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Do you know that getting free samples by mail is possible without engaging in surveys? If that interests you, then you have to read further.

As the digital economy is taking over our traditional commercial activities, a lot has happened concerning online marketing. Enormous resources are being staked into advertising where all efforts are being geared towards attracting Internet users to purchase products and services. One such move is gifting free samples to potential customers; yes, not missing words, you can get free stuff online.

Free samples

Sounds too good. Take or leave it; there are many websites that serve as a middleman in offering people to get free stuff online.

So having known this, sit tight and continue reading to see the numerous ways to get your free stuff online. 

While free samples are incredible, they can sometimes be challenging to find. Here you can find some aids and learn how to access free samples of various products.

Before you embark on a search for online freebies, you should know that, in most cases, you will be required to sign up for an email newsletter or complete a short and simple form. In addition, many may be associated with coupons and swag bags. Several of them may need you to do survey work and pay a token as a shipping fee.

Here in our post today, we have a hand-pick of the sites that do not require surveys or doing any other work and paying few. So finding legit free samples online is possible. The great thing about them is that you don’t even have to leave your living room couch; most companies will send these freebies to you by mail.

1. Freeflys

Freeflys is one major website ranked among the best to find free items online. The website has recently gained popularity. They are even being featured on several news and TV shows.

Their operation is simple. First, you will be required to sign up for an email subscription letter before becoming a user. This will drop an email notification about free product samples once made available to users. Here you will see stuff like free coffee selections, colognes, chocolate and protein bars, and many other products.

One tumbs up for freeflys is their handy search feature that lets users look for specific offers and products.

2. Influencer

Are you a social media influencer, or do you have many people following you on media? Then this is one easy way to get free stuff online. This is called Influencer gifting, an excellent way for companies to grow their business and build a community of their product users. Different brands send free products to influencers, especially those with the same audience as the manufacturer’s target audience.

3. SampleSource

Sample Source is also a vast web page to get all kinds of free stuff you can think of. However, it is one of those handy sites where you must try something before buying.

All you need to do is register and become a member of their sample trial community. The website might require certain information about yourself, like interests, preferences in sports, outfits, and some sorts of info like these, to know which product sample may suit your kind of person. After this sample source will send your free product without a fee.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is a great online platform for uncovering free stuff. They run a huge online community and forum where anyone can get unlimited access to promoters’ giveaways. You can also see helpful posts and ads for cheap sales, odd jobs, and full-time jobs. Craigslist offers an excellent platform with tons of daily cycles of free stuff

5. Share Your Freebies

Share your freebies is one free product site driven by the vision to make life easy for people in times of inflation. Ooh! Isn’t it adorable? Here you will get help with saving money while shopping. They are good at locating the best samples, coupons, and giveaways online from manufacturers and then sharing them. So you will save some bucks if you routinely buy things from their channels.

6. My Free Product Samples

My Free Product Samples is a one-way destination for online freebies hunters. You can give it a try and thank me later. You can get up to 100% free product samples here. Usually, this website will need you to subscribe to their newsletter. This will put you on the platform to receive daily deals on products like child care, beauty, fashion, and even kitchen and office utilities.

7. YoFreeSamples

YoFreeSamples is a quick and easy site to search for free stuff. The site has been providing links for inline freebies and money-saving ways since 2007. The website host over a million visitors in search of samples every month. Here shipping fee will not be required from you. The site host a money-saving blog that offers discount and coupons that you can get at retailers’ outlets.

8. Totally Free Stuff

Totally Free Stuff is another popular web page with a free program running for years. This website, year in and out, continues to expand and improve its services based on trends in emerging products and member comments. 

As a Member, you can enjoy quick and easy access to saving options and online freebies. You will likely get first-hand information on major sale promos, discount rates, calendars on approaching in-store deals, sweepstakes, coupon dates, as well as seasonal giveaways of most companies

9. Similac

Similac is a lovely women’s freebies website, particularly the pregnant and expectant ladies. If you are counting down to your baby’s arrival soon, then Similac is just the perfect freebie lookout for you. They offer baby formula sample products and coupons to get free baby care products in malls. They also provide free nutrition guides and seasonal baby care tips, especially for first-time moms.

10. Try Products

Try Products is another site with user-friendly features. They have super inviting features with a unique design for displaying freebies. Here you will need help getting on board. You will likely get a daily free giveaway package here.

11. I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things is a beautiful website that offers free products without stress. It is not a joke! You will be surprised about the significant number of people who get free stuff here, especially in their tv shows featuring prominent tv hosts like Fox and ABC TV. 

The site is good at giving updates on recent products for grabs. Do well to go through their comment section, where you will get freebie tips and hacks.

12. is another all-time free product collection site that will give you information on various free samples from manufacturers. The unique feature of this website is that you don’t need to be a member to get free stuff. However, if you join their blog, you might get unlimited information on giveaways for categories of bigger giveaways


Here, it is all about anything free online. New samples are updated every twenty-four hours. Yes, they are that good at updating their showcase.

This will be a perfect freebie site to search for the newest products. is well known for groceries, free products such as cleaning products, food items, new coffee samples, dog foods, and vitamin supplements, among others

14. is a fantastic website where you can always scout for one or two free products. This site needs you to sign up to get access. Then you will receive free sample boxes containing goodies from all kinds of categories of products. You may find items like cosmetics products, beauty samples, and lots more.

15. GoFreebiess is a unique online directory of “freebies.” Yeah, it’s like a terminal where you get online free samples of products. Their freebies are usually given as part of a promotion that an advertiser or marketer wants to offer customers. Once you become a member, you can get any free stuff delivered anytime

16. FreebieDepot

This is one of the coolest websites to get AWESOME FREE Stuff! Here you will get information on big market giveaways like They provide a simple process platform that one can use to get many free kinds of stuff. 

One thing is that the site might require you to fill out a customer review to improve the products. You can see free product samples like electronics, fitness items, phone accessories, kitchen utilities, games, and toys

17. Just Free Stuff

Just Free Stuff is another comprehensive site providing free samples on a wide variety of goods that you could think of. They share some features on getting free samples, like academic products, eBooks, games, and more.

Are you an academic? This will likely be your favorite freebie site. They offer free CD’s section covering different subjects. You can even see the Disney CD collection for free.

18. ICraveFreebies

Crave Freebies. @icravefreebies. It is a 100% real freebies site where free samples, coupons, direct sweepstakes, cheap deals, and other exciting offers are made available to registered members. You will receive a timely Update all day long. It is also an excellent free stuff website with easy and well-navigation features.

19. Treat Spot

Treat Spot is an upcoming freebies site. The site run partnership with quite a number of new brands, tried-and-true brands, and promoters. They are committed to providing registered members with free stuff of all categories.

The site feature options like earning a product daily and trying new product link, which will lead you to company giveaways.

20. PINCH me

PINCH me is one unique free samples site that usually offers new samples every Tuesday. Sample products are sent to members of their PINCH me community, and as a member, you can have the product you tested. However, their delivery is only within the United States


Getting free stuff online can be quite exciting, but be careful to stay focused. While it is good to engage in them, it’s wise to avoid getting obsessed with them because you might not be able to detect scammers. Be careful of the information you give on those sites. Also, ensure your web browser is secured. Play safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Free Stuff In The Mail?

The easiest way to get online freebies is by visiting a freebie website. Many sites that offer free will need you to sign up, and then the product will be sent to your mail address.

How Do You Get Free Stuff On eBay?

There are various ways you can get free stuff from eBay. Here are simple tricks to go about it. First, get first-hand info about samples from sellers. Then, search for new sellers with new products. Finally, endeavor to use the opportunity of the Seller Hub Promotions.

How Do You Get Free Samples From Walmart?

While Walmart doesn’t have a specific section to free stuff on their website, some ways to lay hands freebies exist. They include following Walmart on social media and creating a shopping registry.

You can look out for local Walmart store promotions and coupons. And the juiciest one is to get a Walmart gift card

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