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A job as a freelance writer may be rather satisfying. I can work from anywhere in the world, I get to study interesting topics, and I get to produce entertaining articles. However, getting started in this industry may be difficult at times. Freelance writers are knowledgeable individuals who are always prepared to offer their expertise. Learning how to become a freelance writer may be accomplished via the attendance of any number of excellent programs now available.

A little disclaimer before we begin: since we are affiliates for some of these programs, the links that you will see throughout this post will take you to other websites; if you click on these links and join up for the programs, we will get a tiny compensation. You should not be concerned; there will be no further financial impact on you. Having said that, we believe in the value of these classes and wouldn’t suggest taking them if we didn’t think they’d be a significant asset to your education.

Top Online Courses for Freelance Writing

The Tony Robbins proverb “Success leaves clues” is one of my favorites. Someone has already succeeded in starting something new, whether it be becoming in the greatest condition of your life or earning money as a writer.

So why not take advice from business leaders to accelerate your learning of new skills? I’m sure these writing classes will enable you to start earning money as a writer.

1. Boost Writing Income

One of the five courses I attended to launch my freelance writing profession was Earn More Writing. I was serious about accelerating my own achievement so that I could begin obtaining customers and receiving payment. Holly Johnson of Club Thrifty developed Earn More Writing.

At a conference for financial bloggers called FINCON, I met Holly in one of the seminars and was amazed by her accomplishments. She began writing professionally years ago as a novice, and now she makes well over $200,000 annually.

2. Publish Your First 1,000 Words

Write Your Way to Your 1K by Elna Cain is another excellent online writing course. She is a successful professional writer and full-time blogger who dominates online. She speaks a lot about developing the attitude and belief system necessary to succeed as a writer, which is why I like her work.

There are many parallels between it and Earn More Writing. This course’s text-only format and lack of video material are also drawbacks. Nevertheless, it provides you with everything you need to succeed as a writer and earn a large salary.

3. Freedom in Creative Freelancing

Another excellent option to assist you in “making it” as a freelance writer is Lizzie Davey’s writing course, Creative Freelancing Freedom. And it’s not only about freelancing writing; it’s also about succeeding as a freelancer outside of the 9 to 5 job.

The way Lizzie speaks to you as a writer gives you the impression that she is giving you personal advice, and this course is a terrific place to lay a strong foundation.

How to create Great web content

Obtain a high position in the search engines without using any tactics that might lead to the banning of your website. Find out how to come up with excellent ideas, how to determine the “niche vocabulary” for each piece of content, and how to have a better grasp of the kinds of things that Google wants to see placed in the top 10 of any particular category. Because this course was built with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, it will also present you with an essential SEO checklist that you can use when writing content.

The World of Freelance and Feature Writing

More than ninety years ago, the London School of Journalism opened its doors to students interested in learning about journalism and creative writing. Professional journalists and authors teach via their remote learning programs. Freelance and feature writers may improve their craft and network with other industry experts by enrolling in this course. Keep in mind that journalism and other forms of publication writing get a lot of attention in the Freelance and Feature Writing course. However, the skills you acquire in researching your audience, producing in-depth features, and being aware of potential legal pitfalls can all be applied to your blog posts and other forms of content promotion. Additionally, it takes a significant time commitment (often between 9 and 15 months) to complete a course. However, if you can stay the course, you will be rewarded.

Best online writing courses

Dive into the realms of both Business and Technical Writing. Those individuals who have an interest in learning the finer nuances of business writing will benefit from taking this course. It would be good to learn an approach that has been shown to be successful for writing in the business and finance fields. This course covers everything with its 12-step method and approximately 60 different practical skills, beginning with the analysis of the first draft and ending with the polished final copy. Because of the course’s narrow focus and high level of intensity, you should only enroll if you have a real interest in both business and technical writing.

Free Freelance Writing Courses

Freelance writing courses that focus on writing for the web are offered for free. A certificate of completion is awarded to students who successfully complete all of the assigned work and quizzes in this class, much as Hubspot does with its own course offerings. Writers are guided by instructor Frankie Madden through four interesting modules in a decently paced experience that helps students discover their confidence as well as their own distinctive voices while writing for a variety of mediums, including but not limited to blogs, articles, and social media.

These courses hide a treasure trove of advice for freelancers just waiting to be found, and it’s worth its weight in internet gold. These are some of the finest locations to start if you want to exercise your writing muscles and learn more about why your projects are essential to clients. If you want to learn more about why your projects are important to customers, you can also start here. If you want to be successful as a freelance writer, you should enroll in these programs, get the necessary credentials, and strive to be the best that you can be.

People Also Ask

1. Which freelance course is best?

The Freelancing Game Plan: How to Land Contracts on Sites like Upwork and Kickstart Upwork’s A Freelance Editor and Proofreader Career is one of the most comprehensive and accessible resources for those just starting out in the freelance industry. This book covers the basics of Google Android development as well as how to build your own personal brand as a freelancer.

2. Which course is best for writers?

Courses designated as “writing intensive” place an emphasis on writing both as a means of instruction and assessment. Regular writing assignments and a strong focus on the quality and substance of these papers are essential to success in these classes.

3. How do I become a freelance writer online?

Freelancing websites facilitate the introduction of professionals to clients. They might be focused on a wide variety of freelancing opportunities or on a single specialty. Some of the most well-known places to look for writing jobs include iWriter, Problogger, and Freelancer.


1. What is the best site for freelance writers?

One of the oldest on our list, the freelance writing job board is a website dedicated to the profession of freelance writing. It first appeared in 1997 and has been around ever since. The comprehensive search and navigation features on the Freelance Writing job board are what really set it apart for me.

2. Which freelancing course is best for beginners?

In order to assist those of you who are interested in generating money online to get started, I have put together this list of straightforward freelancing tasks that anybody can do without prior expertise. Editing and proofreading, social media management, social media marketing, and customer service are some of the pertinent courses.

3. Which skill is best for freelancing in 2022?

Marketing through social media is a misnomer. A social media marketer’s skillset should include visual design, writing, editing video, and, most crucially, storytelling.

4. Are online writing courses worth it?

Writing classes may provide the opportunity to explore a new topic of writing or to learn more about a component of writing that you find challenging, even if there are many resources available online and in libraries.

5. How do I learn to write professionally?

You can learn to write professionally by Reviewing the essentials of proper language, spelling, and writing. Act as if writing were your profession and schedule frequent time for it. You must read more if you want to develop your writing skills. Obtain a companion. Join a writing club, take a class at night, or go to a workshop.


If you lack experience with internet marketing or writing for the web, enrolling in a content writing school may be helpful. You may be able to locate a course that will assist you in developing the skills you need whether you’re interested in technical writing, blogging, SEO, or any other component of the creation of online content.

To put your writing abilities to good use, enroll in one of these online courses and start your own content production company. If you have studied content development, one way to put your knowledge to use is by contributing to content farms. In this way, you may work and make money at the same time.

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