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We test this online grocery delivery service to see how it stacks up against traditional grocery shopping and services like Instacart, which also offers food delivery.

Using Anycart, customers can find recipes, add the ingredients they need to their shopping cart, buy groceries and non-grocery products, and have their orders delivered from a nearby store without worrying about price markups or membership fees.

So that I could evaluate the service’s features, cost, and overall quality of the recipes, I subscribed. Whether or not Anycart can help you save time and money is the subject of this evaluation.

1. The Platform’s DNA Includes a Place for Recipes

The in-house chefs at Anycart provide recipes with detailed directions, images, and videos. The dishes can usually be prepared in 30 minutes or less and employ simple, inexpensive ingredients. Anycart allows you to search by name or input the URL of an external recipe if you want to prepare a certain food type.

I made both choices. Anycart gave me a few recipe ideas when I typed “banana bread.” The one I picked out offered a thorough recipe with pre-selected ingredients that I could change (to choose a different brand/size or to completely deselect since I already had some of the components in my cupboard).

2. Meal preparation

Anycart allows you to search by meals and for specific food products. You may search by diet (such as vegan, paleo, or keto), “categories” (such as American, Asian, or Mexican), or by a particular meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). One intriguing feature of Anycart’s technology is that it allows for using a single component across various recipes and accounts for package size.

While testing, I put this to the test. The spinach lasagna, I also cooked using an Anycart recipe, and the blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes I described previously asked for 15 oz of ricotta. Anycart located the same component in my cart and highlighted the overlap. I still needed to buy two 15 oz. alternatives since my shop didn’t have a 30 oz. container in stock.

3. Pricing and Choice

Anycart does not mark up the cost of the things you buy, unlike other supermarket delivery services. Anycart, however, only collaborates with a few partners. If your preferred bargain retailer is not “in-network,” choosing an Anycart grocer might increase costs.

Anycart credits your purchase to your shop loyalty card, probably saving you money. However, because the service is unconnected from your account, you can miss out on program benefits like redeeming credits at affiliated gas stations.

Furthermore, you cannot utilize coupons or other cash-back applications (like Upside), further reducing your ability to save money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who invested in Anycart?

Anycart has received funding from seven different investors, including Greycroft and Alumni Ventures, to name just two of them.

2. Where is Anycart’s headquarters?

Anycart was established in 2019 in the city of Seattle, Washington, during the Amazon Alexa Accelerator. The company’s current headquarters are located in Palo Alto, in the state of California.

3. What is Anycart known for?

Anycart is an online shopping platform that combines recipe inspiration with food delivery. As a result, it makes cooking simpler at home and saves users a significant amount of time.

4. How many employees does Anycart have?

With its innovative combination of recipe discovery and grocery delivery, Anycart helps busy people spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying their free time. The company employs between 51 and 200 people.

5. Does Anycart have an app?

Our app lets you quickly find and purchase thousands of goods from regional supermarkets. Anycart doesn’t add markups or hidden fees, so you’ll save time and money.

6. How do you get paid as a shopper?

Direct deposits to bank and savings accounts are made every Friday for in-store and full-service consumers. Instant Cashout allows full-service consumers instant access to funds by wiring them directly to a debit card. Five batches must be completed before you may request your first Instant Cashout.

7. How does Anycart make its money?

Anycart generates revenue via affiliate commissions from stores, paid placements by businesses looking to promote their recipes and goods in search, and collaborations with publishers whose content may be converted into shoppable recipes.

8. Does Amazon own Anycart?

While Amazon has made a significant investment in Anycart, it does not fully control the firm.


Meal preparation is made easier with Anycart, and you can even add on other things and have them delivered to your home. The only downside was the extra work involved in using my fitness app to keep track of my dietary intake.

Because of this, I can now say that I am a committed Anycart user. While I like the end result of a home-cooked dinner, I loathe the time and effort required to plan and buy groceries.

In the past, I’ve experimented with and ultimately given up on various meal kit delivery services because I considered them too pricey, too sophisticated in their offerings for my family’s tastes, and too packaging-heavy. It would seem that Anycart is the best option available.

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