17 Simple Steps to Save $10,000 in a Year

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 17 simple steps to save 10000 in a year

Is it possible to save up to $10,000 in a Year? Yes, it is possible. However, you must learn the steps involved in attaining such a lofty goal. So let us dig in.

If you intend to save money, you may consider changing your regular money habit to attain this milestone. Endeavor to get creative as you work towards saving up to $10,000 within a year.

So what are the simple steps to save thousands of dollars within a year? The 17 simple steps to save $10,000 in a year consist of the following.

Check your Income Sources


Before you consider saving up to $10,000 in a year, you should at least have a job or business that can enable you to save this amount within 12 months. When you actually earn less than $10,000 in a year, you may never get close to saving up to this amount.

Keep in mind that the cost of living in most locations contributes immensely to your ability to save money. For example, if you live in a developed nation, your basic needs, including housing, food, and others, will eat deep into your pocket.

Hence, your ability to put aside $10,000 in a year will be highly affected. Your income sources will surely determine how much you can put aside per month to save up to $10,000 within a year.

When you begin to make huge returns at the end of every month, you will become highly motivated to save more.

Set your Goal

Since your goal is to save up to $10,000 in a year, you should break down your plans on achieving this milestone.

As you analyze this goal, you must ensure that you come up with clear and realistic plans to avoid any confusion. When you create these goals, make sure that nothing will change your mind from accomplishing them.

Endeavor to correct your financial mistakes while making your list of new goals. When it comes to saving money, most people often make a great mistake by including their past spending routine. If you must reach a great height, you need to set a goal for your new spending habit.

Your goals should serve as a financial map toward saving up to $10,000 in a year. Hence, you must carefully plan these goals to avoid unnecessary errors from occurring.

Save before spending

As your primary goal is on saving, you may need to consider saving some money before clearing any bills or spending money satisfying other needs. You cannot escape daily expenses no matter how hard you try.

Since you will always have an outstanding bill to clear, you should endeavor to automate your savings to ensure you are not missing out on any side. When it comes to saving before spending, most people often consider their financial needs ahead of them.

If you set a financial goal for yourself, you will have to make saving your top priority. You don’t have to sleep on this habit, as your chances of saving up to $10,000 in a year highly depend on the strategy you deploy.

Even if your outstanding bills are so urgent, ensure that your savings are not affected in any way. Instead of slamming the amount you initially agreed to save, you should find other sources of income to increase your desire to save.

Take Budgeting Seriously


If you must save up to $10,000 a year, you must take your budgeting plans seriously. In fact, without a good budgeting plan, your saving goals will never become a success.

When you want to budget, you must have your primary intention of saving $10,000 in a year in mind. The essence of considering your saving goals is to implement a workable new budget to meet this goal.

Most financial experts will tell you to deploy a 50-30-20 budgeting rule. This rule encourages people to put 50 percent of their earnings into satisfying their needs, 30 percent into serving their wants, and 20 percent into saving.

If you deploy this rule, you may likely reach the milestone of saving $10,000 within a year. However, if you cannot stick to this rule, other budgeting plans can enable you to make great budgets for your new savings.

Get rid of Unnecessary Expenses.

No matter how you plan to save, unnecessary expenses can stop you from reaching your goals. Most people never realize when they are making unnecessary expenses. They usually feel it is normal to spend money on things they don’t need.

You have the power to decide how you spend your money. But when your goal relies on saving $10,000, you may have to look into how you spend your money. So what is an unnecessary expense you should get rid of?

Unnecessary expenses you should look into include luxury items, expensive vacations, and more. Instead of going on expensive vacations, you should opt for a cheaper vacation. However, if you don’t find the vacation necessary, you may consider saving the money.

Aside from vacations, you may have to opt for other cheaper services to save more money.

Develop a $10,000 money Mindset.

Most experts say that every bold step must begin with a change of mindset. If you intend to save $10,000, you must change your mindset and trust your instinct toward reaching this great height.

When it comes to developing a $10,000 money mindset, most people are confused about getting started. To accomplish this, you must learn how to think from a different direction.

Developing a $10,000 mindset requires a lot of effort to accomplish. First, you must see the potential within yourself before you work to bring your vision to reality.

When earning a little from your regular tasks, you may not see yourself earning up to $10,000 a year.

Check into your grocery shopping list.


Most people are so motivated to purchase more edible items from groceries. Some people often become confused while making their grocery lists.

If you intend to curtail your daily expenses, you must closely scrutinize every item that makes it to your shopping list.

If you don’t see the need to purchase such an item, you may consider removing it from the list. Before buying food in large bulk, ensure that the food will be well preserved to avoid wasting money.

Save discounts by shopping online.

If you shop online, you will likely receive discounts from the seller. However, every online seller has certain criteria that a customer must meet to qualify for discounts.

When you cannot meet this demand, you may be struggling to save on discounts. Hence, if you intend to save on discounts, closely study the terms and conditions of the seller before purchasing items from their online store.

Most sellers often give out discounts to people who buy items in bulk. Hence, you may not benefit from this discount when you don’t buy items in large quantities. Some online stores offer their customers coupons to inspire them to shop more often with them.

As your coupons continue to grow, a time will come when you will be qualified to use them for shopping. Hence, you will surely have a lot to benefit from online shopping.

Consider Investing to Take Advantage of Compound Interest

The best account to consider saving your money is a savings account. Since you hope to continue with this habit for a longer term, you may consider taking advantage of compound interest through investing.

Most banks will allow you to earn some interest on your long-term savings with them. As you continue to increase the amount you deposit to the bank, your interest will also continue to grow.

This implies that the longer your money stays in the bank, the more you will likely earn. From the compound interest which you must have earned, you will realize that you would have saved more money with time.

Keep in mind that federal taxes are applied to your earned interest. So do not panic when these taxes are deducted from your interest.

However, you should not allow federal taxes to demoralize you. Instead, focus on meeting your saving goals with time.

Find a Side Hustle


The key element to saving more money is to find a side hustle. Finding a side hustle or part-time job may not be that easy, especially when your main job is time-demanding.

But there are still numerous opportunities that you can take and increase your chances of saving more money. Before you can become qualified to take up a side hustle, you must learn about the tasks involved in the process.

If you have experience in that field, it is necessary to relearn the process to enable you to render the best services to clients. Currently, there are numerous side hustles to consider. Some of these side hustles can pay you more than others.

So you have to decide the best options that will not disrupt your main job in any way. The best side hustle to consider include Affiliate marketing, freelance writing, virtual assistant, Uber Drive, and more.

Save leftover money

As someone hoping to save more money before the year runs out, you should find every opportunity to save money. In most cases, you often do not care about leftover money during shopping.

But if you want to reach a greater height, every little penny is necessary. No matter how little the leftover appears to be, keep in mind that saving money continuously will enable you to reach your goal faster.

Sometimes, you may be motivated to spend your leftover money on something you love. You may allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the temptation and make the expenses without actually having a second thought.

But when you are determined to reach your financial goals, you can go the extra mile to do the impossible.

Aside from saving your leftovers, you can also save your tax refunds and other extra money that comes your way.

Cut back on the Bills

You cannot stay without paying bills. In most cases, you may spend most of your income clearing your bills. Since you have set a target of saving up to $10,000 in a year, you must find a way to cut back on your bills.

Instead of living in an expensive home, or driving an expensive car, find cheaper alternatives to avoid paying more on bills. Keep in mind that there is often a cheaper alternative to every bill you are expected to pay at month-end.

The earlier you uncover this cheaper alternative, the better for you. Once you can cut back your daily expenses, your chances of saving more money will surely increase.

Monitor your Insurance Discount


Most people never realized the power of insurance discounts. If a company can offer you an insurance discount, you can easily scale up your saving power and reach the milestone of saving up to $10,000 in a year.

Sometimes, an insurance company may come up with numerous promises to offer you good discounts. However, when you insure your properties with the firm, you will realize you are losing.

Before you agree to work with any insurance company, keep in mind that many legit companies out there are ready to offer you great discounts. When you get good discounts from insuring your properties, you will have more money available for you to save.

Set Reminders

When it comes to saving money, other responsibilities can make you lose focus and think from a different direction. If you are easily distracted from reaching your goals, you must set reminders to keep you on the right track.

When it comes to setting reminders, most people often opt to use their smartphones. Since your phone is always with you, setting reminders weekly or monthly may do you good. As a salary earner or business owner, you should be able to estimate when your income will come.

If you usually receive your earnings weekly or bi-weekly, you should set your reminder to inform you about your motive of saving $10,000 before the year runs out. Once you constantly receive reminders about your goal, you will be more likely to save more money.

Even if you automate your savings, you still have to set this reminder. Keep in mind that you are not only saving by sending money into your savings accounts. You are supposed to make saving a daily habit.

Target saving at least $200 per week

If you aim at saving $10,000 in a year, you can easily actualize this by saving at least $200 per week. Keep in mind that there are 52 weeks in a year.

So if you can forward $200 into your savings account every week, you should be able to have $10,400 before the end of the year. However, your ability to save up to $200 per week highly depends on your income source.

If you notice that your single income source can enable you to accomplish this, you may consider getting multiple income sources to increase your chances in life. Some side hustles can easily give you $200 at the end of every week. But you must be smart enough to earn up to this amount.

Separate Your Savings from Emergency Funds

Most financial experts will tell you that an emergency fund is essential, especially when you consider saving up to $10,000 in a year. In fact, without emergency funds, your savings may be used to solve an emerging problem.

Hence, never ignore looking into creating emergency funds for yourself. As you make plans for emergency funds, ensure that it is completely separated from your main account.

An emergency fund is necessary, especially when you plan to avoid unnecessary expenses during emergencies.

Monitor your progress


One of the best ways to save $10,000 in a year is to track your progress. Monitoring your progress is important, as it will help in guiding your steps along the way.

Why should you consider saving $10,000 in a Year?

Before you think of saving $10,000 in a year, you should have the motivation to attain this milestone. Keep in mind that your source of income will surely determine your ability to put aside $10,000 within a year.

But if you can comfortably save $10,000 without affecting your other financial needs, you should proceed with the plan of action.

You may consider saving $10,000 in a year because of the following.

Walk towards Financial Freedom

Gaining financial freedom should be the top priority of everyone. Saving $10,000 a year is a stepping stone toward attaining financial freedom.

Future investment

Without finance, you can never make a successful investment. If you hope to build a successful business in the future, your yearly $10,000 savings will enable you to accomplish your dream.

Ready to grab any opportunity

You will most likely miss many life-changing opportunities without enough money in your bank account. But if you can save up to $10,000 a year, your chances of not missing good opportunities that show up might be minimized.


Saving $10,000 in a year is the first step towards gaining financial freedom. The good news is that you don’t have to follow complex steps to accomplish this. You can easily save $10,000 by deploying simple steps.

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