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what is 3 figures, and what does it mean in terms of money

What are 3 Figures?

3 figures are any number with three digits that fall within the range of 100 and 999. This implies that all numbers within this range can be referred to as 3 figures.

In schools, teachers may use 3 figures to describe a given set of numbers, including numbers containing a decimal, such as 67.2.

From an academic perspective, 67.2 is a 3-figure. However, in terms of income, salaries or costs, 67.2 is not a 3 figure but a 2 figure.

Aside from 3 figures, people also refer to 4 figures, 5 figures, 6 figures, and the list goes on. So when next you hear people saying 3 figures, keep in mind that they are talking about money.

What do 3 figures mean in Money?

When describing 3 figures as money, people often refer to their earnings and general income. This implies that 3 figures mean any amount that falls within $100 to $999. If your income falls within this amount, you can describe your earnings as a 3 figures income.

Aside from talking about your salaries, you can use the term “3 figures” to describe the actual cost of an item. For example, if shoes cost $540, you can say the item is a 3-figure shoe.

Keep in mind that if your number has a decimal, it may not be considered as 3 figures, as mentioned earlier, from an academic perspective.

It can only be classified as a 3-figure if the decimal comes after the first three digits. For example, you cannot refer to $6.34 as 3 figures. But you can refer to $634.55 as 3 figures since 634 falls within the range of 100 and 999.

How much is a 3 figures salary?


The term “3 figures salary” refers to working-class people whose earnings fall between $100 to $999.

How much is a 3 figures salary per hour?

If your employer pays you from $100 to $999 per hour, you are a 3 figure per-hour salary earner. But getting such a job opportunity may require some level of professionalism. This implies that you must be a professional in a particular field to earn this amount.

How much is a 3 figures salary per day?

When you earn from $100 to $999 per day, you are a 3 figure salary earner. Most people working in developed nations fall under this category. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional to earn a 3 figure salary per day.

How much is a 3 figures salary per week?

If you can earn from $100 to $999 per week, you are regarded as a 3-figure per week salary earner. More than 60% of American households earn 3 figure per week salary.

This income is relatively low and is the income bracket for poor households. However, this same amount in developing nations is more than enough for most households.

How much is a 3 figures salary per month?


When you earn up to $100 to $999 monthly, you are considered a 3-figure earner. This implies that your salary does not exceed 3 figures at the end of each month.

How much is a 3-figure salary per year?

If your yearly salary falls between $100 and $999, you are considered a 3 figure yearly salary earner. The working population that falls within this salary scale is those working in underdeveloped nations. No American household can survive with this amount per year, no matter how they plan their budget.

How much is Moderate 3 figures?

Moderate 3 figures is an amount that ranges from $200 to $399.99. Hence, if you can earn within this range, keep in mind that you are a moderate 3 figures earner. Most people that earn up to this amount are average workers in any working establishment.

How much is Medium 3 figures?


Medium 3 figures begin at $400 and stop at $699.99. This implies that if your daily, weekly, or monthly earnings fall within this range, you are considered a medium 3-figure earner.

How much are the High 3 figures?

High 3 figures start at $700 to $999.99. When your salary falls within this range, you are considered a high 3 figures earner. Most people that can earn up to this amount per day are professionals in different fields.


Therefore, any amount ranging from 100 to 999 is a 3-figure amount. Any amount ranging from 1000 to 9999 is a 4-figure amount.

5-figure is any amount ranging from 10,000 to 19,999, and 6-figure amount is any amount ranging from 100,000 to 999,999.

Anyone earning 7 figures per year earns a million and above income per year.

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