40+ Fantastic Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

Last updated Feb. 15, 2023 by Peter Jakes

Are you looking for ideas for stay-at-home date nights? We’ve got you covered with 40+ fantastic stay-at-home date ideas for couples that are way better than another Netflix marathon.

Going out for a date night can be hard sometimes, whether because of the pandemic, because they don’t have a babysitter, or because they don’t have the energy to go out after a long day at work.

No matter the reason, we’ve come up with many cute date ideas you can do at home. Plus, these ideas for a date night at home are very cheap.

Try one of these fun, inexpensive, stay-at-home date ideas for couples the next time you don’t want to go out or can’t.

Looking for Cheap Date Night Ideas?

Sometimes, stay-at-home date night ideas come into place because they are cheap and you are on a budget.

Also, it could be for the following:

  • The weather outside is scary, and you want to stay inside,
  • Your wallet is feeling a little light
  • You just prefer to stay home,

And it would help if you had some creative ideas for ways to grow your relationship. We have some fabulously romantic indoor date ideas to fit the bill.

Some are free and won’t hurt your income; others won’t cost you a lot of money. Many of them also have some DIY in them. Almost everyone will have a good time making something together, especially if the result looks like it was made at home.

Try one of the listed fun, new date ideas on your weekly date night or for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day.

Why Change Things up With Out-of-the-Box Date Night Ideas

40+ Fantastic Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

Change can help you connect with people in new ways. Find an idea that moves you.

But just because you’re not going out doesn’t mean that your date night will consist of watching Netflix and eating takeout every week. So if you want to spice up your relationship, try one of these ideas to make your time at home more exciting.

What is Date Night Subscription Box

Date nights don’t need to be something from the past. Date Night Boxes are a fun way to spice up your evening. They are a fun subscription box with many things for couples to do.

No longer does it have to be hard to figure out what to do for a date night at home. A stay-at-home date night kit could be just what you need.

What does each Date Night Subscription Box have in it?

Each subscription box comes with various ways to connect with your partner, interactive activities, mood-setting items, high-quality snacks or mixers, a chef-curated dinner menu and recipes, and more!

The Importance of Regular Date Nights

We all know that life can get busy at times. And as time goes on, it gets easier for a couple to get caught up in running a home, taking care of kids, and having a successful career.

With everything going on, there isn’t much time left for physical or emotional intimacy between partners.

Date nights are a great way to reconnect with your partner and ensure you’re both growing and learning about each other’s needs, challenges, and wants. In addition, by getting together at set times, you show that you love each other again and again.

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How To Come Up With Date Ideas

How to come up with date ideas  www.paypant.com

Have a running list! Write it down on your list of date ideas whenever you come up with a fun and unique idea. You can choose a date for that night in many different ways:

  • Try the Alphabet Dating technique
  • Make your date jar,
  • Make a 12 Months of Dates box, or just cross something off your list!

40+ Fantastic Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

1. Wine Taste and Cheese Party at Home

wine taste and cheese party at home  www.paypant.com

Join a home tasting club or pretend to be a sommelier for the night. Pick up various wines at the store (cheap is fine, just make sure you have a combination). Try swirling your glasses to see if you can pick up any tasting notes or figure out which wine you like best.

Then try them all together, talking about how they taste and matching each with a slice of tasty cheese. Even if you know nothing about wine, this date might be even more fun.

You could also hide the labels and determine which wine tastes the best based on how much it costs. And if wine isn’t your thing, you can do the same thing with cheese.

Also, going to a vineyard to taste wine is an excellent idea for a romantic date, but what if there are no vineyards nearby? Or maybe you don’t have much money this month. In that case, I think a DIY wine and cheese tasting would be a fantastic stay-at-home date idea!

2. Make It a Spa Night

Look in your bathroom cabinets for moisturizer, face masks, and other beauty products you may have saved for later. Then, put on some robes, cut up some cucumbers and lemons to make spa water, and relax for the night.

You might even get the idea of taking turns giving each other massages, which would make the activity even more romantic.

3. Challenge Each Other To a Bake-off

Set up a fake “Cupcake Wars” situation in your kitchen and try to impress each other with delicious freshly baked goods. Even if your dishes don’t look as good as the ones on Pinterest, they will still taste great. (And your kids will enjoy what’s left the next day.)

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4. Drinks On the Patio or Deck

Drinks on the porch, patio, or deck can be a great way to spend a lovely, relaxing evening. Just hang out outside with your favorite drinks and talk. It can be even better to do it at or near sunset.

You can still do this date idea inside if you don’t have a porch or patio. Instead, find a nice place in your home to sit down and relax.

5. Play Board Games or Card Games

Most of us have board and card games at home, but when was the last time you and your partner played a game together?

You have many choices, and you can even get a new game (or pick up a cheap one at a yard sale if you want to save money). You could also ask family or friends to lend you games. This is one of the best cheap date ideas, and it’s still so much fun!

6. Themed Dinner And a Movie

Themed Dinner And a Movie www.paypant.com

You don’t have to just eat dinner and watch a movie. Instead, you can make it a themed night where the food and the film are related. For example, you could eat from another country and watch a movie. Or make a meal that is inspired by a scene in a movie. There are an infinite number of options!

This fun date at home is different from the usual date of dinner and a movie. It’s a great way to try something new, too. Many places will bring food to your door if you don’t want to cook. This one is good for a double date as well.

6. Clean Out Your Closets

Now is a great time to take a second look at your closets since you probably only wear some of your clothes at home.

Help each other decide what to keep and what to throw away by putting on a fashion show. Then, no one will think less of you if you do some online shopping to fill that closet space.

7. Have a Snowy Night Party (wintertime).

If you have kids, ensure they are asleep before you sneak outside to build a snowman or fight with snowballs. Then, when it gets too cold, go back inside, make some hot cocoa, and curl up under big blankets.

Bonus Tip Idea:

Playing Video Games: Playing games together can bring out your competitive edges and spice up your relationship, even if neither of you is a big gamer. You can play together to finish a mission or play against each other to see who is the best.

8. Fill Out a Book About Your Love Story

Your love story is lovely and should be shared. You can get one of these books from Amazon and fill it out with your date the next night. You’ll have a great time thinking about the first time you met and everything that’s happened.

PS: If you are in a long-distance relationship, this is also an excellent idea for a date. Each partner can fill out a different part between sending the book back and forth. What a lovely, tangible way to feel close to someone you love when you are far away from them.

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9. Have a Paint-off

Challenge your friends to draw the same still-life image using any available art supplies, whether they are markers, crayons, watercolors, or even pens from your junk drawer.

Try arranging fruit or other household items in a tabletop tableau. You may attempt painting portraits of each other as a new challenge.

10. Tune Into a Dance Club Livestream

It’s hard to say when we’ll be able to go out and dance all night in a club full of people. But, because of streaming DJ sets at your local venue, you can still enjoy the experience at home (like The Wildcat Lounge in Santa Barbara, California).

Have some fun in your living room by dressing up, preparing some beverages (or non-alcoholic ones! ), and having a good time.

11. Research Ways to Give Back

Because of the pandemic and because, well, life, there are a lot of good causes that need help.

Research how you can make a difference in your community or with larger-scale organizations you care about. It will help you and your partner improve at being kind to others. In addition, giving what you can to people who need it will make you feel more hopeful and connected.

12. Make a Bucket List for The Next 10 Years

Not being able to do much of anything can give you a new perspective on what you miss most about pre-pandemic life. So use this time as an opportunity to sit down together and think about the things you both want to do, together and as individuals, when the world opens back up.

13. Have A Hot Fudge Sundae

Have A Hot Fudge Sundae for a date night www.paypant.com

Spend a lot of money and eat a lot of ice cream.

To prepare large, mouth-watering sundaes, don’t forget to stock up on your favorite flavors and toppings.

The world’s most enjoyable sundae can be made by combining various flavors in a single bowl, but trying them all at once in one giant serving is more enjoyable.

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14. Play College Drinking Games

Sure, you probably can’t party like you used to, but you can take a brief trip to the past by playing beer pong or flip cup on your kitchen table. Show off your skills with just each other, and then challenge your kids to play (using water or juice, natch) as a family bonding activity the next day.

15. Have a Deep Conversation

Play “Never Have I Ever” and “Truth or Dare” at sleepovers. Your answers will naturally lead to a deep (but good!) conversation that will shake you out of your usual end-of-day chats.

You can also use this opportunity to recreate your favorite date. Bring back happy memories by hosting a reenactment of a special date at home. Takeout from your first date’s favorite restaurant, the same tunes from the bar you met, or even a homemade version of the food that first drew you together are all options.

16. Go Through Old Photos

Pull out your scrapbooks and photo boxes for a trip down memory lane, or look through your digital photos.

If you’ve been putting off making a wedding album, framing pictures for your home, or making photo books of your kids, now is a great time to do it and think about the good times at the same time.

17. Turn Your Bedroom Into a Fancy Hotel Room

It always feels like a treat when you stay at a nice hotel. But, even if that isn’t always in the budget, you can have a luxurious and romantic stay-at-home date by turning your home into a fancy hotel room. I love this idea for a date at home!

Gather small samples of fancy body lotion and other ways to take care of your skin. Most department and beauty stores will gladly give them to you if you ask. Please put them in a pretty basket and put them in the bathroom. To start:

  • Turn on some soft music and light a few scented candles.
  • Put a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket next to the bed. If you want to go all out, make chocolate-covered strawberries and sprinkle flower petals on the bed.
  • You can watch movies in bed and act like you’re watching pay-per-view at a hotel. “But since you’re at home, you won’t have to pay!”
  • Get your favorite food delivered and eat it in bed.
  • In the morning, make a simple breakfast and bring it to bed on a tray. This will make your date night last until the following day and feel fancy.

18. Play Interior Designer for Your Stay At Home Date Night

This is a great idea for a date night at home that won’t break the bank. Choose a room in the house to change together.

Use things you already have around the house as a challenge and see how much you can change a corner or a whole room. If you need ideas for home design, you can spend some time on Pinterest or reading online magazines.

This idea for a date night at home could tell you a lot about your partner’s taste and style.

If you know how to use Photoshop or are willing to learn, you can use your ideas to recreate the room to see how it will look virtually. We love date ideas that involve doing something together at home.

19. Replicate An At-Home Date Night Picnic

Replicate An At-Home Date Night Picnic  www.paypant.com

One of our favorite cute at-home date ideas is to have a picnic. We love taking a picnic blanket to a nearby park or beach, setting up a delicious spread, and opening a nice bottle of rose. Then, we just spend the day relaxing on the blanket.

If you can’t go anywhere, why not have a picnic at your house? You can put it up in your living room or your backyard. A stay-at-home date idea is just as romantic at home as at a park.

20. Host a Virtual Double Date and Write Each Other Love Letters

If you, your partner, or your best couple of friends moved during the pandemic, plan some time to catch up. Open a bottle of wine and talk about what’s been going on since the last time you were together. There’s nothing better than laughing about silly relationship problems with people who get it.

It can be hard to tell your partner how much they mean to you, so why not put all your feelings into prose, as Pablo Neruda did? You can keep it simple and thank them for all the little things they do around the house, or you can go deeper and talk about how they’ve changed your life throughout your time together.

21. Have a Karaoke Night

Karaoke is one of the best things to do on a date at home. Sing your favorite songs as loud as you can with your friends. You can search YouTube for karaoke versions of songs and buy wireless mics. Or you can just look up YouTube videos of your favorite songs with the words and sing your hearts out.

This idea for a stay-at-home date is also a good way to get your endorphins going, which is always good for your relationship.

22. Learn Your Love Languages

Do you know what language of love you speak? If you can “speak” your partner’s love language, it can make a big difference in your relationship. So why not use your date nights at home to improve your relationship?

You can either take the test or buy the book. The book is beneficial, and if you plan, you can have it sent to your house before your romantic date night at home. Then, after you take the quiz, read the book together for a while.

Remember that it can be hard to speak each other’s love language, primarily if they differ from yours. Be patient with this one, and don’t get upset if it doesn’t work out immediately. Some couples have to work at this for years before seeing results, but it’s worth it in the long run. We have a six-week relationship challenge where we talk more about this.

You can also find out apology words you use to say sorry. This is the best idea for a date night you can have at home to improve your relationship and make your bond stronger. We love doing things that make our relationship stronger, like listening to these podcasts together.

23. Tackle a Home Improvement Project

You didn’t notice how your headboard and pillows don’t go together until you were home all the time. So now is a great time to change the look of your home, and who better do it with than the person you love?

Start by turning on some music and pouring yourself a glass of wine. Then, build those bookcases or refinish that dresser so it fits in its new room. Whatever project you have planned, working on it together will make it more fun and romantic.

24. Plan Your Dream Trip

We love to travel, but we can’t go on vacation all the time. We’re lucky that some of our home dates are based on this idea. We sometimes plan our dream trip when we have a date night at home. We’ll look at Pinterest, Instagram, and our many travel books to find places to go.

Try giving yourselves a budget and figuring out what kind of trip you can plan on that budget. Then, when you’re creative, you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with!

Plus, you’ll be able to plan a fun date for the future. You can even make this a competition by having each person see what kind of trip they can plan on the given budget. It will be interesting to see how each of you does it differently.

25. Create The Ultimate Bucket List of All Dates You’ve to

During your date at home, work together to list everything you and your partner want to do together. All the dates you want to try, places you want to go, something you want to do together, etc.

You can even go further and plan to do one thing on your list every month for the rest of the year.

You’d be surprised at how many great conversations this activity will start and what new things you might learn about your partner.

26. Make Fondue For Your Date Night

Fondue is a good meal, but it takes a long time to make. Fondue probably isn’t a good idea for everyday life, but it’s great when you have a night off and want to spend time with each other and do something different.

Fondue is great because you can share it with other people. You can also use the fondue for cooking different things and trying them all. It is a fun idea for a date to help you get to know each other better while trying new things.

27. Dessert Bar

Enjoy your favorite sweets in whatever way you like. You can buy cake or pie, bake brownies, or do anything else you like. You can buy or make the desserts together. If you want something sweet, this is a great way to get it. Making the dessert bar together is an excellent opportunity to connect with each doing fun things.

Making a dessert bar is a simple idea for a date that doesn’t take much planning. It’s also a great way to try new things and develop new ideas. It’s also great for a double date because there are more things to do.

28. Make a Fancy Cocktail or Mocktail

40+ Fantastic Stay-at-Home Date Ideas  www.paypant.com

Making a particular drink is a fun way to spend time together. For example, if you like cocktails, look online for a recipe and make one together. But, of course, mocktails are just as fun if you don’t drink (usually much easier and cheaper to make).

You can even make this a competition to see who can make the best cocktail or mocktail. This idea is a great way to have fun and use your imagination.

29. Make a Bonfire

If you have a safe place, have a bonfire in your yard. You could also use a simple fire pit. Spend an evening relaxing by the fire. You can combine this with things like s’mores or drinks from the list or home videos. This will be a perfect time to watch your wedding videos. It’s completely relaxing and a great way to spend time together.

make a bonfire for your date night ideas www.paypant.com

30. Stir Up Your Artistic Nature

Do you like to paint or do other kinds of creative things? If so, this will be an excellent idea for a date. You could do a lot of different things at home. For example, you can each work on your project or paint a picture together. This art idea can be fun for you to spend time together and see how creative you can be.

31. Open up a Date Night Subscription Box

There is no need to think hard about what to do on a date when you can just have them come to you! Subscription boxes for date nights are trendy now, and you can sign up for just one box or a monthly subscription.

This subscription box is one of our favorite date night activities because each box is a surprise, and most are very creative and original. PS: If you don’t want a date-themed box, think about another type of subscription box you and your date can enjoy together on your next home date.

32. Set Up a Treasure Hunt

Hide little notes or gifts for your partner to find around the house. The clues can be anything from simple riddles to puzzles that are harder to solve. This treasure hunt is a great way to make your date night more exciting and mysterious. It’s also easy to do and cheap.

33. Go On a Virtual Vacation

You can go on a virtual vacation instead of a real one if you can’t afford one or don’t have the time. Look on YouTube for travel videos or online for pictures of places you’d like to go. You can also find movies or documentaries on Netflix that are about traveling. Then spend an evening together making plans for your dream trip.

34. Hotel at Home For Your Date Night

Like to stay in hotel rooms a lot? If so, why not make your bedroom look like a room in a fancy hotel? Tidy up your room to make it feel more like a hotel room. When you ask for “room service,” which means delivery, you get a bucket of ice and a bottle of champagne. This date is expensive, but it can be a lot of fun.

35. Look At The Stars

Watch the stars for your date night idea  www.paypant.com

You can sit or lay outside together on a clear night and watch the stars. There’s not much that is more relaxing. If you don’t know much about astronomy, you can download one of the many available stargazing apps. Of course, the further you live in a city, the better this will be because of light pollution.

36. Walk and Talk

Okay, this one isn’t for a date inside your house, but you won’t have to drive anywhere. Instead, you can walk around your neighborhood and talk if it’s nice.

Walking is a great way to exercise and get some fresh air. It’s also a fun way to spend time together while still being able to talk and enjoy each other’s company. You can walk around your neighborhood, go to a nearby park, or go on a hike if you’re feeling brave.

This is one of the most accessible date ideas because you don’t have to plan or prepare for it. Instead, you need to put your shoes on and go!

This is a great way to get to know each other better, whether you’re telling stories from your childhood or recent events. If you want to make it more fun, take turns telling stories and try to make each one funnier than the last.

Bonus Tip Idea:

Write nonsensical fold-over stories together

Fold-over stories are another game you should try. Most of the time, they are funny nonsense, but sometimes they tell a story.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • One of you starts by writing the name of a person you know or a famous person without the other person seeing.
  • Fold the paper slightly to hide what you’ve written, then give it to someone else.
  • The other person writes down something funny or crazy that the first person did.
  • Fold the paper again, and pass it back.
  • Continue writing one line for how they did the action, where they did it when they did it, and why they did it, folding over and passing each time.
  • Do a few of these things, and then read aloud all the nonsense you’ve made up together.

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39. Play a Question Game

There are a lot of games you can play online, but this one is easy and doesn’t require any preparation. First, ask each other questions in turns. The only rule is, to tell the truth when you answer the question. After that, you can ask anything, from “What’s your biggest fear?” to “What’s your favorite memory?”

40. Chocolate Tasting Night

Let’s talk about how to throw a chocolate party now. We have all the information you need, whether it’s just you and your spouse having a date night or you have a group of friends who would love to join in on all of your fun chocolate party ideas.

First, you need at least six bars of gourmet or imported chocolate that are all different. If this is your first time tasting chocolate, I suggest choosing six other brands with Cacao percentages that range from high (86%) to low (5%).

Break the chocolate into pieces to taste, and get the chocolate-tasting procedure cards ready to help you through the night.

41. Watch a Classic Movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime

If you have a Netflix or Amazon Prime membership, you can watch movies and TV shows whenever you want. It’s not the most creative idea for a date night, but it’s easy, and most couples will enjoy it. If you don’t have Netflix or Prime, you could rent something from Redbox or watch an old DVD that you probably haven’t seen in a few years.

watching classic movies for date night ideas www.paypant.com

Bonus Tip Idea:

Watch a classic film you’ve never seen

There are a lot of great old movies to watch, and they are aged for a reason.

Choose a few movies to show together and make the whole thing an event. Dress in fancy clothes (maybe clothes from the 1940s if you like old movies?) Better yet, research and find some old recipes you can make. You might be surprised to find that you already have most of the things you need to make a tasty dinner or snack from the past.

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42. Attend a Digital Event

You can find virtual magic shows, graffiti tours, museum visits, and more on Airbnb Online Experiences. If you like music, you can watch a show online from the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, or your local performing arts center.

Bonus Tip Idea:

You can also Make a Scrapbook for your Date Night.

In this day and age of cell phone cameras, many of us don’t have many pictures on paper. So get a scrapbooking kit, print out some of your favorite photos, and make a book to keep your memories for years. Of course, it will be even cuter if it doesn’t look just right.

43. Cook Meals from your Favorite Countries or Dream Destinations

When we travel, many of us do it to try new and natural foods.

But if you can’t travel, the next best thing is to try to make your meals based on the places you want to visit, like:

  • Italy: Pizza, carbonara, gnocchi, tiramisu and affogato
  • Mexico: Burritos, fajitas, tacos and enchiladas
  • Japan: Sushi, sashimi, ramen, and matcha green tea.
  • France: Macarons, croissants and pain au chocolat
  • Moroccan: Lamb tagine, falafel wraps, and roast chicken made in the Moroccan style.
  • Spain: Paella, tapas, frittatas, and recipes with chorizo are all from Spain.

44. Indulge in a Romantic 3-course Dinner by Candlelight

Even if you don’t like to cook, making a three-course dinner for two with candles is easier than you think. Yes, you can cook your meals from scratch. But many supermarkets also have a “dine-in” service or something similar where you can buy several courses of food that need to be put in the oven.

To make the dinner table look fancy and romantic, put candles and cloth napkins on it. If you’re having a party, make your menu!

45. Create Your Voice Overs for TV Shows

Okay, “Mock The Week” gave us this idea, but it’s so much fun!

Please turn off the sound on a TV show and take turns narrating it.

Plus, points if you do this with the news because we could all use a positive spin on the information and current events right now.

46. Play Hide-and-seek in The Dark

Speaking of power cuts and the dark…

One of my all-time favorite games is hide-and-seek in the dark, which will see you hiding in cupboards, under the bed, behind doors, or in a storage ottoman, wherever you can fit while your other half looks for you in the dark.

Slow dance to your favorite romantic songs in the dark

You can dance together without going to a club or a fancy party. Instead, make a romantic playlist and dance with each other in private. We suggest the kitchen and a couple of glasses of champagne for your dance party. Then, dim the lights to set the perfect mood for relaxing.

47. Read a Book Out Loud Together

You can do this with the Harry Potter books, and it was an excellent way for us to spend some time alone together doing something we love (in our case, geeky things!).

Choose a book you think you’ll both like, or even better, choose your favorite book that your partner hasn’t read yet, and spend some quality time together.

48. Try a Virtual Exercise Class

40+ Fantastic Stay-at-Home Date Ideas   www.paypant.com

When a couple works out together, they stay together. We know you’re cringing right now, but hear us out: a virtual aerobics class is a surefire way to get your heart rate up. So how did it turn out? First, you and your partner both get a big rush of endorphins, which makes you both feel happy and calm.

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49. Plan your Joint Financial Goals

How about getting close financially? Since you’re trying to stick to a budget, you can also use your date night to plan your financial goals. You can make plans for both short-term and long-term goals simultaneously.

Setting financial goals can help you see and reach them more quickly. You can also take one of our free money courses together.

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Why Scheduling Your at-home Date Nights is Good

Now you know many fun things to do on a date night at home. But you have to set aside a particular night to be together. Why?

We all get so busy with our lives that a week or a month has passed before we know it. But, of course, having kids makes this even more crucial.

And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can’t always go for a walk in a nearby park or do more exciting things outside.

There are many adult-only ways to connect with your partner or new love interest and make memories. Many of these ways are as fun and unique as your relationship.

At-home date nights remind you that your relationship can be fun without artificial or expensive bells and whistles that will affect your finances.

What To Wear On Your Stay-At-Home Date Night

40+ Fantastic Stay-at-Home Date Ideas  www.paypant.com

Choosing what to wear on a date night at home can be tricky because you want to be comfortable but presentable as it is still a date!

Don’t go over the top with your outfit; otherwise, your partner will question why you dressed up to stay at home. Instead, something that appears to be simple is what you need.

Stay-at-Home Date Night Outfit Ideas

Here are some ideas for cute, comfortable outfits for a stay-at-home date night that will still look nice:

  • Wear tights and a warm sweater. This outfit is the coziest but can still be cute and a bit sexy—also, almost all men like yoga pants.
  • Jeans and a cute sweater or a lacey cami.
  • Maxi dress is a tried-and-true date night outfit. Since you’ll be at home, the length will make it easy to wear. This outfit is easy, comfortable, and sexy because it shows your curves.
  • Why not wear a cute pajama set to make the most of this date night at home? Many attractive and subtly sexy sets are perfect for a date night on a rainy day.

Why date Night Idea is Good for Your Budget

A couple needs to spend quality time together because it can help them get closer and may help them talk to each other better.

Researchers have found that “relationship quality is higher” when a couple spends time together doing fun things and making time to spend alone. So, you should try out some of these great date night ideas you can do at home.

You might want some fun stay-at-home date ideas, but you need them to be cheap because you’re trying to reach your financial goals.

Importance od stay at home date night   www.paypant.com

Some people may find it hard to stick to a budget when dating because the average date costs about $100. This includes two dinners, a bottle of wine, and movie tickets—ouch! But you can have a great date night even if you don’t have much money.

Bottom Line

Dates don’t have to cost much or even require you to leave the house. You don’t have to spend much money to have a lot of fun (or any money at all). I hope this 40+ Fantastic Stay-at-Home Date Ideas gives you some great ideas for your date nights.

Date nights are good for you in many ways, so make sure you make time for them. Now, all you have to do is schedule your next date night and make it happen.

We knew part of the reason you read this article is that you are on a budget. If so, please see These 3 Budget Categories You Need to Stick to Your Simple Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I have a date night?

It’s essential to go out on a date every week. To keep and grow that connection, it’s vital to do the things that brought you together in the first place, like going on dates. If once a week is too much for your schedule or bae, once a month is also acceptable. It’s essential to be together in the world and try new things.

Q: Which Date Night Day To Choose?

So, pick a date night once a week and stick to it. The day of the week makes no difference. The most important things, like each other, should always be included in your calendar.

If you’ve seen your sweetheart for long, the traditional date night of dinner and a movie may get tedious.

Q: What should I do at home for a date?

There are numerous options for a romantic date night at home, like

  • Cooking together
  • Getting takeout
  • Watching a movie and dinner,
  • Having a campfire, or even
  • Recreating a spa treatment.

There are countless other options, but these are just a few to get you thinking about a romantic evening at home.

Q: How can I make a stay-at-home date night special?

Do something that your partner will enjoy and that you don’t do very often. This article has a lot of date ideas, so you’re sure to find something fun and interesting.

Q: Should I always stick to Stay at home Dates?

Even though you love cuddling up on the couch with your sweetheart while Netflix plays your favorite show and you eat Chinese takeout, it might be nice to get out occasionally.

You don’t have to go out on dates as much as you did when dating, but changing things up once a week or once a month can be fun. Likewise, you don’t have to go all out on every date night, but as long as you and your sweetheart get out of the house and have fun together, it should be a fun and welcome change.

Q: What can couples do for fun at home?

There are lots of fun things to do at home on a date. You need to choose something that both of you will enjoy. You could:

  • Make dinner
  • Watch a movie
  • Play games
  • Do a puzzle
  • Plan a trip
  • Look at the stars and more.

Q: How can I be romantic on a low budget?

A romantic date night idea that won’t break the bank is to make dinner at home with candles. You could also have a spa day at home, turn your house into a hotel, or look at the stars.

Q: What can couples do for free?

There are many free or cheap date ideas for couples, and many don’t even require leaving the house. You could

  • play a board game
  • watch a game or concert
  • plan a vacation
  • look at old pictures, or
  • tell stories.

Q: What can couples do when stuck at home?

Even if you’re stuck at home, you can do lots of fun things with your partner. You could

  • Cook a meal together
  • Make cocktails or mocktails
  • Watch a movie in the backyard
  • Play games
  • Go camping inside, or
  • Make a list of things you want to do before you die.

Q: Can stay-at-home date nights save my marriage?

People are curious whether date night can salvage a marriage. A costly way to spend a Tuesday night? Or does the thought of planned marriage fun make them sick…?

A couple who goes on a date once a month is 14 percent less likely to divorce. Weekly date nights do not appear to make couples more likely to stay together, and the effect seems limited to engaged couples. It does not work for cohabiting couples, who do not benefit from the “date night” effect.

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