Recycle Glass Bottles & Jars for Cash: Get Paid up to 15¢ per Bottle

Glass bottle redemption is one of the sure ways to make money because you have lots of it around you. Just as you can make money by recycling aluminum cans, you can also recycle glass bottles and jars and get paid up to 15¢ per Bottle.

If you go through many glass containers in your house, such as soda, beer, or other glass beverage containers, or if you know others who buy a lot of bottled beverages, this could be a good way to make some extra money.

Recycling glass bottles and jars don’t make you rich, but it will help you earn extra cash while helping the environment stay greener.

Here’s some information on how much companies pay to take your glass recyclables and other important information if you’re thinking about starting a side business recycling glass bottles and jars.

Cans made of aluminum can be recycled for money. But it isn’t the only item that you can recycle. Glass bottles can also be collected and given to redemption centers for cash.

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What Kind of Glass Can You Recycle?

Recycle Glass Bottles & Jars for Cash: Get Paid up to 15¢ per Bottle

Definitely, you can make money with plastic bottles redemption. (that is, recycle plastic bottles for cash). However, not all types of Glass can be recycled. In addition, the materials used in producing different glasses differ greatly – This is why different glasses melt at different temperatures.

Because different types of Glass are used to make jars, not all are recyclable. Most glass bottles, on the other hand, are recyclable. Here are some examples of glass items that recycling centers are unlikely to accept:

  • Jars made of frosted Glass
  • Wine glasses and
  • Pyrex dishes

Although there may be some exceptions, most states that allow residents to recycle glass bottles and jars accept the following types of bottles:

  • Bottles of malt liquor
  • Glass water bottle varieties
  • Vinegar bottles
  • Pickle jars and applesauce jars are examples of food bottles
  • Bottles of beer
  • Coca-Cola bottles
  • Mixed drinks and other types of beverage bottles

Because each state accepts different types of glass bottles for recycling, before collecting bottles and bringing them in for recycling, check your state laws to see which glass products are recyclable for cash in your area.

This brings me to the next point to consider when recycling glass bottles and jars: Residents in some states can bring them in and get paid to recycle them.

When collecting Glass for recycling purposes, you must target soda glasses, beer glasses, wine, and alcoholic bottles.

States that Pay For Glass Bottles and Jars

Most states in America do not have recycling programs that compensate individuals for collecting glasses. In addition, only ten states in America currently have Container Deposit Legislation in place.

The term “container-deposit legislation” (CDL) refers to a law that mandates individuals to seek monetary rewards for collecting non-alcoholic beverages, juice containers, milk bottles, and other reusable packages/bottles.

You first need to check to see whether the “Bottle Bill” is in effect in your state. Here are the 10 states that offer Container Deposit Legislation:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Massachusett
  • Michigan
  • The Big Apple
  • Oregon
  • Vermont

Most glass bottles contain signs like ME-VT-CT-MA-NY-OR-IA-5¢ MI-CA 10¢ on their bottom.

With this sign, you can determine how much you are eligible to receive for presenting used glass bottles. Furthermore, Guam, a US territory, has a “Bottle Bill” for its residents.

Examine the bottoms of your glass bottles to see how much you can get for each one. Note that the cities of Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Iowa should be mentioned on the bottles.

In addition, you can get ten cents for every glass bottle you recycle in Michigan and California. On the other hand, some states will pay up to 15 cents per Bottle, depending on the type (usually reserved for liquor bottles, which use more Glass than others).

Checking each Bottle should reveal which states pay for glass bottles and how much you can earn in each state.

More states may join in on this venture as environmentalists continue to push for new legislation to encourage people to recycle and help the environment.

Can I Recycle Glass Bottles For Cash If I Don’t Live in any of Those States?

Recycle Glass Bottles & Jars for Cash:

Other options remain available if you do not live in one of the ten states that pay for glass bottle recycling.

Those living near a state with a paid glass recycling program may believe they can take a quick road trip across the border and recycle their bottles there.

Unfortunately, that is not how the bottle bill works because the bills are based on the deposit you pay when you purchase a bottle. Conduct some preliminary research because some states have laws prohibiting the transport of recyclables from one state to another.

Work With Your State Representatives on a Recycling Programme

Working with your state representatives and campaigning to make the paid recycling program available in your state is another viable option that may require a little more effort.

This will require you to look up your state’s representatives, find their contact information, and call (or write) them about your concerns. Clearly, your primary motivation for wanting a paid recycling program is to help the environment.

Many representatives are deeply concerned about the Earth and its protection for our present and future generations, so mentioning this will help explain the value of such a program.

Also, provide some details about how the program might work.

Obtaining as many signatures as possible from your friends and family, people they know, respected environmental leaders in your community, and even representatives from local recycling centers would be even more beneficial.

Your case will be better if you gather more signatures, especially from people and businesses closely associated with the eco-friendly community.

How Much Money Can I Make From Recycling Glass Bottles

How much can you earn Recycling Glass Bottles

In most cases, you can earn between 5 and 25 cents for each glass bottle you present. But this depends on the state you reside in.

The different states pay differently. So you should conduct research by calling up the recycling facilities in your area. This research will enable you to discover the types of glass bottles they accept and how much you can be paid for each Bottle you present.

What Do I Need To Start Recycling Glass?

Recycle Glass Bottles

Recycling glass is a simple and inexpensive way to supplement your income, but you will need a few supplies and other items to start. First and foremost, ensure that you have enough time to invest.

Although this is a relatively simple procedure to begin earning money, you will need time to look for recyclable glass bottles and clean them sufficiently to take them to a recycling center.

If you want to do this on a large scale, you’ll need to set aside several hours per week to collect bottles, clean them, and transport them to a recycling center. Second, get large recycling bins and line them with strong, long-lasting bags.

You’ll need mobility to transport glass bottles from your house to recycling centers. A pickup with plenty of bed space for collecting and transporting your glass bottles will also be beneficial.

Also, get sponges and dish soap to clean bottles, which most recycling centers will require before paying you. A large bucket could also be useful. Finally, keep yourself safe while gathering your bottles.

Wear safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself from debris in or around the bottles and potential cuts on your arms and hands.

How to Start Redeeming Glass Bottles for Recycling Purposes

Recycle Glass Jars for Cash

Before going into the glass recycling business, you need to have plans on the ground. First, you need to determine the places to get free glass bottles. Bars and restaurants have a lot of used glass bottles. So it’s best to seek their permission before collecting their glasses.

You can also place glass recycling containers near bars, restaurants, and convenience stores. This will enable people to throw in their used glass bottles.

Gather these containers once every week, and endeavor to sort out broken or damaged bottles. Once this is done, wash and rinse the bottles before taking them to a recycling center.

1. Gather the Bottles

You can accomplish this by gathering the bottles you use at home. You can also ask friends, family members, and neighbors if you could collect their bottles. First, make certain that the jars have been thoroughly rinsed.

As with aluminum cans, many people do not take the time to bring the bottles in for a refund; instead, they simply throw them in the regular trash or place them in the curbside recycling bucket provided by their trash collection service.

If they don’t intend to return them for a deposit refund, you might as well do it for them and earn some extra cash. Contacting local bars and restaurants may also help you collect glass bottles.

Restaurants and bars/grills that serve alcohol probably accumulate a large number of glass bottles every week and would be an excellent source of recyclable Glass.

If they don’t mind you collecting their recyclable Glass, you can place a container where they can see it and collect the recyclable contents regularly. For example, you’d probably need to collect from restaurants once or twice weekly.

2. Check if the Glass Bottles are Recyclable

Recycle Glass Bottles

You should also check to see if the glass bottles can be recycled. Always choose bottles that are clear. Glass bottles that are clear, green, or brown are very easy to recycle. When you bring glass bottles to a recycling center, you will probably have to sort them by color.

Also, make sure the Bottle is made for drinks or food. Most of the time, you can recycle the glass bottles that hold drinks like beer and wine. But you should check with your local recycling program to find out more about their rules.

3. Place the Glass Bottles in a Recycling Bin

After finding out if the glass bottles can be recycled, the next step is to put them in the recycle bin.

Then, you will need to put the recycling bin out once a week where it is picked up so the recycling plant can get it. Or, check the website for your town or city to find out when recycling day is so you can put your bin out for pickup.

If that doesn’t work, you can look for recycling bins in public parks, schools, and community centers. In addition, most neighborhoods in towns and cities have recycling bins on street corners.

4. Return the Bottles for a Refund.

Most states with CDL or bottle bills have multiple recycling centers located throughout the state. is a website that can tell you more about each state’s specific bottle recycling legislation and direct you to where you might be able to bring the bottles for a refund.

This website can provide detailed information about the dos and don’ts of glass bottle recycling in each state. It will also tell you how much each state pays for glass bottles that it accepts.

Where Can I Find Glass Bottles for Recycling

Glass bottles

Residents of bottle bill states do not always recycle their bottles to receive their deposits back. You can profit by capitalizing on this fact and collecting those bottles for recycling.

As we said earlier, check with the owners of your local bars and restaurants to see if they are interested in starting a recycling program. The good news is that bars and restaurants have a lot of glass bottles that need to be recycled.

Place a few containers outside the kitchens of restaurants that have agreed to participate in your recycling program. First, make a note of the fact that your containers are only for Glass. Then, return once or twice weekly to collect the Glass in these containers. You may want to also check how to make money recycling aluminum.

If you need to collect many glass bottles, consider hiring a van or another large vehicle. Determine which broken bottles will be accepted at a recycling center and which will not.

Remove non-recyclable glass items like light bulbs, mirrors, and window parts. Before bringing the bottles to a recycling center, rinse and dry them.

Where To Find Glass Bottles and Jars for Cash

Here are some other locations where you might be able to place containers to collect glass bottles, with permission from the owner, of course:

  • The Local Parks

Neighborhood parks tend to have a lot of trash, so placing glass recycling containers near trash cans may encourage visitors to leave their glass bottles.

You could also search the grounds yourself, as community parks are notorious for littering.

  • Hotels and Apartment Complexes

Hotel and apartment managers may appreciate the extra recycling assistance with your containers. They may even assist in keeping their grounds clean and litter-free!

  • Schools

Some schools permit students and teachers to bring glass bottles to school for lunch.

Contact the schools to see if they allow glass bottles, and if so, ask if you can store them in the lunchrooms and hallways. Also, organize a community recycling event to encourage students to drop off their glass bottles for you to collect.

  • Hospitals

Some hospitals prohibit using glass containers, while others are more lenient.

Placing some containers throughout the hospital can make recycling easier for visitors and staff.

  • Other Community Centres

Consider other places in your neighborhood. For example, are there any walking paths? What about convention centers? Sporting grounds? Any of these locations would be ideal for storing recycling bins for future collection.

Where Else Can You Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars?

Where to find glass bottles for recycling

Contrary to popular belief, recycling centers are not the only places where you can get cash for your bottles. You could also take them to a grocery store, liquor store, or convenience store that sells glass bottle products.

However, if you’re bringing in a large number of bottles that will take a long time to count, it’s best to bring them to a recycling center or call a store ahead of time to make an appointment.

In other words, don’t be surprised if you bring in a bag of bottles and the store owner says that, due to time constraints, they won’t be able to process your payment right away.

What Should I Know Before I Start Recycling Glass Bottles for Cash?

What you should know about glass bottles redemption

Here are some additional facts about making money by recycling glass bottles and jars that you may find useful.

To begin, if you do not live in a bottle bill state but rather in a state that borders one, you cannot necessarily bring bottles across the state border for recycling.

Many bottle bill states have laws that make it illegal to transport bottles across state lines for recycling. For more information on bringing bottles across the border, consult the bottle bill state’s specific laws.

Start a Bottle Bill

Second, you might be able to approach your state’s legislators about introducing a bottle bill. Contact your local legislators to learn more about how that works and whether your state representatives are willing to consider a bottle bill.

Third, in addition to several states in the United States, many other countries have Container Deposit Legislation laws. Other areas may pay more. If you live in Canada, Germany, or Sweden, you may be able to recycle bottles for money.

Recycling Companies Do Regret Broken Glasses

Fourth, most recycling centers only accept intact bottles and will not accept broken bottles or jars. Broken bottles must be removed from the bottle collection you are bringing in for a refund.

Remove any other types of Glass that may have become mixed in with the recyclable Glass, such as mirrors, light bulbs, or non-acceptable food jars.

When you take your recyclable bottles and jars to your local recycling center, they usually count them and pay you right away.

However, depending on the number of bottles you bring in, some states may pay you based on weight rather than per Bottle.

Some states may also impose limits on the number of bottles that can be turned in per trip. Any bottle number limits should be listed on the recycling center’s website. Then, return the bottles to receive a refund.

Most states with CDL or bottle bills have multiple recycling centers nationwide. is a website that can tell you more about each state’s specific bottle recycling legislation and point you toward a location where you can bring the bottles for a refund.

This website can give you specific information about each state’s dos and don’ts of glass bottle recycling. It will also tell you how much each state pays for accepted glass bottles.

Make Money Recycling Your Glass Bottles at Home At home.

Recycle Glass Bottles & Jars for money

Even better ways to make money with glass bottles and jars are to let your imagination run wild and come up with new things to make with them that you can sell. You can turn your glass bottles into home decor items. Then find thrift stores to sell it. People are always looking for affordable items on cheap home decor websites.

Find out the best items to flip for a profit and tailor your recycling to some of those items.

Etsy is a great place to sell your handmade items because it’s easy to set up a shop, has low fees, and is designed to help people sell their handmade goods. So while gathering your glass bottles, learn how to sell on Etsy and make money. Also, you can always sell on eBay, Craigslist, or at craft shows and events in your area.

Some of the items you can recycle your glass bottles and jars into for cash are:

  • Gardening items
  • Storage items
  • Home decor items like candle jars
  • Cookies And baking items
  • Office And Organisational items

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Bottom Line

Gathering glass bottles is an easy and quick way to make money. In addition, you get to contribute to saving the universe. For example, did you know that if you recycle just 15 glass bottles, you can save enough energy to power a laptop for a whole day?

Although the bottle recycling business can’t pay your tuition or house bills, it can provide money for your daily necessities.

With the right amount of hard work and consistency, you can make a reasonable amount from recycling bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars?

Glass bottles can be recycled and back on store shelves in 30 days, the quickest way to recycle packaging. Glass can be recycled indefinitely without losing its purity, which is not true of most things. Even though the weight of glass bottles has decreased by 40% in the last 30 years, they are still the heaviest type of packaging that ends up in landfills.

Q: Can I recycle glass bottles and jars in my curbside recycling program?

Most large cities have curbside recycling programs that accept Glass, but you should check with your city to be sure. Some places choose not to take Glass because it is expensive to transport, easy to break, and not worth much.

Q: What is the color significance of glass bottles?

Since sand is used to make glass bottles, the bottles would be clear by default. Adding metals like cobalt or iron during manufacturing will change the color, but this isn’t just for looks. Darker Glass reflects more sunlight, so you see beers and wines in brown and green bottles to protect them from sun damage over time. Bottles must be separated by color during recycling because you can’t recycle clear and brown bottles together.

Q: How are glass bottles and jars recycled?

Glass is separated from metal and paper at a materials recovery facility and then sent to a glass processor. It is sorted by color, and anything that doesn’t belong is removed. The Glass is then broken into small pieces called “cullet.” Finally, the cullet is heated to 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit, and new glass containers are made from it.

Q: Can I make money recycling glass bottles and jars?

Almost. Container deposit laws are in place in 10 states. In these states, people pay a fee per container for soda, beer, and bottled water. However, the fee is refunded when empty containers are returned to a drop-off site. So, if you live in one of these states and collect Glass, each Bottle or jar is worth a nickel or a dime.

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