How To Make Money With Bottle Redemption

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Bottle redemption is one of the easiest ways to make money. It demands no investments, and it comes with no risks. All it needs is your time.

Although this money-making venture is less likely to make you rich, it can provide you with quick cash for your financial expenses.

What is Bottle Redemption?

Bottle redemption is the act of redeeming thrown bottles for recycling purposes.

These bottles when redeemed are paid for and taken to recycling firms.

How to Make Money With Bottle Redemption (Step-by-step Guide)

Conduct Research on Bottles

There are different kinds of bottles. And each of these bottles comes with different pricing.

Before getting into the bottle redemption business, you need to conduct research on the type of bottles available in your area, and how much they can be sold for.

In addition, it is important that you double-check the bottles for the imprint of your state. Bottles in Maine come with an “MN” abbreviation while bottles in California are imprinted with “CRV” which means California Redemption Value.

Only bottles with state imprints on them are eligible for redemption. Most bottles imprint the amount you can get for redeeming them.

Find a Factory to Exchange your Bottle

The next step to take is to find a company that collects bottles in exchange for cash.

The laws on bottle redemption differ from state to state. Conduct research on your state’s bottle redemption laws.

If you are having problems finding used bottles, here are some places and ways you can find bottles for your redemption business.

Grocery stores : You can find used bottles behind the parking lots of most grocery stores. But you need to be granted permission by the store owner before you collect the bottles for redemption.

Gas stations and convenience shops: Most petrol stations and convenience stores have a lot of used bottles.

In addition, most gas stations and convenience stores act as a place where you can exchange bottles for cash. Visit your local gas stations and enquire if they provide this service.

Consult with Friends and Family: Asking your friends and neighbors for beverage containers is a good way to get extra bottles for your redemption business.

Make an offer to pick up empty containers from pubs and restaurants

You can meet up with pub and restaurant owners to find out if you can collect their used bottles.

Craigslist is also a site that provides information on restaurants with used bottles.

Bottle Redemption

What is the source of revenue for bottle redemption centers?

Bottle redemption centers are centers that collect used bottles. But how do they make money by collecting used bottles?

Most bottle redemption centers are affiliated with bottle recycling firms. These recycling firms pay the redemption center for the number of bottles they bring in. This is how they generate income.


Bottle redemption is a lucrative business if you are consistent and put in a lot of effort. So stay focused on your goal!

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