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If you are in a situation where you need money to settle an urgent problem, here are 25 legit ways to get cash.

The ways highlighted below can revive your dead account in hours. When next you need money to pay for pizza or gas, here are 25 things you can do.

Legit Ways to Get Cash When You Need it Fast

Here is the list of 25 legit ways to get cash when you need it fast.

Participate in games

There are lots of applications that allow you to earn money by playing games. Some of them will pay you more than $20 in minutes.

Swagbucks is an app that provides this service. It’s one of the highest-paying money-making applications available. Swagbucks is known to have given out $550 million to its users.

Participating in surveys

Participating in surveys is one of the simplest ways to earn money. You can easily answer a survey on a topic you’re familiar with while on your bed.

All you need to do is find a survey app, specify your area of interest, and answer the questions thrown at you.

Earn from Sign-up Incentives

Money-making apps pay you for watching movies, completing surveys, playing games, and more. But there are money-making apps that pay you for signing up with them.

They offer Sign-up incentives to its new users. Some sites pay up to $20 for registering and validating your email.

Utilize referral incentives

If you are looking for a way to earn $20 quickly, you can take advantage of the referral incentives offered by most sites.

When you sign up for those sites, your profile will be assigned a unique link. All you have to do is forward that link to your friends. If they sign up using your referral link, you’ll get a bonus immediately.

Earn Rewards For Purchasing Items

One simple way to quickly earn money $20 is by purchasing items such as groceries.

Most sites offer cash back services that pay you for shopping in stores they’re affiliated with. Whenever you want to purchase an item online, you can do it via sites that offer cash-back services.

Express your Opinion

Aside from expressing your opinions on paid survey sites, there are other ways to earn much. Joining a focus group enables you to earn much more.

Most Focus paid groups pay you up to $100 for participating in a discussion.

It often takes over 20 minutes to complete a survey – which is worth it.

Reduce your monthly expenses

If you’re hoping to earn $20 immediately to cover certain expenditures, a better option is to find ways to reduce your expenses.

Apps like Truebill acts like a financial manager. It automatically reduces your expenses and creates a monthly budget for you.

Watch Videos

The internet is home to hundreds of applications that pay you to watch videos.

If you are idle but want to make more than $20, you can search up those applications and get registered.

Investment Applications

Applications like Acorns enable you to make investments for the future.

If you’ll be in need of money in the nearest future, it’s best that you invest as little as $20 in apps like Acorns. This app will multiply your investment and will enable you to withdraw it whenever you want.

Become a Freelancer

If you are in urgent need of money, you can offer your skill on platforms like Fiverr.

Fiverr enables you to carry out a brief task for as little as $5.

DoorDash Delivery

DoorDash makes it easy for you to earn $20. By signing up on DoorDash, you can earn more than $20 for picking up and dropping off goods.
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Receive a free Amazon gift card

If you are in need of money to purchase an item online, you can use the Amazon free gift card to make the purchase.

There are several opportunities available to earn free credit and gift cards on Amazon.

Become an Online Friend

There are sites that pay you to become friends with someone. Most people are in need of online friends. And they’re willing to pay others to become that.

If you want to make money for doing the bare minimum, you can get registered on one of those sites.

Online English instructor

When searching for ways to earn $20 online, online tutoring jobs is a good idea.

You can connect with friends in order to find someone who’s in need of a tutor.

Make your Facility Available for Rent

If you have an empty room in your house, you can it up for rent. In this way, you can earn up to $20 a day for doing nothing.

Sites like Airbnb enable you to rent out your room for short-term purposes. You can decide to rent out your room for a week if you are in urgent need of cash.

Pursue a career as an online proofreader

A proofreading career can enable you to make over $20 in a day. As a proofreader, you will be tasked with checking grammatical errors in literary works like journals, blog entries, resumes, book chapters, articles, and more.

Seek Transcribing Jobs

To become a transcriber, you don’t need skill. A transcriber is a person who transcribes audio and video files into written works.

You only need to be attentive to details and have good typing skills. As a transcriber, you can earn up to $50 a day.

Cash in unused gift cards

If you’re not going to use them, you can put them up for sale on sites that buy gift cards. While you’re unlikely to sell it for its original price, you can sell it at a discounted price.

Work as an Uber driver

Car sharing services like Uber can earn you quick cash. It is an excellent way to earn $20 in minutes.

This job is very flexible. It enables you to decide your working hours and earnings.

Sell Old Clothes

If you have old clothes that are of no use to you, you can sell them off for quick cash

This way is an easy way to make more than $20.

Test Websites

You can make quick cash by conducting a test for different websites. Most websites are in need of people to test their websites and provide feedback.

As a website tester, you’ll be tasked with navigating a website in order to find out if you have a good user experience. This job demands that you write your experience while using a site.

Pet sitting

Pet sitting is a simple way to earn money. This job is very flexible and doesn’t require labor.

If you are in dire need of cash, you can take up pet sitting jobs that pay $10 per hour.

Become a Dog Walker

As a dog walker, you can easily make $10 in minutes. It’s an excellent way to make quick cash.

Walking many dogs at the same time can earn you over $50 in an hour.


Babysitting is an excellent under-the-table job if you’re in need of some quick cash.

Obtain a credit card

When in need of cash, you can make use of your credit card. Credit cards enable you to purchase items that are outside your budget.

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