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Do you want to earn money from the comfort of your own home?

If you have access to a computer and excellent organizing abilities, you may want to consider pursuing a job as a virtual assistant.

And the good news is that the demand for virtual assistants has been continuously expanding over the past several years.

Virtalent estimates that the virtual assistant (VA) business will be worth $5 billion by 2018, as the need for remote employees continues to expand at an alarming rate.

As a result, you won’t run out of VA career prospects anytime soon!

It is possible to operate as a virtual assistant from the comfort of your own home, or from any other location you want, provided you have access to the internet.

10 Legit Virtual Assistant Jobs: Companies That Pay You (up to $60/hr) to Work at Home

What’s amazing about being a virtual assistant is that the responsibilities are so diverse and interesting.

In order to help company owners, entrepreneurs, website owners, corporations, bloggers, and a broad range of other organizations and people with a variety of activities, virtual assistants are employed by a number of firms and organizations.

If you’re thinking about working from home but aren’t sure what area to pursue, virtual assistant (VA) job may be a wonderful choice for you.

1. Zirtual

Zirtual is a startup that pairs customers with virtual assistants that are committed to their needs.

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It employs virtual assistants stationed in the United States to assist customers with a range of projects and chores.

You are in charge of assisting the customer in the management and organization of their projects and other activities.

2. The VA of the twenty-first century

Modern VA provides assistance to company owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and a variety of other customers by putting them in touch with virtual assistants and online business managers on a one-to-one basis.

These customers assign work to the virtual assistants employed by Contemporary VA.

3. Clara

Clara, which is an organization that offers email and meeting scheduling services to a range of clientele.

Clients that use Clara just attach the program to any email, and the software handles all of the details of scheduling and maintaining meetings.

The firm employs remote virtual assistants to help with scheduling and client requests inside the Clara program, which they can access from anywhere.

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30 Best Work-from-home Jobs for Pregnant Women

4. Exquisite Hands

Exquisite Hands is a firm that offers virtual assistant services to customers in the United States.

Among the things that it employs assistants to do are:

  • scheduling appointments.
  • Finding the lowest possible costs for various items
  • Making phone calls is what I do.
  • Finding hotels that fulfil a given set of requirements.
  • Data input is required.
  • Internet research is being done.

5. Use of a belay

Belay offers customers with a virtual workforce that they can access from anywhere. It provides a number of services to customers, including bookkeepers, content writers, webmasters, and, of course, virtual assistants.

It is searching for virtual assistants who are situated in the United States and who will work with senior-level management customers.

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6. Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual Office VA provides customers with virtual assistants situated in the United States that help them with investment and other small business duties. If you wish to work with Virtual Office VA, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Currently residing in the United States
  • Have access to a PC with high-speed internet access
  • Use a computer headset or a phone to communicate.
  • Communicate in plain English.

Make yourself at ease when on the phone. A significant amount of phone labor is required for the duties.

7. 99DollarSocial is a social networking site

Because 99 Dollar Social only employs virtual assistants to help them with social media activities, and this is an excellent job for anybody interested in becoming a virtual assistant and working in social media domain.

Small companies all around the globe benefit from the company’s assistance with their social media presence.

99 Dollar Social engages virtual assistants, sometimes known as “content experts,” to do in-depth content research, write introductions, and manage and prepare material for publication on a variety of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and others.

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8. Virtual Assistant available 24/7

24/7 Virtual Assistants is a virtual assistant company that delivers services to customers all over the globe.

Essentially, it connects customers with virtual assistants who can help them with their tasks.

To be considered for a position with 24/7 Virtual Assistant, you must submit your resume to 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

Once the organization gets your résumé, it will evaluate it to see whether it currently has a customer that fits your competence and qualifications.

9. The concept of equivity

If you’re searching for a virtual assistant career that allows you to work from home, you should certainly look into Equivity’s opportunities.

Virtual assistants are provided by this corporation to various enterprises. Part-time positions with Equivity are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you are interested in working with them, please apply on their website.

10. FireGang

Fiegang is a digital marketing business that mostly serves dentists as a client.

It offers a wide range of services, including search engine optimization, copywriting, and, of course, virtual assistant services.

Firegang is looking for part-time virtual assistants who are willing to work from home. What’s fantastic about the firm is that it hires individuals from countries other than the United States.

You may work from anywhere in the world, but you must be able to work within standard US time zone hours.

Yes, that is it, and hope you enjoyed this straightforward article on the work from home virtual assistant opportunities.

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