For a lot of people, it can be stressful to create content for YouTube regularly. This could be for several reasons like skills, equipment, or time.

Another issue that most people have is the fact that they need to have up to 4000 watch hours and 1000 followers subscribers on YouTube.

If you are wondering if you can make money from Youtube without making videos, it’s possible. This article will show you how to make money from Youtube without making videos. Let’s get to it.

1 Specify Your Niche:

Know the kind of videos that you spend the most time watching on YouTube. Personally, I watch videos on pranks, DIYs, top-rated videos, and life hacks.

Why is this important? This is because you will be able to locate your Goldmine. The majority of the YouTube channels we watch do not use their own content. The channels look for videos, then re-upload them, and they make money from them.

These channels make money from their channel affiliate marketing and ads. This strategy is legal to implement. So you can make money from something you are passionate about while improving the quality of your content.

2. Start Your YouTube channel:

The next step to take is to start a YouTube channel. Choose a brand that is relevant to your niche and make it look professional. Upload your profile picture, create your logo, and add a banner. Add keywords to your bio to optimize your YouTube channel. There are tools you can use to check your stats like Keywords Everywhere or Ubersuggests.

3 Start Monetizing Your Channel:

Let´s get to the content.

  • Go to the Youtube website and go to the search tab.
  • Type the keywords relevant to your niche.
  • Go to the filter section and tick creative commons.

Creative commons is a functionality that allows you to use content from the video, but you must perform some edits to avoid copyright.

  • Then sort it by count view.
  • Once you have seen the content you want to use, make the necessary adjustments and revisions.
  • Then create your content. This method works best with challenges, controversies, rankings, and pranks.
  • When you are done editing, include thumbnails and add the relevant keywords.

To get a faster result, you should produce content daily. This will make you monetize your channel faster.

4 Optimize the Videos:

To make the most out of YouTube and become successful, you will need to optimize your videos. You should know that your watch hours and your click-through rate are some of the essential factors that determine your success on YouTube.

You can optimize your YouTube videos by being consistent, creating catchy titles, editing your videos, storytelling, using the right keywords, and creating thumbnails.

This process is also known as “curation.” Also, it is the same thing as the in-house publication of medium. If you intend to use this technique, note the channel you want to create and track your performance after a couple of months.

So you see, it is very much possible to make money on YouTube without uploading your own videos.

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