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10 Best Free Audiobook Sites Where You Can Download & Listen to 1000s of Titles for Free (Legally)

Audiobooks are fantastic! However, they are not without a price.

And if you’re a bookworm, you may save a lot of money by downloading and listening to free audiobooks that you can download and listen to on your computer.

Fortunately, just as there are websites that provide free books, there are also websites that provide completely free audiobooks. They have fundamentally altered the method by which information is consumed.

It’s possible that you’re reading many novels at the same time if you’re like some folks. With conventional books, this would imply that you would need to bring a large number of volumes with you on your travels.

However, with audiobooks, you may have hundreds of them available at any one time, all stored on your phone.

Audiobooks are also somewhat less expensive than printed novels. If you’re driving, working out, jogging, or waiting at the dentist’s office, you can listen to your books on the go anytime you spare a few minutes.

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1. A Culture of Openness

As the name implies, the information on this website is mostly concerned with cultural and educational topics.

People may read many of the key classics for free since they have done an excellent job of locating and making them accessible for free.

There are numerous formats available for you to download, and you are under no obligation to do so. You may choose to listen to them at a time and location that is convenient for you.

The website contains a functioning search bar that makes navigating across the site simple and straightforward. You may look for books by searching for the author’s name or the genre of the book.

2. Gutenberg’s Soundtrack

Aside from its massive library of e-books, Project Gutenberg is also known for having a wonderful variety of audiobooks available for download.

They don’t work in a silo, either. They have amassed a vast virtual library in collaboration with forward-thinking firms such as LibriVox and AudioBooksForFree, among others.

While I am thrilled with the collection that has been provided, I am particularly interested in the fact that I may locate books that are entirely computer-generated.

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3. Audio from the Internet Archive

This is another another effort that originally gained prominence via the distribution of free electronic books.

The Internet Archive Audio has now expanded its offerings to include more than 6000 audiobooks, a significant increase over the previous year. Also available for download is a good selection of poetry from the site.

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4. Podiobooks

Serialized tales are similar to paper-based physical books in that they are published in installments. RSS distributes feeds at this location.

To get to a certain episode, all you have to do is click on the associated link, and you can pick whether to play the clip immediately or have it downloaded to one of your smart phones or tablets.

5. LibriVox

LibriVox is one of my favorite audiobook companies because of their unconventional approach to making their audiobooks.

They often request visitors to send in recording snippets of chapters or portions of books, which they then post on their website.

The two audiobooks that resulted from this process provide two quite different experiences.

6. Lit2Go is an acronym that stands for “light to go.”

The audio material on this page has been provided in MP3 format. It is mostly composed of poetry and short tales, all of which are accessible for free download.

In order to make your navigation easier, a convenient search option has been added into the website.

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When it comes to kids reading, they compare Flesch-Kincaid grade levels to their library of children’s audiobooks so that parents may select the proper audiobooks for their children.

7. Aficionado of books

On their website, Librophile offers a large number of free audiobooks. You may do a search using keywords, languages, authors, or genres, among other criteria.

It’s a good feature of Librophile that it enables you to listen to a little sample before selecting whether or not to download the material to your smartphone or laptop computer.

8. LearnOutLoud is an acronym that stands for “learn out loud.”

Those interested in more serious subjects such as politics, physics, philosophy, and religion, for example, may find LearnOutLoud Free Audio to be of interest.

They have exceptionally high-quality materials available in this area.

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9. Loyal Books (Previously Books Should Be Free)

This is the same website that used to be known as Books Should Be Free, and it is still in operation.

The whole collection is suitable for families, and it is mostly comprised of books from the classroom.

Additionally, in addition to the traditional books and tales, which are typically available in many languages in MP3 and MP4 formats, the website offers a podcast and an RSS feed to which you may subscribe.

 Because the Google search engine provides the search tool, finding the information you are looking for is a snap.

For the purpose of making it simpler for you to locate what you’re searching for, each individual audiobook is also labelled with a rating system, which allows you to get a feel of the book before you decide to download it.


This establishment has an impressive collection. In addition, the website has a popularity list that shows which audiobooks are most in demand according to their respective categories.

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