Companies That Will Send You Free Samples By Mail

Last updated Sep. 18, 2022 by Jessica Green

Everyone likes free stuff especially if it’s sent to your mail without any shipping costs.

Unfortunately, there are lots of sites that give out free stuff that is useless to you. Most of these sites claim to give out freebies, but they actually give out useless items.

If you’re in need of çompanies that will give out free but useful product samples by mail, you have to search in the right places.

There are lots of survey sites that give out free product samples in exchange for your opinion and feedback. If you don’t want to participate in surveys for free product samples, here are 9 companies to visit.

These companies will send you their sample products if you request for one.

Free Samples by Mail: 10 Companies That Send You Totally Free Stuff in 2022

Olay Whips

Olay Whips is a cosmetics brand that gives out free product samples to specific customers.

This company gives out a sample of Olay’s scent, a deep moisturizing eye gel, and several face washing towels. All these are put into a gift box and sent as free samples to customers.

Garnier Honey Treasures

When you place an order for a free product sample, it will be given to you. The Garnier Honey Treasure is a business that manufactures healing hair masks.

This hair mask is available in three different flavors.

Sugar Scrub from L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal has introduced a new sugar scrub for dry skin that is derived from grapeseed oil and sugar.

To get the public’s opinion on the product, it is giving out free product samples.

CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser

To request for a free sample of the CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream cleanser, you have to fill out a request form.

When you submit your form, it will be reviewed. When the review is completed, you will be sent a free product sample by mail.

Free Samples

SkinCeuticals Serum

Sign up on the SkinCeuticals Serum website to get a free serum sample. A serum sample will be sent to you if you specify your skin problem.


This is an app (available on iOS and Google Play) where you can sign up to get free beauty product samples.

Influencer offers sample products from well-known companies like Nike and Adidas.

Gucci Fragrance

When you sign up for free sample products on the Gucci website, you will be provided with the Bloom perfume by Gucci.

To get notified when free products is being given out, you should follow Gucci’s Facebook page.

Kilian Love

When you subscribe to the Kilian Love newsletters and exclusives, you will be notified when free product samples are given out.

Kilian Love allows you to sign up for a free account on their website.

Pantene Conditioner

Check out the Pantene website for the most recent information on how to get free samples of Pantene conditioner.

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