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Even as scary as it sounds, it’s okay to wonder if blogging is dying. The truth is that readership is declining and is, therefore, affecting blogging.

Consequently, we can now see some bloggers changing their line of hustle into other areas like vlogging or video content creation.

Nonetheless, one cannot conclude that blogging is dead. The industry is merely experiencing some major “upgrades,” as it is with other top industries.

And now, bloggers are concerned with creating quality as against quantity. On the other hand, readers want more information and exceptional answers to queries.

Therefore, instead of assuming that blogging is dead, we should conclude that the sector is changing from its old ways – catching up with the latest trends. Here are other proofs that blogging isn’t dead in 2022.

Do People Still Read Blogs?

Searching to know if people still read blogs is like asking if people still eat food. The blog contains information that fills the knowledge gap; hence without it, people will be starved of access to information and answers to queries.

In early 2022, statistics revealed more than 1.9 billion websites on the internet, with about 600 million of these sites’ blogs.

On average, Google records over 100 billion searches monthly, most of which are from blogs.

Furthermore, a report by WordPress shows 70% of internet users still read blogs daily.

These statistics clearly represent how blogs are still relevant even today. But this is even more convincing when we look at the fact that about 70-80% of Google searchers ignore paid ads and click on blog posts to get their answers.

So if you’re looking to become a blogger, don’t let stereotypes and unconfirmed reports deceive you that blogging is dead. However, if you’re already into blogging and not benefiting from it as you’ve imagined, then you probably need to implement some winning strategies.

As stated earlier, blogging is evolving, and getting into the latest trends will help your blog rank. If you want more people to visit your blog, gain traffic, and increase your earnings, continue reading to find strategies that can help.

Is Blogging Dead? How To Make Blogging Work

Now that we’ve established that blogging is still very much alive, let’s discuss ways your blog can archive its objectives. In no particular order, here are some strategies, hacks, and tactics to prevent your blog from dying.

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Focus Your Blog On A Particular Niche

Focusing on a specific niche topic makes running a blog relatively easier, even with limited resources. But, on the other hand, perhaps your blog is dying because a particular niche doesn’t define your blog.

Besides, posting a bunch of posts on various topics may confuse your readers with your blog’s expertise.

Moreover, knowing and sticking to a niche makes it easier to update content regularly for your blog. Instead of struggling to create content (due to too many topics), a specific niche makes it much easier to settle on a post’s content.

Doing this will free you to spend more time making creative decisions, such as what to write and why.

By defining your niche, every other decision becomes easier. Moreover, a good understanding of your niche topic helps guide your choice of a domain name, the visual theme or design you choose for your website, the software to build your blog, and the plugins to use to increase your blog’s functionality.

Write On What You Love

Writing about something you love and are passionate about is another great way to prevent your blog from dying.

Without this, you’ll show no interest or passion in your writing. And when there’s no passion, your content wouldn’t sell. So find a topic you are familiar with and only write about that.

For example, talk about the industry, emerging trends, and other sports-related activities you love if you’re a sports enthusiast. And if you’re a popular competition, you could write about things to expect or share your views with your followers. That way, your blog will remain relevant.

Market Your Blog

You won’t record progress if you just start a blog and hope people will visit without any marketing effort. You must actively market your blog and bring your audience to like it. You can archive that through a variety of ways.

You can start communicating with other bloggers by posting valuable comments on other people’s blogs or forums – this will help attract people to your site. Or you can take advantage of the search engines and write about popular topics in the searches, like this very feature.

Or you could offer to contribute to influential blogs or e-zines to help raise your profile. Whatever you decide to do, just go out there and make yourself and your blog known to the world. Doing this will help your blog to work and stay on top of the chain.

Encourage Interaction

There’s no better way to make your blog relevant than engaging with your readers. So get people talking or interacting on your blog. Encourage them to include their comments or views on various articles.

Feedback is also necessary to create new content and understand what your readers want. So ask for feedback, respond to their contributions, build an interactive community and be nice. Generally, people love to interact, so make use of this to build your blog.

However, in as much as you give room for comment on your blog, you may not get any. Don’t feel discouraged by this. Just know that there are various reasons why people might not share their views on your blog posts.

It could be anything from not giving easy access to log a comment to posting on things people aren’t interested in. Bottom line? Make commenting accessible and only write about topics that get people to interact. If you can get people to engage on your blog, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Write Easy-to-read Articles

Research revealed that people view and scan articles rather than reading every last bit of the copy. Therefore, keep your articles easy, simple, and quick to read. Give lists wherever possible and try to break up the text.

From an SEO point of view, you should provide a minimum of 250 words of copy. But it’s also a great idea to stick to this rate for your readers — unless you’re writing a post such as this one – in which case, add in lists or bullet points because it’ll hold the reader’s attention more.

Speaking about holding your readers’ attention and adding images to your post is another way of grabbing their attention. Typically, people love photos. Some of the most renowned creative blogs around feature a lot of imagery.

It is partly because readers love to quickly scan through pages. They easily lose interest in seeing too many words. Pictures help to break up text and include visual interest. So when writing a creative blog, images are essential. Always provide as much as possible and captivate your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions related to the question: Is blogging dead?

What Is Replacing Blogging?

The rise of social media, video sharing, and streaming platforms (YouTube, Twitch, TikTok Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) seem to be replacing blogging.

But that is not entirely the truth; blogging has only evolved. Moreover, the industry is not majorly concerned about producing quality content instead of quantity.

Are Blogs Worth It Anymore?

Yes, it is worth starting a blog. The blog is still very much as active and rewarding as ever. However, getting there will take a lot of work, so be sure you’re prepared to make a long-term commitment.

Finding a niche you’re passionate about will make blogging worth it. Whether it be r a business, brand, or personal reasons, blogging will always provide you with the desired results.

Are Bloggers Still Making Money?

Yes, bloggers are still making money in various ways. Successful bloggers make over 7-figures yearly, while other bloggers might generate little or no income.

The rule is to remain consistent and relevant on the search engine. Therefore, as a blogger, you have to put in much effort to earn from the trade.

Why Do Most Bloggers Fail?

Most bloggers fail due to poor-quality content and lack of reader engagement. Not focusing on a particular niche is another common reason why bloggers fail.

Other reasons include not setting up web hosting and site correctly, not paying attention to SEO and keywords in content creation, and writing blog content with no proper formatting.

What Percentage Of Bloggers Make A Living?

Some bloggers make $0, some $1000 monthly, while others $100,000 per month. However, statistics in 2022 revealed that less than 10% make enough money for a living.

Only a few generate over one million dollars yearly from their blogs. Many blog owners earn up to $200 to $2,500 monthly in their first year of blogging.

How Many Followers On A Blog Do You Need To Make Money?

If your blog can generate over 10,000 unique visitors monthly, you can go ahead and monetize your blog to create a revenue stream with it.

The big challenge in monitoring your blog is generating fewer than 1,000 visitors daily. The more traffic to your blog, the better the chances of earning more!

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