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In today’s world, where money is hard to come by, getting value for one’s purchase becomes very important. No consumers will intentionally want to get products of inferior quality. Either they do not have the financial capacity to purchase quality products at that moment or do so out of ignorance.

Ordinarily, purchasing quality products is one great decision you can take as a consumer. However, there are some situations where we need not follow the advice to always go for high-quality products. This is because, sometimes, one’s idea of quality might be compromised and not always mean value for money spent.

This article will discuss five things wrong with the advice always to buy quality to help consumers make well-informed financial decisions. We would also discuss other issues relating to product quality.

Importance Of Product Quality To Consumers

The quality of a product is critical to consumers, the reason you see some spending a considerable amount of time searching. One of the things that brings a consumer back to a company is the quality of the products, it is that important to them.

Consumers Want Value For Their Money

Earning a living in today’s world is not a walk in the park. One must invest a lot of time and skills to make a penny. After doing everything to earn something tangible, it will be unwise to spend it carelessly.

When buying any products, consumers hope to get value from their purchase, which can only be obtained when the products are of excellent quality. Buying products that are below standard makes consumers feel they have wasted their resources. 

Quality Products Give Consumers Satisfaction

There is this feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing you invested your money in the right product. That joy stems from the fact that you are using your product for the same reason you bought it. In addition to that, your product is working efficiently and has no fault whatsoever. 

Quality Products Guarantees Durability

Buying a product is one thing; using it for a reasonable amount of time is another. A poorly made product will not meet its average lifespan. Therefore, it will not be able to meet the consumer’s needs. If you need a durable product, endeavor to purchase quality products. 

You Will Save More With Quality Products

A lot of wastage of resources and money has been incurred by purchasing products of inferior quality. Such products require fast replacement or repair, as they are quick to get damaged. These repairs and replacements will cost consumers more money, which ordinarily would have gone to other projects. 

What Is Wrong With The Advice To Always Buy Quality?

Ideally, it is not a bad idea to advise a potential consumer of a product to buy quality. Getting products of outstanding quality will do the consumer more good. It, however, becomes wrong when you become obsessive and opinionated about it. The following are five reasons you should not always advise consumers to buy quality: 

Quality Is Relative

Almost every brand in the market claims to sell quality products today. Furthermore, the emergence of digital marketing strategies has not made it easier for consumers. They can easily get carried away with good market branding and mistake it for quality.

The truth remains that quality has different meanings for different consumers. For upper-class consumers, quality might mean exclusivity. For example, as long as a few groups of individuals exclusively possess a particular product, it is termed quality. 

For some, if many consumers demand a product, it is of excellent quality. Others might define product quality as when a product is serving its purpose for a long time. When one idea of quality becomes biased, there is a tendency to make a wrong financial decision.

Selling a particular idea doesn’t need hours in today’s internet age. Instead, using the right tools can influence many people to see why they should consider your opinion. 

A product can become attractive to the public because a famous personality influences it. In such instances, people can often mistake the market trend at that moment for quality. 

Not Everybody Can Afford A Quality Product

When consumers hear of quality, the high cost of the product mostly comes to their mind. No doubt, most quality products cost more than products of lesser quality. However, understanding that you as a consumer will not always be able to afford all quality products is essential.

The Pressure To Always Buy Quality Could Lead To Price Exaggeration

Most companies understand that there exists pressure among consumers to purchase quality products. However, they are also aware of the misconception that all quality products must be expensive. Unfortunately, this has led to some of them selling substandard products for an inflated price. 

They operate by employing the service of a famous influencer to hype an expensive product. Unfortunately, unsuspecting consumers who honestly want a quality product are usually the victim of their dishonesty. 

User Experience Is A Better Proof Of Quality

While there are different parameters to determine the quality of a product, user experience is undoubtedly one of the surest ways. There is a confidence that comes with recommending a product from your own experience. You can boldly say if a particular product is of excellent quality or not, and you are sure you are not misleading a potential consumer. 

When you are not sure a product termed as quality is not going to provide you value, it’s best to avoid such products. Otherwise, you might end up regretting your investment in such a product.

How Do You Ensure The Quality Of Products

The affordability of a product might attract consumers to a product, but the quality brings them back. Therefore, ensuring the quality of a product should be the topmost priority of any business. 

For a small business owner, this might be a less difficult task. However, more prominent brands require much more effort to ensure product quality. To ensure the quality of products, businesses should do the following:

  • Make product design a priority: Creating a quality product starts way before manufacturing. Creating the product design is a vital step in ensuring product quality. It gives the manufacturers a blueprint of the product’s aims and how they can be achieved. Once a product meets a consumer’s need and solves their problem, then the product is close to achieving quality. Other factors like ease of use, durability, and effectiveness are other important determinants of product quality. 
  • Create a product specification sheet: Stating precisely what you want a product to be before manufacturing ensures its quality. For this reason, a good product specification is very crucial. It outlines every vital requirement for the manufacturing of your product. 
  • Perform a standard factory audit: After you have designed your product and specified how you want it, you can proceed with the manufacturing. However, shortly before manufacturing, you must check if the manufacturing factory meets the expected standard for your product. The factory’s condition can affect the product’s quality to an extent. 
  • Produce a quality control plan: Developing an effective quality control plan is vital in ensuring the quality of your products. A good quality control plan will help you check if your production processes and results align with your quality standard. It also ensures a product made by a business is free from defects. 
  • Inspect products: It is one thing to manufacture a product; it is another to ensure its high quality. You might not get your desired quality on your first set of products; however, you can get better after several inspections and getting customer feedback. 

Do You Prefer Quality Over Price?

Price and quality are two essential elements consumers consider when buying an item. Most times, they work hand-in-hand, and you cannot separate them. 

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Some people have the perception that high-quality products are unaffordable. For this reason, many people have ignored good quality products because they are affordable. In contrast, others have purchased substandard products because of their high cost. 

Choosing a product based on price or quality is relative and depends on the consumer’s preference and purchasing power. 


The quality of a product will always remain an essential factor in determining if a consumer should purchase a product. Therefore, producing good quality products should be the priority of every manufacturer. Anything aside from this will bring dissatisfaction to consumers. However, as consumers, we should conduct proper market research before purchasing any product.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are product quality examples?

Adequately labeled, branded, and secured electronics are good examples of product quality. Such products will have a user manual, remote control, and other components. Their installation will be seamless, and the user experience will be top-notch.  

Why is quality important to the business?

A business that produces quality items will have frequent consumer patronage and recommendation. 

How to improve quality control in production?

You can improve quality control in production by using statistical process control, embracing lean manufacturing, and total productive maintenance. 

What is new product development?

New product development is the process of planning, designing, and branding a new product to reveal it to the public. 

What is quality assurance in business? 

In simple terms, quality assurance means confirming that a firm’s quality standards are met. 

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