Key Copies Near Me

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Do you want to make a duplicate key? And are you in search of places to get duplicate keys near you that make it?

If you answered yes to the above question, then you need to check out this list that highlights the best places to get or make a duplicate key.


Walmart, an international retail store provides a section that duplicates home and office keys. This store also creates conventional, brass, and custom-designed keys.

MinuteKEY kiosks is available in Walmart, and it allows you to create keys. The Walmart website also allows you to purchase keys in electronic form.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle offers key cutting services for brass, standard, custom design, and UltraLite keys.


Meijer isn’t just a grocery store, it also provides key coping services. So when next you go shopping at a Meijer store close to you, you can stop by the key section to get your key duplicated.

This store produces brass, standard, custom design, and UltraLite keys for your house and workplace.


Safeway is another grocery shop that provides key copying services to its customers.

This grocery shop is affiliated with KeyMe kiosks – a kiosk that provides key coping services. It provides copies for door keys, vehicle keys, office keys, high-performance keys, and other specialty keys.

Key Copies Near Me


Keys made with various materials like brass and standard are available at Menards. This store also makes custom design and UltraLite keys.

It is affiliated with MinuteKey Kiosk – a company that specializes in making duplicate of all kinds of keys.


KeyMe kiosks can be found at a number of Vons locations. This company which is affiliated with KeyMe kiosk offers a section that enables you to find duplicates of all kinds of keys.

It also makes customized keys.


Custom key fabrication services are available for your house, workplace, and vehicle keys. This company also fabricates padlock keys and it offers specialized key services like fobs and access cards.

Save Mart

At Save Mart, you can purchase duplicate keys for your house, vehicle, and workplace. You can also find the duplicates of any padlock keys.

Access cards and key fobs are also available in this store.

Kroger & Co

Some Kroger shops provide key cutting services. You can also find brass keys, standard keys, and custom-designed keys at some of Kroger stores.

Kroger & Co is also affiliated with MinuteKey kiosk. So when next you visit a Kroger store, you get a duplicate for you house and office key at the MinuteKey section.


H-E-B offers a wide variety of keys like brass, standard, custom design, and UltraLite keys. MinuteKey kiosks are available at some of H-E-B stores, thereby making it possible for you to duplicate your keys when you visit the H-E-B store.

What is the approximate cost of having keys made?

The approximate cost of making a duplicate key depends on a lot of factors. Some of the factors include:
The store that duplicates the key.
The type of key you have.

A key copy costs between $1.50 and $3 per key copy. However this depends on the vendor.

What kinds of keys can be duplicated?
You can duplicated all kinds of keys. House and office keys are the easiest keys to duplicate.

Although vehicle keys can be duplicated, it is usually not done by all vendors.

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