17 Best Project Management Software and Tools

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With the tons of Project Management software out there, it can be difficult to decide on which would be best for your project’s needs.

So to save you the stress of having to sweep through countless software for the perfect one, here’s a guide to 17 of the best project management software and tools for any type of project.

Monday.com:- Best for large teams with complex workflows

Trello:Known for its flexibility in task management but best for small teams

Click-Up:- Suitable for teams of all sizes and best for unlimited users

Asana:- Best for Project tracking

SmartSheet:- Known for its flexible spreadsheet-centric work management tool.

BaseCamp:- Suitable for teams working with external people

Hive: – Widely known for its Advanced collaborative feature

Wrike: – Known for its Simplified all-in-one solution for team collaboration

Jira : – Known for its agile management tools that support agile methodology.

Nifty: – Best for Remote team members

Zoho Project: – Best known for its Inexpensive pricing plan

ProofHub: -Absence of per-user fee

1. Monday.com

Monday.com is a project management software with a variety of features that uses visualized approach to simplify project processes.

Key Features Analysis

  • Built-in Time Tracking:- This feature gives you an insight into how much time you spend on specific tasks, how to streamline future projects and the most time-consuming project.
  • Customized Template feature that provides you with ready-made templates and tools for customizing your templates.
  • Workflow Automation features that prevent the occurrence of repetitive tasks thereby enabling faster progress on tasks.
  • Dependencies
  • Robust Integration:- To prevent you from moving back and forth between platforms, this software provides you with tools such as Dropbox, Google calendar, Slack, Jira, Outlook, Zoom, Gmail, and more.
  • Multiple Project Views:- Monday.com allows you to view and access multiple projects at the same time through the Kanban board, Calendar view, and Gantt chart.
  • Collaboration Features that provide team members with tools to interact about topics relating to project status.
  • Enables the Integration of various third-party software program
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Offers 24/7 customers support service.

2. Trello

Trello is a Kanban board tool that aids organizations in keeping track of everything. It’s a simple and flexible project management software that’s best for agile teams to manage and organize their task in a timely manner while working on crucial projects.

Key Feature Analysis

  • Boards, Cards, and List System: – On the Trello application, the board feature enables you to keep track of information. The list feature keeps tasks organized in their various stages of progress making you know their progress status while the unlimited card feature is used to represent tasks.
  • Power-up Feature; – this feature is used to add and edit content to your board. It also enables you to integrate third-party apps like Zoho, Zapier, Jira, and Evernote into Trello.
  • Offers In-line tasks list editing feature using Drag-and-Drop mechanism.
  • Offers File Attachment and Checklist feature.
  • Labeling, Tags, and Comment Feature
  • Offers six major views
  • Voting option: – With this feature, team members and customers can vote on cards making it easier to know which task should be prioritized leading to team-driven decisions.
  • Allows for Multiple Integration: – Trello allows for seamless multiple integrations with third-party apps, plug-ins, extensions, and systems.

Pricing plan

Trello offers four pricing plans. The free Trello plan allows access to unlimited cards, lists, members, and checklists. However, you can only access a maximum number of ten boards.

The standard pricing plan costs $5/months and comes with the same set of features available in the free plan. But there are no restrictions on the number of boards to be used.

The Business plan costs $10/month per user and allows access to multiple views, unlimited board, lists, cards, checklists, and power-ups. It comes with unlimited storage but limits each file’s storage space to 250MB.

The Enterprise plan costs $17.50/month per user and offers features available in the business pricing plan. It also offers other features that enable more security and control across teams.

3. ClickUp

Clickup is a project management software with quite a lot of features that improve team collaboration and communication.

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Key Feature Analysis

  • customizable task management feature that enables you to build tasks according to your preferences. This feature allows you to organize your tasks into sub-tasks, helps you minimize a task, allows you to track a task, and also allows you to view all tasks in one view.

This feature also enables users to create Gantt charts, timelines, and calendars.

  • Offers Communication and Document Collaboration Tools that aid collaborative sharing and editing of documents. This feature also allows users to leave comments within tasks.
  • Zapier offers a wide range of integrations with G Suite, Dropbox, Slack, and other 1000+ integrations through Zapier.
  • Support for Agile Methodology
  • Timesheet Tracking
  • It offers project and financial reporting features that enable you to create custom dashboards. It also offers six built-in report types to aid reports on financial goals and account management.
  • Time Tracking:- This feature gives you an insight into your employee’s progress and movement on specific tasks.

Pricing Plan

ClickUp offers five pricing plans to its users. The price for the different plans ranges from $0 to $19. The free plan comes with sufficient features that make it suitable for small business owners.

4. Asana

Asana is a simple cloud-based project management software that helps businesses to organize tasks into projects and teams.

Key Feature Analysis

  • Advanced Customization Option: – this feature permits the manipulation of details during project management.
  • Advanced Automation Feature that helps build simple custom workflow and reduce bottlenecks.
  • Multiple Integration: – Asana connects with tools like Trello, Salesforce, Google Drive, Zendesk, Slack, and more.
  • Enables group discussions, comments, tags, events, add followers option, meetings, searched views, multiple workplaces, customer support, prioritization, subtasks, email integration, and tracking.
  • Offers Communication Tools that allow team members to cooperate on projects, discuss projects, and share files without third-party apps.

Pricing Plan

Asana offers four pricing plans. The Free plan costs $0 with 15 team members as the limit. The Premium plan costs $10/month per user when billed annually.

The Business plan costs $24.99/month per user when billed annually but costs $30.49 when billed monthly. To find out the Enterprise price plan, contact the Asana Team.

5. SmartSheet

This project management software incorporates a spreadsheet-based tool for easy management of projects and automation of workflows.

Key Feature Analysis

  • Enables Multiple Integrations and Add-ons.
  • Task Automation
  • Project Research Management Tools: – this feature enables client’s project adding, importation of employees rooster from a spreadsheet file, the building of agenda for tasks, task tracking, and reporting.
  • Seamless Integration With Multiple Third-Party software.
  • Interactive Gantt Chart View: – Smartsheet utilizes this feature to enable project administrators to track task progress and status. It also aids in the visualization of tasks relationship.
  • Offers tools for communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Enables you to work on different projects from a single control feature and also allows for Widget-based visualization of project status
  • Customization tools

Pricing Plan

SmartSheet offers no free plan but each paid plan comes with a 30-day free trial.

The standard (Pro) plan costs $7/ per month when billed annually while the Business plan costs $25/monthly per user.

There is no pricing for the Enterprise plan, you’ll have to contact the SmartSheet Team.

6. BaseCamp

BaseCamp is a project management software tool that enables file sharing and storage, task management, and team communication.

Key Feature Analysis

  • Team Communication platform: – this project management software is characterized by Campfires and Ping features that allow for private messaging, group discussions, file sharing, and queries among team members.
  • It Offers To-do lists feature that helps administrators create to-do lists to be assigned to team members. Subtasks, deadlines, notification settings, notes, images, and other files can be added with this feature.
  • Reporting features: – This feature enables reports on tasks deadline, task status and progress, new tasks, and completed tasks.
  • Hill Chart: – This feature gives a real-time report on a project’s status and progress.
  • Extensive Third-Party Integration

Pricing Plan

BaseCamp offers two pricing plan which includes the Personal plan and the Business plan.

The personal plan is the free plan that allows you access to 1GB storage space, 20 users, and 3 projects.

The business plan costs $99 per month for the entire team. It comes with unlimited features.

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7. TeamWork

TeamWork is a project management software tool that facilitates the smooth management of a project.

Key Feature Analysis

  • Time Tracking Feature that enables the tracking of tasks.
  • Automation Feature
  • Gantt Chart: – This feature allows for the assessment of a project’s duration. It also enables you to view the needed resources for a project as well as the steps to complete a task.
  • Offers Collaboration Tools that makes collaboration amongst team members efficient.
  • Kanban Board View feature that enables you to visualize the work done at the various stages of a task.
  • Portfolio: – This feature gives you insight into a project’s status as well as the challenges faced by each project.
  • File and Versioning feature that lets you manage a project’s file. This feature also gives you reports on who accessed a file and when.
  • TeamWork also offers other features such as a task list template, CRM, Reporting feature, customized dashboard, integration, and more.

Pricing Plan

TeamWork offers four pricing plans which are the Free Forever plan which comes with no price tag, the Deliver plan which costs $10/month when billed annually, the Grow plan costs $18./month when billed annually, and the Scale Plan.

Contact TeamWork to find out the price tag for the scale plan. Both Deliver plan and Grow plan offers a 30-days trial feature.

8. Hive

Hive is a cloud collaborative project management software that enables large and small teams to manage projects efficiently.

Key Feature Analysis

  • Offers Gantt view, Kanban view, Calendar view, Portfolio view, Table View, and Label view.
  • Offers a track sheet feature that keeps you updated on time spent on tasks, most productive tasks, and individual task status.
  • Hive is Integrated with over 1000 third-party apps to keep you from going back and forth between platforms.
  • Communication tools to help communicate with team members.
  • Allows for external collaboration
  • Offers advanced collaborative features.
  • Allows for the importation of data from other project management tools.
  • Offers Free Demo

Pricing Plan

Hive offers three types of pricing plans.

  • Hive Solo which is the free forever plan is designed for individuals and small teams.
  • Hive Teams costs $12/month per user when billed annually but costs $16/month when billed monthly.
  • The Hive enterprise price plan isn’t specified, but it’s designed for teams with the need for custom project management features.

9. Wrike

This project management software provides your team with 360° visibility on tasks thereby enabling better project management.

Key Feature Analysis

  • Automated workflow
  • Offers interactive Gantt view, purpose built-in templates, kanban board, drag-and-drop editor, and customized request forms.
  • It allows for the Integration of over 400 third-party apps.
  • Offers collaborative tools such as visual proofing, digital publishing, and shared team calendar.
  • Wrike enables 360° visibility of projects and their outcomes by offering features such as time tracking, project portfolio management, advanced analytics, to-do list, billing, and shared dashboards.
  • Offers enterprise-grade security that enables data protection.

Wrike’s Pricing Plan

Wrike’s five pricing plan makes it accessible to individuals, small teams, professional service teams, marketing teams, and more.

Wrike’s free plan comes with no cost but is only suitable for 1 to 5 team members. The professional plan enables 5 – 200 users and costs $9.80/month per user for teams looking to facilitate its project planning and collaboration process.

The business plan which is the most popular plan amongst Wrike users costs $24.80 and is suitable for a 5 – 200 user team looking for a customized platform. The Enterprise and Pinnacle plan allows for unlimited users but comes with advanced security tools.

10. Atlassian Jira

The Atlassian Jira software works on the agile methodology making it suitable for agile teams. It is a project management software that offers issue, big, and project tracking.

Key Feature Analysis

  • Offers customizable scrum boards, Kanban boards, roadmaps, and robust reporting.
  • Offers integration with 3000+ third-party apps and developer tools.
  • Enables customizable automated workflow
  • Enables support for mobile applications that are compatible with IOS and Android devices thereby making it possible for remote workers to stay engaged on the platform.
  • Task tracking feature
  • Support for 800+ add-ons and plugins
  • Enables real-time notification feature that provides users with notifications on email alerts, updates, and tasks.

Jira Pricing Plan

Jira provides four pricing plans for its users. The free plan, which is limited to 10 users, is great for small teams aiming to plan and track their projects.

The standard plan comes with a 20,000 user limit at the cost of $7.5/per user while the premium plan costs $14.50/per user.

The enterprise plan is designed for organizations with bigger needs and you’ll have to contact the Atlassian Jira team for its price plan.

11. Nifty

Key Features

  • Time tracking and reporting feature that gives detailed insight on how long a task takes, who’s handling a task, and what task is being worked on.
  • Offers a user’s role function that enables you to restrict a user’s access to various features on the app.
  • Offers portfolio management tools: – this feature erases errors and bottlenecks by improving task organization thereby providing an overview of a project’s status to users.
  • Enables milestone function: – this color-coded function gives your team purpose and enables them to achieve set goals on projects.
  • Provides team collaboration tools
  • Enables multiple project views such as list view, Gantt chart view, board view, calendar view, and table view.
  • Allows importation and integration

Pricing Plan

Nifty provides five pricing plans for its users with each plan having distinct features. The free forever plan costs $0, the Starter plan costs $39/month when billed annually, the Pro costs $79/month when billed annually, the Business plan costs $124/month billed annually and the Unlimited plan costs $399.

12. Zoho Project

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software.

Key Features

  • Integration and Add-ons
  • Time management feature
  • Charts and Report feature
  • Team collaboration tools: – this feature allows for messaging, file sharing, mentions, interactive feeds, forums, and more to enable collaboration among team members.
  • Automation
  • Customizations function: – this feature enables you to create a custom layout, custom views, custom fields, custom status, custom functions, custom templates, custom domains, and custom tags.
  • Imports feature: – this feature permits the importation of projects from Microsoft projects, Jira, and BaseCamp.
  • Apps and devices: – Zoho projects allow you to access your projects from browsers and mobile devices.
  • Offers Task management features which include issue or bug management, multiple task view, universal adds, Gantt view, dependencies, reminder function, portfolio dashboard, and more.
  • Gantt charts
  • Offers Zoho Integration which includes Zoho desk, books and invoices, Zoho CRM, Zoho mail, Zoho flow, and more.

Pricing plan

Zoho project provides three inexpensive pricing plans that are suitable for teams of all sizes. Its free plan is limited to 3 users, while its premium plan which costs $5/month per user is limited to 50 users.

Zoho project also offers an Enterprise plan which costs $10/month per user with no user limitation.

All paid plan offers a 10-day trial.

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13. ProofHub

ProofHub is a Saas-based project management software that allows project access from the web, Android, and iPhone/iPad. It offers features such as proofing, reporting and analysis, Me View, and many more.

Key Features

  • Enables creation of tasks and subtasks
  • Enables the creation of custom roles for team members
  • Task management tool as well as a built-in proofing tool.
  • Offers table views
  • A white-Labeling feature that allows you to give your ProofHub account the design that fits your brand.
  • Enables Kanban board and Gantt chart.
  • Offers detailed custom report of a project’s progress
  • Timesheet feature that tracks project duration and reports it to you.
  • Provides multiple language feature
  • Also offers a request form feature, discussion function, integrations, notifications, account transfer tools, and more features.
  • Collaboration and Prioritization tools

ProofHub Pricing Plan

ProofHub offers two pricing plans with a 30-day free trial period. The standard plan costs $45/month and comes with limited features as well as restrictions to 1 – 10 users.

The premium plan costs $135/monthly and unlocks all features offered by ProofHub.

14. GanttPRO

Key Features

  • Sharing, Import, and Exporting of Projects: – this feature enables you to import and export projects from and to a third-party application.
  • Gantt Chart Templates: – GanttPRO provides you with ready-made templates and also permits you to customize your templates.
  • A team Collaboration tool that aids communication among team members.
  • Auto Scheduling and Critical path feature: – the auto-scheduling feature helps you to modify your project schedule when there’s an occurrence while the critical path feature highlights possible ways to complete a task.
  • Multiple views: – this feature enables you to switch between views of your choice.
  • User Setting and Administration
  • Resource management tool: – this feature gives real-time insight into a project’s budget thereby allowing for better project budget management.
  • Progress tracking tool: – this tool enables you to view task progress, as well as set time duration for tasks and subtasks.
  • Task management with dependencies: – this feature enables you to create tasks and set up the tasks in the order in which they’ll be performed (dependencies). GanttPRO offers four types of dependencies.
  • Offers advanced data security options.

Pricing Plan

GanttPRO provides four pricing plans to its users. The basic plan which is suitable for small teams costs $7/month per user when billed annually.

The PRO plan comes with a price tag of $12.99/month when billed annually while the business plan which is designed for companies aiming for an extensive project portfolio costs $19.99.

The Enterprise plan offers advanced security and support features. Contact the GanttPRO team for information on the Enterprise pricing plan cost.

15. Clarizen

This cloud-based project management software is an all-in-one software that offers support to teams aiming for seamless and productive project execution. It offers countless features as listed below.

List of Main Features

  • File sharing, import, and export of project from a third-party application
  • Task management tools
  • Workforce, Risk, Portfolio, and Resource management tool
  • Customization of templates
  • Issue, budget, and time tracking feature
  • Multi-language option
  • Assignment of role feature
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Gantt Chart
  • Offers executive dashboard
  • API access
  • Mobile Application

Pricing Plan

Clarizen’s pricing plan includes three paid plans. The Enterprise plan costs $45/month per user, the Unlimited plan costs $60/month per user, and the salesforce plan costs $100/month per user.

These paid plans comes with a 30-day free trial period to give you a preview of the features offered by Clarizen.

16. Paymo

PayMo is a project management software with reporting features, collaboration features, and project management tools that helps companies orchestrate every phase of project execution.

Key Features Analysis

  • This task management feature allows you to switch between views, create tasks and subtasks, as well as build conversation around tasks.
  • This project management tool gives you a broad view of every detail of your project using the Gantt chart.
  • Milestone feature that gives you updates on major projects
  • Timesheet and reporting feature that lets you in on time spent on projects as well as your performance on projects.
  • Paymo integrations
  • Collaboration and Communication features
  • Other features include file sharing, design proofing, expense tracking, online invoicing, and more.

Paymo Pricing Plan

Paymo provides a free forever version for individuals and freelancers and its paid plans offer some free trial period to enable you to explore the features offered by PayMo.

Its paid plan price ranges from $4.95/month per user to $20.79/month per user.

17. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is another best project management software tool that offers features needed by small and big companies to execute projects seamlessly.

Key Features Analysis

  • Gantt-typed timeline feature to enable efficient task coordination and planning.
  • Time tracking and reporting feature that gives you and other members updates and reports on time spent on tasks.
  • Offers an automated workflow function that enables the smooth process of task execution.
  • Task and file management feature that lets you create and manage tasks and files.
  • Other features include an email notification feature, task commenting, progress reporting feature, and more.

Pricing Plan

MeisterTask offers three pricing plans with one of them being a free plan.

The Pro plan costs $8.25/month per user while the business plan costs $20.75/month per user.

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