YouTube money ideas for kids

Youtube Channel Ideas for Kids (Fun ideas that could make money)

YouTube has a wide range of audience and that also includes the younger ones under parental guidance.

If you have a passion for educating or having fun with kids, you can create a YouTube channel for a younger audience.

Monetizing the YouTube channel is the same as you would any other channel.  Although there are other ways you can monetize a YouTube channel for kids, you have to be careful so it doesn’t seem like you’re exploiting your young audience. This can lead to you losing your channel if that’s the case.

Some of the YouTube channels you can create that are appropriate for kids include:

1. Crafts


Engaging the younger ones with crafts is a great way of keeping them entertained. However, interest in certain crafts depends on the age of the viewer. Younger children would prefer making something that they can play with while older children would be more interested in making practical things they can use.

2. Activities


Setting up fundamental activities for kids where they learn and develop their mental, motor, and problem-solving is a great YouTube channel idea that has lots of audiences. You can also set the activities in such a way that the parents can participate.

If you can find a way to include the parents in the activities, you are sure to win their hearts over. Parents love it when you teach them ways to have fun with their kids.

Some of the activities could be as trivial as using drawing tools or playing detective games.

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3. Young Health


With the increasing number of obese kids showing up in different statistics around, kids fitness is becoming a world concern.

You can combine your love for body fitness and children into a young fitness channel that focuses on the health of youngsters.

Support is huge from parents for this type of channel because they get to see their kids trying to keep fit. Ensure to make the exercise a fun experience for youngsters, this is a way to get the hook up to the activities without getting bored easily.

4. Reaction Videos


This type of videos is becoming a trend on YouTube and stretches across various types of audiences, the youngsters not left out. The trick to the best reaction is you, the video you are reacting to doesn’t change your reaction depends on your personality.

Since your main audience is kids, the videos you would be reacting to would be the latest Marvel show or the next Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Anything other than that won’t prick their interest.

Whatever you do, ensure to keep the content age-appropriate for kids. A single curse word on one of your videos can spell the end of your YouTube career as a kid entertainer.

5. Gaming


The gaming industry is undisputedly a popular niche among kids with millions of subscribers on YouTube.

This niche is highly competitive and one way you can stand out from the crowd is by making your videos go beyond the gameplay enjoyable and fun for your audience. You should take time to research popular games children are hooked up to so you can know the type of content you should post.

Be cautious of adult and violence-themed games as your audience is probably minors.

6. Educational channels


This list isn’t complete without mentioning Educational channels. If you are good with kids and can teach them while entertaining them, setting up a YouTube Education channel for kids might be the best bet for you.

However, you have to be clear about your target audience education advances with age. A 12-year old’s math question is more advanced than that of a 6-year old.

Kids learn a lot in school, they don’t have to watch your videos. If you can show them that there is a fun way of learning, they are sure to subscribe and keep coming for more.


That’s our list of the top YouTube channel ideas for kids. Which one are you going to try first?

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