Does Walmart Make Keys

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As one of the largest retail businesses, Walmart sells all kinds of products. It is also known for offering different kinds of services, one of which includes key copying.

So No! Walmart does not have a history of making keys. However, it offers the service of cutting and duplicating all kinds of keys. It duplicates car keys and standard home keys. It doesn’t duplicate transponder keys.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Key At Walmart?

Most Walmart stores have a key-making machine in the hardware department. These kiosks are known as MinuteKey Kiosks.

MinuteKey kiosk is a machine that copies and cuts keys. Walmart provides this machine in almost all its retail stores in the United States and Canada.

The key copying services at Walmart cost between $2 to $4 depending on the key type. For laser engraving on keys, Walmart charges between $3 and $5 each.

While most MinuteKeys at Walmart can copy various keys, not all can duplicate car keys or produce transponder keys. To be certain about the type of key services offered in your local Walmart store, you have to visit the Walmart website of your city to browse for information in that regard.

If the local Walmart store in your area doesn’t offer key duplicating services for some keys, you can visit your local locksmith or auto parts stores like AutoZone or PepBoys.


How Do I Make Keys at Walmart?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make keys in Walmart.

  • Choose Your Key Type – MinuteKey kiosk in Walmart will guide you through the process of selecting the key type of your choice. The experts will also help in choosing a custom design for your key.
  • Enter Key Information: Insert your blank key into the key-making machine, fill in the information on your key, and follow the rest of the instructions on the screen.
  • Insert Payment: Most machines require you to swipe your credit card, while others require inserting coins or tokens.
  • Press Green Start Button: Click the green “start button” to produce your key!

Once you insert your credit or debit card into the MinuteKey Kiosk machine, you will be required to select the key Blank you want for your key. When you make a selection, the next step will require you to insert your original key into the MinuteKey kiosk.

Once inserted into the machine, your original key can’t be removed until the copying process is completed. Once this process is completed, insert the blank material into the machine. Also, the Blank material can’t be removed until the copying process is completed.

Once the copying processes are completed, the machine will present you with a new copy of your original key.

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What is a MinuteKey Kiosk?

MinuteKey is a technology that adopts robotics and software engineering to create key duplicates and provide locksmith services.

It is available in over 2000 Walmart stores in Canada and the United States. This technology can duplicate home and office keys like SC1 Weiser, Kwikset, WR3 and WR5, Baldwin, Clones, KW1 and KW10, Titans, etc.

Once you input your original key sample into the MinuteKey Kiosk, the machine scans it and determines if it can be duplicated. If a key has the “Do Not Duplicate” label, the MinuteKey machine will automatically end the duplicating process.

7 Best Places To Get Keys Made Near Me in 2023


Aside from Walmart, there are tons of other retail stores that offer key copying and cutting services. Here are seven of the best places that offer the best key copying services:

Home Depot: As the world’s largest home improvement store, Home Depot offers every product and service you need to stay comfortable in your home. Most of its physical outlets provide MinuteKey machines that duplicate keys in minutes at a cheap rate.

Kroger: Known as a food manufacturing company in the US, Kroger also expands its reach to supermarkets and the multi-department industry. Thus, most of its outlets offer key copying services for standard house keys, brass keys, and custom keys.

Lowe’s: Similar to Home Depot, Lowe’s is a home improvement and hardware company that provides services targeted at homeowners and renters. Most of its stores offer key-making, cutting, and copying services.

Safeway: This American Supermarket chain with locations in Canada, Mexico, and the US provides groceries and services related to general merchandise. Tons of Safeway stores provide KeyMe and other key-making kiosks.

KeyMe App: The KeyMe App is a software that provides key copying services. Once you download the mobile app and upload a picture of your key, KeyMe will ship a duplicate key to your location. The KeyMe self-service physical kiosks are also available in certain locations.

H-E-B: For the residents of Texas, H-E-B is one of the best places to cut and copy keys. With over 300 stores across Texas, you can easily duplicate your house and car keys.

Locksmith: Although tons of stores offer key-cutting and copying services, one of the best places to get your keys done is the Locksmith store.

With the help of a locksmith, you can sort out any key problem. However, they are more expensive. Regardless, a locksmith is the best place to seek help if you have a unique key that requires expertise to duplicate.


There is no lack of options when it comes to key cutting and duplication. Most big retail stores offer the service, so be sure to check out your local stores.

Frequently Asked Questions on Keys

What are the types of keys that can’t be copied at Walmart?

Although Walmart’s MinuteKey kiosks is an advanced technology, it does not duplicate keys with intricate designs, car keys with programming chips, and keys with “Do Not Duplicate” label.

Does Walmart Make Transponder Chip Keys?

No! Walmart does not make transponder chip keys. The expertise of a locksmith is needed to make keys with transponder chips.

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