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30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women

Can pregnant women earn a living from home? Working remotely has become a common practice in recent times. Most companies are hiring remote workers at an affordable price to perform similar tasks for them.

The good news is that pregnant women can participate in some jobs to earn a decent living from home.

Since pregnant women are not allowed to participate in all types of remote jobs, some specific job opportunities will cause less stress for them.

So, what are the best remote jobs for pregnant women? This article will teach you the 30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women.

What are the Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant, remember you are limited to certain job opportunities. The essence of selecting a specific job opportunity to embrace is to avoid stress at all costs. Keep in mind that stress can affect you and your unborn child. So, you must do everything possible to avoid exposing yourself to stressful activities.

But there are still specific job opportunities that will not stress you out. So, what are the best jobs for pregnant women? Let’s check them out.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is one of the 30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women. It is an online job pregnant women can do from home. But you need computer-related skills and other office knowledge to professionally render your virtual assistant job.

If you have acquired these skills in the past, you can increase your chances of being hired by the client. As a virtual assistant, you should render administrative tasks for seven businesses or individuals.

Virtual assistants are also responsible for customer service calls, client appointments, emails, travel trips, and other simple tasks. You don’t have to stress yourself to render your job professionally as a virtual assistant.

To start with virtual assistant tasks, you must contact the necessary skills before visiting job platforms to connect with clients. You can find virtual assistant jobs on Fiverr, Flex Jobs, PeoplePerHour platforms, and more.

Data Entry

Data entry is another simple pick of our 30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women you can handle. According to a recent survey, data entry has been discovered to be one of the most popular temporary jobs for pregnant women.

Unlike other jobs on this list, data entry requires less effort to accomplish the tasks involved in its job requirement. As a data entry expert, your job is to gather source data through audio clips, paper, and other files.

After collecting the source data, you are required to transcribe them before entering the outcome in the database for future easy retrieval. The recruiter needs to learn about your expertise before you are considered fit for the job.

Once they are satisfied, they will offer you the opportunity to work for them as a data entry expert. The best websites for data entry jobs are,,, and more.

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Chat Agent


When you cannot work as a call center representative, you can work as a chat agent for companies. Some pregnant women often have other children at home that may distract their call conversation.

If you have children at home, you can opt for a chat agent job, as they cannot stop you from rendering your job professionally. As a chat agent, you should possess strong communication skills and the ability to respond quickly to a client’s request.

Although most companies prefer working with chatbots to render chat-related tasks, you still can secure a chat agent job. You need to prove to your employer your expertise in the field to qualify as a chat agent.

Your main job responsibility is to answer questions and support customers.

Your required tools to execute this job professionally include a computer, internet source, and software provided by the company. Almost every company prefers working with chat agents. So you will surely find your chances out there.

Search Engine Evaluator

The search engine evaluation job has been in high demand in recent times. Since most businesses rely on search engines like Google to connect with prospective customers, they prefer to issue search engine evaluation jobs at a specific discount.

Despite the popularity of this job opportunity, many people are still unaware of its existence. Before you consider searching for search engine evaluation jobs, understand what the concept is all about. Business owners prefer to work with people with a strong background in the field.

So, you may not find your way around as a beginner in this field. The best platforms to find search engine evaluation jobs include Leapforce, Appen, and more. Most clients will pay you $12 to $15 per hour to render tasks for them.


Most pregnant women may think that photography comes with severe stress. However, if you become a photographer, you will find that the job is less complicated than people describe it. Instead of going for outdoor shots, you can organize a small home studio for your photography shots.

You can capture any item or product and sell it online. You can choose a niche and create a stock photo gallery online based on the place. You can even charge your clients a fixed price for each photo.

However, you must be a professional photographer before people consider buying your photos. Aside from selling directly on your blog, you can also sell your images on other stock websites like Alamy, iStock, and more.

If you prefer working for clients, you can become a freelance photographer and capture what the clients want. Through this approach, you can increase your expertise in photography and earn massively from your skills.



You can create a blog and earn massively from blogging. Before you finalize your plan to run a blog, you have to choose a specific niche and proceed to build your audience on that niche. There are numerous niches to blog about.

But the most popular niches include Cooking, fashion, making money, diet and fitness, gaming news, and more. After choosing a place, train yourself to create relevant content on it. Endeavor to learn the processes of blogging before getting started with the tasks involved.

To start blogging, you need to own a website and learn to write articles. Once your blog is ready, create content regularly for your audience.

Writing is regarded as one of the simplest 30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant to execute from home. Unlike most remote jobs, writing requires less stress once you understand the terms of your job.

Like most jobs, you are expected to build your interest in a particular niche before searching for jobs.

Clients will likely consider working with you based on your writing niche and expertise. Before you land a writing gig, the client may request a proposal and job samples to know if you are the best candidate.

When you don’t have the necessary skills to execute the tasks, the client may consider moving on to the next applicant. So, it would be best to prepare your proposals professionally to increase your chances of landing writing gigs on any freelancing platform.

Once you have the writing skills required to accomplish any job, find jobs on platforms such as PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and more.

Proofreading or Editing

If you love to read as a pregnant woman, you may consider applying for proofreading jobs on job platforms. Clients also demand the services of proofreaders to make some necessary corrections in a completed writing project.

Your job as a proofreader is to find an error in any writing piece and eliminate that mistake. Hence, if you don’t enjoy reading, you may never succeed in rendering your job professionally as a proofreader.

Pregnant moms who render proofreading tasks at home find the job simple and easier. You don’t necessarily have to stress yourself so hard to meet the job requirements.

But you have to understand the writing piece before making the necessary corrections. To find proofreading jobs, visit Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, and more.

Graphic Designs

Graphic design is one of the 30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women. It is also another easy task for a pregnant mom at home. You don’t necessarily have to stress yourself before meeting the demands of this job.

All you need to do is to jump onto your computer screen and render an assigned task. Before you begin to apply for jobs as a graphic designer, you should train yourself and learn the processes involved in the study.

Once you have acquired the necessary skills required for the job, you can find clients on freelancing platforms or other job sites. Keep in mind that your ability to work for clients highly depends on your expertise in the field.

Hence, your work must be neat and error-free to land high-paying gigs.

Participating in Survey


If you want to participate in a survey, remember that you can get paid to execute related tasks in this field. Many GPT websites often pay people to complete surveys on their platforms. You don’t necessarily have to become an expert in any field to meet the requirements of these platforms.

However, some sites may still require your expertise in certain fields before you can answer the survey. But once you meet the qualifications of the platform, take a survey and earn money during your pregnancy. Unlike most jobs on this list, answering surveys requires less time.

Most survey tasks can be completed in less than an hour, and you will have enough time for other activities.

Best survey site includes SurveyJunkie (pays from $2 to $75 per survey), OpinionCity (pays from $1 to $100 per survey), Opinion Outpost (pays up to $50 per survey), Branded Surveys (pays up to $75 per survey), Pinecone Research (pays up to $300 per week), Vindale Research ( pays up to $50 per survey) and more.

Become a product tester.

As a pregnant mom, you can earn by testing products for companies. Many market research companies hire product testers to conduct several tests and trials on the product before releasing it.

The success of most companies often relies on the opinions of product testers. Rendering the tasks involved in this project is less complicated and can be easily actualized with your level of expertise.

The job does not require much time to accomplish as you can complete some tasks within 15 to 25 minutes of executing the task. The best sites that pay you to test products for them include ProductTesting (which pays you $100 for an instant signup bonus), Pinecone Research (which pays you up to $7 per test), and more.

Create and sell handmade products.

If you are great at creating crafts, you don’t necessarily have to work with clients to earn from home. You can use your expertise to create and sell handmade crafts and sell for money. When you are creative in making handmade products, you will realize that people will be fascinated with the idea of patronizing you.

Hence, you will surely attract a lot of attention to your online store. You can sell your handmade products on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and other online marketplaces.

Before you sell in any of these online marketplace, you must create your store and attract customers to your store with the products listed for purchase.


If you have expertise in rendering accounting jobs, you may earn from your expertise during pregnancy. Since you will be working from home, you can easily find clients needing account-related tasks.

Proceed to make yourself available for this accounting job. However, most clients will demand certain requirements before accepting you for the job. Hence, you must meet these requirements before applying for an accounting job.

Almost every company needs accountants. However, you can check Flexjobs,, and other career platforms to find remote jobs for accountants.



If you are an expert in any field, you can work as a consultant from home. Almost every business consults experts in any area before venturing into that field. Hence, if you can deliver your job professionally as a consultant, consider making yourself available for assignments.

The amount you will charge your clients depends on your popularity and expertise. Remember that you should keep your bid at an affordable rate while starting. However, you can increase your earnings with time.

Transcribing job

You can become a transcriber and earn massively from doing your job perfectly. The job requirement for this role is not complex. You can execute the basic tasks involved in transcribing an appointment with ease.

Before getting started with transcribing a job, ensure that you provide yourself with the necessary tools needed for the job. Most clients prefer working professionals who have set aside their home office to avoid distraction.

Hence, consider setting up your home office before searching for transcribing jobs.

Video Editing

If you are good at editing videos, you can apply for video editing jobs and earn greatly from doing professional jobs for clients. As a video editor, the client will give you a perfect description of any task before executing it.

Hence, you must listen well and follow instructions to succeed as a video editor. Like most jobs, video editing will not stress you or your baby.

However, you must still develop a flexible working routine to ensure enough rest while doing your job. The best platforms to find video editing jobs are PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and more.

Personal Shopper

Some clients are too busy to shop for items. Hence, they are willing to pay someone to shop for them. Therefore, you may consider earning from your expertise if you are great at shopping for quality items.

You must prove to the client that you are the best person for the job. You also have to make yourself available whenever the clients need your service. With most businesses going online, you don’t have to visit the grocery to shop for items for a client.

You can conveniently shop from home and deliver the item to the client’s home. You can find this job on most freelancing platforms or target your clients directly and reach out to them.

Online tutor

Online tutoring as one of the 30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women is underestimated. This is crucial when you already have a teaching skill.

Most pregnant moms prefer to teach their expertise online for a profit. You will find this job less stressful and easy to accomplish. When you decide to teach online, you must grow your skills in a particular area to qualify for rendering the necessary tasks.

Most online tutoring platforms have different terms and conditions that tutors must meet. Hence, you should read the terms and conditions of each tutoring platform before applying for online tutoring jobs.

The best platforms to tutor online include Udemy, DataCamp, Coursera, and more.

Babysitting Job


As a pregnant mom, you can work as a babysitter to other busy moms and get rewarded for doing the job. Though this may not sound so good in our 30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women, it gives you a better experience.

This is important if you are expecting your first baby. You don’t have to visit your clients’ homes to babysit their children, as you can urge them to bring them to your home.

However, not every client will agree to bring their baby to your home. So, if it involves you visiting the client’s home for the job, you should consider doing so for the sake of the job. You can babysit jobs on and other platforms.

Dog sitting Jobs

Aside from becoming babysitters, pregnant moms can also work as dog sitters. Most people know their dogs need companions, especially if they are always busy at work.

Instead of leaving their dogs alone at home, they send the pets to dog sitters. People around your neighborhood can send their dogs to your home and pay for the service you render. You can create a fixed price from it.


If you are experienced in creating animated characters, thousands of clients will gladly work with you. Animators are highly paid to execute a certain assignment issued by the client. Before a client concludes working with you, the person will request to see your past jobs.

It would be best to learn to deliver your jobs within time. You will easily win the job when you provide a satisfactory sample to the client. As an animator, focus on improving your expertise in the field. You can find animating jobs on freelancing platforms and other job sites.

Financial Advisor

When you have great financial skills, you can render paid financial advice to people. Most people will pay for your services once you create value. Financial Advisors often direct people on the path that will help them achieve financial freedom.

You can work as a legal assistant from home as a pregnant woman. Top companies often hire remote legal assistants to use their skills in executing tasks for them.

As a legal assistant, you assist lawyers in researching, arranging documents, and conducting further investigations on any case. Your job revolves around making the tasks appear much easier for the lawyer. You can find a legal Assistant job on career platforms or LinkedIn.

Computer programmer


Pregnant women with experience running computer codes can work as programmers from home. Programming is our top choice in 30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women. As a programmer, you are supposed to learn several languages to increase your chances of landing a job.

The best learning languages include Python, JAVA, JavaScript, C++, and more. When you understand these languages, you can work remotely as a data scientist, cybersecurity, data analyst, and other programming jobs.

Social Media Management

If you are experienced in managing social media, you can be a social media manager for businesses. Most business owners lack knowledge of how social media management works. They cannot run successful ads that will earn them a profit.

However, as a social media manager, you can propose to these companies to assign the management job to you. But before applying for social media management jobs, you should endeavor to learn the process first.

The best platforms to find social media management jobs include Guru, PeoplePerHour, and more.

Website Management

Aside from managing social media platforms for businesses, you can also manage websites for businesses. Most business owners are too busy to manage their websites. Hence, you can sign up for the job and satisfy your clients’ needs.

Website management tasks can be easily accomplished when you understand how to handle the job perfectly. You can find website management jobs on LinkedIn, Upwork, and other platforms.

Public Relation Specialist

As a public relations specialist, you are meant to work for companies, nonprofit organizations, entertainment organizations, and other institutions.

Before being considered fit for the job, you must be great at addressing the public. You will work as the public image of the company. However, you may not participate actively in stressful outdoor activities since you are pregnant.

However, some companies are still willing to assign less stressful tasks for you to execute.

Office clerk

Office Clerk is one of our 30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women. Since you will be working remotely, you can also work as a business office clerk. As an office clerk, you have to understand the basics of handling the day-to-day activities of your recruiter.

The good news is that you can work remotely as an office clerk and still deliver satisfactory tasks to your employer.

Human Resource Manager

If you are knowledgeable in recruiting professionals for companies, you can get hired by many companies to execute the job.

Many employers will allow you to render your job remotely and interview people via Zoom calls. As an HR manager, you should be able to tell when a candidate deserves to be employed and when to reject a candidate.

Once you understand your job terms, you should find remote human resource management jobs from several career sites.

Sale Agents


As a sales agent, you should assist a company in managing sales and meeting its marketing goals. Your job as a sales agent is connecting consumers to your clients. Hence, you must have the ability to close deals with clients.

While hoping to close a deal, ensure you present the product in its best form to the client. Through this approach, you can convince people to purchase from your client.

When your experience in making sales increases, you can decide to work as an affiliate marketer for famous brands.


As a pregnant woman, you may have to avoid stressful jobs that expose you and your unborn child to danger. Instead of going for any job that comes your way, try for job opportunities that will not stress you.

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