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People are making thousands of dollars per month using several approaches. You must have heard different success stories from people and feel motivated to try new money-making techniques.

But after much trial, you will continue to experience failure and setbacks in attaining your financial goals. You should not allow your past failure to kill your intention of achieving success.

Making $1000 a month has been made possible with several unique methods. However, you must get creative and change tactics to reach a Milestone.

So how can you make $1000 a month? Read on to know you can achieve this in record time. 

Getting To Earning Extra $1000 Monthly: How You Can Achieve This In Record Time

Making extra money, especially now, is essential to meet your daily expenses. You don’t have to rely on your old ways of earning a living to survive. 

You need to search for potential side hustles especially if you’re a beginner that will balance your financial life and enable you to attain your financial freedom with time. With that said, you can make $1000 a month from the following 53 methods:

  • Become An Assistant to online researchers

People are looking for reliable information from Google and other online platforms. If you have a passion for research, you should create time to help people to find vital information.

A platform like UserInterview, Respondent, and many others can help you earn up to $40 to $250 per search. However, your earnings have to depend on your expertise.

  • Become a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is a great way to earn from your writing skills. But before making money from Ghostwriting, you need to develop your writing skills and can meet up deadlines.

As a professional ghostwriter, you will write books, articles, or blog posts for clients. When the client pays you, the work belongs to them. Therefore, your earnings depend on your writing skills.

But you can earn a fortune from Ghostwriting. You can check out sites like Fiverr, Guru, and many others to find your Ghostwriting jobs.

  • Become an illustrator

Becoming an illustrator will boost your ambition if you are passionate about expressing your thoughts through drawings and graphics design. You can earn more than $1000 per month as a professional illustrator.

You can visit Freelancer, LinkedIn, UpWork, and other freelancing platforms to find your remote illustration jobs.

  • Proofread for extra money

If you love to detect grammatical errors from already written jobs, you can proofread for clients and earn some cash. Unlike writing an article or book, proofreading is more of reading.

You can even do this in your spare time. To find proofreading jobs, visit freelancing platforms like People Per Hour and many others to get started.

  • Find customer services jobs

Many businesses can comfortably hire remote customer service representatives to help them with the daily running of the business. Hence, you can check for any customer service-related jobs at any reputable company of your choice. LinkedIn is also a great platform to look out for such jobs.

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  • Get into IT and networking

One of the best-growing sectors is IT-related services. If you have IT and networking skills, you can sell them to companies and earn a living out of them.

Many reputable businesses are willing to employ you to work for them remotely. You can also work with clients based on contracts on freelancing platforms like People Per Hour, UpWork, and many others.

  • Get into Sales and Marketing

If you have marketing skills, you can make over $1000 monthly from it. You don’t necessarily have to work for a client to make money from your marketing skills.

You have to understand how to work your way through the internet. In fact, you need marketing skills to succeed on the internet.

Preferably, you can work as an affiliate marketer to earn more from your marketing skills. CJ Affiliate, Amazon Associate, and many others are the best affiliate marketing programs to consider.

  • Provide answers online

You can earn from answering questions online. However, millions of people are still curious to find answers to specific questions.

If you can answer questions, visit JustAnswer and sign up with them. The platform can permit you to earn from your expertise when you qualify.

  • Rent your household properties online

Fat LIama is one of the best lending platforms to consider. You can rent out your properties, like your gadgets, and earn comfortably.

You don’t have to stress out yourself. Instead, visit Fat Llama and sign up to earn.

  • Rent your parking space

You may consider making money from the vacant space if you own an empty garage or free driveway. Platforms like Stow It, Craiglist, and Airbnb enable you to rent out your parking space and earn decently from such action.

  • Install an apartment in your backyard and earn

Millions of travelers visiting new destinations understand the high cost of lodging in a hotel per night. Instead, you can utilize Airbnb, which is a platform created to help people earn by renting out their empty rooms and space.

Even if you own a vacant room, you may consider installing another apartment in your backyard. However, as someone that wants to earn big, you should never allow any space to waste.

Taking this action will require an initial investment cost. However, you will smile at your bank after the initial investment.

  • Rent your Car on Turo

If you own a car but hardly use it, you may consider renting it out to people. People doing this have earned over $1000 per month.

Turo is a platform that allows you to share your car with others, especially when you are not using it.

  • Become a feature writer

Writing articles for newspapers or online magazines is known as featured writing. You don’t need to become an expert to earn from feature writing.

But it would be best if you had a great writing sense to qualify. The New Yorker, The Antioch Review, and many others are some magazines that pay for feature writing.

  • Run Facebook Ads for Businesses. 

You may not realize the benefits associated with becoming a Facebook ads manager until you try out the profession. Thousands of local businesses need professional ad managers to run their successful advertisements for them.

To gain from this routine, be bold enough to take an online course on running successful Facebook advertising. When you complete your course, visit freelancing platforms to search for high-paying jobs.

  • Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Selling on Facebook Marketplace will enable you to reach out to more audiences. Millions of your customers are waiting for you on Facebook.

You will surely find your targeted audience on the platform, no matter what you sell. So visit Facebook Marketplace today to start your journey towards gaining financial freedom.

  • Become a Copywriter

Copywriting can enable you to earn over $1000 per month. But you must be able to create great content such as emails, sale pages, website copy, and many more to earn.

Your writing should be convincing enough to make an audience complete a purchase. You have to build a portfolio before searching for any writing jobs.

Clients prefer to review your past performance and credibility before entrusting you with the job. Visit Freelancer, Guru, and many more to find your copywriting jobs.

  • Participate in a graphics design competition

You will likely come across graphics designing competitions if you are active on social media. And if you are a great illustrator, you should consider participating in such competitions.

However, review how legit the competition is before signing up with them. But genuine competition can earn you more than a $1000 reward. You may likely land your dream job through these tactics.

  • Become a Data Scientist

You should earn from your passion if you are a great data scientist. You don’t have to be in the exact location of a tech giant company to earn from your skills.

Many companies roll out data science jobs to professionals all across the globe. In addition, companies like Facebook, Amazon, Andela, and many more can work with data scientists remotely.

You can also work as a freelancer with your skills. Visit freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and others to find related tasks you can execute perfectly.

  • Teach kids English Online

You can qualify to teach children when you must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in the English Language. A platform like VIPKID is willing to pay you to become a tutor.

You can make this job a side hustle, as you will still have enough time to engage in other paid activities.

  • Sell your Photos

You can sell your photos online and earn more than $1000 per month. You don’t have to become a model to start selling your photo.

You can capture different activities such as eating, jogging, swimming, and many more. In addition, millions of people are willing to pay to use your photos on their blogs and websites.

You can sell your photos on platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, etc. You must have the photographic skill to snap quality images that stand out.

However, it would be best to learn the art of photography before considering this side hustle.

  • Sell your Videos

Aside from selling your photos, you can also sell your videos. Many content creators are ready to pay for your videos.

Most platforms that accept your photos can also consider accepting your videos. But you need a high-quality convincing video to stand out from the rest.

Purchase a camera that can capture up to 4K HD videos. VideoHive, Shutterstock, Pond5, and Vimeo are the best platforms to sell your videos.

  • Sell on Amazon

You can literally sell anything on Amazon. With millions of buyers visiting the platform regularly, you can connect better with your audience and sell.

Selling on Amazon is not a difficult option to consider. But work with copywriters to convince people to buy from you.

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  • Publish an eBook

You may not need an initial investment cost to publish your first ebook. Instead, create a unique idea that has not been shared in any part of the world and write about it.

It may be written as a storyline, memoir, self-help, or other writing style. But have a purpose before commencing with the write-up.

And when your write-up is convincing enough, you can earn decently from the job. Then, proceed to publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You can also convince your family and friends to support you by purchasing.

  • Get started with a flipping side hustle

You can flip products on eBay and earn over $1000 per month. Most professional flippers have been earning a fortune with their skills.

Once you understand how to flip on eBay, you will begin your journey toward gaining financial freedom.

  • Become an influencer

Social media platforms have created a gold mine for millions of content creators. Once you begin putting out content daily, several brands will likely contact you for jobs.

You have to focus on a particular niche to qualify for this earning. To become a successful influencer, invest your time in creating video content.

  • Shop for others

Some people are too engaged to visit the grocery for their daily needs. You can fill this gap by shopping for others.

You can visit platforms like Instacart, Doordash, and Postmates to learn how to shop for others.

  • Work as movie extras

During the production of movies, the production team usually pays people to serve as extras when the need arises. Before you can find this opportunity, you must live in a big city where movie production is happening.

You can also email the production company and see if there is a slot for extra. Then, if you land the contract for acting as a movie extra, you can earn decently from it.

  • Manage social media accounts

Many companies always search for social media managers to handle their online presence. When you have skills in managing social media accounts, you can earn over $1000 before the end of any month.

You can easily find social media management contracts on freelancing platforms and companies’ career pages. Social media management can really earn you lots of money.

  • Offer music lessons

You may consider offering a music lesson online if you are a talented musician. Visit platforms like My Tutor, Tutorful, and Superprof to offer your music skills to thousands of students.

  • Sell your hair

You can earn decently by selling your hair online. Consider selling it on a platform like HairSellOn when you have long and adorable hair.

  • Earn from driving people around

You can reach your goal of making $1000 per month when you drive people around town. If you own a driver’s license, proceed to sign up for Uber or Lyft to move people around under their partnerships.

  • Start an online print-on-demand business

You can invest in websites where people send their unique designs for printing on a particular product. Signing up with Printify will give you access to over 200 products ready for your customization.

You can find people requesting these products and demand their unique designs.

  • Sell crafts on Etsy

Selling on Etsy will give access to connect with millions of people using the platform per day. You can focus mainly on selling crafts alone. Etsy is a platform where you bring your creativity to life.

That’s why you should find your passion and go for it.

  • Serve as a relationship coach

The quest for living a perfect love life has made most people heavily demand the services of relationship experts. If you are good at advising people, guiding them toward finding a partner, and living their dream love life, you should become a relationship expert.

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  • Set up Websites

Set up your website and create awareness through various social media platforms. People will surely reach out to you within a short time. This will equally expose you to online communities that help.

  • Establish a premium online community

Building an online community is a challenging task to accomplish. But you can start up gradually and slowly reach your goals with time.

Like setting up a Facebook group, you can run a successful online community to charge your member’s subscription fees. Many YouTubers have deployed this method to earn over $1000 per month.

  • Create a youtube channel

Youtube is a great platform that rewards content creators for creating amazing videos to watch. If you are good at creating videos, you should create a youtube channel and slowly monetize your videos when you have up to 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.

  • Sell your art on Squarespace

If you are great at creating art, you may consider selling on Squarespace to reach out to thousands of art lovers. But, of course, you can also sell on your website if enough attention comes to your platform.

  • Sell on Instagram

Most people never notice that they make over $1000 from selling on Instagram. You will see your prospective client on Instagram, No matter what product you sell. Use related hashtags to get your products before your customers.

  • Clean houses

You can earn up to $75 cleaning a house at any location. The more houses you clean, the more profit you generate. You can move from one home to another requesting cleaning services.

  • Create an Online Course

You can spend hours creating an online course and urge thousands of people to buy the course and learn from you. However, you must be an expert in a particular field before creating a course.

  • Become a home sitter

Most people love to go on vacation on different occasions. However, robbers often take this opportunity to invade people’s homes and steal their valuables during this period.

Therefore, most people will prefer to hire homesitters when they are away. You can take care of pets, plants, and other household activities as a home sitter.

Try looking out for Visit Trust House Sitters, Mindahome, and many more to find home-sitting jobs.

  • Become a babysitter

Since professionals are busy with their jobs, they need babysitters to care for their babies. You can visit platforms like Care and Indeed to find babysitting jobs around you.

  • Sell Class Notes Online

You can sell your notes online. However, you must include useful information on the passage before students find it worthy of purchase. You can sell your notes on Studocu and earn extra cash from it.

  • Become a personal trainer

You may consider becoming a personal trainer if you have a great passion for physical fitness activities. You can teach people at any fitness center around your vicinity, or you can teach them online.

  • Go on paid Dates

Some people are willing to hire you to go on a date with them. For example, a platform like WhatsyourPrice allows over 2000000 members to earn decently by going on a date with people.

  • Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistance

You can serve as a Pinterest Virtual Assistance and earn up to $15 per hour. Some clients are willing to pay you more for this job role. Also, visit career websites to promote your skills.

  • Become a business consultant

If you understand how businesses attain success, you can work as an online business consultant and earn massively from your career. Set up a website and contact business owners on all platforms to get started.

  • Become a voice actor

Voice acting is a career that pays people thousands of dollars per month. If you want to earn from voice acting, you should train your voice and find clients on freelancing platforms.

  • Become a Model

You don’t have to look very attractive to become a model. In fact, anyone can become a model. But first, you need to decide the type of modeling to choose.

You can become a hand, foot, or any other modeling. Once you set your goals, work with professional photographers to showcase to your prospective clients the beauty of modeling. Paying attention to this will land you the easiest avenue to making money.

  • Be a personal chef

You can work as a personal chef for clients demanding your services. However, you should earn from your passion once you are a great cook.

  • Watch videos for profit

If you prefer to watch videos online, get ready to earn from Inboxdollars and other online platforms.

Become an umpire or referee: If you have a great passion for sporting activities, you can become a referee or umpire for a club. You can visit checkout sporting clubs around your locality to find referee jobs.

  • Organize Garage sales

You don’t necessarily have to sell online to make over $1000 per month. Setting up a garage sale can enable you to make a fortune within your locality.

You can set up your garage sale in front of your garden and earn massively. 

Final Thoughts

Making a profit online depends on your primary effort at the initial stage. However, if you have a passion for financial breakthroughs before the end of the year, you must find a creative way to earn from your unique skill.

Even if you don’t have the needed skills to bring any of the 53 ways to make extra money listed above, you can still devote your time to learning a new skill. With your skills, you will become an expert in a particular field.

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