yourself?

  1. Live Webinar

Livewebinar reviews

LiveWebinar is an exciting new cloud solution with superior screen sharing, live video streaming, and recording functions. They also have custom branding, social media streaming, and audience engagement analytics for your webinars.

Live webinars help you build your mailing list. When you automatically subscribe to a webinar, it leads to marketing automation tools, CRM. Get more results from your webinars. Live Webinar has integrations with leading companies like Aweber, Zapier, Mailchimp, and many more.


  • Web-based: You do not require any download or plugin because it is entirely web-based.
  • Screen sharing: It enables screen sharing.
  • Live stream: You can do web streaming via YouTube, Periscope, Facebook, Vimeo, and Chat: It allows chatting during webinars.
  • Call to Action: It allows for lead conversions.
  • Email Invitation: It allows presenters to invite attendees via emails.
  • Whiteboard: Whiteboard are used during presentations.
  • Rooms: It is possible to break down Meetings into smaller rooms for better engagement.
  • Recordings: Webinar sessions can also be recorded.
  • Customization: Work is customized to suits the presenter’s taste.
  • Integrations: It uses the following enhancements- MailChimp, FreshMail, ConstantContact, etc.
  • Devices: the software can be used on all devices.

PRICING PLANS LiveWebinar Pricing, Reviews and Features (March 2021) - SaaSworthy.com

Free Plan:

It can take about 5 attendees.

Meetings can last for 2 hours.

Your screen can be shared.

You can take tests and polls.

It also gives you marketing automation.

Pro Plan:

It costs $14.99 monthly.

It can take around 100 attendees.

Meetings can last for 6 hours.

You can open sub-accounts.

It can use YouTube and Vimeo player.

It also enables chat translation.

You also have a 14-day trial.

Business Plan:

The Business plan costs $119 every month

500 attendees are allowed.

Meetings can last for 8 hours at maximum.

Participants can be tracked.

It has high-quality recordings.

The business plan comes with an ads banner.

Custom Plan

You can customize the plan to suit your particular webinar needs.

It allows up to 1000 attendees.

It allows live streaming.

Customized features and add-ons are part of the plan.

Who should get LiveWebinar?

Owners of Businesses and organizations with large team members.

  1. BigMarker

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807772.png


  • Web-Based: It does not require download because it is completely browser-based. This greatly simplifies the work for both organizers and attendees.
  • Devices: One of the best webinar software solutions out there that perfectly utilizes both mobile phones and computers.
  • Multiple Tools: BigMarker is an all-around video platform that is perfect for corporate meetings, webinars, summits, virtual conferences, and for all business models.
  • Landing Pages: BigMarker users can host both live webinars and automated live sessions by making use of resourceful tools for webinar marketing which includes forms, email campaigns, and landing pages. You can also set up on-demand webinars.
  • Invitations and reminders via Emails: You can customize email invitations and send automatic reminders to everyone about scheduled meetings.
  • Participants’ Capacity: You can host about 10,000 Visitors and this is dependent on your subscription plan.
  • Screen Sharing via HD: BigMarker provides you with a high definition view of your recordings and webinars.
  • Presenter Limit: BigMarker has no limit to the number of presenters per session. You are allowed to add an unlimited number of presenters and make a promotion for guests to present during your session.


C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (30).png

Free plan

BigMarker can be used for free for 7 days along with all its features. You do not need a credit card for registration.

  • Starter:

$99 every month if paid monthly but $79 every month if paid once in a year ( this will save you some $240).

Starter Plan is an affordable plan that accommodates about 100 members and only one host license is issued. Several different types of webinars can be created using this plan and you can also use some basic functionality such as polls, templates for email marketing, Q&A, pop-up suggestions, analytics, and landing pages.

  • Elite

$189 each month if paid monthly but $159 each month if paid once in a year (saves $360).

The Elite plan adds other types of webinars, including a webinar series. It also comes with extra integrations like Stripe ticketing and over a hundred and thirty-five currencies. This plan accommodates up to 500 members and provides 2 host licenses.

  • Premier

$399 each month if paid monthly but $299 each month if paid once in a year (save $1200).

The Premier Plan has all the features that are found in the Elite Plan, however, it increases the number of members to 1000 and the number of host licenses to four.

White Label

You can only know the price of White Label price when you contact them.

White Label plan comes with a complete set of webinar marketing tools that can be customized, so prices may differ and are only disclosed after contacting support. It also includes an account manager and dedicated support, landing pages and white-tagged email, and some other perks not available with other BigMarker plans.

It also allows about 10,000 participants.

Who should get BigMarker?

BigMarkers is suitable for academic institutions, large companies, and organizations that are involved in product marketing and training. Sign up now!

  1. WebinarNinja

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807787.png

WebinarNinja prides itself on being the webinar software chosen by a plethora of well-known companies in many industries.

What stands WebinarNinja out is that they have a webinar search engine of their hence, people cannot just find you only on google but also with the webinar search engine and sign you up.


  • The simplicity of Usage: WebinarNinja allows hosts to easily promote and sell their products and services in an attractive way that will be irresistible to clients.
  • Live Webinars: You can present your live seminar with the ability to create polls, upload slides, show screens, use chat, embed videos, block attendees, have an exclusive Q&A area, and use quick and responsive live chat, and more.
  • Automated Webinars: You can take a few seconds to schedule a webinar session through WebinarNinja and this only takes not up to a minute. The webinarNinja can host an automated webinar program for you if you create one. To do this, your video presentations should be uploaded and you can choose when and what time you want to make them available.
  • Email Notifications: Send automatic email reminders to your registered users with all the information that they will need for your presentation.
  • Media Library: You can store all your images, videos, logos, and templates in the WebinarNinja media library.
  • Statistics: It allows you to measure traffic, see how many people interact through the live chat, how many visitors took up on your offer, and other things.


WebinarNinja Pricing

WebinarNinja offers four different pricing plans and also a free trial plan available to you when you register.

  • Free plan

Free trial for 14 days.

Each WebinarNinja membership is granted a 14-day trial period. In this 14-day duration, all features of the webinar software are available for your use, and cancellation of your subscription can be done at any time.

  • Starter plan:

If charged annually, the cost is $49 each month, but if paid once a year, the cost is $39 each month (saving $120).

For beginners, the starter package is the best option. For live webinars, you can have up to 100 participants, and for automated webinars, there are no limits. All major features, such as talk, Q&A, polling, statistics, and analytics, are available.

  • Pro plan

$95 each month if paid monthly but $79 monthly if paid yearly (saves $192).

With the Pro plan, you get about 300 attendees to live webinars and access dedicated tools like webinar series and summits and ad tracking on Facebook.

  • Plus Plan

$159 every month if paid monthly but $129 monthly if paid yearly (saves$360).

With the Plus plan, your host can be up to 500 live attendees, and also opens hybrid webinars which means you can do at the same time, live hosting and pre-recorded videos.

  • Power Plan

$249 every month if paid monthly $199 each month if paid yearly (saves $600).

This is the most effective WebinarNinja plan because it includes all the features you’ve read about before in the other plans in addition to allowing a large team of up to 1000 webinar attendees in real-time. You can start exploring these plans right away!

Who should get WebinarNinja?

The software is suitable for podcasters and online creators.

  1.  GetResponse

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807977.png

GetResponse introduces some great features for webinars especially for a platform that is primarily an email and automation tool for marketing. This is not a part of the basic webinars that showcase the devices, but it was never intended. Either way, this is a decent alternative if you want a universally useful demo robotization tool with some nice webinar features.

The software is an email marketing platform from a professional career perspective.

If you’re looking for a single platform that provides email, webinar marketing, and basic automation, GetResponse is the best for you.


  • Quick Booking: You can choose a date, time and create customized URLs for your webinars in minutes.
  • Join YouTube: You can increase your viewership with YouTube coordination.
  • Recordings: Your webinars can be recorded, uploaded, and shared with anyone.
  • Participation: Your participants can be engaged with dynamic views, smart boards, recordings, and live visits.
  • Security: URLs encrypted with SSL and you can choose whether your webinars will be available to everyone or with a secret key.
  • Analytics: Reports and analysis of your webinar traffic and various dimensions.
  • Email Marketing: GetResponse is a great platform for emails.
  • Landing Pages: GetResponse can help create amazing landing pages especially for those into digital businesses.


C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (32).png

You can choose to pay monthly, yearly (saves 18%), or biennially (saves 30%).

  • Basic

It costs $15 monthly

1000 email list size

Unlimited landing pages

Unlimited automation templates

1 sale funnel


  • Plus

It costs $49 per month

It offers 1000 email lists

Automation builders

Webinar for 100 attendees

5 sales funnels

5 webinar funnels

  • Professional

It costs $99 per month

It offers 1000 email lists

Unlimited automation builder

Web push notifications

Paid webinars

Webinars for 300 attendees

Unlimited sales funnels

Unlimited webinar funnels

On-demand webinar

  • Max

(It has all pro features with the following)

Transactional emails

Dedicated support

Multiple accounts and users (10-800)

Webinar for 500 attendees

Who should get GetResponse?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online Marketers
  • Advertisers looking for email and computerization promotions
  • Large Companies

Sign up for free here

  1. Systeme.io

Systeme.io : The Best All-in-One Marketing Software | DMC

Systeme.io is more than just webinar software. It is a very sophisticated business tool/software in the sense that it has some marketing features integrated with it such as sales funnel, email marketing, product selling, and blog creation.

Systeme.io in itself is not a “strictly webinar” software but as a matter of necessity deserves to be mentioned on the list of webinar software.

Systeme.io does not have some basic webinar software features such as live broadcasts, automated webinars, and the likes but it allows evergreen webinar sharing.

Systeme.io allows one to design a great webinar interface and run it without any hitch.


    • Sales Funnel: With Systeme.io, you can create amazing sales funnels for your work.
    • Unlimited Evergreen Webinars: When you choose the Enterprise plan, you will be given unlimited evergreen webinars.
    • Products Sales: It also lets you sell your products.
    • Design from the beginning: Create a customized webinar from the beginning to reflect your business style.
    • Online Courses: Systeme.io lets you set up your online courses.
    • Payment Integration: Connect Systeme.io with PayPal and other platforms like Stripe to advertise your products.
    • Live chat support 24/7: whichever plans you choose, the Systeme.io customer support team is always handy to assist you.
    • Unlimited File Storage: Store all files important to you securely in one place.
    • Unlimited Emails: Systeme.io gives you the leverage to send emails to your attendees without limit.


Systeme.io Review: Best Affordable Sales Funnel Builder Tool?

Free plan

The 14-day trial version is free.

Startup Plan

It costs $27 each month.

Maintain up to 5,000 contacts and three membership sites can be gained using marketing automation, increase in orders, one-click additional sales, and other tips.

Webinar Plan

It costs $47 each month and comes with the following benefits;

  • 3 webinars Coupon codes
  • 10000 email subscribers
  • Unlimited number of emails
  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Marketing automation
  • 2 custom domains
  • Large file storage space which has no limits
  • Unlimited members
  • 5 membership sites
  • Run your affiliate program
  • 24/7 Support

Enterprise Plan

It costs $97 monthly.

The Enterprise plan includes unlimited membership sites, 15,000 contacts, and five custom domains. There are also unlimited evergreen webinars. To get started, get your 14-day free trial here.

  1.   ClickMeeting

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807986.png

ClickMeeting is one of the world’s leading webinar software for businesses.

ClickMeeting can be used for multiple purposes such as business meetings, online classes, and courses using just a browser.

It allows up to a thousand participants per meeting. It supports pools and polls as well as simultaneous chat translation.

It has moderate (questions and answers) as well as private chats. It has over 100,000 satisfied customers in about 161 countries of the world.

This software makes it easy to prepare a presentation and invites people with a simple form that can be completed within some seconds. You can run webinars, whether live or automated, seamlessly, without regard to the device or operating system you are using.

A major reason for this is the flexibility of the software pricing packages which allows a host to choose with clarity.

Another thing about ClickMeeting is that the pricing plans rely on the number of participants.


  • Video Conferencing: It allows Video conferencing to be a great webinar software.
  • Automated Webinars: If you don’t have time for live meetings and events, you can let the automation tool run webinars that are pre-recorded for you.
  • Screen Sharing: It allows sharing of the screen during presentations for better interactions.
  • Registration Page: It allows one to create custom registration pages for more details about participants.
  • Surveys and Polls: Conduct webinar polls and polls on a topic of your choice to get useful information and feedback from participants.
  • Whiteboard: This feature helps for better illustrations during webinars.
  • Sub-Accounts and Multi-User Accounts: Allow your team members to host webinars at the same time and use multiple accounts in ClickMeeting.
  • File-Sharing: It allows sharing of files during webinars. This helps with additional information that might be needed.
  • Mobile app: ClickMeeting has a great mobile app that allows one to conduct webinars on the go.
  • Chat Translation: With Google’s instant translation functionality, you can conquer any language barriers and awkward gaps in your foreign audience’s understanding.
  • Package Integration: Easily integrates with MS Office, Adobe, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more.


The app pricing is extremely flexible, allowing you to choose how much you’d like to pay depending on the number of participants and billing duration. A trial version with basic functions is also available to give you a taste of ClickMeeting’s capabilities.

  • Free plan

A 30-day free trial allows you to attract up to 25 members. It has 30 minutes of write storage, 500MB file storage, and just about every other feature available with paid plans.

  • Live Plan

Starting at $30 per month if paid monthly but $25 every month if paid yearly (saves $60).

This is the most affordable plan and will only cost you $25 every month if you have 25 members.

Unlimited number of meetings and webinars

It allows 25 cameras in meeting and 4 cameras in webinars

Only one host

One presenter

Recording storage of 6 hours

1 GB file storage

Screen sharing

Screen control


  • Automated Plan

Starting at $45 monthly if paid but $40 monthly if paid yearly (saves $60).

With the inclusion of an automated webinar cycle, an automated plan has all of the advantages of a life plan.

In comparison to the life plan, it also has a 10-hour recording storage capacity and a 2GB file storage capacity.

  • Enterprise Plan


For large companies looking to extend their webinar strategy, this is the best option.

This plan will accommodate up to 10,000 people.

It has its account manager.

It enables you to take one-on-one courses and training, as well as access streaming services. You can start right away!

  1. Demio

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807953.jpeg

Demio is one of the best webinar software ever. It is very easy to use. It is usually referred to as “hassle-free” webinar software simply because it does not require any special download.

Demio is one of the 5-star rated webinar software. Demio is a perfect prescription for those who need to grow their businesses and probably want to record great sales.

Demio comes with convenience for both the host/organizer and the other participants. The software is completely browser-based which makes it easy and convenient to use.

Despite all the amazing features that Demio has, some people still find it somewhat expensive compared to some other webinar software.


  • No downloads: It is entirely web-based; hence it requires no download. It is compatible with most browsers if not all.
  • Screen sharing: Demio allows you to share your screen with your audience for more detailed illustrations.
  • Slide and File Sharing: Upload slides or share videos right inside Demio.
  • Marketing Apps Integration: Connect Demio to tools you already use like Mailchimp, ConvertKit or Marketo, etc.
  • Stay Checked Series: Allows people to share information just once and the information remains valid even for subsequent webinars.
  • Private chat: Users have an alternative to send private messages to the organizers of the event or open the chat to the entire audience.
  • Branded Enrollment Page: Demio allows you to customize your webinar interface to your taste. It still allows you to add your logo if preferred to the interface.
  • Live Replays: Automate your webinar replays to create email recordings.
  • Multiple Session Types: Plays live streams, uses pre-recorded videos, or combines them.
  • Reminders: Demio allows you set an auto reminder for meetings.
  • Scheduled Meetings: Demio gives you the option of scheduling a series of live streams or allowing others to view your event.
  • Custom Registration Forms: Use a range of customization options to create beautiful and appealing registration forms.
  • Interactive Surveys: Demio allows you to ask the participants questions and see the results in a neatly packed statistics table.
  • Analytics: Analyzes the results of your webinar. Excellent analytics that is being regularly improved.
  • Handouts and GIFs: motivate your visitors to share handouts, presents, and bonuses.

Demio has so many other features that one might not find in any of its competitors


Demio Pricing, Reviews and Features (March 2021) - SaaSworthy.com

Demio packages depend a lot on the number of participants.

Demio offers a two-week trial period for whoever wishes to give it a try before finally buying.

There are three main paid packages.

  • Free plan

14-day trial version.

The free trial is limited to 20 participants and an hour session limit.

  • Starter Plan:

$49 monthly if paid monthly but $34 monthly if paid yearly (saves $180).

  • The Starter Plan is made for small enterprises and beginner webinars.
  • 3 Hour Session Limit
  • Standard Support
  • 1 host
  • Live Events

Asides from the benefits mentioned above, it also comes with all the Demio’s standard features which include;

  • Unlimited sessions
  • Unlimited registrations
  • Unlimited storage
  • 24/7 chat and email support
  • Advanced event set up
  • Media sharing and slide upload
  • Customizable registration options
  • Room engagement tools
  • Detailed insights
  • Event localization

And more.

  • Growth

$99 monthly if paid monthly but $69 monthly if paid yearly (saves $360).

Growth is Demio’s most popular plan and can also be tried in a trial version of the software.

  • 150 participants in a webinar room
  • 5-Hour session Maximum
  • Automated Events
  • Room and Email Branding
  • 1 Host
  • Custom Form Fields.
  • Business

$234 monthly if paid monthly but $163 monthly if paid yearly (saves $852).

This plan is basically for startups looking for large webinar rooms.

The business plan gives;

  • Up to 500 Attendee Room
  • 4 Hosts
  • 8-Hour Session Maximum
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Marketo Integration.

Who should get Demio?

  • Business organizations who want to grow their businesses.
  • Advertisers are looking for a reliable robotic webinar replay and are focused more on live events. Give Demio a try!

11.  Zoom

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017808027.jpeg

Zoom is a widely useful video tool for webinars, conferencing, and collaborations.

As beautiful as Zoom is, it does not allow the automation of webinars.

With several hosting plans that handle up to 50,000 guests, Zoom allows you to join and schedule a meeting in minutes.

Zoom started as a message and call service.

Many people, on the other hand, use Zoom because of its easy and low-cost webinar tool.

The best tool for low-budget webinars is often identified as Zoom Webinar. This webinar version is easy to use and includes some essential functionality, while the entry-level package is very inexpensive and includes additional features that you can find helpful. Zoom is perfect for beginners and people who haven’t done a lot of webinars because the control panel is simple and practical. However, for more complex presentations, Zoom might not be the best option. As a video conferencing stage, Zoom is a rich-featured stage that solves the problems of most corporate organizations. As a webinar device, it works well for face-to-face communication, especially if you have a large board of speakers seated in one place for them to have a conversation.

However, Zoom is affordable, reliable, and delivers excellent streaming quality.


  • Large Audience Capacity: Zoom allows the host to interact with as many as 50,000 participants with up to 100 real-time panelists interacting with the attendees.
  • Meeting Control: This option enables you to mute or unmute the microphones, giving you complete control over everyone in the room.
  • Reporting and data analysis: Determine the number of sign-ups and users, and follow up with surveys and Q&A.
  • Video and Audio Quality: Zoom’s video and audio quality are adequate for a conference.
  • Interactive: Webinars with extensive speaker boards may have up to 100 intuitive participant recordings.
  • Whiteboard: Zoom lets the host use a whiteboard for better engagement.
  • Live Streaming Integration: To share your event on social media, use custom service integrations such as YouTube Live and Facebook Live.
  • Controls for the host: Choose the panelists and encourage them. The host can make a participant a host.
  • Hand Raising Tools: Zoom allows the raising of hands as well as clapping emojis.
  • Interactive: Polls, Q&A, and live visits to connect with observers.
  • Closed Captioning: Provide content captions for nearly deaf groups of viewers or people using gadgets in silence.
  • Event Support: With the aid of Zoom’s team of experienced consultants, plan and rehearse your activities.


C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (34).png

You can register for Zoom for free and use their simple personal meeting plan for no cost, but if you want to use any of the great webinar features, you’ll need to upgrade to one of their paid plans.

  • The free plan (Personal Meeting)
  • 100 participants
  • An unlimited number of meetings, although a meeting can only last for 40 minutes on a go if they’re more than 2 participants.
  • Just sign up and get a basic face-to-face meeting plan that’s free forever. Host up to 100 participants and receive unlimited one-on-one meetings.
  • Video and web conferencing features.
  • Group collaboration features
  • Pro (For small teams)
  • It costs $14.99 monthly
  • 100 interactive video attendees
  • Unlimited meeting duration for all meeting sizes
  • Admin feature controls
  • Meeting ID customization
  • Scheduler assignment support
  • 1GB of MP4 or M4A recordings.
  • Business (For small and medium businesses)
  • It costs $19.99 monthly
  • Minimum of 10 hosts
  • 300 interactive video attendees
  • Unlimited meeting duration for all meeting sizes
  • Admin feature controls
  • Meeting ID customization
  • Scheduler assignment support
  • Dedicated phone support
  • Admin dashboard
  • Vanity URL
  • Option for on-premise deployment
  • Managed domains
  • Single sign-on
  • Company branding
  • Custom emails
  • LTI integration
  • Cloud recording transcripts.
  • Enterprise (For large companies)
  • It costs $19.99 monthly
  • Minimum of 10 hosts
  • 500 interactive video attendees
  • Unlimited meeting duration for all meeting sizes
  • Admin feature controls
  • Meeting ID customization
  • Scheduler assignment support
  • Dedicated phone support
  • Admin dashboard
  • Vanity URL
  • Option for on-premise deployment
  • Managed domains
  • Single sign-on
  • Company branding
  • Custom emails
  • LTI integration

Who should get Zoom?

12. MyOwnConference

23 Best Webinar Software, Top 2021 Webinar Tools - Cost of Income

MyOwnConference webinar and video conferencing software are well known as a very dependable platform with series of attractive features anyone would need or require to host a professional and coordinated webinar.

The provider has 10 TIER-III data centers, 200 servers, and three cloud services. This allows them to provide customers with a safe and reliable service that is usually readily accessible at all times and anywhere.


  • Video Recording
  • Device compatibility: This feature is a very good one. It lets attendees access the webinar content with just a click irrespective of the device they use provided that they have a good internet connection.
  • Screen Sharing: MyownConference allows screen sharing during the webinar.
  • Viewers’ Optimization: MyOwnConference makes it very easy to optimize the number of viewers for better tracking.
  • Email Invitations: Email invitations and reminders can also be set up as fully automated in just a few seconds.
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Worldwide Coverage: MyOwnConference software allows the hosting of events for thousands of people around the world. The number of data centers and servers available ensures efficient connectivity.
  • Multiple speaker capacity: The platform supports joint webinars with up to ten separate speakers at once.
  • Private messaging for better interaction: This allows hosts to communicate directly with audience members and can also be used to encourage attendees to talk with one another.
  • Customization options: When hosting webinars, organizations can use their logos and branding.
  • Ability to record webinar content: Webinars can be recorded in real-time so that people who are unable to attend can watch them later. The total audience grows as a result of this. Depending on the subscription package, recordings can be made in SD, HD, or Full HD.
  • Convenient options for document exchange. The platform simplifies the process of sharing documents, slides, and other media files.
  • The ability to share videos: Video Document exchange options that are easy to use. The platform makes exchanging documents, slides, and other media files far easier.
  • The ability to share videos: Having the ability to share videos allows hosts to make their webinars more engaging. Since it supports YouTube and conventional video uploads, the MyOwnConference platform allows for seamless video streaming.
  • Access to surveys and testing: Organizations can monitor webinar outcomes and success in real-time using the software’s built-in features. This involves the opportunity to ask the audience pertinent questions. This helps hosts make their webinars more engaging. The MyOwnConference platform provides seamless video streaming as it supports YouTube and traditional video uploads.


C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (35).png

MyownConference webinar has two subscription packages, the free and the paid.

  • Free Plan

It allows up to 20 attendees

3 cameras in a webinar

500MB storage

Recording Quality: SD and HD

20 minutes of recordings.

  • Paid Plan

The paid package has different sub-plans depending on the number of participants which ranges from 60 to 10,000.

The paid plans allow up to ten cameras and ten hours of recordings.

The storage size and cost depend on the number of attendees.

The minimum cost is $29 for 60 attendees. This price increases as the number of participants increases.

Who should be given access to MyOwnConference?

MyOwnConference is a powerful webinar platform that ensures maximum audience participation. Messages, screen sharing, and voting are all examples of ways to engage in this type of interaction. Start talking to thousands right now!

13. Webinars OnAir

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807921.jpeg

Webinars OnAir introduces itself as a webinar with all of the great functionalities that anyone might like.

All things being equal, Webinars OnAir has a long list of features as compared to its competitors.


  • Increased Sales: It allows participants to buy your products without having to log out.
  • Tracking Pixels: This is an amazing feature that allows you to do a form of remarketing with AdWords.
  • High Traffic Generation: It allows your attendees to be directed to your sales page at the end of a webinar.
  • Automated Webinars: Webinars OnAir allows you to play your webinar in such a way that the participants will not even be able to tell if it is live or a replay.
  • Monetization Options: Encourage observers to switch with pop-up item suggestions.
  • Chats: It allows participants to interact during webinars.
  • Participation: Questions, surveys, and visitation opportunities to grab the attention of your group of viewers.
  • Audience Attention: It allows the host forced to redirect the attendees to a landing page at the end of the webinar.
  • Participants List Export: Webinars OnAir allows the host to collect and export the list of the webinar participants.
  • Get Paid facility: Webinars OnAir allows the host to present an offer during a webinar which all attendees have no choice but to see.

This in a way leaves the attendees with a very slim chance of not buying.

  • Payment before Service Offer: Webinars OnAir lets you set up a meeting such that participants cannot attend unless they pay.


18 Best Webinar Software Platforms: Best Free 2020 Guide for Webinar :

Another great feature on Webinars OnAir is that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It has three plans namely;




  • Basic

It costs $19.97 monthly and can take up to 25 attendees with unlimited webinars.

  • Professional

It costs $59.97 monthly with up to 100 attendees and unlimited webinars.

  • Premium

It costs $99.97 monthly with an unlimited number of attendees and unlimited webinars.

Who should get Webinars on OnAir?

Brands that need to conduct webinars with financial plan advertising. Check it out

14.  WPWebinar

WPWebinar is a WordPress web page. WpWebinar creates a registration form for existing pages.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807905.png


  • All Devices: WPWebinar is compatible with all kinds of devices be it mobile or computer.
  • Live Webinars: WPWebinar lets you conduct live webinars.
  • Live Chats: It lets you participants chat during meetings.
  • Email Notifications: WpWebinar lets the organizers send automatic email reminders before meetings.
  • Custom Registration Fields: This lets you get more information about your attendees by using short codes to place a registration or login form anywhere on your website
  • Email Synchronization: WPWebinars synchronizes with email providers so you can collect attendees’ names and emails when they sign up.
  • Supports: WPWebinar offers fast and helpful supports to clients.
  • Monitoring: It lets you see how many people are online during your meetings.
  • Sales Funnels: WPWebinar allows you to create sales pathways and evergreen content with automated webinars.
  • Page Customization: WPWebinar lets you customize the style and look of your webinar page.
  • Webinar Replays: WPWebinar lets you have a replay of your webinar for attendees that might miss the webinar.
  • Live Questions: WPWebinar lets attendees ask questions during webinars. It also lets you keep archive these questions.
  • Incentives: WPWebinar lets you to give away incentives during your live webinar or replay to your attendees.


C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (36).png

WPWebinar has a free plan as well as two paid plans.

  • Trial Version

No website

Unlimited number of webinars

Email reminders

14-day money-back guarantee

  • Single Site

It costs $197 yearly

One website

Unlimited number of webinars

Unlimited number of guests

Email reminders

Webinar recording

Recurring webinar

Just in time webinar

Paid webinars

Raise hand

Importation of attendees

Online support

And more

  • Agency

It costs $497 per year.

Unlimited number of websites

Unlimited number of webinars

Unlimited number of attendees

Live webinars

Email reminders

Recorded webinars

Recurring webinars

Automated replays

Names of attendees

Live chat

Attendee raise-hand

Import attendees

Google and Facebook pixel integration

WordPress multisite

Online support

Who should get WPWebinar?

WPWebinar is needed by anyone who needs to organize live and automated meetings.

15.  On24

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807879.jpeg

On24 webinar software is a high-level webinar software used mostly by people who use applications such as Microsoft and LinkedIn on their devices.

On24 has loads of amazing features that will always make it most preferable to many.

Despite the numerous tools and widgets, the program’s interface is simple and straightforward.

With an oversize presentation area and widgets below, the webcast room is easy.

Members can close or open widgets whenever they want.

On24 software doesn’t have some functions as the case may be. ON24 provides excellent support with 24/7 phone and live chat support, video, live training, and visitor guidance.

ON24 webcast software can always be customized to suit any user. It is very easy straightforward to use.

It allows you to make simple webcam webcasts or complex live events. While a number of the useful features found in other high-end webcasting services are missing, it’s worth considering especially when you need a perfect high-quality webcasting service.


  • Customization: On24 allows you to customize your console for corporate branding and logo for a better webinar experience.
  • Device Compatibility: On24 is compatible with all devices be it phone, tablet, or computer.
  • No Download: On24 does not require any download or plug-in.
  • Interactions: On24 is an interactive webinar platform integrated with social media tools.
  • Reports and Analytics: On24 gives real-time reports and behavioral analytics for lead generation.
  • Data Integration: On24 enables data integration with market automation and CRM systems.
  • Drag and Drop Tools: On24 is enabled with drag and drop tools for a better webinar experience.
  • Easy to Use: On24 has some easy-to-use tools for presenters and producers.
  • Pre-recordings: On24 lets you record your meeting for a replay. These recordings can be played with presenters appearing online for questions and answers.
  • Technical Team: On24 has a very responsive technical team always available to attend to clients’ needs per time.


Find out here.

Who should get On24?

Large groups with a predictable online class calendar.

16. Livestorm

Livestorm | Software Reviews & Alternatives

Livestorm is a powerful tool for productivity and powerful video communication.

Livestorm software works effectively with all browsers without any restrictions on the webinar size.

It can be easily accessed from any device be it laptops, desktop computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

With Livestorm, it is pretty easy for people to attend webinars.

Participants can join in one click and a good internet connection.

Livestorm comes with some amazing helpful tools that can allow one to run live as well as automated webinars as required per time. Livestorm can be used for all of the following;

  • On-demand webinars
  • Online courses
  • Video podcast interviews
  • Employee engagements
  • Automated webinars
  • And more.


  • Themes: It provides access to highly adaptable webinar themes with an easy setup process.
  • One-Click Invitation: It comes with features like a one-click invitation that makes the joining of meeting easy for everyone.
  • Chat: It offers interactive chats, questions, and more for a better customer experience.
  • Product Demonstrations: Ideal for product demonstrations and one-on-one meetings to evaluate potential sales and improve your sales process.
  • Webinar Analysis: Integrate and analyze webinars and video meetings.
  • Automation: Livestorm provides a high level of automation with webinar sequences.
  • Multi-lingual Support: It offers comprehensive, multilingual customer support.
  • Screen Sharing: It allows the presenter to share the screen during meetings.
  • Registration Forms: It allows embedding of registration forms.
  • Resource Tracking: Livestorm provides detailed engagement analysis, reanalysis, resource tracking, and engagement report.
  • Call to Actions: View in-web CTAs to influence viewer action.
  • Recording: Livestorm allows unlimited record storage space.
  • Data Export: You can export your data as CSV or XLS.


Livestorm Review - Growth Marketing Pro

Livestorm offers three pricing plans.

Webinar Basic

  • It is free
  • Unlimited on-demand webinars
  • Unlimited presenters
  • It allows instant meetings
  • A webinar can take about 20 minutes with 10 attendees per meeting
  • Live attendees limit ad-on.

Webinar Premium

  • It costs $99 monthly
  • 4-hour limit per webinar
  • Unlimited webinar but each webinar can only last about 4 hours at a go
  • Unlimited number of attendees
  • Live attendees limit add-ons


  • To get the cost, you will have to contact the sales department
  • It still comes with all the premium features in it
  • It starts with a minimum of 5 hosts
  • Multiple workspaces with unified billing
  • Premium training with a Live expert
  • SLA
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Floating licenses
  • Wire transfer payment
  • One-off attendees limit boost
  • Priority support
  • Executive business reviews.

Who should get Livestorm?

Livestorm is best for people who want to do product demos and live training. Start engaging your audience here.

17. Google Meet

Effective video conferencing with Google Meet I Fourcast by Devoteam

Google Meet is suitable for anyone or firm with a low budget but still needs to have a webinar.

Due to some downsides of Google Meet, it is not a good option for whoever needs to host a larger audience that is more than 250 at a go.

Google Meet has some very basic features that might not be a good catch for whoever needs some more sophisticated features.

It is a very affordable and advisable webinar tool for schools that want to run online classes.


  • Maximum Number of Participants: Google Meet can take up to 250
  • Screen Sharing: Google Meet allows presenters to share their screen during meetings for the participants to see.
  • Recording Options: Google Meet allows the host to record a meeting which can be played later for those who might miss a meeting for whatever reason.
  • Gmail Business Email: Google Meet lets every participant open a special business email account. These emails can be customized for the business.
  • Whiteboard: Google Meet allows the use of the whiteboard for better illustrations during meetings.
  • Chat: Google Meet lets participants chat even while the meeting is on. This feature is always helpful especially when a participant has microphone issues. It can also help minimize interruptions during meetings.
  • Calendar: Google Meet enables calendar features.
  • Forms Survey Builder
  • 2 Step Verification: This feature is essential for security.
  • Google Apps: Google Meet has direct access to all other Google suite apps such as Gmail, Google form, Google slide, etc.
  • Google Form: This particular feature is usually necessary whenever data is to be collected or a list of questions is to be set.
  • Google Slides: This is used to create lessons or details in any form that participants can always fall back to even after the meeting.


C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (37).png

Google Meet has four paid packages.

  • Business Starter

It costs $6 monthly

Custom and secure business emails

It allows 100 participants

Each user is entitled to a cloud storage space of 30 GB

It comes with security and management controls.

  • Business Standard
  • It costs $12 per month
  • It allows custom and secure business emails
  • It allows up to a maximum of 150 participants
  • It also allows recording of meetings
  • It offers a total cloud storage space of 2 TB per user
  • It has good security and management controls
  • Business Plus
  • It costs $18 monthly
  • Custom and secure business emails plus eDiscovery and retention
  • It allows 250 participants
  • It allows recording of meetings and tracking of attendance
  • It gives 5 TB cloud storage to every user
  • It has enhanced security and management controls which include vault and endpoint management
  • Enterprise
  • The price is not disclosed and can only be known by contacting the sales department
  • Custom and secure business email, eDiscovery, retention, S/MIME encryption
  • It allows 250 participants
  • It also allows recording of meetings
  • It allows attendance tracking
  • It allows noise cancellation and in-domain live streaming
  • It offers unlimited cloud storage capacity
  • Advanced security management
  • Compliance controls which include Vault, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management
  • It offers enhanced support

Who should get Google Meet?

For users who only occasionally hold video calls and those who do not need an advanced webinar solution. Install Now.

18. Skype

Skype- Webinar Software

Being one of the pioneer webinar software since 2003, Skype is well recognized though it does not some sophisticated features compared to its recent counterparts.

Skype has been known also as one of the most popular webinar software for calling and video conferencing. Skype can be used for group meetings, seminars together with an online coaching platform. Skype also allows screen sharing along with group voice calls along with some other basic features.


  • Free: Skype is completely free
  • Voice Calls: It supports group voice calls for up to 25 people
  • Voice Messages: It allows participants to send voice messages
  • Video Calls: It also supports video call
  • File sharing: Skype allows file sharing during meetings
  • Device Compatibility: It is compatible with all devices
  • Screen Sharing: Skype allows screen sharing
  • Skype calls: It allows calls among participants
  • Instant Message Support: This can be used to send a message

Who should get Skype?

Skype is good for people with a low budget that want to conduct a webinar that does not require too many people. Start now!

19.  CISCO WebEx

Cisco WebEx - webinar software

WebEx cannot be pushed aside in the webinar world.

It goes beyond just the webinar phase by offering a broader range of features for meetings, events, training sessions, presentations, group coordination, and more.

These make WebEx stands out among its other counterparts


A user or presenter must have a hosting account for a meeting to take place; otherwise, the meeting may not take place.

A user can use Microsoft Outlook to generate an invite for a meeting.

WebEx also has a calendar that can be loaded into the Cisco Webex framework by going to Microsoft Outlook and clicking the Add Webex Meeting tab. Cisco WebEx has another exceptional feature known as WebEx Meeting Center. This feature gives room for users to schedule and host online meetings.

The host only needs an email address to invite participants to a meeting. It is that simple.

Subscribers can connect with all forms of devices, be it through a mobile phone, computer, or video system. Participants can also switch easily from one device to another.

Cisco WebEx also has a training center where maximum engagement is experienced.

With this feature, the software can automatically adjust the screen interface according to the type of file being used.

Let’s take a more practical look, for a video file, a video presentation with a video management function automatically shows up while for a PowerPoint presentation, a slideshow with all the necessary commands immediately comes up on the screen.


  • Screen Sharing: WebEx allows screen sharing
  • Webinars and Video Conferencing: This way you can host a wide variety of live events, meetings, and training meetings.
  • Device Compatibility: WebEx is compatible with devices of all kinds.
  • Chat and Conceptualization Tools: Whiteboard and various collaboration devices.
  • Live Questions and Answers: WebEx has a live chat feature that lets people ask questions and get instant responses.
  • Live Social Media Broadcast: It allows live broadcast via social media platforms during meetings.
  • Video Layouts: WebEx has amazing video layouts.
  • File-Sharing: The ability to share documents and applications to improve your workflow.
  • Raise Hand: WebEx has an electronic hand-raising feature that allows participants to raise their hands during meetings.
  • Call Back: Automated counts people invited to your webinars.
  • Message Pinning: WebEx lets you pin messages for easy and faster access.
  • Sound Filter: WebEx allows filtering of background noise for a better sound experience.
  • Private Chat: WebEx allows participants to chat privately when needed.
  • Screen Emoticons: WebEx comes with some beautiful emoticons for a more pleasant meeting experience.


The 5 Best Conference Call Software to Survive 2020

WebEx has three paid plans apart from the free plan.

  • Free (Personal)

100 participants in a meeting

Unlimited meeting time

Call-in for audio

Unlimited number of meetings

File sharing

Video conferencing features

WebEx team coordination features

Mobile features

Security features

Online support

  • Starter (Small Teams)

It costs $14.95 monthly

It has all the free plan features

It accepts 50 participants per meeting

Unlimited meeting duration

It offers 4 GB of cloud storage

Recording transcriptions

Mp4 cloud recordings

File sharing


Calendar integration

24/7 Customer support

Ability to assign another host

  • Plus (Mid-Size Teams)

It costs $19.95

It has all the free and starter features

About 100 participants are allowed

Other persons can schedule meetings

It offers a customized WebEx site URL

It also has an administrative portal

Analytics and troubleshooting

  • Business (Large Teams and Businesses)

It has all free, starter, and the plus features

It costs $29.95

About 200 participants are allowed

10 GB of cloud storage

Single sign-on

Branding and customization is allowed

Domain claim

Optional add-on

Microsoft exchange and active directory

Who should get WebEx?

Organizations that need a one-stop, ad-free video calling platform should get WebEx. Sign up for free here

20.  Adobe Connect Webinars

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807855.jpeg

Adobe Connect is a simple webinar software. Adobe has been known for amazing graphics products so Adobe Connect being Adobe’s webinar software can’t be expected not to meet up with the standard.

Adobe Connect is quite new and is focused on providing users with a modern and easy-to-use platform for meetings, learning as well as video conferencing.

Adobe’s multimedia and creative software products have always been known for their uniqueness in times past.

Adobe launched the Adobe Connect webinar software a few years ago.

Compared to other Adobe products, Adobe Connect tends to be a bit more expensive but it is by far one of the most content-rich video conferencing platforms. It has some outstanding features that can enrich webinars and presentations.


  • Recordings: It lets you record your meetings
  • Video broadcast
  • Multidimensional polls
  • Registration: Manages registration easily
  • Video conferencing support
  • Integration: Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Mobile Compatibility: It allows full mobile collaboration
  • Sound: High-quality audio and video calls
  • Engagement Dashboard: It allows you to create engaging storyboards and grab your audience’s attention with images, polls, quizzes, notes, and more.
  • Breakouts: It divides the main room into several smaller rooms.
  • Moderated Chats
  • Webcam Pause
  • Asynchronous Browse: You can open the URL in the browser of all your members. This is usually used to start a poll at the end of each session.
  • Host and Presenter Area: It allows the use of multiple hosts and has a virtual backroom where hosts can interact discreetly.
  • Prepare Mode: It lets you silently edit existing presentations without affecting the current session.
  • Content Library: It lets you store all your important files in a compartment known as the Cloud Content Library.
  • Event Analytics: It allows you to get detailed event statistics by viewing member status usage, chat and Q&A usage, and a full campaign report.
  • Remote desktop access
  • Whiteboard: It lets the presenter use the whiteboard for better illustrations.
  • Side Bars
  • Email Reminders: It allows you to send reminder emails to your attendees before the meeting.
  • LMS Integration


Adobe Connect Pricing offers three entirely different subscription packages depending on what one wants.

It has the Meeting, Webinar, and Learning plans.

Adobe Connect Pricing, Reviews and Features (March 2021) - SaaSworthy.com

  • Meetings (from $50 monthly)

Personal digital office

It comes with recording and editing tools

It lets you host 25 people

  • Webinars (from $130 monthly)

Immersive experiences

Fully customizable events

  • Learning (from $370 monthly)

Engaging content delivery and lets you host up to 200

Mobile learning across devices

Immersive classes live and on-demand

Efficient training management and tracking


It offers a 30-day free trial.

18 Best Webinar Software Platforms: Best Free 2020 Guide for Webinar :

It costs $130 montlyh and $1250 yearly (saves $310).

It accepts 100 participants for $130, 500 participants for $470, and 1000 participants for $580) per month.

Alternatively, (100 participants for $1250, 500 participants for $4500, and 1000 participants for $5500) per year.

It also comes with unlimited webinars, cloud storage, and VoIP.

Who should get Adobe Connect?

Anyone who wants an unusual virtual experience. Download Adobe Connect here.

21.   Join Me

Join.me vs GoToMeeting: Which One Is Better? | ezTalks

Join Me is another great webinar tool. It does not even require registration for participants.

Join Me comes with lots of great features.


  • Device Compatibility: Join Me works on all devices ranging from mobile phones to computers
  • Toll-Free Audio
  • File-Sharing: Join Me lets you share files
  • Screen sharing: Join Me allows presenters to share their screen during a webinar
  • Action Item Tracker
  • Desktop Browser Sharing
  • Meeting Controls: Join Me lets the host mute participants and remove participants during meetings
  • Internet Calls: Join Me allows conference calls
  • Meeting Tools: Annotations, multiple screen sharing, and change of presenter during meetings.
  • Recordings: Join Me lets the host record meetings
  • Calendar Management: Appointment Optimizer with Outlook Add-ins and Google Calendar Plugin
  • Customization: (personal URL and background)
  • Live Chats


C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (25).png

Join Me offers 4 different pricing plans to use its features.

It also comes with a 14-day free trial period.

Free Plan

  • Email Support
  • Screen Sharing
  • 3 Video Channels
  • 3 participants per meeting
  • Talking on the Internet
  • File Transfer
  • Mobile Applications
  • 10 boards for iOS devices
  • Lite

It costs $10 per month

No webcam streams

It allows up to 500 participants per meeting

No time limits for meetings

Personal link

Allows you to share mouse/remote control

Allows chatting among participants

The host can lock the meeting

Allows screen and window sharing

Offers premium customer care services

  • Pro

It costs $20 monthly

It has all Lite features

It allows 250 participants per meeting

It allows 10 webcam streams

It also allows recording of meetings

It gives 50 GB of cloud storage space

It allows scheduling

Toll-free numbers

  • Business

It costs $30 monthly

It has the Pro and Lite plans features

It allows 250 participants per meeting

It gives 1 TB of cloud storage space

It has the bulk user import feature

It allows Enterprise authentication

  • Pro (for nonprofits)

It costs $13 monthly

It has the Free plan features

It allows 250 participants per meeting

It gives unlimited audio with international conference lines

It also allows customization of the webinar.

Who should get Join Me?

Join Me is good for anyone who needs web conferencing too. Click and start your conference

22. ILinc

12 Best Webinar Software to Start Webinar in Minutes - EarningGuys

iLinc is another powerful webinar tool anyone would surely long to have for a great webinar experience.

It comes with loads of friendly features that would enhance a webinar.


  • Live Chat: This feature helps provides answers that questions that bother clients.
  • Reminders: iLinc lets you send reminder messages to your participants in advance.
  • Web conferencing solutions
  • Multiple Presenters: iLinc allows multiple presenters during a webinar session.
  • Online Payment: iLinc lets you pay online for hosting your webinar.
  • Device Compatibility: iLinc only works on computers, no mobile phone software yet.
  • On-demand webinar: iLinc allows you to host on-demand webinars.
  • Attendee Management: iLinc allows proper management of participants during webinars.
  • It comes with online training and virtual classrooms


C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (43).png

iLinc offers 3 pricing plans which are StartUps, SMEs, and Agencies.

Who should get iLinc?

iLinc is good for people who need to have a webinar with a large audience.

Start your free demo!

23. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is a webinar tool that enhances close collaboration sessions between hosts and clients. C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807829.jpeg

It is a powerful webinar platform for small businesses.

It is a very helpful tool for message broadcast to a large audience for sales, training, etc.

One unique feature of AnyMeeting is that it is very easy to use.


  • Meeting Notes: AnyMeeting lets you take notes during a meeting.
  • Handouts: AnyMeeting lets you create handouts for your participants for proper understanding during meetings.
  • Integrated conference call
  • Slides
  • Chat Feature: It allows participants to chat during meetings.
  • Presentation Sharing: It allows different presentations during meetings.
  • Mp4 exchange
  • Screen sharing
  • Registrations and polls
  • Broadcast HD video
  • YouTube Sharing: AnyMeeting allows YouTube sharing of the webinar.
  • Mobile Attendee Access
  • Custom Meeting Branding: AnyMeeting lets you customize your webinar interface.


Anymeeting Reviews and Anymeeting Pricing Complete Guide 2020

AnyMeeting has two paid packages and a free plan.


It costs $0


It costs $9.99


It costs $12.99

24. Zoho Meeting

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\writing projects\1616017807800.jpeg

Another fantastic online meeting platform with 24/7 customer support is Zoho Meeting.

Besides, Zoho Meeting has a webinar app that enables people to connect with potential clients or customers.

Zoho Meeting includes several useful features, including HD video streams, recording storage, and flexible registration forms. Features

  • Interactive Collaboration Tools
  • Webinar Analytics: Zoho Meetings lets you download reports in CSV or XLS format to get an idea of the number of registered and visitors, questions and answers, and survey results.
  • Integration: It has deep integration with Zoho’s ecosystem.
  • Custom Emails and Registration Forms: Zoho meeting lets you customize the emails and forms sent to participants. This means you can learn more about your audience by creating custom fields and questions on the sign-up form.
  • Mute Function: Zoho Meetings allows the host to mute participants during webinars.
  • Video-Sharing: Zoho Meetings allows sharing of videos during webinars for a much better experience.
  • Make Presenter Feature: This feature lets the host make someone else a presenter.
  • Raise Hand Function: Enable participants to silently ask questions to one of the organizers or co-organizers by raising their hands.
  • Moderate Registrants: Build a barrier between spammers and registrants who haven’t met the requirements.
  • Screen Sharing: Zoho Meetings allows screen sharing where a presenter can see the presenter’s screen.
  • Recording: Zoho Meetings lets you record and share your meeting recordings.

PRICING AND PLANS C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (40).png

Zoho Meeting offers various plans, basically, meeting and webinar. It also offers a 14-day trial version.

Free plan

  • 14-day trial version plus a full free plan with limited features.
  • It allows 10 participants
  • Custom Signup Forms
  • Webcam
  • Screen Sharing
  • It allows you to schedule meetings
  • Moderator Controls
  • No credit card is required.


The price ranges from $15 to $79 monthly if paid monthly or $15 to $63 if paid yearly.

The amount paid depends on the number of participants as well as the payment plan selected.

The webinar plan has a different participant limit in the format below 25, 50, 100, and 250 participants.

The Webinar plan comes with the following features;

  • Embedded registration widget
  • Webinar recording
  • Screen sharing
  • VoIP
  • Webcam sharing
  • Vote
  • App sharing
  • Q&A
  • Deep analytics
  • Registration moderation
  • International phone numbers
  • Cloud storage
  • Create and export reports
  • Setting up the registration form
  • Automated emails
  • Generation and export of custom reports
  • Storage for up to 25 recordings


The price ranges from $3 to $12 each month if paid monthly or $2.5 to $10 if paid yearly.

This is far cheaper compared to the webinar plan.

The amount paid here also depends on the number of participants.

Like the Webinar plan, the Meeting plan also has a participants’ limit of 25, 50, 100, and 250 participants.

The Meeting plan comes with its features too.

    • 10 recordings storage
    • Planning RSVP
    • Add to calendar
    • Chat room
    • Screen sharing
    • VoIP
    • Video conference (up to 25 video feeds)
    • App sharing
    • International dial-in numbers
    • Embed meeting widget
    • Meeting recording
    • Email Reminders
    • Change speakers
    • Calendar Integration
    • Block meeting and hosting of private meetings.

The entire Zoho Meetings comes with Organization Administrator Access which has the following features;

  • Adding and management of users to your account
  • Co-branding with name and logo
  • Setting up videos for an organization
  • Integration with other apps.

Who should get Zoho Meetings?

Zoho Meetings is best for people who want great business collaboration. Click here to sign up

25. Easy Webinar

Drip and EasyWebinar Integration

Easy Webinar, as the name suggests, is a webinar platform that assists in the creation of a visually appealing webinar interface and experience, especially for executives and businesses.

With Easy Webinar, you can build customized or interactive webinars to fit your needs.

As previously mentioned, Easy Webinar is one of the most intuitive and simple-to-use webinar tools available. Easy Webinar has been known for its well-structured teach-yourself pattern as shown below.

  • Create message
  • Promote your webinar
  • Interact with the participants
  • Sell product access
  • Get compensation for your input.


  • Streaming: No delay streaming
  • 2000 participants: Easy Webinar lets you invite 2000 people to your seminar if choose the Enterprise plan.
  • High-definition audio and video: Easy Webinar offers direct streaming and high-definition audio.
  • Webinar Archive: Easy Webinar lets you record, download, and keep your last sessions. These help a lot for future integrated webinars.
  • Live Streaming: easy Webinar lets you run a live stream of your webinar on social media simultaneously.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Easy Webinar lets have an insight into general statistics and visitors’ engagement. It also offers you an option to export all your data to a CSV report.
  • Make Participant Presenter: Easy Webinar comes with this amazing feature that lets the host make any participant a host.
  • Screen Sharing: Easy Webinar allows screen sharing during webinars for a better engagement.
  • Multiple Presenters: Easy Webinar lets you have more than just one presenter at a time. This helps a lot with proper meeting management.
  • Powerful Slides: Easy Webinar lets you create powerful slides to be presented during webinars.
  • Chats: This is another great feature that usually helps reduce interruptions during webinars. The co-host finds it easy to monitor the chats while the presenter continues with the meeting.
  • Automated Webinars: Easy Webinar allows you to create automated webinars.
  • It also allows easy events moderation on the master controller.


C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (41).png

Easy Webinar plans look a bit on the high side when compared to other webinar platforms. However, opting for annual billing would let you get your first three months subscription virtually for free.

You can register with Easy Webinar for a 14-day trial version which comes with an option to cancel at any time during this period.

Easy Webinar offers 3 paid plans;

  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Enterprise.


It costs $78 monthly if paid every month but $59 monthly if paid annually (saves $228).

This standard plan allows up to 100 attendees.

YouTube and Facebook Online streaming

Use of instant onboarding call

Webinars Foundation Course

Live chat support

It also comes with unlimited live attendees with YouTube live integration.

It offers unlimited automated webinars with 500 participants.


It costs $129 monthly if paid every month but $90 monthly if paid annually (saves $468).

This Pro plan is the most popular among Easy Webinar users.

It allows 500 attendees.

It offers unlimited automated webinars with 500 participants per webinar.

It also comes with unlimited live attendees with YouTube live integration.

Chat support

Webinar foundation course

Custom fields from the registration page

It also allows Facebook live and YouTube live streaming tools.


It costs $499 monthly if paid every month but $349 monthly if paid annually (saves $600).

It comes with all the Pro plan features.

It allows 2000 live attendees during live webinars.

It allows an unlimited number of attendees during automated meetings only for annual billings).

It offers Elite Webinar Mastery Full Course.

Who should get Easy Webinar?

Easy webinar is great for the business personnel. Start your webinar right away!

26. ezTalks Webinar


ezTalks Webinar is a tool that helps with video conferencing as well as web conferencing.

It can let you connect with 100 interactive video participants and 10,000 audiences in your online events.


  • Chats: ezTalks allows participants to chat during sessions. The chat function allows both personal and group chats.
  • Meeting Preparation Tools: ezTalks comes with meeting preparation tools for a better webinar experience.
  • Minutes management: ezTalks lets you take proper minutes of your even as though it is a physical meeting.
  • Training management
  • Hand Raising: This feature is usually very helpful in cases where participants need to ask questions during a webinar.
  • It helps avoid distractions so participants do not have to disrupt by unmuting.
  • Data Storage: It allows the storage of data for reference purposes.
  • Whiteboard: This is another engaging tool that lets the presenter pass some more information with illustrations on a virtual board.
  • Scheduled Meetings: ezTalks lets you schedule meetings as convenient.
  • Streaming: ezTalks allows the streaming of webinar sessions.
  • Playback and recording: It allows you to record your meetings and playback as an automated webinar.
  • Multiple Channel
  • Screen Sharing: ezTalks lets you share your screen. This s quite helpful because participants can easily access the screen of the host. This feature helps make the webinar experience a good one.
  • Instant Messaging: It allows instant messaging.
  • High Definition Videos and Audios: ezTalks provides its users with high-quality graphics and sounds.
  • Send Invite: ezTalks lets the host send an invite to other people.


C:\Users\hp\Desktop\ez p.png

EzTalks comes in four packages.





Starter (Personal)

It costs $0.

25 participants per webinar.

One presenter

A webinar can only last for up to a maximum of 100 minutes.

It allows live webinar sessions.


It cost $25 monthly per host.

It allows 50 participants per session.

It allows 4 hosts per meeting.

It offers 2GB of cloud storage.

Live webinars


It costs $32 monthly per host.

100 participants per meeting.

25 presenters per meeting.

It offers 4GB of cloud storage.

2000 recording online views per month

Accepts both live and automated webinars.

Facebook and YouTube live.

It comes with a custom thank you page.

It allows you to redirect your attendees.


It costs $300 monthly per host.

It allows 1000 participants alongside 100 presenters per meeting.

It offers 10GB of cloud storage.

Live webinars are allowed.

It allows 5000 recording online views per month.

It allows on-demand, live and integrated webinars.

It allows Facebook and YouTube live.

It offers options for chats, reminder emails before webinars, and lots more.

Who should get ezTalks?

It is very good for whoever wants to host a business webinar for a different amount of participants. Click to install

27. GlobalMeet Webcast.


Global Meet is another very unique webinar tool. It allows you to create professional webinars within a short time frame. It offers lots of goodies for its subscribers. It also allows audio-only features depending on the client’s choice. Despite all its great features, it does not allow automated webinars.


Live Chat: This a great feature that saves clients of stress while navigating.

Screen sharing: This is quite essential for ease during webinars.

Email Reminders: This helps to keep attendees informed about meetings beforehand.

Multiple Presenters: It allows more than just one presenter at a time.

Questions and Answers

On-demand Webinars

Attendee Management


GlobalMeet comes with different plans depending on a client’s interest. These plans are grouped into three namely;

    1. Collaboration (Audio Only)

C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (27).png

  • GlobalMeet Basic

It costs $0.

Allows 125 attendees per meeting.

Offers unlimited meetings.

Presence of avatars for participants’ profiles.

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Offers integrated with Google Suite.

Offers online support for clients.

Provides high-definition videos and Dolby voice audio.

  • Standard

Costs $12 per user monthly.

Has all the Basic plan features.

Room for file storage.

Whiteboard for better engagement during webinars.

Let’s you brand your logo to provide you with an amazing interface during webinars.

Remote desktop control.

Admin portal for better control.

Chat and email support.

  • Premium

Costs $24 per month per user.

Has all the features of Basic and Standard plans.

  • Enterprise

The price is not fixed which means one pays according to the features one wants.

It has all the features of the other plans embedded in it.

  1. GlobalMeet Webcast
  • Essential: It allows 1000 viewers
  • Professional: It allows 3000 viewers
  • Enterprise: It allows 10000 viewers.
  1. GlobalMeet Collaboration Integrations

C:\Users\hp\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (29).png

  • Video room Connector

It is integrated with some other video conferencing tools like Polycom, Cisco WebEx, and more.

It costs $15 monthly per user.

It also lets you buy a GlobalMeet license.

  • Collaboration for Microsoft Teams

The price is not fixed. It only depends on the required features.

It allows one to join meetings from Microsoft Teams.

Who should get GlobalMeet?

GlobalMeet is a great choice for businesses of all levels ranging from small to large businesses. Sign up now!


Webinars : les avantages et les inconvénients pour le business

What Is A Webinar? - Features, Types, & Benefits | Feedough

What to consider before choosing which webinar software to use?

  • Cost
  • How easy or complex it is to use.
  • The number of participants allowed per meeting.
  • Branding
  • Webinar Software Specific Features.

Basic features to look out for in any webinar software.

    • Recordings
    • Replays
    • Customization
    • Screen and file sharing
    • Phone call-in options
    • Calls to action
    • Live chat
    • Webinar interface
    • Whiteboard
    • Analytics need
    • Integrations
    • Email reminders
    • Number of attendees
    • Free trial
    • Number of hosts
    • Cloud storage capacity.

Differences between Webinars and Video Conferences

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the process of adding a video stream to a traditional conference call. This makes it possible to enrich communication with non-verbal expressions.

Video conferencing makes it possible to replace a traditional physical meeting with an online meeting bringing together a limited number of participants (from two to ten participants).

Each of the speakers is likely to speak during the meeting.

It gives rooms for everyone to interact.

Video conference or webinar for beginners?

With webinars and videoconferences, you can carry out a multitude of activities remotely:

  • Presentation and demonstrations of goods or services;
  • Team meetings;
  • Seminars and training;
  • Job interviews;
  • Follow-up meetings with your clients.
  • Internal and external briefing.

Webinars and Video Conferences: Features

How eMEETPlus works - Web & Video conferencing, E-learning Webinar software

The main features are as follows:

  • Video streaming.
  • Oral communication via the web (or telephone relay).
  • Direct written communication with a messaging module.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Presentation, annotation, and sharing of documents.
  • Provision and downloading of files.
  • Questionnaires and surveys.

Advantages of Webinars compared to Physical Meetings.

  • More than just an online conference, webinars allow us to share and deepen our knowledge without leaving our offices or homes.
  • Webinars only require a good gadget and internet service for proper running.
  • Webinars can be held anywhere with people from all parts of the world participating seamlessly.
  • Webinars cost less to host when compared to physical meetings.
  • Costs of rentals, feedings, and the likes can be completely avoided with webinars since it does not require that attendees meet physically.

The Pros and Cons of Webinars

Advantages Disadvantages
Reduction of health risks, social distance maintained. Technical problems can complicate the organization of the event, or even interrupt it
Cost savings (travel, catering, hotel) Technical dependency (high-speed Internet access and computer equipment)
A large number of participants can participate simultaneously Participants may be distracted by other activities
The presenter can exchange information and files with the participants’ media and files The presenter has no “direct” contact with his audience.
Content recording and re-broadcasting are made easier O

Some Few Tips for Webinar Hosts;

You plan to run a webinar for your contacts and prospects, but you don’t know how to go about it. You can start by choosing a tool to set it up.

There are free webinar platforms as well as premium or paid webinar platforms.

To organize the event, from its preparation to its end, then follow all the key steps to make it a success.

Create a webinar and intelligently integrate it into a successful marketing approach by engaging your participants

    • Take an inbound marketing approach
    • Choose a format suited to your audience and their goals
    • Take care of the content
    • Test your presentation
    • Promote your webinar
    • Apply the right diffusion techniques
    • Offer an experience
    • Know how to communicate
    • Always say thank you, and especially “see you soon”
    • Assess quality and measure returns
    • Upload the replay
    • Send an email to extend the experience

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