14 Birthday Freebies: Awesome Places to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday

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14 birthday freebies: awesome places to get free stuff on your birthday

Birthdays are special! Whether you are planning for your birthday or throwing a birthday party for a family member or friend, getting free stuff while at it can be an advantage and will save you money.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? If you don’t like free content, this article is not for you. But read on for free points.

1. Aveda

A free $23 birthday gift from a skincare company focusing on natural products. You must participate in the Aveda Pure Privilege program to save money.

In addition, you must purchase from Aveda.com or the Aveda Store at least 12 months before your birthday. It would be best if you also stayed in the newsletter to receive gifts.

Free Gifts: $23 gift

2. Barnes and Nobel

Attendance at Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club is free, with no maintenance or renewal fee. A Kids Club account is valid if you have children under 13 on your profile.

When your child turns 13, they will be automatically deactivated. If all your children’s accounts are disabled, the relationship will end, and you will no longer be able to enjoy Kids Club benefits.

You must be a child of this Barnes and Noble program. You can help your child join the Kids Club. Get Cupcakes, cookies, or Chryses rice in a Barnes and Noble shop on your birthday and save money.

Gift: Free cake

Our goal is to make sure you make and save money.

3. ASEA materials

Join the AS bonus program and get a free voucher of $5 for your birthday. You can easily register on the Ace Hardware website. Free: $5 prize card

4. Natural minerals

If you love makeup, you should sign up for this award. Lamb Minerals will send you a free birthday gift by participating in the program. What are you waiting for? Now go to Bare Minerals. Giveaway: makeup samples

5. Characteristic symbols:

Cards are expensive. If you don’t believe it, you’ve never spent 30 minutes finding the right Mother’s Day card for $3.

When you join the Hallmark Crown Rewards program, you will receive a complimentary card and coupon for a 20% discount on each item and save money. Vouchers can be used for birthday gifts and future gifts for loved ones.

Gifts: 20% discount card and voucher

6. CVS

This is free and convenient. It’s probably because something is always needed from CVS. If you register for the Extra Care Beauty Club, you will also receive a $3 grooming bag as a birthday present.

Free: $3 additional doctor’s fee

7. Sephora

Another excellent gift for hairdressers. When you join your loyalty program, Sephora gives you a free gift on your birthday. I have been wearing this gift for years. A gift-worthy of makeup that will save you money.

Prize: Makeup Sampler

8. Smashing Box

Smashbox is the perfect place to find beauty products and send some of them for free on your birthday. Simply sign up for their rewards program to receive your birthday gifts.

Free: Beauty Products

9. Inverse

Ulta Beauty is the focus of new beauty products and trends. Shopping can be expensive here, but luckily you get a free birthday present!

Simply sign up for the latest prize program and wait for your birthday gift to arrive.

In addition to birthday gifts, you will receive double points for all your birthday purchases and discounts to save you money.

Free: Beauty Products

10. World Market Researcher

World Market Explorer has a vast collection of decorations to make your home look even better. Home decor doesn’t come cheap, but you can sign up as a member and get a free birthday gift!

Gifts are unique but can be great, depending on your shop preferences.

Free Gift: Surprise Gift!

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11. Middle Ages

Medieval Times is a fun dining experience that pretends to go back to the Stone Age. You can always see swords, swordsmen, and knights in shining armor. You can get a free dinner and racing experience on your birthday. Enjoy this unique experience!

Free: Free dinner and entertainment

12. Famous Shoes

Shoes are essential for any sport you play. You may be looking for healthy living by going for a run this year, so you should invest in a good pair of shoes. Join the famous Birthday Shoes Club and win $5 on your birthday! Suitable for use with new shoes. Free: $5 prize

13. DSW

DSW also has a birthday club. DSW is a good choice, especially if you’re looking for a variety of shoes rather than running shoes.

You can join their birthday club and get $5 to spend on your birthday. If you are an exclusive member of the DSW VIP program, you will receive a $10 birthday offer. Free: $5 guarantee

14. Automatic Pebble Spa

Cobblestone is Arizona and Colorado’s premier auto detailing destination, offering full service and express car washes, oil changes, detailing, and more!

With 35 locations in Arizona and 20 locations in Colorado, Cobblestone prides itself on providing unparalleled service, products, and customer experience at competitive prices and fast, efficient speeds.

Find out why Cobblestone has become a quality, service, and value leader. Do you want to save a lot of money and keep your car in good condition? Then consider the benefits of a Rewards Club membership! Below, you will find all the information you need.

Sign up with Cobblestone and receive a complimentary first car wash on your birthday. Before registering, make sure you have one in your area. Learn more about Free on the Cobblestone website. Free: Car Wash

Thanks for reading. Let us know if there are other easy-to-get birthday gifts we can add to this list.

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