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Are you looking to fund a project, start a business or sort out an emergency but have no money? There are legit sites where you can get strangers to give you cash for free. These sites have provided a platform for people to reveal their financial hardship and solicit financial assistance.

However, most of these giveaway platform requires you to give a reasonable explanation as to why you need financial support. If your reasons are authentic, you might just get lucky to receive funds in donations from strangers to support your goal. Here are ten sites where you can get strangers to give you money.

1. Begging money

Begging money is an excellent site for people who want strangers to give them money even without providing anything in return. Similarly, this platform is built to offer financial assistance to anyone who needs help. If you’re in urgent need of money and have a strong case, then you’re bound to receive money from wealthy people willing to sympathize with your cause.

Good to note is that Begging money is a site that doesn’t charge any fee from donations given into your account. Your funds will be routed directly to your  PayPal account as soon as anyone donates to you. However, you’ll need to create a link to avoid getting scammed.

To get money from strangers on Begging money, you’ll need to compose a minimum of 400-word appeal giving reasons why you need money. You’ll also need to select the category for which you need the donation. For example, if you’re looking for cash to pay your electricity bill, then select the “bill” category.

Also, you’ll need to attach an original photo related to your request (your electricity bill, for example).

2. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is an incredible platform to find strangers giving away money. Kickstarter has millions of subscribers who are willing to support you with the cash you need to complete your project. However, unlike other platforms like GoFundMe, your projects in Kickstart must reach their fundraising goals over a specific period before you’re allowed to cash out your money.

If your campaign goes successful, you’ll have to provide rewards to your backers, which often vary depending on your project. For example, if you plan to develop a board game, you’ll have to offer rewards to people based on their pledge amount (such as a unique edition board game for those who pledge $500 or trading cards for those pledging $10). If you have a creative project you’d love to accomplish, Kickstarter is a platform worth pursuing!

3. Fundable

If you need startup funds to lunch your business or if you need financial support for your business, Fundable is one of the best platforms to try out. Fundable is a site used by millions of people ready to support you if you have an incredible and convincing business idea to offer.

With over $617 million in funds generated so far, Fundable is one of the renowned platforms where you can easily get strangers to give you money for free. You can choose between equity or offering rewards. If you choose equity, you’ll need to offer shares of stocks to companies as compensation for a funding commitment. On the other hand, the rewards category is an avenue to raise funds by offering to preorder or sell your product or merchandise.

In addition, Fundable can be used as a marketing tool for exposing your fundraising to your network. You can build a compelling profile showcasing your business and sharing your ideas with your family, friends, colleagues, customers, and the media.

4. GoFundMe

With over $5 billion raised for its beneficiaries, GoFundMe stands as one of the best social fundraising platforms in the world. Through this website, many individuals have raised a lot of money to start their businesses, pay off their debt, settle their bills, and cover other essential expenses.

GoFundMe is a platform that supports businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals – but primarily focuses on charity. Similarly, the site is often used to get crowdfunding for medical expenses. However, GoFundMe takes a service fee of 3% off of what you’ll get when you do fundraising.

Nonetheless, signing up for GoFundMe allows you to fundraise for many purposes such as family, emergency, medical, education, memorial, non-profit, faith, and the rest.

5. FundMyTravel

If you want money to fund your travel, FundMyTravel is the perfect platform. FundMyTravel is a fundraising website for anyone looking to raise funds for their international or domestic travel – for vacations, meetings, projects, or assignments.

To begin, create a personal campaign page on the platform and share it with your family, friends, colleagues, as well as the  FundMyTravel community. However, note that the website will take 5% of every donation to your FundMyTravel account as administrative fees.

Donations will automatically be forwarded to your account without waiting until your goal is fulfilled. Donations can be used to fly somewhere for an emergency, study, volunteer, or have leisure time.

6. Ko-fi

Like Kickstarter, Ko-fi is a platform where you can get strangers to give you money to fund your creative project. In addition, you can get donations from this site to support your ongoing arts or creative project. While most platforms are for business or charitable use, Ko-fi is designed for creatives, such as illustrators, bloggers, podcasters, and the like, who need financial assistance to accomplish the project of their dreams.

Like most crowdfunding platforms, you’ll need to connect your PayPal account with Ko-fi so that people can easily donate money to you with just a click. With Ko-fi, donators can give even the smallest amount of support. Also, Ko-fi has two versions – The Ko-fi Gold and the Free version. Ko-fi Gold only costs $6 per month with monthly subscriptions that allow you to get commissions for your project through the site.

7. Cyberbeg

CyberBeg is a site primarily designed for helping people in need of financial assistance. The site is completely free to join, and there’s no service fee for any donation you get. Additionally, earnings are forwarded directly to your PayPal account.

However, PayPal transaction on CyberBeg isn’t anonymous because PayPal (as usual) will display your name or email address on the contact. Notwithstanding, there are provisions on how to alter PayPal settings to prevent this issue.

8. Fundly

Fundly has many options in terms of campaigns to choose from. With over $330 million in donations, the platform has helped millions of people over the years with zero startup fees and no limitations on “boost conditions.” 

When you register on their website, you’d be asked to choose whether you’re registering as an individual or a non-profit before launching your campaign. You can also log in via your Facebook account if you select the “person” category.

If you want to know how people use the web and the kinds of campaigns they’re working on; you can filter the categories to see anything from trips and memorials to the most famous projects. Fundamentally it encourages you to update your supporters and send posts and emails quickly produced blog-like updates using their app.

9. JustGiving

JustGiving is another charity site where you’ll get wealthy people giving money away. The website has helped many people in over 164 countries by raising more than $4.5 billion since it launched in 2000.

If you are looking for funds for a charitable cause, this platform will help connect you to individuals ready to help you accomplish your goal. JustGiving will help you promote your cause to over 22 million using various means. As a tech-first company, the site has continued to improve its tools and donation flows so you can easily raise money for your cause.

Furthermore, you can customize the fundraising pages to suit your brand colors which you can also improve with APIs, widgets, and donate buttons. However, JustGiving skims off 2 to 5% on donation and Gift Aid contributions. You will also need to pay a membership fee, depending on the volume of your donations.

10. Rally

Rally allows you to organize an attractive and practical fundraising page accepting eCheck payments and credit cards. All pages are created with social sharing tools to enable you to promote your fundraiser to your family, colleagues, friends, and other social media followers.

The Rally platform has helped over 30,000 individuals and organizations to solve their problems, mobilize the community, and broadcast their passions. It is an online site that allows fundraising and building social awareness. If you’re looking for who will give you money right now, you can find many Rally users ready to help your case.

The platform has existed for years and is used by numerous organizations and individuals for organizing disaster relief, starting companies, paying tuition, covering medical expenses, funding films, scholarships, and lots more. However, a 5% transaction fee would be required for every donation made to your account, including a 30 cent and 2.9% credit card/bank processing fee.

People Also Ask

Can I Ask for Money Online?

You can ask for money online from platforms like JustGiving, Fundly, GoFundMe, and Rally. There are wealthy people ready to support you financially, especially when you’re experiencing financial difficulties. However, most of these sites will require you to submit a short essay explaining why you need the money and how you intend to spend it. Therefore, it’s wise if you’re able to write a convincing essay to get strangers to give you money online.

Can Someone Just Give me money?

Yes, you can get money for free by joining online platforms where people give away money. Some of these sites where some can give you money include Kickstarter, Begging Money, FundMyTravel, and Cyberbeg. Most of these sites are charity-based and can provide you with cash for free only if you can convince wealthy people on the platform about what you need the money for. You can get money to support your project, fund your travel, and start a charitable organization for emergencies and other related expenses.

How Can I get Free PayPal Money?

One way to make money for free on Paypal is by participating in their referral program. All you need do is to use your invite link to invite your friend who doesn’t have PayPal to join the platform. Then, have them sign up and link their card. When their send or spend is at least $5, PayPal will send you both $10.

You can also earn money for free on Paypal by joining online paying platforms like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Rakuten, and Survey Junkie. All you need do is to complete a given task and stand a chance to have money transferred into your PayPal account. Of course, the amount you make depends on the platform you choose, the number of tasks you complete, and how well you achieve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Ask a Billionaire for Money?

You can ask wealthy people for money by joining charitable sites like JustGiving, Fundly, GoFundMe, and Rally. These sites have financially buoyant people ready to support you financially with your project, business, bills, and other emergency expenses. All that is required is that you sign up for one of the sites, follow the instructions and ask for money from wealthy people on the platform.

What Apps Pay you Instantly?

Apps that pay instantly include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Dosh, Rakuten, Honey, and Survey Junkie. However, you’ll need to sign up and complete various tasks on these platforms to get paid. Payment is mainly transferred to your PayPal account, direct deposit, or exchange for gift cards.

Can You Use GoFundMe in South Africa?

GoFundMe works in 19 different countries, including South Africa. You can use GoFundMe in South Africa to raise money for yourself, your loved ones, or a charitable cause. There are wealthy people on the platform ready to support you financially, especially if you need money for medical expenses, paying bills, education costs, funeral expenses, travel expenses, and more.

How Can I Get Strangers to Give me money?

You can get strangers to give you money by joining online platforms where rich people give away money for free. Some of these platforms include JustGiving, Fundly, GoFundMe, Ko-fi, and Rally. However, note that some of these sites will charge you a small transaction fee, and you’ll need to provide valid reasons why you need financial support.

How Do I Get Free Money?

You can get free money by joining online platforms where strangers are ready to support you financially, such as Kickstarter, Begging Money, FundMyTravel, Cyberbeg, and the rest. Another way to get free money is by joining online platforms where you’ll perform simple tasks and get paid. Some sites that pay for completing simple tasks include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Dosh, Rakuten, Survey Junkie, and the rest.

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