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There are lots of top drinking water refill stations near you. This article highlights the common types of drinking water and the refill stations that offer it for sale.

Where Can I Find Water Refill Stations In My Area?


Primo is one of the most well-known self-service water refill stations in the United States.

It offers filtered water in all of its retail stores across the United States and Canada. Primo’s 25,000 water refill outlets offer its services during regular business hours.

Simply take an empty Primo Glass or any other container to any Primo Hydrogen refueling point near you. They’ll fill it up for you.

The cost of refilling water at Primo is lower than the average cost of purchasing water at other refill stations.

The map on the Primo website can be used to discover the closest Primo station near you. Enter your zip code, state, and city on Primo’s website.

Watermill Express

Another location where you may refill your water supply is the Watermill Express.

It will only cost you $1.25 to purchase 5 liters of water at Watermill Express

Watermill has over 1,300 outlets in the state.

On the Watermill Express website, enter your current location into the search bar. The nearest Watermill Express outlet will be displayed to you.

The Culligan Company

Culligan Water refill company has several outlets in the state of Texas.

The cost of refilling water in this company is affordable. You can purchase water for $0.25 per gallon.

To find the nearest Culligan company near you, input your location into the search bar of the Culligan site.

Where to Find Personal Water Bottle Refill Stations

There are a lot of popular firms with individual water bottle refilling facilities. These firms include Primo, Tap, Elkay, HydraChill, and more.

Most of these apps enable you to easily find their outlets. A company like Tap has a mobile app that shows you the nearest water filling stations.

Here are locations to find refill stations for personal water bottles. You can fill up your individual water bottles in these places:

  • Airports
  • College grounds
  • campuses
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centers
  • Outdoor shopping plazas

Types of Drinking Water

Water refill stations www.paypant.com

Tap water

This is the common water that comes from pipes. This water isn’t drinkable due to health risks.

In the United States, most tap waters are drinkable. The United States has made laws that enable hygienic tap waters. However, the state of Michigan still experiences water problems.

Tap water is one of the cheapest drinking water. You can purchase a home filtration system to purify your tap water.

Spring Water

This is a groundwater and tastes better than tap or filtered water. This water comes to the surface of the earth through a natural process and it is collected at a spring or with the help of a borehole.

Spring water undergoes a natural filtration process. It passes through natural filters like rock, limestone, sandstone, clay, and more.

Filtered Water

Filtered water is filtered tap water. In most cases, it originates from municipal tap water – This water is usually filtered with carbon filters to eliminate chlorine.

After this process, the flavor of the water becomes enhanced.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is determined with a pH scale. The pH scale is numbered from 0 to 14. Water is acidic when it is closer to zero and it contains more alkaline when it is closer to fourteen.

Regular drinking water has a pH of seven. However, a pH scale isn’t enough to discover the alkalinity of the water and so an ORP is used.

An ORP determines the ability of water to act as a pro-oxidant or Antioxidant.

Many researchers believe that Alkaline offers greater health benefits than ordinary water.


Water is important to our lives, hence it is important that you find a station that refills water at an affordable price.

Primo is a good option with over 25,000 outlets around the state.

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