How to make money doing exercise

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Make money exercising: Top 25 websites that pay you to exercise

How can you make money exercising?

Top 25 websites that pay you to exercise

1 DietBet

2 Sweatcoin

3 Runtopia

4 Boltt Play

5 WinWalk

6 HealthyWage

7 Charity Miles

8 LifeCoin

9 StepBet

10 Lympo

11 FitPotato

12 MapMyFitness

13 AARP Rewards

14 Achievement

15 EarthMiles

16 PK Fitness

17 MyWalgreens

18 Virgin Pulse

19 Walkify

20 Fit For Bucks

21 Rover

22 BetterPoints

23 Well

24 Yodo

25 Paid Workout


Do you know that you can make a living participating in exercises? Almost millions of people prefer to participate in various physical exercises regularly. If you belong to the group, you can convert your passion into a source of income. Imagine where you are being paid to live healthily.

Many platforms have been created to reward you whenever you participate in physical exercise. So how can you get paid to exercise? In this article, you will learn about the top 25 websites that pay you to exercise.


How can you make money exercising?

Most people never realized that they can make money from exercising. Although earning through this means has been specifically kept for athletes in the past, innovation has made it possible for everyone to earn through various online platforms.

So how can you make money from exercising? You don’t have to look too far to see ways you can make money from physical exercise. Many apps can help you earn online platforms that can help you earn decently and you are about to learn about them.

Top 25 websites that pay you to exercise

Many online platforms can help you make a living from exercise.

What are the best platforms to consider? The top 25 websites that pay you to exercise consist of the following.


DietBet is a platform designed to monitor your weight loss goals. This implies that if you are hoping to lose weight, DietBet is a great app, to begin with.

As you participate in exercises that guarantee your weight loss, you can properly track your progress on this platform. To earn from this platform, you must be willing to pay an entrance fee of $35. Keep in mind that other users are also hoping to track their weight loss using the app.

Hence, you are not alone on this journey. So why should you care about other participants? DietBet is a platform that inspires its members to reach their weight loss goals within a specific period. So, you will be competing with other members to win the final prize. If you want to win, focus on losing a certain percentage of weight within a particular period.

Once you win over other competitors, you will have to split the total price with other winners from the platform. So if you want to join the winning team, you must be dedicated to reaching your goals faster than others.



Sweatcoin is one of the best exercising platforms to consider. The platform enables you to get rewarded for your active participation in exercising activities.

Before you can earn from this app, you have to install it on your smart devices. The creator of this app made it possible for people to earn when they use their devices during the training activities.

Hence, your smartphone with the app should be coming with you as you jog around your neighborhood. It automatically tracks your steps and rewards you accordingly.

You don’t have to train outdoors before you can qualify to earn. The app can also monitor your steps when you train indoors. So how does Sweatcoin reward its users?

After installing the app, you have accomplished the first step that qualifies you to earn. What you have to do next is to activate the app during your exercise activities.

Whenever you complete 1,000 steps, you will be paid 0.95 Sweatcoins. Keep in mind that each Sweatcoin you made is approximately $0.05. You may not be able to withdraw Sweatcoin directly into your bank. However, you can collect your earnings in the form of gift cards or in exchange for athletic outfits.


Runtopia is a great fitness app you should consider downloading on your device. You can set and attain goals such as running, cycling, walking, and other physical activities.

Another great advantage of this platform is that you can enjoy your favorite song as you participate in various exercises. Unlike most platforms, Runtopia pays you sports coins and allows you to redeem your earnings directly to your PayPal account or other forms of payment.

You will have to earn up to 599 coins to receive a $10 payment on your PayPal. You can also redeem your earnings in the form of discounts and other prizes. When you hope to earn enough from Runtopia premium features, you must join its membership plan.

The cost of joining this plan is about $3.99 per month or $23.49 per year. Make your decision wisely before joining the platform. Keep in mind that your Sports Coins usually expire at the end of every year.

Hence, you have to redeem your earnings before March 1st as you prepare for a new start.

Boltt Play

Boltt Play is a platform that provides its users with several features including, winning coins for steps, playing games, and listening to music. This implies that as you track your progress in exercising activities, you will also earn from it.

BolttPlay focuses on tracking your fitness and health whenever you engage yourself in exercise activities. As you commence with the training, the app calculates your steps and rewards your effort accordingly.

Once you connect your smartphone to the Boltt app, you will begin to monitor your progress immediately. Upon completing every 1,000 steps, you will receive 0.05 BolttCoins. The value of each BolttCoins can be approximated to $0.015.

You can use your coins to participate actively in several challenges or redeem them.



WinWalk is a great platform to consider using when you hope to earn from your fitness training. The platform allows you to earn when you complete only 100 steps.

What makes WinWalk different is that you can earn and cash out upon completion of 1,000 steps. You will earn a coin upon completing every 100 steps. Keep in mind that WinWalk coins are valued at $0.001 each.

Currently, WinWalk does not allow you to withdraw your coins directly to your PayPal account. But you can redeem your payment in the form of gift cards from famous brands like Nike, Starbucks, Amazon, and many others.

If your phone runs on iOS, keep in mind that this app cannot run effectively on your device. But you can select other exercising platforms in the list to earn.


HealthyWage is a platform that provides financial bonuses whenever participants attain their weight loss goals. Unlike most platforms, you can stand the chance to win $10,000 on HealthyWage.

However, you have to participate in a challenge to win this amazing offer. You can get started on the platform by using a free prize calculator to track your weight loss goals and determine the exact amount you can win.

As you participate in this platform, endeavor to set your weight loss goals to about 10 percent of your current body weight. Once you are consistent in using this platform, you can easily actualize success with time.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is created to assist charity organizations through the effort of those participating actively in various sporting activities. If you love to exercise regularly, you may consider using Charity Miles to reach a great milestone.

The platform helps in donating money to any charity organization of your choice after you must have completed exercising activities such as running, walking, cycling, and more. The app tracks your progress using the GPS features of your devices.

The platform can donate up to $0.25 per mile when you walk or run. It also donates up to $0.10 to charity when you cover up to a mile using your bike.

Charity Miles is a great app to consider when you intend to help charity and participate in exercise training as well.


LifeCoin allows people to earn from participating in various exercising activities. The platform has similar features to SweatCoin. However, you can earn up to 5 LifeCoins as a free user.

But you can earn more when you upgrade to a membership plan. According to the platform, you can earn up to 10 LifeCoins per day when you register for $4.33 per month on the platform.

You can redeem your payment in the form of gift cards or the form of gifts such as Beats headphones, Airpods, and more. But if you must make it big on this platform, you must participate actively and take your training activities seriously.


Unlike most paying exercising apps, StepBet pays people for performing exercises under a minimum risk. You don’t have to stress yourself to earn from this platform.

Walking around your neighborhood can earn you some money. You can also compete with other players to earn more. So how does StepBet work?

Firstly, you have to install the app on your device to get started. Proceed to sign up and stay connected with the fitness features of the app. StepBet will assist in monitoring your steps. You will be given goals to attain.

Once you accomplish your goals, you can participate in a game and earn extra cash.



Lympo is a platform that pays you to walk around and participate in running challenges as well. The platform is updated daily with several challenges which allow users to participate and earn.

Upon completion, the platform will reward you with LYM Tokens. You can redeem these tokens as rewards. Unlike most platforms, Lympo allows you to participate in exercise activities both indoors and outdoors.

You can also do your training on a treadmill and earn. LYM tokens also have a real cash value which you can redeem in various payment options.


FitPotato is a platform that closely resembles the StepBet app. You can easily earn from walking around freely using this platform. However, if you want to earn more money, you have to bet on yourself.

FitPotato usually allows its users to compete for a $1,000 cash prize at the end of each week. But before you can qualify for this price, you have to bet up to $5 on yourself. If you intend to win this competition, you must participate in three different exercises including jogging, walking, or running.

No matter the option you choose, endeavor to reach up to 6,000 steps within the given period. Attaining this milestone may be quite challenging, but you can actualize it if you are dedicated to success.

When you complete these three sections, you can win and redeem your earnings instantly.


MapMyFitness is a great app that rewards only top performers at the end of every month. You must be good at participating in training exercises if you truly want to win prizes from this platform.

The app is designed to give you a unique experience during your exercise activities. You can calculate your calories and track other exercising activities using the app.

If you intend to plan out your exercising routine to match your other schedule, MapMyFitness is a great app to consider using.

AARP Rewards

AARP Rewards is an app that allows you to earn from your fitness activities. When you visit the reward section for the first time, you can earn a bonus from the app.

Before you consider joining the platform, ensure that you are up to 18 years or older. You can also redeem your earningS as gift cards, or travel rewards. You have to decide the best payment option to consider.


Achievement is a platform that has gained fame over time. The app has had over 930 billion steps logged into its database since it was founded. The Achievement app has over 3 million downloads at the time of writing this article.

Millions of people prefer using the app because of the amazing benefits that will come with it. So what do you benefit from using this app? Achievement is a platform that awards you for swimming, running, meditating, biking, and participating in other physical activities.

You can accomplish several tasks and earn up to 80 points a day on this platform. However, you will be expected to earn up to 10,000 points which is equivalent to $10, before the withdrawal. When you refer people to the app, you can also earn a referral bonus.


EarthMiles is an app that allows you to earn from participating in various exercises. Upon completing a kilometer of walking, the platform will reward you with 1 Earthmile.

You will also receive 3 Earthmiles when you bike and 5 Earthmiles when you run up to 5 kilometers. This implies that the more you participate in exercising activities, the more points you will earn from the platform.

You can claim your Earthmiles as various prizes, or receive them as discounts when you purchase health-related products.

PK Fitness


PK Fitness is a platform that monitors your steps and rewards you with points. But before you can be rewarded on the platform, you must participate in running, walking or other exercising activities.

If you are on a free version of the app, you will be allowed to earn 20 coins for daily exercises, and 100 coins per week. However, if you intend to earn more coins from the platform, you should sign up for their membership plans.

But before considering the membership plan, review the platform’s terms and conditions to see if they are actually worth it.


MyWalgreens is a platform that pays you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle through exercising activities. But before you can earn from the platform, you must complete various challenges. On MyWalgreens platforms, 1000 points are equivalent to $1.

These points can serve as a discount while purchasing at Walgreens. Hence, if you prefer to shop at Walgreens, this exercising app is the best option for you.

Virgin Pulse

Another great fitness app to consider when hoping to earn from your exercising activities is Virgin Pulse. This app pays you for your active participation in fitness activities.

But you can only access the app through a registered company. Hence, when you work in an established company that has an account with Virgin Pulse, you can take advantage of this opportunity to earn from your exercising activities.

Unlike most exercising apps, Virgin pulse is built with a simple user interface. This implies that you don’t have to stress yourself out to understand how the platform works. Once you have access to the platform, you should then prepare to compete in various challenges to earn more profits.

One of the challenges you will be doing is completing a given number of steps to earn a profit. When selected as a winner, you can redeem your earnings as a vacation or gift card.


Walkify is a great app that has several good reviews from people who have used it in the past. Like most platforms, Walkify will reward you for walking and running during fitness activities.

But before you can enjoy the benefits associated with this app, you have to install the app on your device. After installation, ensure that you connect it to your tracking apps like Apple Health or Google Fit.

When you walk around your neighborhood, the app will take note of your steps and allow you to redeem your earnings as cash, or buy a product online. Walkify is an Indian-based app that may or may not work perfectly, depending on your location.

But if you still want to enjoy the benefits associated with the app, ensure that you combine it with other fitness rewarding apps such as Lympo, or LifeCoins.

When you have paired up the app with other apps, you can use it effectively in your location without experiencing any technical issues.

Fit For Bucks

If you prefer to participate actively in physical activities, Fit For Bucks is a great app you should consider. The app helps to monitor your steps and rewards you accordingly.

However, you have to reach a certain number of steps before earning your reward. You can redeem your rewards as discounts or other free earnings.

Unlike most exercising apps, Fit For Bucks rewards you directly for the number of steps you accomplish. Hence, you don’t have to convert your steps to points before qualifying to earn from it.

Fit For Bucks is not meant to run on Android devices. But you can access it from your iOS devices. This policy may change in the future as the platform is working on making it available for all devices.



Rover is an app that connects dog owners to professional dog walkers. So if you are searching for dog walking gigs, Rover is a great platform to get started with. When you land a gig on Rover, you will take the dog for a walk around your locality and earn from a little exercise.

You can also run around and play with the dog. Hence, you are indirectly participating in exercising activities and doing your job at the same time. If you are a professional dog walker, you can land high-paying gigs on this platform.


BetterPoints is an app created as a UK-based platform to enable people living within this area to earn from their fitness activities. Although there are other fitness apps out there in the UK, BetterPoints still have several advantages over them.

You can easily earn money on this platform by participating in a simple walk. You should first download the app on your device and join several challenges within the app to earn extra cash.

When you win on this app, you will be allowed to redeem your reward through gift cards or give it out to a charity. Once you live within the UK, you should consider using the app as you won’t regret taking such a bold step.


Well is designed to monitor your fitness activities, rate your oxygen level, heartbeat, weight, and more. This platform allows you to earn extra coins for living healthily.

It also allows you to track your healthy living and know when to adjust to a particular habit. Unlike most fitness apps, Well is built to have its own cryptocurrency.

Therefore, you can earn Well’s cryptocurrency by simply exhibiting a healthy lifestyle. If you want to earn from this Platform, you just have to install the app on your device and follow the onscreen instructions.


Yodo is another great platform that rewards you for participating in fitness activities. The simplicity of this app actually made it a highly recommendable app to consider using.

You have to participate in various fitness challenges if you want to earn from this platform. Yodo allows you to earn more coins when you are determined to reach a greater milestone in your exercise activities.

If you want to take advantage of the app, it is advisable to pair the app with other exercising apps like Lympo or SweatCoin. Unlike other apps, Yodo has an inbuilt tracker, which gives you more advantage to monitor your exercising activities more accurately.

Paid Workout is an app that rewards you to lift, bike, run and participate in other exercising activities. You have to download the app on your device to take advantage of its features.



Thank you for reading this article up to this length. You may have been participating in various exercise activities in the past without getting rewarded for your efforts. But with the information listed above, you can confidently earn from doing what you love most.

As you consider profiting from your fitness activities, endeavor to read the terms and conditions of the app before usage. Taking this action will enable you to understand how to take advantage of the app without regrets.




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