12 Gas Stations that Accept Apple Pay (And How to find more near you!

Last updated Jul. 11, 2023 by Charles Zemub

12 gas stations that accept apple pay(and how to find more near you)

You probably don’t want to mess around with credit cards and cash when you’re running on empty. Who wants to get out of their car in the cold to pay?

Luckily, gas stations are increasingly accepting Apple Pay, which lets you pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch without ever leaving your car.

This article will cover the major gas station chains that accept Apple Pay and explain how you can find new places near you that will take it.

Which major gas stations take Apple Pay?

The big, national chains like Shell and B.P. are starting to accept Apple Pay since there’s so much demand. But you might have more luck at local gas stations.

They often have a more challenging time affording the equipment needed for contactless payments like Apple Pay, but if they have a Square terminal at the register (as many do), they’ll likely accept it.

To find a gas station that accepts Apple Pay near you, use the Maps app on your iPhone or Mac by searching “gas stations near me” or asking Siri. You can also use Google Maps on your iPhone. Just tap the search bar at the top of the screen and enter “gas station.”

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows you to make contactless payments with your Apple device. You can use it at hundreds of thousands of locations in the United States, including supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, and restaurants.

What about gas stations? Which gas stations accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay works with credit and debit cards from almost all U.S. financial institutions. If you already use a card for Apple Pay, there’s a good chance you can play with it at the pump.

If your financial institution doesn’t allow you to add your card as an Apple Pay pass or if you don’t want to add your card online, you can still use Apple Pay at the pump.

Apple Pay Cash lets you add money to a digital wallet using your debit card or bank account and then spend that money using the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad.

Some Gas stations are usually cash-only, making paying for gas a hassle if you don’t have cash on hand. Many gas stations now accept Apple Pay and other mobile payment options.

Below are the 12 gas stations that take Apple Pay we’ve found so far. If you know of any others, please let us know in the comments below!


B.P. is an oil and energy company based in London, England, for those not in the know. It’s one of the largest companies in the world; you’ll recognize it with its famous green and yellow logo, which can be seen at gas stations all over the U.S. and abroad.

B.P. has been accepting Apple Pay since 2014, so you should have no problem using your phone to pay at any B.P. station. You can find a B.P. near you here.

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Chevron has been in business for over 100 years and is one of the world’s largest integrated oil companies. The company has more than 7,900 service stations nationwide, and most of these locations accept Apple Pay.

Chevron also owns Texaco, which has about 3,400 service stations nationwide and accepts Apple Pay.

More than 43,000 Chevron and Texaco stations in the U.S. accept Apple Pay through their Speedpass+ app.

The app is free, but you will have to apply for the service to use it at the pump. Once your application is approved, you can save your payment and loyalty card information in the app and use your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay at the pump.


Shell operates nearly 14,000 gas stations across the United States under the Shell and Mobil brands. Most Shell locations accept Apple Pay, and they’re relatively easy to spot due to their red shell logo with the yellow V-shaped symbol inside it.


Texaco (which Chevron owns) launched mobile payments at its gas pumps earlier this year and supported Apple Pay and Android Pay. Texaco stations are found all over the U.S.

Believe it or not, you can pay for your gas with Apple Pay at a handful of gas stations across the country. And while this number is expected to grow as the popularity of Apple Pay increases, the good news is that several big-name gas stations already accept it.

This means you can now use Apple Pay at Exxon and Mobil stations and Speedway locations nationwide. But unfortunately, you still won’t be able to use Apple Pay at B.P. or Shell.

Exxon Mobil

There are approximately 14,000 Exxon gas stations across the country. Exxon has taken some heat for not being on board with other technology like Apple Pay and Android Pay but has recently announced that by 2018 all of their stores will accept these mobile payment methods.

B.P. Gas Station

B.P. is also on board with Apple Pay at the pump in several states. It’s not a national rollout yet, but we expect that all their locations will soon accept your iPhone or Apple Watch as payment at the pump.

Phillips 66

Phillips 66 has over 14,000 gas stations nationally. In addition to Apple Pay and Android Pay, Phillips 66 has gone one step further and offers mobile payments through their app called Speedpass+. You can pay in-store or at the pump using any major credit card or loyalty card linked to your account.

76 Gas Stations

76 is one of the largest independently owned and operated gas station companies. While 76 locations are not precisely in every state, they are still plentiful enough to be considered. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, and owned by Phillips 66, 76 has been in business since 1932.

While there is no complete list of 76 stations that accept Apple Pay, you can use this map to find a station near you. Check the station’s information marker to see if they take Apple Pay before driving out of your way.

Chevron Map

Chevron is a company that is well-known for selling gasoline and diesel fuel to customers. The company has been around since 1879 and was formerly known as the Pacific Coast Oil Company.

Chevron features an ExtraMile convenience store at many gas stations that sell snacks, drinks, etc. Chevron is currently testing mobile payment solutions at select locations across the United States.

These stores may or may not accept Apple Pay at this time. To find out if a specific Chevron location gets Apple Pay, please get in touch with them directly: 1-800-854-0674


CITGO is a gas station chain that offers fuel, convenience stores, and car washes at over 6,000 locations throughout the United States. You’ll likely find a CITGO on your next road trip.

Circle K

Circle K makes it easy to find a location on your next road trip; look for the orange and blue logo! The site offers a handy store locator to ensure you find Circle K accepting Apple Pay.

Murphy USA

Murphy USA is another gas station chain that accepts Apple Pay at many locations; look for the green and yellow logo!

As technology and the internet continue to expand across the country, many more gas stations will be adopting many more payment options to cater to their customers.

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