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When looking for ways to make money, getting caught up in the excitement of starting a side business or selling something online is easy.

While those things can be good ways to earn extra cash, there are also many other options. One such option? Searching the web.

You may not always think about it this way, but searching for information online is a job that pays well. Here are seven ways you can make money searching the Internet:

1. Search the web and earn

Money. There are many ways to earn money by searching the web, including installing browser extensions and using search engines that pay their users.

Search for information on specific topics and get paid for it. If you know a lot about specific topics—like video games or cooking—you can make money by doing online research for companies. Use your knowledge of the Internet to help people solve problems.

2. Become a search engine evaluator

As you may have guessed, this job evaluates various search engines’ performance.

You’ll be given a list of search terms, which you’ll then use to research online and find relevant results.

The client will pay based on your time to complete the task and how well your work meets their expectations.

Search engine evaluation companies are always looking for new workers who are reliable, responsible, and knowledgeable about web-based research techniques to train them as evaluators themselves.

Once they’ve helped train you, they’ll continue to hire from your pool of workers until there aren’t any left (or until another company offers them more money).

Once you’ve been trained by one company in this field, other competing firms will come calling with higher offers—and often better benefits packages. So it’s important that when deciding which job offer is best for you, ask about these things before signing anything official, like an employment contract or nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

3. Get a reward from Swagbucks

You can earn Swagbucks simply by doing what you’re already doing online. It’s a great way to make money without any work, but there are a few things to remember when it comes to earning and redeeming.

Sign up for Swagbucks here. There are other sites like Swagbucks, but this is the one I use because it has been around for over ten years and is still growing in popularity daily.

Complete special offers or surveys (if you qualify). These will pay you about 1 point per offer or survey, but sometimes they’ll give out bonuses worth 5 points or more.

Each request or survey usually takes me about 10 minutes, so these little bits of time add up quickly.

Watch videos on their website (and share them on social media). You get 1 point per video watched on their website (they have thousands) and an additional 2 points if someone signs up through your referral link after watching one too.

-This also means that if someone else views your video before signing up themselves, both parties get rewarded equally – so no worries there, either.

Ensure each video gets viewed before sharing it with others because otherwise, those points won’t count.

4. Use Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is a free rewards program that allows you to earn credits for searches on Bing.

These credits can be redeemed for gift cards, coupons, and cash. You can start earning credits by using Bing as your search engine; from there, you can save them from making more.

You can redeem your credits for gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and more. You can also use Bing Rewards to enter sweepstakes or get coupons to save money.

Swagbucks is a free rewards site that allows you to earn virtual currency by shopping online, taking surveys, watching videos, etc.

These points can then be redeemed for gift cards at places like Amazon and Walmart (among others).

5. Run some errands for Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing marketplace that allows people to hire others to complete simple tasks, like image classification or product research. You can make some extra money by completing these tasks for companies.

To get started, you’ll need the following:

·    An Amazon account (you can sign up for one here)

·    A debit card or bank account that lets you transfer funds from your bank to your Amazon balance

Once logged in and set up with an Amazon account, head to the Amazon Mechanical Turk page and click “Get Started.”

Then choose a task type that appeals to you and hit “Start Work.” After completing the assignment, submit it for payment.

Your earnings will be paid out into your bank account or debit card 30 days after meeting each job—and there are no fees.

6. Make money watching videos online

This job is for you if you’re a big fan of watching videos online. You can earn money just by watching videos and taking surveys online. The best part is that it’s legitimate and easy to get started.

You’ll need to create a free account on Vindale Research (it only takes 30 seconds) and visit their website.

From there, look for “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” on the menu and click on the link. After accessing your account, you’ll see all the videos available for testing.

7. Earn with your favorite stores through cashback programs

Earn with your favorite stores through cashback programs. Cashback programs are a great way to earn extra money when shopping online.

They offer rebates on online purchases at thousands of major retailers, including Amazon and Target.

One of the best parts about these programs is that they’re free. You sign up for an account on one of these sites (there are many) and then use it every time you make an online purchase at one of their partnered stores.

When you do so, they will give you a percentage back in cash as soon as they process your order that day or the next day.

The only downside to cashback programs is that sometimes it takes time for them to deposit money into your account because large amounts are often processed daily.

However, you can expect several hundred dollars back in your pocket once a month—or even twice yearly—thanks to this method alone.

Ideas to make money

There is a massive demand for content on the Internet, and if you have a knack for writing and know how to craft engaging copy, -this could be an excellent opportunity.

-This will likely require more work than just writing, though—you’ll need to research topics related to your field (fashion, technology, finance, etc.) and read up on what’s already been written about them online.

How to earn money online for students

Get paid to test websites. Websites such as User Testing pay you between $10 and $13 per test session and sometimes even more for specific tasks (such as testing mobile apps). The amount varies based on your location and the test session length.

Write articles for websites or blogs. You can write essays on any topic, but if you have expertise in a specific area, then write about that topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make $100 a day on the Internet?

The longer answer is that you can’t do it with one or even five websites. So you’re going to need a lot more than that.

You must build a business around your website to make $100 a day online. That’s the only way to make money online for real.

How could a 13-year-old make money?


If you have a computer, sell items on eBay or Craigslist. Do this in your spare time (if possible) so that it doesn’t take away from schoolwork or other activities.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, try downloading apps like Etsy or eBay Seller by Handy Apps Inc., allowing users to sell their goods online through mobile devices.

What apps pay you instantly?

If you’ve heard about PayPal, you know it’s possible to instantly get money from one place and send it elsewhere.

Every day, PayPal is a global online payment system for millions worldwide. It makes international payments easy and convenient.

How can a 12-year-old make 200 dollars fast?

A 12-year-old could make 200 dollars fast by babysitting or doing yard work. Then, they can buy something they want once they have the money.

Babysitting is an excellent way for a child to earn money. Of course, some parents will pay more than others, but usually, it is around $10 an hour.

Which app gives real money?

Here are some of the best apps that give real money:

Paid Viewpoint – This app lets you make money by taking surveys. You can earn up to $50 per survey, but reaching that amount of cash takes a while.

Bing Rewards: Bing Rewards is another app that pays you for doing things like searching on Google or Amazon.

You can get up to 10 points daily (around $1), redeemed for gift cards or PayPal payments.

Which PayPal apps pay real money?

PayPal Cashback: You can earn up to 10% cash back on purchases from your favorite stores and restaurants.

There’s no limit on how much you can make, and you’ll get paid directly into your PayPal account for free. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

PayPal Digital Gifts: With this app, you’ll find new ways to earn rewards by shopping at your favorite stores online — with no minimum order size required.

You can also refer friends and family and get paid $5 each time they complete a purchase through the app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


You can make money searching the Internet.

You can make money searching the Internet, do it from home, and even do it in your spare time. It’s that easy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding making money online, but these options are an excellent place to start.

It’s easy to start with Swagbucks and Amazon Mechanical Turk. However, if you want something more rewarding, consider becoming a search engine evaluator or working on other people’s errands through Amazon MTurk.

You can also make money by watching videos online or using Bing Rewards as an alternative method for earning points towards gift cards or other rewards programs like Lowe’s Visa Rewards Program.

In any case, there are plenty of ways for people with all kinds of skill sets (or none) to earn extra cash while doing what they love: searching.

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