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There are several ways to get a free Amazon gift card. Here are the best options available to get a free gift card worth $100 or more.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a legit survey site that pays for your opinion on a topic. It pays you with gift cards.

This site requires that you take two to three surveys per month. For each survey you partake in, you can earn points that can be converted to an Amazon gifts card.

These gift cards are usually worth $10 and can be converted to cash with PayPal.


Swagbucks is a good online platform to earn free online gift cards.

This website pays you gift cards for testing products, browsing, playing games, and shopping. In addition, it also pays you for playing and completing small tasks.

With Swagbucks, you earn money for completing simple tasks. If you have up to $3, Swagbucks will allow you to redraw it as a gift card. Other sites allows for redraws when you reach a $10 balance.


IPSOS is a platform that pays individuals who partake in surveys, and it also pays for product testing.

It also rewards survey participants with bonuses ($5 Amazon gift voucher) for each survey they partake in.

In addition to paying for surveys and product testing, IPSOS also offers free vacations if you win in competitions.

Amazon Gift Cards www.paypant.com

Life Points

LifePoints has over 5 million members and has been around for over 50 years.

This platform accommodates individuals from outside the United States.

It pays you with gift cards for giving opinions on topics you are familiar with. This gift cards can be used in popular online marketplaces like Amazon.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a way to make extra money (gift cards) by completing online tasks.

Registration for this program is free. This platform pays you for browsing the internet and partaking in surveys.

The surveys offered by this platform is different from others on this list. You’ll need to be an expert in a field in order to partake in the survey.

Amazon Mechanical Turks pays in cash or with Amazon gift cards.


Honey offers cash back on all your online purchases. With Honey, you can receive a 15% cash back for shopping for products online.

This cashback is usually given in the form of gift cards.

Honey is a great platform for individuals who need to save when purchasing products on Amazon. Honey enables you to locate products with the best discounts on Amazon.

If you don’t need the gift card, Honey allows you to convert it to cash via PayPal.


Ibotta is a good platform for online grocery shopping. It offers you a cash or gift cards reward for shopping on its platform.

Its Monthly Prizes Page gives directives on how to earn cash or gift cards on the platform.

Some popular stores affiliated with Ibotta are Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Walgreens, and Gap.

Ibotta offers a $10 welcome bonus to first-time users.

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