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Can one earn $1000 within a month without engaging in dubious adventures? Again, how fast can one make $1000 from doing legit work? If these are some of the questions you have been asking yourself, then you are in the right place. 

Making money online or offline is possible if you have the right skills and access to accurate information. With the constantly evolving digital technology, you don’t have to wait months or years before earning about $1000. There are legit ventures you can go into for quick cash. 

While some might require little financial investment, others might demand your social investment, skills, commitment, and time. Therefore, this article will show you 21 legit ways you can make $1000 quickly. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most demanded services in the global market today. The affiliate marketing industry will always thrive as long as existing products and services exist. One can make a fortune from affiliate marketing by simply recommending products and services and earning commissions from sales. An average affiliate marketer earns roughly $12900 in the United States.

The amount of money you make from affiliate marketing depends on your marketing skills and the type of products and services you sell. Some products and services can get you $1000 in weeks if you use the right marketing strategies.

As a beginner in affiliate marketing, your chosen niche is the most crucial step in determining your success. Therefore, doing in-depth niche research when starting your affiliate journey would be great. The niche you settle in will determine the competition you will likely meet and your earning potential in the long run.

Once you have an idea, you can head over to Google Trends to perform market research on your niche of choice. Another great tool to carry out your niche research is Amazon’s best-seller category, where you can find some of the best-selling products.

Remember that it’s easier to make more money from recommending products or services that can earn you more commission. Therefore, it would help to consider the commission rate before choosing a product or service. Affiliates that refer buyers to low-competitive products or services with a high commission rate are more likely to earn more money than their counterparts promoting high-competition products with low margins.


There have been a lot of misconceptions that you need years to be able to earn from blogging. Those pushing this opinion do this from the angle of bloggers creating content based on their passion. While passion is essential in any endeavor, you must consider other factors to be a successful blogger, and not just on passion alone.

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Factors like market demand, audience, and professional leverage are other things you can look out for. Some content can attract organic traffic to your site. It would help if you studied trends to understand the content that sells fast at a particular season.

Once you have been able to build a formidable audience on your blog, you can then monetize your blog. You can do this through affiliate links, ads, selling your products, creating online courses, using online course creation tools, offering writing services, and more.

Website flipping 

Just buying an existing website might be the best option for folks who dislike the stress of building a website from scratch. Website flipping is simply getting an existing website, increasing its value, and selling it to make profits.

While making money this way might sound simple, it requires a lot of work and commitment. Flipping a website is not all about reselling a website. The burden of improving the website and attracting more traffic to the website will lie on the flipper, although not always mandatory. Some sell websites just because of the domain value.

YouTube Content Creation

Many people are more likely to spend their time watching a video on a particular topic than reading it as an article. This is because most people understand a concept faster from watching videos. 

By creating a YouTube channel that focuses on providing a niche-based solution, you have created an avenue for generating income. Depending on the views on your YouTube videos, you can monetize your channel and earn pretty well. 

Online Course 

Most people are fast embracing digital learning. They now prefer learning online and at their own pace. As a result, many online learning platforms, like Udemy, Coursera, Alison, Skillshare, etc., have emerged. 

If you are a professional in any particular field, you can create online courses and sell them on those platforms. These courses can be in the form of a video tutorial, lecture notes, or both. With online courses, you can potentially earn a good income. 

Amazon KDP

As an author, you can self-publish your books on Amazon and make good money when people order your books. But, just like blogging, you must research a niche that sells well on Amazon KDP if you want to make a fortune from publishing. 

As long as your book remains on the platform, there is a tendency to get more sales from future orders. 


In today’s internet marketing world, dropshipping is a low-risk avenue for making a good amount of money. With drop shipping, you don’t have to worry about producing your goods or purchasing bulk for reselling. You work with wholesalers and distributors to help them sell their products.

The primary task in this business model is marketing manufacturers’ products, which will require you to build an e-commerce store where customers can order products. You earn money from drop shipping by selling the products at your marked-up price.

When customers order from your e-commerce site, the products are shipped without the receipt reflecting the supplier or the original price of the goods. Sometimes, you may be required to pay a fee to the drop shipping company that handles the product’s shipping.

Work as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you are your boss; thus, you can negotiate your pay and work hours. With the right skill, service, and tactics, you make a lot of fortune from freelancing. You can get projects from freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, etc., that suit your budget, time, and profile.

Whether you are working as a freelance graphic designer, freelance writer, or freelance web developer, freelancing will give you access to a broader audience and help you build your brand. Once you have established that trust with a client, they drop a review that can improve your brand.

With freelancing, you don’t need to wait till the month’s end before they pay you for your work. Most freelancers get their payment after completing a project or at the end of one or two weeks. An average freelancer can earn roughly $10 per hour depending on the service offered. With a 40-hour weekly schedule, such freelancers will earn more than $1000 in three weeks.

Virtual Assistant

If you like working remotely and have excellent administrative skills, you can make lots of money as a virtual assistant. The role of a virtual assistant is similar to a receptionist, only that you have to work from home. This means that a virtual assistant must possess a working computer system and have access to a strong internet connection.

How much you earn as a virtual assistant depends on your experience and skills. For starters, you can make between $10 – $20 per hour as a virtual assistant in the United States. However, virtual assistants with solid administrative experience can earn between $50 – $100 per hour, giving you more than $1000 in cumulative earnings in less than two weeks.

Design websites

Due to the importance of creating an online presence for brands, there has been a high demand for quality websites. A professional website designer can make so much money by designing business websites. A web designer can work as a freelancer on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc., and offer their services to clients at a favorable price. They can also work for a website agency and get rewarded handsomely.

An average web designer can earn about $26 per hour; however, with more experience, there is a tendency to make better. At this rate, an average designer working 20 hours a week can earn more than $1000 in two weeks.

Start Tutoring

There is a famous adage that says learning never ends. Regardless of how much knowledge we have acquired, there are still some things to learn. Others might find it easy to learn independently, while some might need the assistance of a tutor.

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Photo by Katerina Holmes: https://www.pexels.com/photo/ethnic-girl-having-video-chat-with-teacher-online-on-laptop-5905709/

If you find it easy to impart knowledge to people, you can monetize your passion by tutoring people who need knowledge in your field. There are many platforms where you can find tutoring opportunities that pay well.

For instance, Smart Thinking pays tutors $125 per month for four hours of online tutoring. Another platform, like, Skooli, pays tutors $0.82 per minute of online tutoring. So, depending on how you can maximize different tutoring opportunities, you can earn as much as $1000 in a short time from teaching online.

Become a brand influencer

With a good social media presence, you can create a lot of fortune for yourself. Both big and small businesses want their products and services to reach a broad audience, and your extensive social media followers can create the market they need. In addition, you are one step away from getting an influencing gig by creating engaging social media content.

For instance, Instagram influencers can create an income stream by getting tips on live videos, creating sponsored ads, or influencing a brand. Business Insiders reported that a micro Instagram influencer charges less than $100 for an Instagram story. Another influencer, with 275,000 followers, was able to secure $700,000 for six months.  

Selling photos online

You can monetize your passion for taking photographs by selling your photos on microstock sites. However, it’s best you first master the art of taking quality photographs and creating a niche for yourself.

There are varieties of microstock platforms; however, you should be careful of going to platforms that give an unfair commission rate. Aiming for a 40% commission rate as you go higher in your commercial photography career would be best.

Fotolia, a popular microstock site, pays photographers a 20% commission for a start, which subsequently increases to about 46%. You can also find other microstock sites with high commission rates online and maximize the opportunity.

Sell used household items.

If you look around, you will be surprised to find many household items you no longer use. You can make a lot of money by decluttering and selling them off to people who need them. You can sell old electronics, clothing, furniture, books, and more.

eBay is a popular place to sell your used items. The platform has readily available buyers who are willing to purchase those items. However, you have to create a seller account first and then put your marketing skill to practice.

Rent out your car

If you have one or two cars in your garage, you can transform them into a money-making machine. There are several car-sharing companies you can give your vehicles to for renting purposes when they are not in use. These companies rent the car out in airports, as Uber cars, or as delivery services.

Turo, a famous car-sharing company, claims that an average person could earn about $10,000 annually renting a car. Therefore, an individual renting out five cars can earn about $50,000. This is a lot of money compared to keeping the car idle in one’s garage.

Rent out your home at Airbnb

Airbnb has revolutionized the hospitality industry to favor host communities. They help connect people who need help with accommodation to individuals willing to host guests in their homes. This way, both the host and the guest get their needs met.

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Photo by John Tekeridis: https://www.pexels.com/photo/house-interior-photo-1428348/

The company pays the host 24 hours after making the reservation. Depending on how long the guest decides to stay, one can earn a decent amount from renting their space on Airbnb. Some hosts with outstanding accommodation have made over $1000 per month on Airbnb.

Engage in Survey

There are thousands of market research companies you will find online. These survey sites recruit people to take surveys online and pay them commissions afterward. However, some of these survey sites are not legit but are created to scam unsuspecting people. Therefore, it would help if you always did your findings well before taking any survey. However, here are some legit survey sites that are great.

Surveys might not guarantee to make $1000 as fast as you want. However, you can step up your game by taking surveys on multiple legit survey sites. For starters, you can earn between $6 – $9 per hour from surveys.

Giving Advice

Rather than giving unsolicited advice, you can make money by sharing it with people who need them and getting paid while at it. Although this may sound funny, it is a realistic way of making money. 

If you want to make money from giving advice, you must first identify those platforms that pay people to give advice. Your main task would be to give your opinion via some short questionnaires. For instance, Opinion Outpost pays users up to $5 for giving their opinion about an idea. Other popular websites that pay users for advice include Just Answer, LifePoints, Survey Junkie, Product Testing, and more. 

Use Cashback Apps 

Cashback is a subtle way of making quick money, but many people don’t know about this. As long as you are an active consumer of basic needs, you will always have cashback opportunities. 

With cashback, any time you purchase an eligible product, you get a percentage of the purchasing price. This may sound funny, but it is more than just getting some cash back after a purchase. 

The working principle is similar to affiliate marketing, where everyone involved is rewarded. Cashbacks are not offered by retailers but by third-party websites. These websites get a commission for attracting traffic to a site and, in turn, reward the buyer by giving out a percentage of the commission. 

There are various cashback apps you can explore to make money. Like Checkoutsmart, GreenJin, and Shopium are some cashback apps you can use to make passive income. They are affiliated with some top supermarkets and online stores where you can purchase your products or services. 

Invest in real estate

The real estate industry has been long-existing. A lot of people have made lots of money from dealing in properties. You might not get your return on investments from real estate as fast as you want, but it is a worthy investment venture. 

There are several ways you can make money from real estate investment. However, the most common way is by reselling a property you bought when it was undervalued. The property’s location and the area’s improvement over time determine how much the property will appreciate.

Another way to make money from real estate is by renting your property for residential or commercial purposes. Other real estate alternatives include investment trusts, real estate investment groups, mortgage investment corporations, and more. 


With the emergence of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency has gained wide acceptance. However, like other investments, cryptocurrency investments come with their risks. Therefore, before investing in any crypto asset, you must understand cryptocurrency and risk management. 


You can make money from cryptocurrency through spot trading, futures trading, coin mining, airdrop campaigns, or investing in NFTs. How much you make depends on your trading portfolio and how well you can manage your risks. 

Final Thoughts

While some of these methods might take months to actualize a $1000 income, others might take weeks or a few days. Therefore, it would be best to consider your need, financial urgency, and skills before choosing any money-making opportunities. 

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