Does Home Depot Make Keys

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With the high demand for key-making services, many stores are incorporating key-making in their lists of services. Is home Depot one of them?

This article provides answers and highlights other best places to get your key made.

Does Home Depot Make Keys?

Home Depot is a multinational home improvement retail store that provides appliances, construction products, and tools. It also offers installation and repair services, among others.

Does Home Depot make keys? Unfortunately, no! Home Depot does not make keys. If you want to make a brand new key, visit a locksmith.

However, Home Depot offers key copying services that duplicate your original key or help repair broken keys. Once you present a sample of your original key, home Depot experts either repair it or create a duplicate.

In addition, Home Depot also offers key-cutting services – a service that cuts any key. The process of cutting a key takes about 30 minutes, but this depends on the type of key and its length.

How Can I Copy a Key at Home Depot?

Home Depot

MinuteKey Kiosk

Most Home Depot physical outlets have a self-service MinuteKey automated machine that can be found in the hardware section. This machine enables customers to copy and duplicate their keys in minutes.

The MinuteKey machine in Home Depot can copy standard house keys, padlocks, and car keys without key fobs or programming chips.

To make copies of your key, insert the original key as a sample into the MinuteKey machine. Once inserted, the machine uses its laser-based system to scan the original key. It does this to analyze your key type and determine whether to duplicate it or not.

If your key can be duplicated, the machine will find a suitable blank for your key and make an accurate copy of your original key.

KeyHero App

House Depot also uses a key copying mobile app to help customers digitally copy their keys. The KeyHero App scans your key, creates a digital replica, and uploads it to the cloud for storage purchases.

This app is useful in situations where you lose your original key. Simply visit any Home Depot physical store and provide a digital copy of your key. A machine will scan the digital copy and create a physical copy.

What Kinds of Keys Can I Make at Home Depot?

You can make copies of all kinds of keys at Home Depot. Everything from regular house keys to office keys to car keys without transponder chips.

If you don’t know whether or not your key can be duplicated, some experts at Home Depot can assist.

Home Depot also sells Key Blank – a metal material for making house keys. In addition, it sells locksmith supplies like picks and wrenches.

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How Much Does It Cost To Make Keys At Home Depot

The cost of duplicating a key at Home Depot depends on the key type to be duplicated. For example, standard house keys cost between $1.5 and $3 if you make use of the MinuteKey machine.

The time duration of making copies of a key also depends on the type of key. Nevertheless, getting a key copy at the MinuteKey machine takes between one and five minutes.


7 Best Hardware Stores To Get Keys Made Near Me in 2023

If there are no Home Depot stores near your location, there are other hardware stores to get your key made.

Ace Hardware: As one of the largest retail-owned hardware companies in the world, Ace Hardware offers various hardware-related services. Most of its stores across 70 countries provide key copying and replacement services.

Lowe’s: This home improvement store is the best alternative to Home Depot. It offers home improvement services like Home Depot and duplicates house keys, car keys, and brass door keys.

Menards: Most Menard physical stores offer key copying services with the KeyMe kiosks – a self-service machine that duplicates keys in minutes. Not all Menard stores come with a KeyMe machine. Hence, make inquiries before visiting your local Menard store.

Pep Boys: This well-known automotive store offers auto repair and car parts services. Most of its stores across the United States come with self-service kiosks that duplicate or replace your auto or home key.

O’Reilly Auto Parts: Like Pep Boys, O’Reilly is an automotive aftermarket chain that also offers key copying services. Its self-service key stations are available in most of its stores, and they duplicate car keys, house keys, and brass keys.

Walmart: This is a great place to get your keys replaced and duplicated. Almost all Walmart stores in the US and other countries provide a MinuteKey Kiosk to duplicate your keys in minutes.

Locksmith: A locksmith store remains the best place to access key-making, cutting, copying, and replacement services. Although the services are expensive compared to Home Depot, it is still the best place to access expert key services.

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Home Depot offers great key copying services. Rather than visit a locksmith, you can access whatever key-cutting and copying services you need at a cheaper rate.

Frequently Asked Questions On Keys

What keys cannot be copied at Home Depot?

Although Home Depot offers the service of coping keys, some types can’t be copied in the store. High-security keys are one of them.

How long does it take for Home Depot to make a copy of a key?

If you want to make copies of a regular house key, it takes Home Depot about 5 to 15 minutes to make it for you. But if your key has a transponder chip, it takes Home Depot about an hour.

What other places make keys near me?

If you want to make a key copy, you can visit a hardware or locksmith store. Use Google Maps to find a locksmith store near you.

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