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Finding cheap gas can be a real pain. But the good news is that the internet has made finding a dealer near you easier than ever.

Here are some of our favorite apps for finding cheap gas prices:


GasBuddy is a great app that lets you find the cheapest gas near you. GasBuddy is available in both iOS and Android versions and a web version.

It also has an excellent rewards program that earns you free gas if you sign up with your credit card information.

Additionally, GasBuddy offers a mobile app that can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet device.

With this handy tool, it’s easy to find the best deal on fuel within 100 miles of your current location—and it’s constantly updated, so there’s no need for manual entry.

Having all this data at your fingertips with just a few taps means more money left in your pocket when filling up the tank of your car or truck.


Waze is a navigation and traffic app that uses crowdsourced data to provide real-time traffic info. It’s also free, which is great when looking for cheap gas near me.

Waze’s user base consists mainly of people who use it as a way to take alternative routes to beat traffic or find more accessible gas stations than normal ones, so it has access to a lot of crowdsourced information about where people go and how they get there—making it perfect for finding cheap gas near me.

Waze gives you directions like any other navigation app would, but what makes Waze unique is its ability to warn you about upcoming roadblocks or accidents by showing them on the map through its crowdsourced reporting system.

 Additionally, if there are no issues ahead of time but traffic is still backed up on your route (or another possible route), Waze will recommend taking another path so that you don’t waste time sitting in gridlock wasting gas money.

This makes using Waze an even better option than just using Google Maps or Apple Maps alone because these apps don’t have the same level of awareness regarding road conditions and their other limitations, like lack of offline navigation capabilities without a Wi-Fi connection.

This could mean missing out on unexpected detours during long trips away from the home base where internet access isn’t readily available due to perhaps being at the campground without cellular service, so having one less thing to worry about when finding cheap gas near me before leaving town can help ease some stress off my shoulders.


Fuel Finder

  • Fuel Finder is a free app for iOS and Android.
  • Fuel Finder uses crowdsourcing to find the cheapest gas in your area and elsewhere.
  • Fuel Finder’s database is updated every 10 minutes, so it’s a great way of finding out if there are new deals at stations near you.
  • This app also has other valuable features, like trip planning and an activity log (which shows how much money you’ve saved by using less gas).

Gas Guru

Gas Guru is a free app for iOS and Android that helps you find the best gas prices at nearby stations. Gas Guru searches for the cheapest gas prices at nearby stations and then shows them on a map.

With over 7 million listed gas stations in its database, Gas Guru can help you save money on your next fill-up. Gas Guru also lets users get notifications about price changes so drivers can get the best deal possible when filling their tanks.


Gas Cubator is a free app that lets you find the cheapest gas near you. Once you’ve downloaded it to your phone, launch the app and choose your preferences from a list of categories: road, city, or zip code.

Then enter what kind of gas (price, brand, and grade) you want to buy and set up an alert for when that price drops.

My Miles Matter

MyMilesMatter is an excellent app for finding cheap gas near you. With this app, you can track your miles, see the gas price at nearby stations, and set up notifications for when prices drop at the station where you regularly fill up.

MyMilesMatter also makes it easy to find a station with a low price in your area by letting you search by location or zip code.

Good Gas

Good gas is a free app that helps you find the cheapest. Unfortunately, it uses crowdsourcing and other technology to determine gas prices, so it’s not as accurate as some other apps on this list (but it’s still pretty good).

If you’re looking for an app with a sleek interface, Good Gas may be your best bet. On top of being simple to use, Good Gas has several features in its arsenal:

  • A gas price alert feature that sends notifications when prices change
  • The ability to bookmark stations and add them to your favorites list
  • An easy way to share information with friends

Where To? (iOS) / Gas Finder (Android)

This app will provide a list of gas stations near your current location. You can also search for a specific gas station by name or address. In addition, the app allows you to find the cheapest gas in your area and what fuel each station offers.

Where To? also will enable you to filter by amenities such as car wash services, restaurants, and hotels within walking distance from the pump (if there are any), and even whether the station has an electric vehicle charging station on site.

You can also use this app for its voice-guided navigation capabilities: it will tell you where your car needs to go so that it gets there safely.

Gas Prices by MapQuest

This app is for you if you’re looking for the cheapest gas. The Gas Prices by MapQuest app maps gas stations with their prices and allows users to search for cheap gas in their city, state, country, and continent.

If you want to be able to find the cheapest gas worldwide, then this is an excellent choice for an app.

You can also explore the world of cheap fuel by entering your current location or address into the search bar at the top of the screen.

You can also narrow down results by clicking on one of three buttons: city limits (the default setting), within 25 miles or 50 miles of your current location or address.


The Shell App (for Android and iOS)

  • The Shell app for Android and iOS allows you to find gas stations near you.
  • You can filter gas stations by price.
  • You can also filter gas stations by fuel type.
  • Finally, based on that information, the app will locate your current location and help you find nearby Shell locations.

GasBags (for Android and iOS)

GasBags (for Android and iOS)Gasbag is a free app for Android and iOS. It’s available in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store to use on your phone and tablet.

This app allows you to find cheap gas nearby, track your fuel consumption, see where other users buy gas at the most affordable price and compare prices across different stations.

GasBags also lets you add any gas station not listed in its database to help fill the gaps and ensure you get the best deal possible.

The user interface is straightforward to navigate through; there aren’t too many options that could confuse new users while they’re looking around their maps trying to figure out where they want to go next based on what kind of savings they could get by filling up at one place instead of another nearby location with similar prices per gallon for fuel type.

There are also plenty of features built into this software package, such as support for multiple vehicles under one account, the ability easily share information about each trip via social media platforms like Facebook Messenger;

Also, the ability to export the entire database locally onto the device storage area, so there is no need to worry about losing data if something happens during the updating process, which often occurs when connecting different versions like Windows 8 vs. seven upgrades compatibility issues due to incompatible software versions, etc…

AllStays Camp & RV (for Android and iOS)

  • Find campgrounds, RV parks, and more in the AllStays app.
  • Search for rest stops and gas stations with the Truck Stop Locator.
  • Get directions to each place you want to visit with an interactive map.

The cheapest gas near me

The cheapest gas near me is something that everyone wants to know. Therefore, when driving a lot, finding the cheapest gas near me is essential.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools to help you do just that. One of those tools is Gas Buddy. Gas Buddy is a free app that works with your phone’s GPS, and you can find the cheapest gas near me by simply entering your zip code.

You can also use the app to see which gas stations have the most extended lines to avoid them if you are in a hurry.

Gas guru app

Gas Guru is a revolutionary app developed by the team at GasBuddy, which has been helping people save money on gas since 2008.

It’s based on the idea that we should all be able to help each other when it witnesses gas. If a person knows where there’s cheap gas nearby, they should be able to share that information with everyone else. That’s how GasBuddy works.

Filling gas in a car

Frequently Asked Question

Is there an app that tells you the cheapest gas prices?

There’s an app for almost everything these days, and several let you know when gas prices have fallen. Here are a few options:

GasBuddy is a free app that uses crowdsourcing to let you know which stations around you have the cheapest gas. It also has some neat tools that help you find cheap gas in advance to plan your road trips more efficiently.

Gas Guru has a similar function and is also free—the main difference is that it doesn’t rely on crowdsourcing but on the developers’ data collection efforts.

Is Upside a good app?

The short answer is: yes. It’s an easy way to organize receipts and keep track of spending, which helps keep you on budget and see how much you have spent over time. The long answer requires more detail.

You’re probably wondering why you should even bother with another app when there are already so many to choose from, and, indeed, Upside isn’t the only game in town.

For example, some apps let you scan your receipts using your phone’s camera, ones that allow you to take pictures of your tickets and store them digitally,

-and apps that keep all your bank statements in one place, apps for tracking expenses for multiple people in one big budget, and others that combine these things.

I’ve used every one of these apps at some point—I’ve used Expensify for years, and I still really like it—but what drew me to give Upside a try was the emphasis placed on helping users find ways to save money. I think that is missing from many other financial tools, and I’ve found myself mainly.

Is the GasBuddy card free?

Signing up for the GasBuddy card is free, and we’ll never ask you for money. We recommend using a credit card to pay for gas at the pump, as this gives you fraud protection if your card is lost or stolen, but there’s no additional charge.

When you sign up online at GasBuddy.com, you enter your email address and choose a password, and then we send you an email with a link that lets you verify your email address and start using the GasBuddy card immediately.

You can also download a mobile app that lets you access the card on the go. The app and mobile website (m.gasbuddy.com) are free to download from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Does GasBuddy work with GetUpside?

I don’t know if GasBuddy works with GetUpside, but I can tell you that GetUpside gives you a $5 credit when you try them out. Here are the details:

GetUpside is a company that pays you for your online purchases at popular stores like Kohl’s, Sears, JCPenney, Target, and more. So you can save money on the things you shop for and use the savings to treat yourself.

Signing up is free (no credit card required), and they have a great referral program. For example, when you sign up using my link, you’ll get $5 in your account when you first purchase any amount at one of our partner stores.

When you redeem that $5, GetUpside will also donate $1 to the charity of your choice. So it’s a win-win-win: you get something back, they give back to charity, and everyone feels better.

How does the upside app work?

Upside App is a new way of writing reviews and sharing your experience with each of your favorite brands. It uses a 5-point rating system instead of stars, which makes it easier to understand how much you like something, even if it’s only a little.

You write your review in the app, and then each week, we send the best ones to our partners at some of your favorite stores. They read them and choose one to display on their website.

We’ll also email you when your review is live so that you can tell your friends to read it—and get a gift card just for trying out the app.

Does Upside sell your information?

Do we sell your information? Again, the short answer is no. You’ve got enough privacy concerns to deal with today, so we don’t sell your information to any third party.

We don’t share it with anyone else on our team or at our company. We don’t even store it ourselves. The only exception is that if you give us your email address, we will occasionally email you about upcoming events or new services that might interest you.

But we keep these emails as short and sweet as possible—no spam here.


Finding a good deal on gas is easier than ever, thanks to the many apps that can help you find cheap gas near you.

But gas prices constantly change, so the best way to save money is by knowing which stations have the most affordable prices.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite applications that’ll help you find good deals on fuel—no matter where it is.

There are plenty of apps out there for finding cheap gas near me, but these are among the most popular and useful ones out there:

We hope these apps help you find cheap gas near you and save money on your next trip. If we missed any apps that could be useful for finding cheap gas near me, let us know in the comments.

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