Does Home Depot Make Keys

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If you want to make a copy of your home or office key, there are lots of home improvement stores the service.

Home Depot is a store that offers key duplication services. The cost of duplicating a key depends on the state you reside in and the policies of the home Depot store you visit.

Does Home Depot make keys?

Home Depot does not make keys. If you want to make a brand new key, visit a locksmith.

However, Home Depot can make copies of a key if you present the original key as a sample. They can also help you repair your broken key.

If you want to cut your key, Home Depot offers the services that do it for you. The process of cutting a key takes about 30 minutes but this depends on the type of key and its length.

How can I copy a key at Home Depot?

Home Depot can make a copy of a key if you have the original. You do not need to do it yourself. There are experts in Home Depot that offer the service.

If you want to create a copy of your key, you have the option of visiting any home Depot physical outlet, or ordering for a key copy online. If you order online, the key copy will be shipped to you when a duplicate is made.

Home Depot is also a great place to find hardware and other supplies for your home projects.

Visit a Minute Key Kiosk at Home Depot

Home Depot has kiosks that can cut a key for you. These kiosks can be found in the hardware section of Home Depot.

The kiosk only focuses on the service of cutting and duplicating keys. If you want to locate your lost keys, this kiosk provides a solution to help you.

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What Kinds of Keys Can I Make at Home Depot?

You can make all kinds of keys at Home Depot. Everything from regular house keys to car keys.

If you’re not sure about the kind of key you need, there are experts at the store that can help you.

Home Depot also sells Key Blank – a metal material for making house keys. In addition, Home Depot sells locksmith supplies like picks and wrenches.

What keys cannot be copied at Home Depot?

Although Home Depot offers the service of coping keys, there are some types of keys that can’t be copied in the store.

Home Depot does not make copies of high-security keys.

How long does it take for Home Depot to make a copy of a key?

If you want to make copies of a regular house key, it takes Home Depot about 5 to 15 minutes to make it for you. But if your key has a transponder chip, it takes Home Depot about an hour.

What other places make keys near me?

If you want to make a key copy, you can visit a hardware or locksmith store. Use Google Maps to find a locksmith store near you.

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