22 Amazing Weekend Jobs That Pays Well

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Last updated Jun. 8, 2022 by Jessica Green

If you’ve been thinking about ditching your good weekend sleep for a job, then it has to be for a job that pays amazingly well.

But sadly, most weekend jobs don’t have a high-income potential or flexible work hours – which of course is a problem.

So what do you do? Well, don’t worry too much. This article has compiled a list of 22 amazing weekend jobs that pay well. You’ll find the one that’s best for you.

Baby Sitting

Do you like spending time with children? If yes, then bingo! You’ve just hit a jackpot.

Baby sitters get to earn about $10 to $20 per hour. If that doesn’t sound like a great weekend job, then nothing else is.

Being a babysitter gives you a flexible schedule, good pay, and a great opportunity to have fun with kids. Plus, it requires no costs and credentials.

Freelance Web Developer

A Web development job attracts a $20 to $50 hourly rate and since it doesn’t demand a rigid working schedule, it becomes an amazing work for you to try on weekends.

If you have knowledge of website creation, maintenance, and update, then try going to freelancing sites like Fiverr, Indeed, or Upwork for gigs that can be completed in hours.

You’ll need proof of experience or certifications to enable you to get web development jobs, so be ready to show certifications.

Wedding/Event photographer

Because weddings and events are mostly held on weekends, you can earn extra cash by being a wedding/event photographer if you have the skills, a good camera, lights, and lenses.

According to ZipRecruiter, an event photographer gets to earn between $30 and $50 per hour. So whether you choose to invest in cameras, lights, or lenses, it’s worth it in the end.

All you have to do is connects with friends and tell them about your skill to enable you to get jobs. You can also check convention and concert venues.

Rideshare Driver

Have you ever considered being a Rideshare driver? It’s time you looked at it for it’s a great weekend job that pays well. You get to earn between $10 and $20 per hour.

Aside from being a good driver, most Rideshare companies don’t require that you have hard skills or credentials. And as a Rideshare driver, you get to decide your working hours and location. Plus you get paid instantly too.

Lyft, Uber, and Via are good Rideshare companies you can apply to work for on weekends.

Weekend Tax Preparer

If you’ve had experience as a tax preparer, and if you have basic knowledge of tax preparation software, then applying as a weekend tax preparer may just be the right job for you.

As a tax preparer, you get paid between $15 to $25 an hour to submit clients’ tax forms, and interview clients about their income, expenses, and auditing account details.

This job offers you a flexible schedule since you get to work remotely. In addition, it enables you to develop your expertise and make your work schedule.

Truck Driver

Weekend truck drivers earn between $15 and $40 an hour for transporting and conveying cargos during a Saturday to Sunday shift.

So if you have some good driving skills, a criminal-free background, and a Class A or B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), then you meet all the criteria for getting a job as a weekend truck driver.

You’ll also need to be proficient in using maps and software to plot each route to take, as it enables time management.


A handyman or handywoman are people who do all kinds of jobs that involve repairing a home or company appliances. They charge around $10 to $50 an hour for their services.

If you are good at fixing appliances, then this is a good job to take on during the weekends but you might need to build up your connections to get jobs, or might as well well register with a company.

The typical job of a handyman involves repairing equipment and testing appliances.

Event planner/staff

Most events take place during the weekend. Thus, you can get yourself registered with an event planning company as a staff and get paid around $10 to $20 an hour.

The job of an event planner is easy. All you have to do is assist in venue preparations and perform the job of an usher. Different event companies have different job descriptions for their workers, so you just need to adhere to the rules.

Pet Sitter

The job of a pet sitter may not be as high as the other jobs on this list, but it affords benefits that are hard to come by with other weekend jobs, hence it pays well.

As a pet sitter, you get paid between $10 to $15 for taking care of pets whose owners are away. This job demands that you cook for the pet, vacuum the pet’s hair, play with the pet, and report the behaviors of the pet to its owner.

It’s a fun job that offers you leisure that can’t be found elsewhere. All you need to be qualified for this job is a good knowledge of animal first aid, animal communication skill, and patience.

Graphics Designer

Dabbling into graphics designing during the weekend is a great way to earn extra cash that is if you are good at manifesting your creative side.

If you are good at creating visual concepts and designing, then getting registered as a freelance graphics designer will earn you the bucks.

One of the many good things about this weekend job is that you get to decide on how much you get paid for your services and your working periods.

Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer on weekends is an interesting way to earn cool cash while staying in shape. So if you possess the basic qualification to become a personal trainer, you can apply to be a weekend personal trainer in the gyms closest to you.

The amount you get paid as a personal trainer will depend on your qualifications and experience as a personal trainer but on average, personal trainers earn $24 an hour.

You can decide to train a group of friends and charge them an amount if working in a gym isn’t your calling.

Dance Instructor

ZipRecruiter records that dance instructors earn an average of $25 an hour – that’s a good amount for teaching others what you are good at.

As a dance instructor, your job will be to teach a group of students dance techniques and choreography as they journey towards becoming good at dancing but of course, you’ll need to be a great dancer yourself.

Freelance Writer

If you need a weekend job that pays well but doesn’t require that you move out of your bed, then try freelance writing.

With freelance, you get to decide on your working hours, as well as how much you get paid. But it does require that you have writing skills that’ll attract clients to you.

It doesn’t require costs to start unless you want to build a website that acts as your portfolio.

A Disc Jockey

On weekends, people are either working, having a relaxed time, or partying. This opens a good weekend job opportunity for you which is becoming a disc jockey.

If you have some Dj skills, you can always connect with friends who may end up recommending you for Dj gigs. With this job, you can get to earn as low as $10 an hour or as high as $70 an hour. It depends on your haggling skill with clients.

Food Delivery

The amount you get paid as a food delivery person depends on your location but on average they are paid between $14 and $20 per hour.

Apps like Instacart, Doordash, and Grub Hut allow you to set your working days and time thus allowing you to work on weekends only.

All you are paid to do is deliver food and groceries to people who order. It doesn’t demand many skills.


If you are attentive to details and have a good knowledge of punctuation, grammar, and spelling, then a proofreading and translation job might just be the perfect weekend job for you. But to be a translator, you must have deep knowledge of the two languages you would be translating.

Proofreaders get paid between $15 and $30 while translators earn between $20 and $30. The beauty of this job is that you get to decide how much you are paid.

Data Entry

The data entry industry is growing rapidly and the need for data entry officers is rising as well. And since it is a job that can be done remotely, it becomes great to be taken as a weekend job.

Pay is between $15 and $20 per hour and the basic skill requirements are;- keyboarding skills, attention to details, accuracy, written and verbal communication skills, software knowledge, knowledge of database structure, and data collection skills.

House Cleaner/ Caregiver

There are a lot of Cleaning Service companies that are on the lookout for individuals willing to work only on weekends for pay between $15 and $20 per hour. So, if cleaning people’s homes is something you can do, then go for it.

Another weekend job that pays around $15 to $20 per hour is care giving. As a caregiver, you can decide to work for a health care facility or independently. Whichever one you choose doesn’t matter.

Caregivers perform the job of cleaning, bathing, and taking care of patients at their homes. And it requires excellent knowledge of emergency response and first aid (CPR).


Bartenders earn an average hourly rate of $14 for mixing and serving drink orders to customers. Other job requirements of a bartender include keeping the drink bar stocked and clean, knowledge of drinks pairing and tastes, and processing of customers’ payments.

This job accepts weekend workers so it’s great if you want to sleep through the day but work at night.

Hairstylist/ Make-Up Artist

Weekends are free days for people to make their hair and do make-up for events. So if you’ve got the skills, it’s time you started using them to earn extra cash on weekends.

You can offer home services and get to decide on how much to charge, or you can apply to hairstyling and make-up stores as a weekend worker and get paid around $15 an hour.


Being a YouTuber affords you the luxury to work anytime you choose to and so it becomes a great weekend job.

The amount you get paid depends on how well your video sits with the public. But however that goes, YouTubing remains a job with high-income potential that allows you to shoot videos on what you enjoy doing.

Final Words

It may be a long article, but it’s worth it as it offers you a variety of weekend jobs that pay amazingly well.

The choice is yours! It’s a long list, so make your choice.

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