TaxSlayer Review

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No one has the patience to wait six to eight weeks for a tax refund from the IRS. If you’re in search of the best way to get your tax refund quickly, TaxSlayer offers a way.

Here’s a detailed review of TaxSlayer.

TaxSlayer Review

TaxSlayer is one of the many online tax preparation software that exists. It gives you everything you need to file your tax from home. But what makes it different from the others? Why should you pick it over other tax prep software?

Key Features of TaxSlayer

  1. Offers Free Tax Filing For Simple Returns: If you have no dependants, Investments, or rental income, and if your taxable income falls below $100,000, TaxSlayer allows you to file your taxes for free. However, the free plan does not allow the importation of W-2.
  2. Free Federal Filing For Military: If you’re active in military service, TaxSlayer allows you to file your federal returns for free.
  3. Impressive User Interface and Navigation: TaxSlayer provides an Android and iOS application that enables you to file your tax with ease. You can file complicated tax returns with your mobile device.
  4. Offers Affordable State Returns: TaxSlayer allows you to file a state return for free. However, it charges $39.95 for any additional state returns you file.
  5. Correction Feature: If you realize an error in your tax returns after filing, TaxSlayer allows you to correct the error for $42
  6. Tax Refund: Once the Internal Revenue Service accepts your tax, TaxSlayer will process any refunds within 21 days.
  7. Supports Major IRS Forms and Schedule
  8. Offers Expert Help

Downsides of TaxSlayer

  • The live chat support feature is only available in higher-paid plans
  • It does not allow for third-party integrations
  • Its help pages, Q&A pages, and knowledge base have room for improvement.

Does TaxSlayer Give an Advance?

TaxSlayer Review

Yes! TaxSlayer gives an advance refund to its users. If you meet the requirements laid out by TaxSlayer, you will be eligible for an advance tax refund of up to $1000 within 48 hours of submitting your returns to the IRS.

With TaxSlayer, you can receive the refunds via a prepaid card or a deposit into your bank account.

To become eligible for a TaxSlayer refund in advance, you must provide a government-issued identification card, a W-2, and other legal documents.

Since the advance tax refund is suitable mainly for people who can’t wait for the IRS refund, TaxSlayer does not charge an interest rate or upfront fee.

Is TaxSlayer Good to Use?

Yes! TaxSlayer is a good tax prep software for filing and state tax returns. It is most suitable for users with experience in tax filing.

Here’s How TaxSlayer Works

  • Create an Account: To get started on TaxSlayer, download the Android or iOS application and create an account with your email.
  • File Your Tax Return: Once your account is created, navigate to the TaxSlayer sections and file your tax returns. It is advisable to understand TaxSlayer’s terms and conditions before filing.

The TaxSlayer application has a total of six sections which you can easily access by tapping on them. These sections include:

  • Personal Information: In this section, you must enter your essential data like name, social security number, date of birth, mailing address, occupation, and other filing status information.
  • Federal Menu: TaxSlayer requires you to enter your federal taxable income and deductions information in this section.
  • State Menu: Once you have entered your information in the Federal menu, TaxSlayer will transfer the information to the state section. This saves you from re-entering the same data in different sections.
  • Health Insurance Section
  • Summary and Print Section
  • E-file

How Accurate is TaxSlayer?

TaxSlayer promises its users a 100% accuracy rate in all pricing plans. In addition, when you enter information into the TaxSlayer software, the software will detect errors and point out any incomplete data to ensure 100 percent accuracy in calculations.

If a miscalculation occurs due to the inefficiency of the TaxSlayer software, you will be offered a money-back guarantee. This guarantee will cover state and federal penalties or interests resulting from the miscalculation.

Aside from its 100% accuracy rate, TaxSlayer also provides a secure platform for users to file tax returns. Its multiple levels of security include a complex password feature, SSL encryption, intrusion detection system, cyber security experts, and more.


TaxSlayer Customer Service

TaxSlayer has an impressive customer service support team. Suppose you encounter technical issues while on the software. You can contact customer service via phone support, fax line, email, and live chat. However, most customer service support features are not available in some plans.

You can’t access the live chat feature on the free and lower-paid plans. But TaxSlayer’s knowledge base section is rich in content. The Question and Answer section, help pages, and “Learn More” section can guide you through all you need to know while on the TaxSlayer platform.

TaxSlayer customer service team is available from Monday to Saturday during working hours. You can also contact TaxSlayer support via their social media pages.

If you’re stuck in a section while filing your tax returns, you can seek expert advice from TaxSlayer’s support team.

TaxSlayer VS TurboTax

TaxSlayer and TurboTax are best known for their impressive tax preparation features. And since they serve similar functions, a comparison becomes inevitable.

Regardless of the comparisons, TurboTax is widely known for offering the best products you need to file tax returns, but this comes with an expensive pricing plan. TaxSlayer, on the hand, provides the basics you need at a highly affordable rate.

TurboTax Software is best if:

  • You want expert guidance in each level of tax filing
  • You want software with a high-quality user experience
  • You don’t mind spending a little more on advanced features
  • You want to import and upload forms quickly and easily

TaxSlayer Software is best if:

  • You have experience in filing tax returns.
  • You want an affordable tax prep software with all the essential features you need
  • You are ready to enter your tax return information manually.

What is the Fastest Way to Receive a Tax Refund?

Tax Refund

The waiting period for a tax refund is long and frustrating. But you don’t have to make it more frustrating! Here are the fastest ways to receive a tax refund.

  • File Your Tax Return In Time: The faster you file your tax returns, the quicker you’ll receive a response from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • File Your Tax Return Online: Many people make the mistake of filing a paper tax return. Unfortunately, doing this will make you get a response from the IRS in six to eight weeks.

If you file with an online tax preparation software like TaxSlayer or TaxAct, you will likely receive a tax refund within 21 days. In addition, most tax prep software offers a free version for people whose income falls below $100,000.

Softwares like TaxSlayer are reliable, and it provides guides that can help you file your returns with ease.

  • Avoid Checks: When using a payment method, avoid using checks, as it is a much slower method of receiving refunds. With direct deposit, you can quickly receive your tax refunds once it is made available.
  • Request for an Advance Tax Refund: Most tax prep software like TaxAct and TaxSlayer offers advance tax refunds within 48 hours of filing.


TaxSlayer is reliable and worth the time if you want to get a tax refund within 21 days of submitting your returns to the IRS. It also comes with a cheap pricing and smooth interface.

Frequently Asked Questions On Taxes

How Fast Does TaxSlayer Pay their Tax Refund?

When you file your tax returns via TaxSlayer, it takes 21 days for your Tax Refund to be processed. In order words, you will get a tax refund within twenty-one days of filing.

My tax refund was accepted; when will it be approved

If you file your returns with a tax prep software, your refunds will be accepted and approved within 21 days. However, it takes six to eight weeks to approve a tax refund filed offline.

Can you get your tax refund in 24 hours?

No! You can’t get your tax refund from the IRS in 24 hours. But the IRS receives your return in 24 to 48 hours. So once it is accepted and approved, you will be out on the IRS refund timetable, and you will be likely to receive a refund within 21 days.

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