7 Legit Sites Where You Can Test Websites for Money 

Last updated Jun. 22, 2023 by Charles Zemub

17 legit sites where you can test websites for money

Do you know that you can test websites for money? The idea of getting paid from testing websites appeared literally impossible a few years ago.

However, innovation has made it possible for people to earn through this means. The good news is that you don’t have to become tech-savvy to earn from testing websites.

Newbies that follow the due process can test any website and get paid for executing this task. So how can you test websites for money? In this article, you will learn about 17 legit sites where you can test websites for money.

How can you test websites for money?

Many websites have discovered the benefits associated with people testing their platforms as regards services rendered to the public.

Hence, thousands of website owners prefer to get their websites tested on different website testing platforms to continue rendering quality services to clients.

You can become a website tester by signing up for any legit website testing platform. But before joining any website, you need to understand how to test websites for money. So how can you actualize this? The following procedure will enable you to discover how to test websites for money.

Find a legit website testing Site.

The first step to consider is to find legit testing sites to work with. Numerous websites will assist you in reaching a great milestone. However, some fake websites still exist out there.

Hence, you must be watchful as you search for the right opportunities. In the later section of this article, you will find the best 17 legit sites where you can test websites for money.

Review the website’s policies.

Every website testing platform has unique policies that guide its members and direct its users accordingly. You should focus on reviewing the website’s policies to ensure you are making the right decision.

If there are videos or blog content on the platform, devote your time to browsing through them. Navigating across the website will give you the sense of reaching a great milestone on each platform.

Register with a website testing platform.

When you are satisfied with the website policy, proceed to sign up with the site. Signing up will give you a sense of belonging. Due to heavy applications from workers, some of these website testing platforms may turn down your application.

However, never be discouraged when you are faced with such disappointment. Instead, find an alternative website testing platform that is still recruiting new users to sign up.

Wait for tasks

You may not be assigned tasks as soon as you sign up with a website testing platform. You still have to wait for the platform to assign you tasks. Whenever a task is given to you, focus on putting extra effort to actualize greater results.

Through this approach, you will win the heart of more clients and be opportune to land yourself with great tasks.

Work with time

Completing any given tasks before deadlines will determine your ability to succeed in any platform. You should make out time to plan your working schedule on any website testing platform.

Since your jobs here are not complicated, you will have enough time to render other tasks without stress. When you deliver an assigned task within a specific time, you will be opportune to render more tasks and earn more.


Since you have learned how to get started with earning from testing websites, you still have to find the right opportunity. Several website testing platforms are emerging regularly. However, some of these platforms are not legit and may expose you to scams.

Hence, you should find legit sites that will pay you for rendering specific website testing tasks. 17 legit sites where you can test websites for money consist of the following.


One of the best legit platforms to get paid from testing websites is Respondent. Unlike most platforms, Respondent focuses on a research study where participants should test websites, carry out a survey and participate in various focus group studies.

If you must land a gig on this platform, you must be creative enough. To get started on this platform, visit Respondent.com and sign up. The platform allows you to sign up using your Facebook or LinkedIn account. You can also use your email address to register on this platform.

Once you provide the website with your personal information, you will arrive at an interface with access to the platform’s basic content. As you fill up your contact information, ensure that you provide real detail.

If the website notices that you registered with fake information, your account may be taken down. Once your account is accurately set up, you can begin to execute projects and get paid for the jobs well done.

Website testing gigs on this platform can come at different prices. But if you are determined, you can earn up to $40 when you complete a 20-minute task.

Your earnings highly depend on the clients that employ your services. You can redeem your payment via PayPal, which usually arrives at your account about 8 to 10 days after placing your withdrawal.


Another powerful website you should consider joining is Userbrain. This platform has several promising features that should attract you towards signing up with them.

Unlike most platforms, Userbrains can pay you up to $5 for completing a test. So how do you get started on this platform? You will have to visit Userbrain.com and click on start a free trial.

You don’t have to insert your credit card information to get started on this platform. You have to register with your email and choose an exclusive and secure personal password.

Once you insert your personal information, click on create account to complete the sign-up process. This action will show that your account is ready to accept tasks from clients on this platform. Once you are on the page, you will see numerous tasks.

However, if other users have taken the tasks, you are left with no task to render. But you should never feel disappointed as you will have a task to execute from time to time on this platform. One good feature of this platform is that you will be paid weekly via PayPal.

You only have about 5 to 20 minutes to complete a task on Userbrain. Hence, as you navigate across the platform, prepare your mind to spend quality time rendering professional services for money.



UserTesting is a great platform that rewards users for testing other people’s products within a specific time. In fact, UserTesting is one of the most popular website testing platforms.

As a result of its popularity, top companies have continued to test their products on UserTesting. The good news is that you don’t have to become a professional website tester to land gigs on this platform.

With little or no experience in website testing, you can land your first gig and proceed to earn from doing so. To get started on this platform, visit usertesting.com and click on get paid to test.

Like most platforms, UserTesting will urge you to learn about its terms and conditions before completing the signup process. You should devote time to reviewing this process and ensure everything is accurate.

Once your account is ready, the platform will assign you tasks to execute. You must review the assignments to see if you can execute the tasks accordingly.

When you realize that you can professionally render a task without error, you will be opportune to execute several website testing gigs for money. On this platform, you can earn up to $10 for executing a 20-minute task.

You will also be opportune to participate in live interviews on UserTesting. You will earn up to $30 to $120 during the live interview. More people prefer to participate in the live interview as their chances of earning more money usually increase.


PingPong is a platform that gives you the real feeling of earning from rendering smaller tasks. In fact, you can earn from €10 to €100 on this platform. The task which you will likely execute isn’t that complex.

However, you must professionally execute any assigned task before you qualify to receive your payment. So how do you get started on PingPong?

Firstly, you will have to visit hellopingpong.com to register. Once you arrive at the website, click on become a tester, this action will take you to the page where you will signup with your email and other options.

As a registered member on this platform, you will have access to numerous tasks which you will surely find easy to accomplish. The good news is that you don’t need to have professional experience to render assignments on this platform.

Payment on this platform comes after every seven days. You can redeem your payment via PayPal or Transerwise. However, before you can enjoy earning from this platform, you must have a webcam and a high-speed internet connection to your computer.



Userfeel is a platform that gives you access to improve your knowledge in website testing skills. If you work every day on this platform, you can before a professional website tester with time.

So how do you get started on this platform? To start earning from Userfeel, you must sign up with them first. Hence, begin by visiting userfeel.com and clicking on create a user test.

This action will enable you to register with the platform. But before you can be qualified to earn from your registered account, you must participate in a sample testing exercise.

The essence of this exercise is to enable the company to access you and learn about your potential. You can only get tasks via email when your sample is approved. Hence, you must focus on delivering the best sample if you want the best for yourself on this platform.

You can basically earn $10 for rendering about 10 to 20 minutes of tasks. Your payment comes via Paypal at the end of every week.


Validately employs the services of testers to execute website and mobile app testing for several organizations. Before qualifying for this task, you must have years of experience testing websites and mobile apps.

You can earn up to $10 for executing a particular task within the range of 10 to 15 minutes. Testers that participate in live studies are opportune to earn more than others. Live studies can earn you up to $40 for 30 minutes of your time.

When you extend the live studies to 60 minutes, you can earn up to $70. To get started on this platform, visit validately.com and click on signup. You will receive your payment via PayPal at the end of each working week.


TryMyUI is a platform that enables you to earn from your passion for testing websites. However, you will have to participate in a qualification test before you are found worthy of rendering tasks on this platform.

TryMyUI allows you to earn up to $10 for rendering about 15 to 20 minutes of tasks. After registering on this platform, you will send a notification via email.

Review these opportunities and see how to take advantage of them. You will receive your payment via PayPal at the end of each week.


Like most legit sites that pay, Checkealos focuses on getting feedback sessions from users. Hence, you will have to participate in these sessions to get paid on this platform for each time you complete a session.

Checkealos is a great platform you should join once you can speak English or Spanish fluently. Unlike most platforms, Checkealos is open to everyone across the globe.

No matter your country of residence, you can find a great opportunity on this platform. You will receive €8 for completing 15-minute sessions on this platform. You will redeem your payment via Paypal at the end of each week.



Loop11 is a platform that enables website testers to earn from their passion. This Australian-based company allows you to earn from executing a few tasks for clients.

However, you have to participate in a 5 minutes qualification test to showcase your expertise in testing websites. This implies that Loop11 is not a platform for a novice in the website testing field.

You need to have some level of experience before you can find yourself worthy of earning from Loop11. You can redeem your payment via PayPal at the end of each week.

User Interviews

User Interviews allow its users to earn from surveys, diary studies, online studies, user tests, and focus groups. When you decide to work with User Interview, you can learn new skills and connect with people of similar interests.

The money you will make on this platform highly depends on the exact type or length of study you engage yourself with. Your earnings on this platform can range from $20 to $1,500.

Hence, if you are eventually allowed to execute tasks on this platform, be assured of earning greatly from doing what you love most. The only limitation of this platform is that User Interviews are strictly for members from the US, Australia, Germany, the UK, South Africa, Canada, and France.


Another platform you should consider signing up with is Enroll. The platform allows participants to register, usually only their email address and password.

You can also select a preferred method of testing that mostly consists of devices you want to use, including a smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet.

After you successfully sign up on this platform, you will be notified via email whenever a task is assigned to you. Once you receive a notification to execute any task, ensure that you act quickly to accomplish the work within a given time. You can redeem your payment on this platform via PayPal.


TestingTime is a platform that allows you to earn €50 for completing a study. This implies that tasks will be assigned to you on this platform in the form of a study.

You will be required to conduct any study on TestingTime via Skype. It can take you from 30 to 90 minutes to complete a study. You can redeem your payments within 5 to 10 working days via Paypal.

Unlike most platforms, TestingTime welcomes participants from different parts of the world. You can comfortably sign up within the website from any location.



UTest has enabled users to gain more earning potential with time. The platform allows you to earn from executing a couple of tasks within a given time.

As a result of the earning potential people derive from this platform, most testers have worked full-time on the UTest. You can earn more than $3,000 per month if you understand how to expand your earning abilities on this platform.

To get started, visit Utest.com and click on become a Utester. This action will enable you to sign up and prepare your mind to earn from this platform.


StartUpLift is a unique platform that does not require a screen recorder or microphone from its participants. Visit the platform and register with them. Once you are a registered member, you can begin to render tasks and earn from doing so.

But if you want to reach a great milestone on this platform, you have the skill of creating a well-written response. Once your response is highly rated upon approval, the platform will pay you up to $5. Hence, you focus on creating something useful to earn.


Userlytics is a platform that has similar features as most website testing platforms. However, Userlytics has some exceptions that make it unique from the rest.

Firstly, Userlytics pays users about $10 for completing a task. Unlike StartUpLift, you will need a Microphone to render tasks on Userlytics.

Your major tasks on this platform are to test mobile apps and websites for clients. You will receive your payment every Friday via PayPal.

Test Birds

TestBirds is created as a software testing website that pays participants to render tasks for companies and individuals. Over the years, TestBirds have successfully rendered more than 1,500 different tests, and they have discovered over 100,000 bugs throughout these years.

When you partake in frequent usability testing on this platform, you can earn $25. The platform will pay you for a job well done whenever you find a bug. This implies that you will make more money when you find more bugs here.

Unlike most platforms, TestBirds often offers its participants free training. This free training prepares them for the complex task ahead. Lessons that you obtain from this training will enable you to find bugs and get rewarded for rendering this task.

Visit testbirds.com to get started. The website will provide three different sign-up options.

Since your goal is to work as a tester on this platform, proceed to create a tester account. This account will enable you to successfully create a tester account and begin to earn from the platform.

Test IO


When you hope to create a difference from testing websites, you may consider signing up with Test IO. This platform makes it possible for you to earn up to $50 by identifying a bug within the platform.

However, you must be experienced in finding bugs before you can earn from this platform. Test IO makes it easier for participants to earn more money from identifying more bugs.

This implies that your regular earnings will surely increase when you find more bugs on the platforms. When you find it challenging to earn from finding bugs on this platform, you can opt for rating apps.

Test IO allows its participants to redeem their payment via PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, or Payoneer. However, your payout often comes at the end of each month.


Thank you for reading this article up to this length. When you succeed in reaching this point, it implies that you have strong zeal in earning from testing websites.

The 17 legit sites where you can test websites for money listed above can enable you to utilize your spare time wisely.

However, you must abide by the policies of each platform to increase your chances of earning from them. Hence, you must make out time to review the platform’s rules to ensure you are on the right track.

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