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How Good is Kajabi Software (A Complete Review)

Kajabi is a paid e-course platform that provides a suite of advanced features to creators (like you!).

This is to help them handle the process of creation, promotion, marketing, and selling of online courses, digital or physical products, or membership sites from a single platform.

Kajabi can be used as an independent tool for developing other digital outlets.

With Kajabi, you not only create digital products, but you can also host a  personal website for your company and market it effectively using its cutting-edge promotional tools.

Kajabi provides you with the perfect tools and right techniques you need to curate podcasts and also serves as a  viable tool for its users and other e-solutions.

Kajabi software has impressive customization and marketing tools,  and selling on Kajabi is not limited to online courses. Creators can also sell any type of products (whether digital or physical) and membership sites.

Review: What is Kajabi?

How Good is Kajabi Software

Kajabi was created solely to make the process of creating, running, and scaling an online business easy for knowledge entrepreneurs.

The software idea was formed and created in 2010 by two business partners (Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser).

This is to help business owners and course creators sell their products and knowledge effectively online—a problem they’ve struggled with themselves.

Having experienced first-hand how difficult selling your knowledge online is, the founders had a deeper understanding of what knowledge entrepreneurs (like you!) need to start and grow their online businesses.

This led to the birth of the Kajabi software. And the genius of this software is that you get to have everything you’ll ever need under one roof.

Currently, Kajabi has helped over 50,000 course creators from different countries across the globe to sell their courses online through their platform to over 60 million students generating over $1.5 billion in sales.

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What is Kajabi Best Suited For?

What is Kajabi Software

This e-course platform is better suited for course creators and business owners who are looking for a complete software solution with multi-functionalities like:

  • creating sales funnels
  • building websites
  • marketing emails
  • course creation etc.

Why Go For Kajabi Software?

Launching an internet business is one thing. However, ensuring that it thrives and achieves maximum success is entirely different. Beside, Kajabi is one of the best Online course platforms for training and teaching.

This is because undertaking online course creation and teaching necessitates a development mindset that not every business owner possesses.

Entrepreneurs may put in a lot of effort and time to start a business, only to learn six months later that it is failing. So why is this the case?

Because they lack distinguishing or potentially adequate resources, they must understand that creating digital services or digital products, such as online courses, is all about using the right tools.

Kajabi Review and Ratings

✅Affordability and Pricing (4.5/5)

The price of Kajabi is a bit higher than other software offering the same value, and it does not have a trial plan. However, it is a good value for your money.

✅Ease of use and User experience (4.7/5)

The drag-and-drop down editor in Kajabi software makes it very easy to use, including simple navigation of its tools. In fact, it is one of the easiest software to use, and users have praised it for giving them a wonderful experience.

✅Course creation and Engagement (4.6/5)

Kajabi has good engagement tools for students that are effective, fast, and can be personalized, but Thinkific goes further for entrepreneurs and Business people.

✅Marketing and Sales ( 5/5)

The Kajabi platform’s cream and cheese are sales and marketing. The email and digital marketing and pipeline builders, especially, are fantastic for creating landing sites, collecting email addresses, and selling courses online.

✅Customizability and Design (4.8/5)

Every design is very configurable, and the sales and editors handling the landing page provide great leeway. You may also utilize the code editor if you wish to upgrade to the Pro plan or add the  Kajabi Access to your membership plan.

✅Customer care and Training (4.9/5)

Kajabi’s Customer service is informative, courteous, and quick to respond. In addition, the Kajabi University resources library is a fantastic free bonus for members.

Who is Kajabi For?

 Who is Kajabi software  for?

Kajabi is designed for established course designers with significant followings who require a full course hosting solution with all email marketing and e-commerce tools integrated right in.

The platform offers a simple, user-friendly option for creating a membership site that enables you to earn money online by teaching others what you know.

Kajabi assists you in creating and managing a membership site from start to end, from site creation to collect recurring payments from members.

If you have any knowledge, skill, or ability and want to turn it into revenue, Kajabi is your platform.

It is also ideal for anyone who wants to sell their products online or through membership sites.

Every online entrepreneur can use Kajabi, but the software is better suited for knowledge entrepreneurs who want to create, market, and sell e-courses.

For example, musicians can use Kajabi’s media library to upload music files directly to their website, eliminating the need for hosting or bandwidth.

Bloggers can create articles on issues relevant to their niche market and publish them directly on Kajabi.

Most people using Kajabi include musicians, educators, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, etc. As long as you have the knowledge to sell, Kajabi is for you.

Big names that trust and use Kajabi include:

  • Charlene Johnson (Fitness expert and best-selling author)
  • Amy Porterfield (Online marketing expert)
  • Billy Gene (Social Media Marketing Guru),
  • Brendan Burchard (Personal Development Coach), among others.

How to Get Started With Kajabi

How to get started with Kajabi software

Now that you know Kajabi’s pricing, features, benefits, and drawbacks, let’s look at how to get started on the platform.

Create a Kajabi account

To get started with Kajabi, you must first create an account. Then, select a subscription package that meets your company’s needs and register.

Kajabi will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire after registering your account and verifying your email address.

These questions assist Kajabi in directing you to the resources that are most likely useful to you.

You should see your dashboard after completing the quiz.

How to Create an Online Course With Kajabi

Click the products option on the left sidebar to create an online course. Choose from four courses. If you want to construct your course from scratch, choose blank.

Mini-course box for small courses. For lengthier courses, choose online.

A drip course is the best solution if you want your students to work on your course material on a set timetable over several weeks.

Fill in course information after choosing a template.

After creating your course, add lessons. Categories and posts divide the course material. Posts are lessons, whereas categories are course modules.

Click the blue “Add Content” button to add material. This button adds categories, subcategories, and posts. Uploading numerous videos simultaneously saves time.

Kajabi Key Features

Kajabi comes with a suite of features and tools specially created to handle everything you need when selling your course or products online.

1. Course Creation & Student Engagement Tools

Kajabi software features

Creating a conducive online learning experience for your students is crucial to the success of your online business, especially if you’re selling your knowledge.

This is possible with some of the features on Kajabi that allow you to create online courses with a great user learning experience.

These tools and features work together to create the best learning environment for your online courses.

Course Builder

Kajabi simplifies the e-course creation process with its intuitive course builder feature.

To create an e-course with Kajabi, you can choose from 3 pre-made blueprints or start creating from scratch.

Using the pre-made templates makes things much easier. All you have to do is upload and add content for the course. For example, you can use Kajabi to create the following courses:

When using a generated blueprint, the course structure is, by default, organized by Categories (Modules) and Posts (Lessons).

If you’re not new to online courses, those terms should be easy for you to understand.

The categories are used to organize your course curriculum, while the Posts are where your course content will be.

Supported file format by Kajabi includes text documents, pdf, videos, audio, and PowerPoint presentations.

For video files, hosting is through third-party software called Wistia, and there’s no limit to the amount of data you can upload.

Aesthetic Course Themes

Kajabi offers course creators up to 10 professionally created themes which are more options than most other e-course platforms provide.

Each theme is different depending on the type of product or course you what to sell on the platform.

Whether you are offering coaching services, traditional courses, or membership sites, there is a theme specially designed for you.

The themes can be easily customized to meet your requirement and brand look without disrupting the structure of your online course.

You don’t have to worry about the mobile compatibility of these themes, as they are mobile-friendly.

2. Kajabi Mobile App

Kajabi mobile app

Kajabi has a mobile app version where students can easily access your courses on the go. Their mobile app version works well on Android and iPhone devices.

Your course structure and themes are optimized for mobile devices to deliver a great user experience for mobile users.

This feature is one of the good qualities of Kajabi that is unrivaled in the industry. Some of the mobile app features are

One amazing feature is that if you update your Kajabi website, your students’ mobile devices will immediately notice the changes.

The Kajabi mobile app is really easy to use and navigate. Overall, this is an excellent addition to the Kajabi ecology.

Access with a Single Touch

The Kajabi mobile app makes your material accessible with a single swipe, and there are no emails, login codes, or passwords to remember every time you log in.

Push Notifications for Immediate Interaction with users

Push notifications may be the most significant engagement win within the Kajabi mobile app compared to utilizing the web browser experience.

They place your essential updates in the middle of the screen where your consumers are most likely to see them, so they are read as quickly as a text message.

With the push notifications feature, you’ll never be farther than an arm’s length away from connecting with your consumers on the move.

3. Student Discussions Forum

One of the impressive offerings of Kajabi is its community features which serve as a discussion forum for students.

This is similar to the forums on various websites. You can include the community feature as part of your course or upsell it later (mostly at a yearly subscription rate) at the end of the course.

Students can also join existing forums and topics or create new discussions like traditional forums.

A notification feature also lets you know when someone shares their view on your forum.

There’s also a comment section below every lesson where students can ask questions and interact with one another. This feature is optional, so you can decide to turn it off or on if required.

Drip & Locking Course Content

For better student engagement and content guarding, the content locking and dripping feature is a very important tool to have.

With Kajabi’s Content Drip feature, you get to have control over when and how your student has access to your course content.

It takes a lot of setting up, but once you’re done, everything else is automated.

You don’t have to worry about someone stealing your course material or skipping through the lessons because of another feature called Content Locking.

Another way to use this feature is to require your student to pass a particular quiz or assessment test before accessing the next lesson.

The content Locking and Dripping feature is not as complicated as it seems, and the setup is pretty straightforward.

Student Assessments

With Kajabi’s Assessment feature, you can create different types of tests or quizzes, including paragraph-answer question tests, multiple-choice tests, and multi-option tests.

Creating a quiz is easy, and you can also insert them in any section of your course structure, and grading is done automatically depending on the answer criteria you set.

Kajabi’s assessment feature stands out among others for its multi-purpose function.

Apart from setting comprehension quizzes, you can also set tests that accept file uploads.

This is very useful, especially if you want to test your student’s ability through a project or an essay submission.

Another creative use of this feature is in taking students’ surveys to collect feedback about your course, and this can come in handy when planning marketing and content delivery strategies.

Kajabi Automation Triggers

The automation trigger feature lets you engage with your student, even offline. You create an automated response activated when a certain condition is met.

For example, you can set the feature to automatically send an email to check in on a student that has been inactive for 7 days after buying your course.

It can also be used to automatically send a cheat sheet to your students’ email after completing a particular module. There are many other creative ways you can use the features.

Kajabi Landing Pages

On its platform, Kajabi makes it simple to construct a landing page.

You can create one by selecting the Website tab, but keep in mind that your Kajabi Landing page is not the same as your website.

Landing pages are a fantastic method to:

  • Convert website visitors into leads
  • Increase Engagement and sales by expanding your mailing list.
  • You can use Kajabi landing pages to collect email addresses and create relationships with your audience

This can be accomplished by offering relevant information for free via a lead magnet download. These could be free eBooks or other resources.

Landing pages can also be utilized as lead magnets in Kajabi’s built-in affiliate scheme.

This is wonderful since it allows you to create highly targeted offers and earn more commissions from all affiliates who promote your products and services.

3. Site Design & Customization

Kajabi site and design features

Kajabi allows users to create unique site designs without prior coding knowledge.

For professional coders who want to customize the CSS or HTML codes, you’ll have to upgrade to at least the Growth Plan to gain access to the code editor.

You get a custom domain name across all plans. However, to remove the Kajabi branding from the site and URL upgrade to a higher plan.

Also, you can preview any changes you make to the URL before submitting it.

Site Themes

Before adding new themes to Kajabi, there were over 10 Legacy website themes offered by Kajabi.

These themes have been achieved, and no upgrades have been made on them till the date of this writing.

Although the Legacy themes are still available to users, they’ve been replaced by newly developed themes named “Layout Presents.”

Unlike the Legacy themes, these new themes were created on the Premier framework providing your website with a clean and modern look.

You can also customize your website’s framework with their page editor tool.

Also, Kajabi allows Pro users to create a custom theme from scratch or use to service of a web developer to get one and the ability to import the theme into your Kajabi website.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

The software comes with a drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy for you to add, remove, or re-arrange elements of your course curriculum.

Website Page Builder

After choosing your preferred theme, you can customize the pages on your website with the page builder tool.

It’s an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that allows you to click and drag your way into a professional-looking site.

There’s no limit to the application of this tool. You get to select the sections that appear in your theme, including elements within the sections.

The page builder also lets you preview your page in PC and mobile device view to edit and adjust your page look on these devices.

Kajabi did an impressive job on this page builder, as it measures up with the same feature provided by Elementor.

And to make the feature so simple to use, it’s a five-star from me to Kajabi on this.

Blogging Capabilities

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform. You get a website, an email provider, a funnel builder, an online course builder, a CRM, sales pages, landing pages, and a blog for a single fixed fee.

Apart from the front-end website, you can create with Kajabi, an in-built blogging feature that allows you to create and publish blogs.

The blogs you publish are listed on a blog index page provided by Kajabi, which you can customize to your liking.

Users may also use Kajabi to construct their own web pages where they can keep all of their courses and other vital information.

A library of themes simplifies the process of creating a website. Kajabi  Users may even establish their own unique domain name to guarantee that their courses are readily and quickly identified.

No Complex Integrations

With Kajabi, there are no complex integrations, there will be no downloads from shady third-party websites, and you won’t have any blog hassles trying to get everything to work together.

However, there’s a limit to what Kajabi’s blogging feature can do. If you want more advanced blogging features, create a blog with WordPress.

4. Sales & Marketing Features

Kajabi sales and marketing features

Kajabi’s shining point is its advanced sales and marketing features, which many of its users claimed made them choose the platform.

Notwithstanding the pricing plan you opt-in to, you get a suite of email marketing tools at hand for your marketing campaign.

Limited Payment Gateway

The only major downside of selling on Kajabi is the limited payment gateway option with Stripe. Kajabi can do better by adding more options to its offerings.

Most of Kajabi’s offerings are being offered by standalone third-party software, but Kajabi offers everything to you under one roof.

And, Kajabi’s suite of tools trumps most of this third-party software in terms of Ease of usability and functionality, and what is even better is when you are getting them all on one platform.

Sales Pipeline Builder

The Sale Pipeline Builder tool can create default landing pages, offers, email campaigns, and forms, which you can customize to your liking.

Of course, you can build these landing pages yourself or hire a professional to create one for you, but with Kajabi’s Sales Pipeline Builder, you probably won’t need to.

When it comes to marketing your digital products, Kajabi trumps over other course platforms with its outstanding features and tools.

Currently, there’re over 20+ templates made available by the platform.

Each template has been professionally designed and includes all the required pages to build a sales funnel that matches your marketing goal.

For students to register for your webinar, there are specific templates like the Zoom Webinar OVO templates for that.

Email Marketing Tools

Kajabi email marketing tool

Most course platforms let you send broadcast emails to students and clients. Then, automate, tag, and segment those emails, give discount codes to new subscribers, etc.

Kajabi email tools let you create a professional email campaign. In addition, Kajabi offers customizable emails for any circumstance.

You can send one-time emails or multi-touch sequences based on customer attitudes.

Kajabi’s visual editor makes editing and previewing content easy, so you can confidently send emails. In addition, rich material like countdown clocks, videos, and photographs can enhance emails.

The multi-benefits come from organizing your contacts on the same sturdy platform as your others. Submit your list through CSV with a click.

Create new data fields and link them to your desired location. Kajabi lets you use your contacts in ways you never imagined.

This function has drawbacks and areas Kajabi wants to improve.

The biggest issue is sending email sequences a few hours apart. However, Kajabi email marketing tools outperform most other course platforms in every other way.

Kajabi Analytics

Kajabi provides you with an analytic section where you can view and track the following reports:

  • Product progress: You can track the progress your customers are making in each product
  • Affiliates: You can view affiliates’ stats to see the performance, commission, and members referred
  • Students Progress: You can track how well your students are performing using their quiz scores and video performance
  • Offers sold: This section shows all the offers purchased in a given timeframe
  • Video Analytics: You can track your videos play rate and student engagement with the video using
  • Page views: Here you see the breakdown of your most visited landed pages
  • Subscription metrics: You can use this section to evaluate the health of your business by analyzing recurring revenue per user.
  • Opt-ins: You can track the submissions of your forms and specific landing pages
  • Net revenue: This section will show how much money you earn each day, minus a refund.

You can filter the reports by date. You can also switch from a daily view to a weekly, monthly, or yearly view.

Course Billing “Offers”

Course pricing on Kajabi is referred to as “Offer,” and I’ll be using this in place of the former throughout this section.

Creating an offer on Kajabi is simple, and you can choose from four different types of pricing options, including:

  • Multi-Payments
  • One-Time Payments
  • Recurring Subscriptions
  • Free option.

For easy internationalization of your online store, Kajabi supports different currencies like Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Pounds (GBP), U.S Dollars (USD), etc.

For users who choose to bill by the Recurring Subscription option, you can set up a trial period (if you like) and charge the duration to either weekly, monthly, or yearly.

You can also attach multiple products to a single offer if you like. This is suitable for course creators with multiple products and would like to offer them in bundle packages.

Want to offer discounts, coupons, or special deals to your customers? Kajabi got you covered.

You can create single or bulk coupons, discounts, and one-time deals for your products.

Checkout Pages & Payment Processing

Checkout pages are one of the most important pages for an online transaction.

It’s where buyers finally make a payment signifying the completion of a business transaction.

Kajabi makes the creation process of your checkout page easy with the Kajabi Page Builder tool and many customizable templates. You can add your cart to your web pages, blogs, and social media.

The freedom to add, delete, or modify elements such as testimonials, guarantees, logos, modules, and lesson details allows you to create a checkout page of your liking.

You also have control over the kind of information collected from your customers at the checkout pages.

Typically, you’ll want to collect information like name, credit card details, and emails if you are selling digital products or a course. Still, for physical products, the inclusion of an address is important.

Advanced Checkout Features

  • Cart Abandonment: Retarget people that didn’t purchase at the checkout point by automating a follow-up email reminding them of their orders.
  • Bump Offers: Include additional products or services on your checkout page. For instance, you can add an optional coaching service to your new students for a price of your choice.
  • 1-Click Upsells: With just one click, you can upsell a side product after a customer purchases your main product.

Kajabi handles payment processing like a champ with industry-standard integrations with payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

And it’s important to note that, unlike most other platforms, Kajabi doesn’t charge its users any transaction fee.

However, Kajabi doesn’t handle EU VAT taxes. So you’ll have to pay for the service of third-party software like SamCart if you need your EU VAT taxes taken care of.

Kajabi accepts payments via Stripe and PayPal. Kajabi  Users may also use the e Kajabi email marketing tools and features to promote their courses.

Using complete marketing strategies and funnels that are automated, they can also optimize and scale their online business of selling courses.

Additionally, Kajabi has analytics tools that allow users to monitor their success and keep improving.

5. Kajabi Third-Party Integrations

Kajabi provides integrations for the following:

  • Segments: Excellent for providing real-time user data.
  • Google Analytics: Probably the most widely used analytics tool.
  • Facebook Pixel: Designed particularly for social media marketing and advertising initiatives. When you integrate these services, a tracking code is immediately added to the header and footer of your web pages.

These codes let you measure a variety of SEO data like search results for your pages, visitor traffic, keyword density, visitor demographics, and even more.

You can directly integrate some email services providers like Drip, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, and AWeber.

Kajabi Partnership Program (Affiliate Marketing)

Kajabi partnership pogram

You can easily set up an affiliate marketing program with the Kajabi partnership program. Your students, internet marketers, or influencers get paid a commission for helping you promote your digital product or online course.

The creation process is simple, and most of it is done automatically; Kajabi does most of it for you with little input from you!

One incredible capability that Kajabi offers course creators using the affiliate marketing feature is that you can change the commission percentage as you deem fit.

And, there’s analytics data available to you on your private dashboard that shows your affiliate marketers’ performance.

Kajabi’s affiliate program is not perfect, and there’s a lot of work to be done.

Some of the areas that need improvement include the inability to upload digital assets such as swipe files, banners, logos, etc., the absence of affiliate tracking ID, and the fixed 30-day cookie duration—apart from these, and the feature is impressive.

6. Reporting & Admin Management

Kajabi provides its users with different tools that allow them to track many things, such as students’ progress through your course, purchase of your course, sign-ups for your freebies, number of website visits, purchase of your membership sites, and more.

Analytics & Reporting Tools

Kajabi’s analytics show sales, page views, affiliate sales, email list opt-ins, and more.

It aids in marketing strategy planning. For example, you may see your business’s revenue and performance.

Kajabi also provides useful analytics on client lifetime value, monthly recurring revenue, and attrition rate for course makers looking to upsell a membership site.

Kajabi also organizes analytics data well. For example, you can filter data by purchase date, refunds, offers, and more.

Course developers can track student progress, assessment results, and video analytics with course reporting.

Video analytics show you which video lessons work and which are not so that you can improve them. This feature provides play rate, engagement viewer, average Engagement, video heat maps, and total plays.

Administrator User Roles

For course creators teaming up as business partners who want to sell digital products online, it’s good to know that you can set administrator roles for each of your accounts on Kajabi.

Each team member can be assigned different roles and privileges depending on their function in the group.

Presently, you can only set three user roles on Kajabi, and they are:

  • Administrators: This role gives the assigned person all the accesses and privileges of the owner, but with restrictions to the payment gateway connection.
  • Assistants: The person assigned to this role can delete or modify all contents on the website but is barred from viewing most analytics data, especially important ones like sales and revenue reports.
  • Support Specialists: Access is limited to only replying to students’ comments and managing the People section.

7. Customer Support & Training

Kajabi offers excellent customer support services to its users through 24/7 live chat support

When you automate important interactions with clients, it becomes a good situation for both you and your customers. They get better, faster service, and you also save time.

Kajabi’s customer management software allows you to automate your emails, as we said earlier, gives you discounts, and helps you access products using simple rules you just need to put up once.

You can tag your customers, segment them, and filter them based on your chosen parameters. With Kajabi, you can keep all your contacts in one location and arranged.

Import Data Through CSV

Kajabi makes it simple for you to import data through CSV or enter it manually.

When a user has a good understanding of his consumers, the user can give them a better service and generate more money.

Organize your contacts on the same robust platform as you manage all the other activities, hence the multi-benefits.

Just do this by submitting your list through a CSV file with the click of a button.

You may also build new data fields and link each one of them to the place you choose.

If you have your contacts on Kajabi, you can use your contact list in ways you never dreamt of.

Users can use what they know from their assessment, customer metrics,  Engagement of products, and behavior-tagging to improve their products and marketing and automation.

Part of their Training includes a library of support articles, posts, and videos on anything selling online courses/products related.

Kajabi Hero Reward System

Kajabi hero reward system

The platform also has a reward system called “Hero Reward System” that rewards course creators as they hit certain sales milestones, e.g., making your first $1k, 10k, or $100k in sales.

This motivates online sellers to work more and sell more on the platform.

Kajabi offers its users two e-learning institutions, “Kajabi Hero University and Kajabi University,” for anyone interested in learning about course creation, selling online, and marketing.

Check Out Kajabi University

If you are stuck or experiencing difficulties with Kajabi, make use of their most powerful learning tool, Kajabi University.

Click on your profile on the left sidebar to access Kajabi University. This button will bring up a box with one tab labeled Kajabi University.

Select Kajabi University, and you should be sent to a similar website.

Kajabi Podcast hosting

Podcasting is made simple using Kajabi. Limitless bandwidth allows you to save and host a limitless number of music files.

Kajabi Podcast highlights include:

  • Kajabi may be able to import your podcast.
  • Podcasts are available on all major platforms.
  • Shownotes, transcripts, and episode thumbnails are available.
  • Create podcasts for members only.
  • Put your podcast on your website or blog.
  • Analytical breadth
  • Simple publishing interface
  • Embed your podcast on any website or blog.
  • In-depth analysis
  • Easy-to-use publishing interface


Kajabi provides membership alternatives to assist you in monetizing your internet business. In addition, you can create your own customized plans with varying degrees of access and features.

You have the ability to manage who sees what information or content, as well as who gets access to premium resources.

You can also combine digital items and services into a subscription to make it easier for people to buy what you offer.

Kajabi’s subscription-based reports provide the most important KPIs, such as churn rate, monthly recurring income, and other essential data points.

Kajabi Pros and Cons

Pros—Why Kajabi Is the Best Option for You

  • One-in-All Capabilities: You need everything to run your online business on a single interface successfully.
  • Professional Pre-made Themes: Kiss spending hours trying to create a design or paying someone to do it for your goodbye.
  • Email Marketing Tool Integration: Email marketing on Kajabi is automated and comes with many powerful features that rival third-party websites.
  • Intuitive Drag-And-Drop Site Editor: Building your website is as simple as pointing and clicking.
  • New Community Features: Kajabi has acquired Vibely to improve its community features.
  • Simple Course Creator: Creating products and offers can be done in just a few minutes.
  • Powerful Suite of Marketing Tools: The platform’s email marketing features are some of the best in the business and can create complex automated email marketing sequences and more.
  • Automation: Engage with your students automatically by setting simple automation rules triggering certain engagement responses whenever a student fulfills the required criteria.
  • Flexible Affiliate Marketing Options: You can create affiliate links users can share for commission and also become an affiliate for Kajabi and promote the platform.
  • Membership Site Capabilities: Create a private content area with unique membership pricing options.
  • Large Catalog of Integrations: Comes with 10 native integrations, including Zapier. In addition, the Zapier app integration opens up 1000s of potential non-native app integrations.
  • Hero Rewards Program: The Hero Rewards program incentivizes you to sell more. Once you reach certain milestones, Kajabi will reward you with physical prizes.
  • Catalog of Education Resources: Subscribers get access to a large library of tips and guide through Kajabi University.
  • Device Supported: Kajabi software supports many devices, including PC, Mac, Android, and iOS (Mobile App).
  • Built-In Payment Processing: You don’t have to pay a third-party company to handle your payment processing. Kajabi got it all covered.
  • Transparent Pricing: The pricing is pretty straightforward, there are no hidden charges, and Kajabi doesn’t upsell any part of their services to you later.
  • Standard Customer Support: A team of professionals on the desk 24/7 to cater to your technical needs via email and live chat support.


  • Expensive Prices: Kajabi prices are way higher than the market average, but with the large suite of tools integrated into one software, it’s still reasonable pricing. They offer great value for their asking price.
  • No Certificate: Kajabi does not allow users to create certificates for their students; you’ll need a third-party tool such as Acrredible to create one.
  • Lacking Assessment Tool: You cannot randomize quizzes/test questions on Kajabi, which can be disappointing.
  • Limited Payment Functionality: Kajabi only has one payment functionality with Stripe. For more payment functionality, you’ll have to pay for the services of a third-party tool.

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi plan and pricing

How much does Kajabi cost?

Kajabi offers three monthly pricing plans ranging from $149 to $315. In addition, all price plans can be purchased annually to save money.

Upgrading or downgrading your plan is free of charge and can be done at any time.

There are no additional Kajabi costs. However, a 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction Stripe merchant processing fee exists.

One of the excellent features of Kajabi is the money-back promise. This gives you plenty of time to test their software and see if it meets your requirements.

If you are dissatisfied with Kajabi within 30 days of making your first payment, you can cancel your subscription and request a refund.

Kajabi Basic

The Basic Plan provides users with a total of three items and three pipelines.

Clients can use unlimited landing pages and marketing emails with this subscription.

They are limited to 10,000 contacts and 1,000 active members, and a single website for one admin user.

The Basic Plan costs $149 monthly or $119 if the annual billing option is chosen.

Users also gain access to Kajabi University, webinars, dozens of pre-made templates, key automation, and other features.

Kajabi Growth

The Growth Plan is the next and most common plan, increasing the number of products and pipelines to 15.

Users can accumulate up to 25,000 contacts and 10,000 active members. Though they are restricted to one domain, up to 10 admins can be deployed.

The Growth Plan costs $199 a month or $159 a month if paid through the annual subscription.

Users will be provided with advanced automation, 24/7 chat support, and the possibility to remove Kajabi’s name from their domains.

Kajabi Pro

The final plan is the Pro Plan, giving users up to 100 goods and pipelines, 100,000 contacts, 20,000 active members, and three websites for 25 admin members.

Although Kajabi doesn’t have a free plan, they offer a trial period of 14 days for prospective customers to try out their services.

Note: When you sign up for the Kajabi Hero Challenge, you get an increased trial period of up to 28 days.

Kajabi Alternatives


Kajabi alternatives: Teachable

Teachable is another e-course platform that rivals Kajabi in many areas, including simplicity, course creation and marketing, student engagement and assessment, and great user experience.

With their course creation tools, you can easily add course content (text-based and video format), set quizzes, offer completion certificates (not available on Kajabi), and more.

It’s not far-fetched to say that

Teachable has all the essential tools for creating an engaging course but still falls short of Kajabi in terms of student engagement and the absence of a forum community.


Kajabi Alternatives: thinkific

Thinkific is another great alternative you can consider in place of Kajabi. Their course creation feature is on the same level as Kajabi, but that can’t be said about other features though.

You get a native community area, course builder, advanced quizzes, and assessment tools, which are all basic features available on almost all e-course platforms.


Kartra is another close competitor with Kajabi, allowing you to sell all kinds of products, including online courses.

The platform’s shining point is its marketing features and sales funnel.

It also has different tools, including a checkout system, page and funnel builder, website drag-and-drop editor, etc. This makes selling effective on Thinkific.


Podia is a rival all-in-one platform commonly regarded as a less expensive alternative to Kajabi. Its pricing starts at $39 per month, making it more affordable for newcomers.

It also has a free plan with limited features and allows for limitless courses and coaching. It does not, however, offer course designs or the capacity to create sales funnels.

Is Kajabi Worth It?

Kajabi review:  Is Kajabi worth it?

Yes, Kajabi is still worth it in 2023. But, at the end of the day, it’s virtually a no-brainer if you’re looking for a decent all-around solution that allows you to handle a full spectrum of digital content.

This includes the technicalities of running a website and processing payments.

It all boils down to your company’s requirements. For example, if your company does not have a lot of money, Kajabi’s pricing may make it an unattainable option.

However, their all-in-one platform may assist you greatly if you can afford the monthly subscription.

You’ll need some technical knowledge to get the most out of your Kajabi account, which you can easily outsource to a Kajabi professional.

Overall, Kajabi is a premium platform that may assist you in creating high-quality online courses. You can also start a community and coaching program. You can sell these many things as a package.

If you’re still not sure if Kajabi is right for you, sign up for a 14-day free trial. Then, test the features to discover if the LMS suits you.

And, if you discover Kajabi to be the LMS your company needs, begin developing your own courses!

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Bottom Line

Kajabi is a complete software that combines all you need as a course creator under one roof without sacrificing simplicity—a good job well done by Kajabi.

Kajabi is a little bit expensive and isn’t ideal for beginners with a low budget, but if you are capable of paying for their service, I’ll recommend 100% that you go for it.

Kajabi has a simple and intuitive web builder, a great selection of course listings and offerings, customizable layouts/templates, and more email and sales funnel tools than you know what to do with.

Pricing is a bit higher than some other popular online course platforms out there, but with Kajabi, the extra premium is worth all the great features you get right out of the box. So if you are looking for online course platforms to sell digital products, Kajabi is a solid choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Kajabi legit?

Yes, Kajabi is completely legal. There are thousands of satisfied consumers and numerous positive reviews. Millionaire coaches, celebrities, small and large businesses, and hundreds of solopreneurs are currently using it. In addition, it’s commonly regarded as one of the best platforms for hosting course content.

Q: Can you make money with Kajabi?

Making money through digital products and services is simple with Kajabi. Whether you want to launch a single product or a full membership site, Kajabi has the tools and capabilities to help you monetize your ideas and turn them into profitable businesses. You may also monetize your content by creating subscription plans, establishing online courses, or holding exclusive online events for current customers – all from the same platform. What you can achieve with Kajabi is truly limitless!

Q: What Can Kajabi Do?

Kajabi offers almost everything you need to get your online course business up and running and the ability to develop and expand. You can use Kajabi to design a website, course listings/offers, track student progress, handle subscriptions/payments, execute email marketing campaigns, and so on. There’s a reason it’s dubbed an “all-in-one” business platform.

Q: How Does Kajabi Work?

Kajabi employs an integrated platform that houses all of the components you require in one location. You may get to several tools by selecting them from the dashboard. All editors have a straightforward point-and-click interface.

Q: Kajabi vs. Thinkific: which is better?

Both platforms have several features in common. Integrations, adaptations, and marketing tools are examples of these. Thinkific, on the other hand, takes a different approach to content creation. For instance, Thinkific offers drag-and-drop functionality, but Kajabi allows you to alter pages and forms via a preview section and editable panel.

Thinkific’s Pro plan is also frequently offered at a cheaper price, typically about $79/mo, whereas Kajabi’s is priced at around $159/mo.

Q: Kajabi vs. Teachable: which is better?

Teachable, like Kajabi, enables you to build courses via the platform. However, while Kajabi merely provides your platform and marketing tools, Teachable promotes courses like Udemy does with a course marketplace.

Both platforms have a number of features in common. Customization, for example, is an important component of developing your course and an online platform. You may modify everything from the appearance and feel of your course pages to email templates and more on both platforms.

Q: Is Kajabi Easy to Use?

Yes, Kajabi offers an excellent balance of usability and potential complexity.

The fundamental features are simple to use and provide fairly extensive customization choices. In addition, because everything is loaded into a single platform, you don’t have to bother connecting various extensions and plugins.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available. Simply email the billing department within 30 days to get a refund.

Q: Is Kajabi good for marketing campaigns?

YES, Kajabi is one of the best marketing tools available. Kajabi outperforms other tools and eliminates the requirement for a third-party platform. It is indeed a one-stop store. Kajabi provides website templates, a page builder, high-converting course upgrades (you can even add quizzes), and you can even sell physical things by integrating Shopify.

Q: Does Kajabi have a good SEO?

Kajabi has basic SEO capabilities to help your online courses rank effectively in search engines. To begin, you can add titles, descriptions, and images to each page, as well as articles and categories. You can also add a blog to your Kajabi site, which may help it appear on Google for a related search.

Q: Are Kajabi websites good?

Kajabi websites are ideal for anyone wishing to start a profitable online business providing courses, podcasts, memberships, and other digital products. It’s an all-in-one platform with many marketing and selling functions that eliminates the need to integrate several technologies to create a feature-rich online course portal.

Q: Is Kajabi really all in one?

Yes, Kajabi is truly all-encompassing. The only thing it cannot do is create course content for you. Kajabi classes simply could not be simpler. Kajabi provides all the capabilities required to construct successful Kajabi courses for course authors. All included are sales funnels, email marketing tools, and an affiliate network with high-converting affiliate tools. In addition, this website builder simplifies website building, a free podcast platform, and a landing page builder. What else is required to sell courses?

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