How Much to Charge For Tutoring (Rates Per Hour)

how much to charge for tutoring (rates per hour)

Do you know what you can earn from tutoring? If you are a professional in any field, you can tutor people for a specific price. Most professionals in different fields have made online tutoring a full-time job because of the good returns they realize from their online tutoring jobs.

When you want to tutor other students online, you must decide on a fee to reach a good agreement with your students. So how much should you charge for tutoring? In this article, you will learn how much to charge for tutoring.

What is tutoring?

Tutoring is a means of educating other people to learn something new. You can literally become a tutor by providing resourceful information for young people willing to learn from your expertise.

How Much to Charge for Tutoring?

The amount you should charge your students also depends on the online tutoring platform you work with. Students already know that they will pay more money to learn from various online tutoring platforms.

However, they prefer to search for platforms that render cheaper educational services from highly rated tutors. So if you must succeed in teaching students online, you must find the best tutoring platform to sign up as a tutor.

But how much to charge for tutoring in the best online education platforms? The following tutoring platforms will enable you to earn greatly from sharing your expertise with other students online.


eTutorWorld is one of the best tutoring platforms to consider. This platform prefers to address tutors as mentors. Its services rely on connecting students around the world with professional courses.

Students on this platform are offered a personalized work plan and a service that allows parents to check in on the activities of their children.

If you want to join this platform as a tutor, you must have some academic qualifications. Keep in mind that a student on this platform ranges from Kindergarten to grade 12th.

How can you join this platform as a tutor?

To join as a tutor, you must provide evidence of your education and teaching certifications. If you have a strong teaching background, your chances of securing the job will be greater.

After you must have successfully submitted your application, you will get in touch with the eTutorWorld Hiring Manager, who will interview you based on your submitted application.

If you succeed in this interview, you will proceed to be notified via email. You will begin training with the platform to enlighten you on eTutorWorld’s operation.

You will have to undergo the induction stage before you are allowed to teach students on this platform. You will need a bachelor’s degree in your field of endeavor to join eTutorWorld.

The platform also requires its tutors to have good English, Math, or Science knowledge. Candidates with CTET certification often have greater opportunities on this platform.

How much to charge for tutoring in eTutorWorld?

You will be paid based on the number of sections you completed on this platform. Pricing starts from $21 per section, and you can earn up to $900 per month, depending on your consistency and unique teaching style.’

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Course Hero


Course Hero is another great platform to join as an online tutor. The platform was founded in 2007 to give students access to a specific course of study. Since it was founded, it has provided over 30 million course-specific study materials that helped students in their research work and other assignments.

Like most platforms, Course Hero is based on online teaching. Hence, tutors communicate with students through video classes to ensure active interaction during the learning section.

Tutors on this platform use study guides, practical problems, video demonstrations, and other methods to educate the students.

How can you join Course Hero as a Tutor?

Visit to get started. When you arrive at this webpage, you should click on apply to create your tutor account.

Note that you will need your ID and academic credential to sign up on this platform as a tutor. Hence, provide these items before registering with the platform.

How much to charge for tutoring in Course Hero?

Tutors can earn from $12 to $20 per hour, depending on the tasks they are meant to execute. This implies that you can earn up to $300 per week teaching on this platform. As a tutor, you can also earn from answering certain questions on Course Hero.

To be specific, the platform pays up to $3 per question. Hence, your earning potential can increase once you find yourself registered on this platform as a tutor.


Prepscholar is a platform that teaches its students preparatory courses based on ACT and SAT. Hence, once you have a great interest in teaching, you may sign up on PrepScholar to educate the next generation.

However, before you think of signing on to this platform, you must be qualified for SAT exams. Unlike most platforms, you need to dedicate about 15 hours per week before you can be enrolled as a tutor in PreScholar.

Keep in mind that you will render your teaching jobs via Skype or other related software applications.

How can you join PrepScholar as a tutor?

To apply as a tutor on this platform, you must prepare your cover letter, SAT/ACT scores, resume, and other test scores such as GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and more.

When your credentials are ready, proceed to send them via email to [email protected]. If you are qualified, the platform will get back to you within weeks.

Keep in mind that your SAT or ACT score must be up to 2300+/1540+ before you are qualified to apply on this platform.

How much to charge for tutoring in PreScholar?

PrepScholar pays you $30 to $50 per hour for tutoring services. However, depending on your qualification and daily tasks executed, you can receive more.



Preply is a platform that connects students interested in learning another language with their qualified tutors. Hence, if you hope to join this platform, you must be brilliant at handling language courses professionally.

You may not succeed on this platform if you are not fluent in any language. Most commonly tutored subjects on Preply consist of Russian, Urdu, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, and more.

How can you join Preply as a tutor?

Visit to get started. Once you arrive at this webpage, you will be required to sign up using your email and password. But you can also sign up on Preply using your Facebook account or directly with your Gmail account.

Keep in mind that Preply allows you to choose a time that is convenient for you. This implies that you don’t have to follow strict guidelines just to meet your tutoring schedule.

The platform gives you access to various webinars that will improve your expertise in any field of endeavor.

How much to charge for tutoring in Preply?

Unlike most platforms, you are working as your own boss on Preply. This implies that you can set your own price and allow your students to apply accordingly.

Most tutors on this platform prefer to charge from $15 to $25 per hour teaching students. You can set a price depending on the service you want to render to people.


Skooli is another great platform often used by tutors to connect with their students. Students prefer this platform, especially when they need to solve complex assignment problems.

As a tutor in any field, you can find students desperately in need of your related services. The platform makes it possible for tutors to connect with their students 24/7. Hence, you can always make money as a tutor on this platform.

How can you join Skooli as a tutor?

Visit to get started. On this webpage, you will see various requirements the platform will request from you in order to make you a tutor. Skooli often depends on your teaching certification to ensure that you are qualified to meet the needs of its students.

This should include your education qualification and proof of ID. Once the platform verifies your credentials, you will certainly proceed to the next level of the registration process.

You will have to get used to Skooli before rendering your professional services to students on Skooli.

How much to charge for tutoring in Skooli?

Skooli tutors earn up to $25 per hour working actively on this platform. Your pay may increase depending on your academic ratings in the future. No matter what you do, focus on rendering the best services to students on Skooli.

Through this tactic, your connections with students will grow, and you may even become one of the most popular tutors on the platform.



BuddySchool is a great online tutoring platform to consider. The platform has gained popularity over the years with the level of professional services they render to students.

Unlike most platforms, students are entitled to pay for every lesson in advance. To meet the demands of students, BuddySchool focuses on hiring the best tutors to educate its students in various fields.

How can you join BuddySchool as a Tutor?

Unlike most online tutoring platforms, you don’t need a degree to apply for a job on this platform. In fact, you can even register as a non-native English tutor.

Note that you will have to provide your learning materials for each course on this platform. Upon making this provision available, you will store them in your media library.

Visit and follow the onscreen instruction to apply.

How much to charge for tutoring in BuddySchool?

The pay rate on BuddySchool ranges from $5 to $20 per hour. Keep in mind that you are teaching students from elementary to adults. Hence, you must be devoted to teaching your students if you really hope to attain greater heights.


Wyzant was founded in 2005 as a digital Marketplace connecting students with sustainable independent tutors. This implies that students are entitled to a direct tutoring section with a particular online tutor.

Students often visit this platform when they demand academic assistance from tutors. Hence, there are over 300 subjects to cover on this platform.

Since more students are joining the platform to search for academic support, over 80,000 tutors have registered with Wyzant to render suitable educational assistance for a fee.

Despite the competition among tutors on this platform, you can still find your chances of reaching out to students willing to pay you for the tutoring section.

How much to charge for tutoring in Wyzant?

Visit and create a free account with the platform. You can sign up either with your Facebook or Apple account. Preferably, you can use only email to complete the sign-up process.

Keep in mind that you are creating a free account on this platform. After creating your profile, the next step is to set up your profile. Once your profile is set up, use Wyzant tools to drive students to your profile.

How much can you make on Wyzant as a tutor?

Averagely, tutors on Wyzant make up to $26.84 per hour. But your earnings can likely increase depending on how much you charge your students.

VIP Kids


VIP Kids is a platform that provides English tutorial classes to children in China via online classrooms. This implies that you must be a native English teacher before applying on this platform.

You must have a work permit to work either in Canada or the United States before being allowed to work on this platform. Currently, over 60,000 native English teachers are employed by this company to tutor students online.

Before you can join these thousands of online tutors to teach students the English Language, you should have a degree. You also need to have at least one year of experience teaching children.

Keep in mind that the children you will be meeting on this platform are aged 3-14. Hence, your audiences are young children who desire so much to learn a new language online.

How can you join VIP Kids?

Visit VIP Kids and create a Teacher account for yourself. Once your account is ready, proceed to record a demo video demonstrating how you can teach English online to children.

After the company verifies your application, you can become a certified teacher before signing a contract with the platform to complete your application process.

How much to charge for tutoring in VIP Kids?

The hourly pay rate at VIP Kids ranges from $20 to $25. You must complete two different 25 to 28-minute classes to earn this amount. Hence, focus on working smartly to reach your financial goals on this platform.


TutorMe is another online tutoring platform you should consider joining. Unlike most tutoring platforms, TutorMe has a stricter hiring process, as they focus on working only with the best candidates.

In fact, TutorMe hires only about 4% of the entire tutors who wish to work with the platform. Hence, if you must work on this platform as a tutor, you must be ready to compete with other job seekers.

As a result of the strict hiring process for tutors, students on this platform receive standard lessons from the best tutors. Once you are capable enough, you should apply for a job on this platform.

How can you apply for a job on TutorMe?

Visit TutorMe and begin the application process. Keep in mind that you must fill out your personal details, such as your work experience, education, subject of interest, and others.

Once you are done with this form, you can connect with students. However, the platform must verify your application before you will be allowed to connect with potential students on this platform.

How much to charge for tutoring in TutorMe?

The average salary on TutorMe ranges from $15 to $23 per hour. However, you can earn more depending on your potential on the platform.

Chegg Tutors


Chegg Tutors was founded in 2001 as an online textbook rental company. However, the company also provides students with professional academic tutors to assist them in their various academic challenges.

This implies that you can apply to work on this platform as a tutor and stand the chance of getting paid to execute a perfect job.

How can you join Chegg as a tutor?

Before you consider joining Chegg as a tutor, you must fill out two verification forms of your personal information on the platform.

The essence of filling out this form is to enable the company to have an understanding of your work experience and educational qualification.

Remember that you also need your educational certification, ID, and other vital documents to complete the form correctly. Once you complete the signup process, apply for the job and wait for a response.

If you are qualified to teach at Chegg, the company will get back to you within a short time. How much to charge for tutoring in Chegg? Chegg has an hourly pay rate of more than $20 per hour.

Your pay rate depends on your performance on the platform. Once you are selected to teach, Chegg will provide you with your students, and your payment begins immediately.


Qkids is an online education platform founded in 2015. The company focuses on pairing over 800,000 Chinese young English students with thousands of online tutors.

Children that participate in this learning process often fall between the age of 4 to 12 years old. QKids focuses on working with native English tutors from the United States and Canada.

However, if you come from other parts of the world, you can still apply for jobs on this platform.

How can you join QKids as a tutor?

Before you consider joining this platform as a tutor, keep in mind that you must have your work permit to work in the United States or Canada.

You must show proof of a Bachelor’s degree as a sign of your educational qualification. You are also expected to have at least 120-hour teaching certificates like TEFL or TESOL. The essence of providing these requirements is to increase your chances of getting hired by the company.

Once you have the required credential, visit the platform and sign up with them. If you are qualified for the job, you will receive a notification from the platform regarding the next procedure.

How much to charge for tutoring in Qkids?

Tutors on this platform charge from $16 to $25 per hour. As you continue to improve your working experience on the platform, you can increase your earnings.



Wize is an online educational platform formally known as Wizedemy. Previously, the platform focused only on selling college prep materials.

However, the website has recently added only teaching services and has allowed many tutors to render tutoring services to students needing such related services.

The platform is still open to tutors willing to handle several subjects for its students.

How can you join Wize as a Tutor?

Visit and fill out the application form. Keep in mind that you will include your resume and cover letter. Hence, you must be prepared before going to the website to fill out the form.

You will also need to provide education qualifications and work experience to increase your chances of getting the job.

How much to charge for tutoring in Wizeprep?

Unlike most platforms, Wize CEO Cyrus Moradian revealed that the platform pays tutors 100% of their earnings.

This implies that you will stand the chance of making more money on this platform depending on your negotiation fixed price.

Keep in mind that tutors are meant to set their own rates on this platform. But average tutors on this platform earn from $20 to $30 per hour. You can earn more or less depending on your working schedule on the platform.


Thank you for reading this article up to this length. If you are still reading, it implies that you have an interest in earning from tutoring students online. As you make your fixed price on any tutoring platform, also make out time to check the exact amount other tutors charge.

The essence of making this verification is to enable you to fit into the competition and attract more students to your profile.

The amount you choose will likely determine your ability to connect with more students on any online tutoring platform. When you are next looking for how much to charge for tutoring, you can use the information provided above to come up with great prices on any online education platform.

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