How To Sell Clothes Online For Money (2022 Guide)

how to sell clothes online for money(2022-guide)

Do you know that selling clothes online can actually earn you a fortune? Most people never realize the benefits associated with selling clothes online. Most of these people rely so much on selling clothes offline.

If you focus on selling clothes offline, you will be limited to good-paying opportunities that may come your way.

But selling the same clothes online will open doors to new opportunities for you. How can you sell clothes online? In this article, you will learn how to sell clothes online for money in 2022.

Can you make money from selling clothes online?

With the recent COVID-19 restrictions, most people now prefer to buy goods online. Selling clothes online is one of the best ideas people have decided to practice in recent times. If you own an offline clothing business, you can convert it into an online one and make more money in 2022.

When you intend to make extra money online in 2022, you have to figure out how to sell clothes online.

Why should you consider selling clothes online?

You may be wondering about the numerous benefits associated with selling clothes online. But if you must succeed in selling clothes online, you must derive your inspiration from somewhere.

However, your motivation has to come from somewhere unique. Why should you consider selling clothes online? You may have to sell clothes online because of the following reasons.

Connect with More Customers

When you sell clothes in the online space, you will easily connect to thousands or millions of customers willing to patronize you.

Unlike the offline market, your customer can come from any part of the world to patronize you. You have to focus on finding every possible means of connecting with people and rendering professional services to them.

Reach your business goals.

Every business owner often sets goals to attain in order to stay valid in business. As someone hoping to sell clothes online, you should create your business goals and see how you can work towards making them a reality. Selling clothes online will help you to reach these goals faster.

Expand your business

If you are willing to expand your business, selling clothes online will help you to reach this milestone. Since you will be connected with more customers, you will likely earn more profit and grow your business exponentially.

Best Platforms to Sell Clothes Online

If you are hoping to sell clothes online, you must carefully select the best platforms to promote your clothing and connect with more customers. Several platforms allow people to sell clothes online. But you may not reach your business goals on some of these platforms.

So what are the best platforms to sell clothes online? If you want to sell clothes online, you should consider working with the following platforms.



Etsy is a home for creative handcrafters. The platform also focuses on connecting with clients around the world. Aside from handcrafted products, Etsy is a great platform to sell clothes online.

Millions of users on this platform are constantly searching for opportunities to change their wardrobes with new clothes. You can take advantage of numerous opportunities offered by Etsy to set your business on a great milestone.


Poshmark is another platform most online clothes sellers use to connect to customers globally. The platform allows you to list about 5 to 10 clothes on your online store and attract buyers to patronize you.

You can easily connect with customers specifically interested in your products on Poshmark. When you are on this platform, keep in mind that you can personalize your presence to attract unique customers to your store.

How can you personalize your online presence on this platform? You can do this by focusing on selling a particular brand. Customers interested in patronizing your brand will specifically walk up to you and complete a purchase.


Refashioner is a platform that connects buyers and sellers. Unlike most marketplaces, Refashioner knows how to connect buyers to their respective sellers. Before selling clothes to people on Refashioner, you must join the platform and set up your online store.

Once you register on Refashioner, proceed to list your beautiful clothes in front of thousands of clients. Note that you are expected to sell only spectacular clothes on this platform. Hence, if your clothes are below standard, you may find reaching a great milestone on Refashioner challenging.


Tradesy is a platform that saves online sellers from the stress of connecting with clients. With thousands of customers willing to buy your clothes on Tradesy, you won’t have a problem selling your clothes on the platform.

When you join this platform, keep in mind that Tradesy charges $7.50 for items below $50 and 19.8% for items above $50. Hence, you should list your goods with unique prices to earn and pay the required charges as well.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is built to be part of the Facebook community. Before you consider selling on this platform, you need to have high-quality photos of your clothes to attract more customers.

Unlike most marketplaces where you will have to pay for online shop space, the Facebook marketplace allows you to advertise your clothes for free. Create time to see the benefits associated with selling on Facebook before proceeding with the action.

Mosh Posh

Mosh Posh is an online marketplace where people sell the best products. Hence, if you are not into high-end goods such as designers wear, you may never find your way around the platform.

Top brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Kate Spade, Gucci, and more, are some of the products you will see on this platform. Once you venture into selling the finest clothes, Mosh Posh should be your best bet.



Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces you should consider selling your clothes. You will be opportune to connect with millions of consumers on this platform. These clients are seriously interested in patronizing your brand.

No matter the clothes you are selling, you must find a way to connect with clients. But you should note the competition among sellers on this platform. Hence, if you want to stand out, your products must be unique and spectacular to win great favors from consumers.


ThredUP is a standout online marketplace that makes it easier for sellers to connect with their prospective clients. Unlike most platforms, sellers on ThredUP often make up to 80% of the total profit of the resale price.

As a seller, you are required to connect with your clients and reach an agreement before packaging the goods for delivery. Once the goods are ready for delivery, you will package them and drop them off for the mailman.

From this point, ThredUP will continue with the process. Keep in mind that shipping back is completely free on ThredUP. One of the unique selling points on ThredUP is the huge inventory. However, this particular selling point mostly favors the buyers.

The RealReal

On RealReal, sellers are entitled to keep 85% of the total sale price. Once you sample great products on this platform, your chances of selling such a product fast are approximately high. You can usually sell great products on RealReal within three days.

Since your primary intention is the sell clothes online, you can easily reach your business goal on this platform, as clothes are one of the fastest-selling products here.


EBay is a platform specifically meant for sellers to sample a variety of products before millions of consumers. Clothes are one of the best products to sell on eBay. Since you intend to sell clothes online, you can reach a great milestone on this platform.

How To Sell Clothes Online For Money

Since you have learned about the best platform to sell clothes for money, you should also understand the basic processes involved in selling clothes online.

When you just list your clothes in an online store without following due process, your chances of making enough money and connecting with more clients will be limited.

Hence, you need to create a means that will help you actualize your goals faster. So how do you sell clothes online for money? You should follow these procedures for success whenever you consider how to sell clothes online for money.

Learn about the best clothes that sell


The first thing you should note is the best kind of clothes that sell faster on the Internet. Like most products, the clothesline business also has its trends and most selling brands.

People are often fascinated by a particular design and will go the extra mile to purchase such a brand before the trend is over. Hence, you must be up-to-date with market trends if you want to succeed in selling clothes online for money.

Sometimes, the trend may not last long before other stylish clothes take over the market. But in other cases, the trend may stay longer than required. Whatever might be the case, your goal should stay updated with the latest trend.

You should also be aware of the competition when you want to join the trend. Most business people in the clothesline business are willing to do anything to take over the market. Hence, you must be creative enough to outsmart them and own the online market yourself.

Decide on what clothes to sell.

When you decide to sell clothes that come your way to customers online, people may find it challenging to recognize you with a particular brand.

But your popularity will grow with time when you decide on a niche to sell. For example, when you focus on selling only sports attire to people, everyone will identify you with sporting outfits.

However, when you begin to combine sports outfits with traditional wear or other kinds of clothes, you are trying to complicate issues for your business.

Even though you join wears, people will still patronize your business. But you may not gain popularity in a particular online marketplace for long. Hence, decide what to sell and work extra hard to make your goals and objectives a reality.

Target a particular audience.

The best way to remain valid in the market is to target an audience. Most business owners cannot tell who their audiences are. They thought that everyone visiting the online marketplace would come to patronize them.

However, they often experience severe setbacks in the end. If you want to succeed in selling online, you must narrow down your niche and select your audience wisely. If you prefer to sell babywear, focus on selling only clothes meant for children.

This action will enable you to connect with parents and guidance intending to buy quality clothes for their young children.

In a case where you want to sell clothes for adults, channel your focus only on selling bigger clothes in your online store. You can also target your audience based on gender differences. For example, if you decide to sell only female clothes, remember that your target audience is young girls and mid-age women.

The same is applicable when you want to sell only male wear. However, you can venture into selling unisex wear to dominate the market much better. At least, selling unisex will allow you to reach out to more customers and earn more money from the business.

Choose your online marketplace wisely.


Every online marketplace has its own rules and regulations guiding its daily operations. Sometimes, sellers jump onto the platform without actually going through these terms and conditions.

When they are expected to abide by the platform’s rules, they will start to complain. Before setting up your online store, review the rules and regulations guiding sellers on the platform. Some online marketplaces will expect you to pay a commission for each product sold on their platform.

However, other platforms, such as the Facebook marketplace, do not demand any percentage from you for selling a product on their platform. Hence, you need to closely determine if you are satisfied with the payout percentage before listing your products on the platform.

Aside from the percentage of sales, you also need to check for competition on each platform. In online marketplaces, you will experience high competition in the clothesline business. Hence, you should not act as if you are the only person interested in making profits.

Endeavor to do your research carefully before joining a particular platform to sell clothes online for money.

Be ready for competition.

Readiness for the competition is a great way to actualize success in any online business. Most sellers have realized the benefits of selling clothes online.

Hence, they have ventured into businesses to grow their financial capabilities. Before concluding your plans to sell clothes online for money, you should devise a strategy that will allow you to handle competition accordingly.

These strategies which you created must be unique and outstanding. But no matter your plans, you should focus on succeeding on each platform in every possible way.

For example, if you invest in advertising your online store, you can stay ahead of your colleague who decided to sell clothes organically.

Combining sales that comes from ads and organic traffic will give your business an added advantage to stay ahead of the competition while expanding your reach within the platform.

Keep in mind that when your online store is popular among customers, you will be getting a lot of attention to your business.

The everyday dream of business owners is to drive maximum traffic to their businesses. Your hard work and dedication can actually get you to this milestone.

Get quality photos and videos of your clothes.


In most online stores, people are fascinated by the images of the clothes before they conclude purchasing them. Hence, you don’t have to joke about getting quality photos and videos of the clothes you intend to list in your online store.

Instead of using your smartphone to capture the clothes, you can purchase a high-definition camera and boost your business. However, if you are a smartphone with high-quality cameras, you can still capture a high-resolution image of the clothes to list online.

Preferably, you can decide to work with professional photographers and stand the chance of getting high-quality details of the clothes. Keep in mind that the image and videos represent the digital version of the clothes online.

So you must add quality to it to increase your chances of attracting high-paying clients to your business. A client may even support promoting your goods because of the quality images you upload to your online store.

Hence, endeavor to convince customers that your products are the best to buy using quality photos.

Be consistent in uploading new clothes.

Consistency is the primary key to succeeding in any business. More customers will become interested in your online store when you consistently sample new clothes for them to buy.

Even if you are not making great sales at the beginning, focus on listing unique and beautiful new clothes for people to see.

You can check into your competitor’s store to get an idea of the latest market trend. From these ideas, you can build a strong business and find a means of convincing your audience to make a purchase.

People are fascinated by new unique clothes. But before you list any cloth in your store, ensure that the cloth actually meets the standard that your customers are looking for. Some new clothes may be unique but made with low-quality materials. Hence, focus on building trust with your clients by selling the exact material of clothes they are searching for.

Be professional in your dealings.

Some online sellers act without thinking before their customers. They cannot appear professional in handling business matters with clients.

As a business owner, you need to add a professional look to your business to increase your chances of gaining more customers and staying ahead of the competition.

Whenever a customer contacts you for negotiation or inquiry, respond to them like a professional business person. However, do not appear too serious while interacting with your customers. Learn to handle their requests, questions, and suggestions with care.

Sell satisfactory clothes to your clients.

There are many low-quality clothes out there in the market. In fact, every high-quality cloth often has a fake version of it designed to lure customers with lower prices. If you sell low-quality clothes to customers online, you may fade out of the market before embracing success.

But when you focus on selling high-quality material to clients, your business will be climbing the ladder of success before your eyes. Endeavor to prioritize clients’ satisfaction to create a difference in each online marketplace.

Remember that a satisfied customer will go the extra mile to promote your business to others. You can never tell how a single customer will attract thousands of clients to your business. It may appear quite impossible. But when you focus on selling high-quality clothes, people will feel more comfortable buying from you.

However, the only challenge people often encounter in high-quality clothes is high prices. But there are still affordable, high-quality clothes you can invest in and earn the trust of your clients.

Be Transparent to earn the trust


Trust is one of the keys to success in selling clothes online. Some clients are not pleased with the previous services they received from online cloth vendors. As a result of this, they find it challenging to trust any online seller.

However, when you can convince customers to trust your dealings, your online business can grow exponentially. Hence, you must find a means of building great trust among all your customers.


Thank you for reaching this writing piece up to this length. If you are still reading, it implies that you are dedicated to succeeding in selling clothes online.

As you intend to learn how to sell clothes online for money, you should remain focused on using the information provided above to actualize success.

You may have seen the various ways to succeed in selling online. But you still have to convert these words into action to increase your chances of making more money online in 2022.

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